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JANUARY 13, 2014



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NRPC Form T4250M1/13/14 Stock #02-3538 Schedules subject to change without notice. Amtrak is a registered service mark of the National Railroad Passenger Corp. National Railroad Passenger Corporation Washington Union Station, 60 Massachusetts Ave. N.E., Washington, DC 20002.


Piedmont Piedmont Palmetto Carolinian Silver Star Silver Meteor Train Name Train Number Normal Days of Operation On Board Service
Mile R95 Mo-Fr R93/83/ 161 35A 41A 51A 16A 11P 56P 50P 20P 15P 38P 18P 58P 22P 14P 30P 50P 0 1 11 43 156 195 231 456 0 10 58 91 Symbol Connecting Train Number Dp Boston, MASouth Sta. Boston, MABack Bay Sta. Route 128, MA Providence, RI New Haven, CT Stamford, CT Ar New York, NYPenn Sta. Ar Washington, DC Dp New York, NYPenn Sta. Newark, NJPenn Station Trenton, NJ Philadelphia, PA 30th St. Station Wilmington, DE Baltimore, MDPenn Sta. Washington, DC Alexandria, VA Quantico, VA Fredericksburg, VA Ar Richmond, VA Dp Staples Mill Rd. Petersburg, VA Rocky Mount, NC Wilson, NC b Eastern North Carolina see below Selma-Smitheld, NC Ar Raleigh, NC Dp p Cary, NC Durham, NC Burlington, NC Greensboro, NC High Point, NC Salisbury, NC Kannapolis, NC Ar Charlotte, NC Dp Fayetteville, NC Dp Dillon, SC Ar Florence, SC Dp p (Myrtle Beach) Kingstree, SC Charleston, SC Yemassee, SC Southern Pines, NC (Pinehurst) Hamlet, NC Camden, SC Columbia, SC Denmark, SC Ar Savannah, GA wvwwvwwwwwwvwwv>w >v vvww<wvww<ww<w<v<vvv> w> w>v >w>v> w> vAr R82/154/ 174 R66

Silver Silver Star Carolinian Palmetto Piedmont Piedmont Meteor

Daily Ry l





Daily Rs rl

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Daily Ry l

Daily Daily Daily Daily Ry RB RB Rs l y l y l r l

Read Down R67 9 R9 R9 10 12 1 2 6 l6 lR6 R7 lR7 lR8 lR8 lR9 l10 R67

Daily Daily Daily Daily Rs RB RB Ry rl ylyl l

Read Up R66 R66

30P 9 30P 6 10A 9 36P R9 36P R6 15A R9 50P R9 50P R6 25A R9 22P 10 22P 6 50A 10 12 35A 12 35A 8 45A 12 20A 1 20A 9 28A 1 15A 2 15A 10 20A 2 00P 5 57A 6 57A 15A l7 05A l11 02A l3 32A lR7 24A lR11 22A lR3 R4 06A 8 03A R12 00N 37A l8 35A lR12 35P lR4 02A l8 54A l9 55A l10 12A l11 11 11 1 50A 02P l1 32P l1 02P l3 22P l3 58A lR1 02P lR5 45A lR1 55P lR6 55A lR3 05P lR7 l3 25P l7 12A 39A 57A 02P 5 09P 9 10P l5 19P l9 43P 5 57P 10 13P l7 29P l11 32P

Ar Dp Dp Ar

6 25P 7 58A 7 D6 18P D7 53A D7 D6 08P D7 34A D7 5 35P 6 56A 6 3 36P 4 25A 4 2 48P 3 25A 3 2 00P 2 40A 2 10 10P 10 10 20A 1l11 06A 3l7 18P 9 l8 lD10 47A lD6 54P lD8 D7 D10 07A D6 10P lD9 31A lD5 35P lD7 lD9 l D8 lD7 lD6 07A 16A 21A 55A lD5 lD4 lD3 lD2

58A 7 58A 53A D7 53A 34A D7 34A 56A 6 56A 25A 4 25A 25A 3 25A 40A 2 40A 10P 10 10P 49P l11 47P 29P lD11 27P 43P D10 47P 07P lD10 07P

