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Kishan Patel Date of Interview: 2/11/14 Interviewed: Mom and Dad

1. Math Teacher- I enjoy figuring out math problems and trying to explore new mathematical concepts. But I would rather be exploring math rather than teaching it. 2. Science Teacher- I enjoy science especially physics, but as said above, I would rather be in the science career field rather than having a career as a teacher. 3. Science Researcher in Lab- I enjoy sciences such as Chemistry and Physics but from my experiences with doing Labs in these classes at school, I dont really enjoy the lab component. Instead of doing a set experiment, I would rather be free to explore new concepts without the strict guidelines and precision required in labs. 4. Entrepreneur- I really love this idea because I love having new experiences and taking leadership to accomplish new things. I have learned that I like this field from my past experiences such as organizing my own TEDx event at my high school which involves taking a new idea and taking initiative to make it a reality. 5. CPA- Accountant- Although I enjoy working with numbers, I believe that I wouldnt like this job much because I dont think it has too much opportunity for me to explore different things and interact with people in a more hands-on way. 6. Counselor I have noticed over the past couple of years that I have always enjoyed putting myself out there to help other people with their problems and give others advice based on my experiences that have allowed me to excel. I think that a job like this would allow me to continue to help people improve their lives. 7. Psychologist- I have always been fascinated by how the mind and brain works. Although I dont think I would want a job that directly involves studying the behavior of humans, I think this would work well as a combination with other fields such as business because it would allow me to understand the way people think and help me interact more effectively with other people. 8. Computer Programmer- I am not interested in this type of job because I feel like this job would require many hours sitting in front of a computer while I like interacting with people and being more active. 9. Dentist- Although I do like interacting with people, I dont think this field will give me much opportunity to expand and explore new experiences. Since I dislike biology, I am also not interested with anything that has to do with the human body besides understanding how the brain works. 10. Astronaut I have never been extremely fascinated by the idea of becoming an astronaut. In fact, I think I would be more interested in figuring out how to get the astronaut in space rather than being the astronaut who goes into space. 11. Musician- Although I did play the clarinet in middle school, this doesnt appeal to me as a line of work. I dont have the passion for music that is needed to create a successful career as a musician. 12. Medical Doctor- I dont like biology and the study of the human body so I would not be interested in becoming a medical doctor.

13. Engineer- This is a field I have always been fascinated by and plan to pursue as a career. I love the concept of trying to maximize the efficiency of some object and trying to find the most efficient way to solve a problem. 14. Data Analyzer- I do like working with numbers but I wouldnt want a job that would require sitting in front of a computer screen or at a desk all day. Since this field is becoming extremely popular, I am considering doing engineering while also taking some classes that have to do with organizing and analyzing data. 15. Attorney at Law- I dont have any interest in working with the law. I dont think this job would be active and exciting enough for me to remain interested. 16. Eye-Dr. Optometrist- As said earlier, I dont really like anything to do with studying the human body so I would not be interested in becoming any type of doctor. 17. Real Estate Agent- I am not sure whether or not I would enjoy this career but I feel like it wouldnt be too bad since I enjoy helping people and also like the independent aspect involved. 18. Photographer- Although I havent had too much experience with photography, I have always been fascinated by this type of art and plan to pick it up as a hobby soon. Even though I find photography interesting, I see it more as a hobby than a career choice for me. 19. Physical Therapist- I think I would enjoy some aspects of this job since I would be working with people to help them recover from an injury but I dont enjoy learning about the biology of humans to pursue this career. 20. Comedian I have always enjoyed being entertaining and making other people laugh, but I dont think this would be a stable enough career for me to pursue. Though it might be cool to design a device that makes people naturally laugh and have fun.