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Maxspeedingrods, with over 20 years experience in motor engineering industry, are always striving to provide you the high quality performance racing parts with affordable price and excellent customer service. Maxspeedingrods, specializes in high performance racing parts and engine parts, with the combination of advanced manufacturing techniques, professional and innovative staff, and continuous programmers investment, Maxspeedingrods as a reliable team for any tuning projects. After the expansion of over 20 years, Maxspeedingrods business is now engaged in conrods, crankshaft, cam gears, turbocharger, coilovers, intake & exhaust manifold, ignition coils, engine pulley etc. And new parts are always being introduced from time to time. Maxspeedingrods have several warehouses located in Australia, UK, US, Germany and Hong Kong, China, customers can choose the delivery location, and be assured of on-time delivery. Maxspeedingrods make every effort to deliver the parts quickly.

MaxSpeedingRods core products introduction

Maxspeedingrods - Connecting Rods / Conrods
With over 20 years of high performance engine parts design and manufacturing, Maxspeedingrods have the rich experience and intimate knowledge to making professional H-beam connecting rods for maximum reliable performance. The connecting rods are always begined with the sterling 4340 EN24 forged steel, plus full control throughout the design and manufacturing process. Many conrods are manufactured and delivered to worldwide every year from Maxspeedingrods professional conrods factory. These conrods range covers most popular America, European and Japanese engines. Maxspeedingrods also offer custom conrods and private label service.

Maxspeedingrods Turbocharger / Turbo

All Maxspeedingrods turbochargers are produced based on the OEM units to ensure the perfect fitment to the related parts. Maxspeedingrods only select the correct material for all turbochargers components to ensure reliability and durability. Turbochargers are carried with full tests on balance, housing durability, wheel load limits, sealing etc, to enhance the quality of every unit. All components are machined under precise tolerance standard. Sizes of the wheels, shafts, and housings are well controlled to reduce possible metallic contacts under different condition. Maxspeedingrods have a large range of turbochargers available for options. Customers can easily locate the turbo with the target horse power and size you need.

Maxspeedingrods - Coilovers
Maxspeedingrods have rich experience in producing high performance coilover suspension kits with fist-class level quality. Made with the best material and professional skills, Maxspeedingrods coilovers also come with the adjustable designs in both height and camber plates, which is perfect for street car tunes. Right now, adjustable coilovers are popular among worldwide markets for both reliable quality and upper customer service, like custom made order, private label service, etc.

Any other products are introduced on Meanwhile, Maxspeedingrods engineers will help you to design and produce the performance parts for any custom needs.

MaxSpeedingRods Showroom

Connectingrods / Conrods

Turbocharger / Turbo


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