11 l12 l12 l2 l2

116 185 225 233 260 279 40P 334 50P 24P 362 56P 460 476 502 531


Dp Ar Dp

l4 4 3 l2

35A 25A 41A 17A

l12 l12 l11 l10

11P lD6 43P lD9 41P 15P lD5 51P lD8 50P 14P lD4 37P lD7 57P l7 10P 40P l4 06P 3 34P 3 12P 30P l2 12P l5 25P 21P 2 05P 5 15P l4 31P 52A l1 20P l2 59P 15A l11 52A l2 23P l11 30A 1 51P l3 11P l2 53P l2 33P 1 55P l1 34P 1 14P 12 41P 12 25P l12 00N l1 12 l11 11 10 l10 9 04P 13P 39A 34A 55A 00A 08A l8 l8 l7 7 l6 6 5 5 l5 26P 08P 48P 10P 49P 29P 56P 40P 15P

2 53P l6 l6 l7 7 l8 8 9 9 l9 45A l11 45A 57A l11 57A 17A l12 17P 12 53P 53A 18A l1 18P 1 34P 34A 2 08P 08A 2 24P 24A 55A l2 55P l3 4 5 l5 6 l7 8 44P 35P 23P 28P 06P 15P 04P

4 03P 4 42P l4 50P l5 03P l5 24P 6 01P l6 32P 6 48P 7 24P 7 41P l8 12P

l9 10P l9 27P

Dp Ar

10 39P 11 12 l1 2 4 21P 50A 44A 41A 29A

539 557 591 612 628 662 678 704 l1 34A 550 603 3 20A 633 l3 28A 4 05A 672 l5 06A 728 5 56A 782 599 628 701 734 783 6 44A 829

Dp Ar Ar Dp Ar

11 00A l8 54A l10 25A 10 17A l8 15A l10 02A l9 42A 9 01A l8 39A 8 17A 7 43A 7 25A l7 00A l12 45A l11 11 10 l9 8 20P 10P 17P 23P 27P 7 06A 6 4 l4 2 l1 29A 49A 08A 53A 30A

l9 03P


l7 38P

l8 20A

Service continues on right. No change of train required.

North Carolina Thruway Bus Connections

Wilson Morehead City

6089 Thruway Number Ar 6090 Daily 1 27P 12 32P 11 24A 10 49A 10 10A Daily Mile Days of Operation Symbol w2 45P p Wilson, NCAmtrak Station 0 Dp >w 3 47P 27 Greenville, NCTransit Transfer Center >w 4 56P 62 New Bern, NCConvention Center >w 5 26P 76 Havelock, NCTourism & Event Center (Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point) >w 5 57P 91 Ar Morehead City, NC1001 Arendell St.

Wilson Wilmington
6189 Thruway Number Ar 6190 Daily 1 38P 12 57P 12 13P 11 08A 9 48A Daily Mile Days of Operation Symbol w2 45P p Wilson, NCAmtrak Station 0 Dp >w 3 35P 20 Goldsboro, NCGateway Transit Term. >w 4 14P 41 Kinston, NCVisitor Center >w 5 22P 72 Jacksonville, NCHess Gas Station (Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune) >w 6 37P 112 Ar Wilmington, NCWAVE Transit Stop




Silver Star Silver Meteor Train Name Train Number Normal Days of Operation On Board Service
Mile Connecting Train Number *870 Dp Savannah, GA (*mileage via Columbia) 881 Dp Jesup, GA (Brunswick) 977 Ar Jacksonville, FL Dp Dp 1035 Palatka, FL 1087 DeLand, FL b Daytona Beachsee below 1119 Winter Park, FL 1124 Ar Orlando, FL (Walt Disney World) Dp b St. Petersburg, Fort Myers see below 1142 Kissimmee, FL 58 Waldo, FL 68 Gainesville, FL 104 Ocala, FL (Silver Springs) 123 The Villages, FL 130 Wildwood, FL 166 Dade City, FL (Zephyrhills) **1192 Ar Lakeland, FL (Zephyrhills) 1223 Ar Tampa, FL Dp b St. Petersburg, Fort Myers see below **1254 Ar Lakeland, FL (Zephyrhills) p Dp 1180 Winter Haven, FL **1271 (LEGOLAND) 1221 Sebring, FL 1263 Okeechobee, FL 1324 West Palm Beach, FL 1342 Delray Beach, FL (Tri-Rail) 1353 Deereld Beach, FL (Boca Raton) 1367 Fort Lauderdale, FL (Port Everglades) 1375 Hollywood, FL (# Miami International Airport p) 1389 Ar Miami, FL # v> w>w wvwv>v >v >v >v >v >v w ww v w > w> v v v wDp Ar Ar Dp Ar Ar Symbol

Silver Meteor

Service on Atlantic Coast Service

Silver Star

Daily Rs rl
R91 l4 34A 6 55A b7 05A l7 15A 8 18A l9 07A l9 54A 10 17A l10 31A l10 55A b8 15A b8 45A b9 45A b10 30A b11 00A b12 00N D11 38A 12 34P l12 45P b12 55P R1 21P l1 43P l2 3 lD4 D4 lD4 lD5 24P 00P 13P 37P 53P 12P

Daily Rs rl
R97 l6 50A 7 44A 9 23A l9 48A 10 54A l11 44A l12 27P 12 55P l1 10P l1 32P

Daily Rs rl
R98 7 32P 6 28P l5 08P 4 48P 3 24P l2 34P l1 52P l1 35P 1 23P l12 56P

Daily Rs rl
R92 1 24A l10 57P 10 37P b10 20P 9 15P l8 25P l7 41P l7 24P 7 08P l6 b9 b8 b7 b7 b6 b5 R5 l5 5 40P 10P 30P 40P 00P 15P 20P 53P 17P 05P

Read Down

Read Up

Dp Ar


Dp Ar Dp Ar


b# l2 24P l3 05P lD4 D5 lD5 lD6 54P 23P 39P 02P

b# l12 10P l11 24A lR9 R9 lR9 lR9 57A 32A 18A 00A

b4 30P D4 04P l3 44P l2 2 lR1 R1 lR12 lR12 59P 23P 27P 02P 48P 30P

R Coaches: Reservations required. B Carolinian Business class: On Trains 79 and 80. Non-alcoholic beverages, newspaper and pillow included in your ticket price. B Palmetto Business class: On Trains 89 and 90. Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages, newspaper and priority boarding offered between New York and Savannah. s Sleeping cars: - Viewliner sleeping accommodations on Trains 91, 92, 97, and 98. - Amtrak ClubAcela available in New York, Philadelphia and Washington, DC, and private waiting area available in Raleigh for Sleeping car passengers. r Dining: Full meal service on Trains 91, 92, 97 and 98. y Lounge: - Cafe with table seating: Sandwiches, snacks and beverages. - Carolinian Dinette: Sandwiches, snacks and beverages. - Piedmont Lounge: On board vending and drink machines. l Checked baggage at select stations. Wi-Fi available on the Palmetto and Carolinian. 1 On Saturdays and Sundays, Train 98 arrives New York at 11:29 a.m. 3 On Saturdays and Sundays, Train 92 arrives New York at 7:32 p.m. 9 On Saturdays and Sundays, Train 80 arrives New York at 8:53 p.m. # Frequent connecting service between Hollywood Amtrak station and Miami International Airport provided by Tri-Rail commuter trains. Call TriRail at 1-800-TRI-RAIL. # Frequent connecting service between Miami Amtrak station and Miami Beach provided by Miami Metrobus-Route L. Consult Amtrak station agent in Miami. # Via Thruway connection at Orlando. See Thruway Bus Connections table below for schedules. ** Mileage via Tampa. Smoking is prohibited. On board Bicycle Racks: All Piedmont Trains are equipped with a limited number of bike racks for carrying unboxed bicycles. Reservations are required; no service fees apply. Passengers bicycles loaded and unloaded from the baggage car. For details, visit The Piedmont and Carolinian services are primarily funded through funds made available by the State of North Carolina.

lD5 28P l6 05P

lD6 18P l6 55P

lR8 44A l8 20A

lR12 14P l11 50A

Silver Service Thruway Bus Connections

Daytona Beach DeLand

7197 10 15A Mile

(Provided by local taxi company - Southern Komfort Cab)

Symbol > Symbol > Ar Dp Ar Dp 7198 4 00P 3 00P 7298 2 00P 1 00P

Thruway Number 0 Dp Daytona Beach, FLHilton Daytona

Beach/Ocean Walk Village

7291 9 20A 10 30A

11 15A 23 Ar DeLand, FLAmtrak Station Mile Thruway Number 7297 12 00N 0 Dp DeLand, FLAmtrak Station 1 10P 23 Ar Daytona Beach, FLHilton Daytona
Beach/Ocean Walk Village

7292 8 00P 7 00P

Shading Key
Daytime train Overnight train Connecting train Thruway and connecting services

Orlando/Tampa St. Petersburg Fort Myers

6091 Tampa 6097 Thruway Number Mile Orlando Connecting City l1 30P 0 Dp Orlando, FLAmtrak Station l2 45P 54 Ar Lakeland, FLAmtrak Station l3 30P 86 Dp Tampa, FLAmtrak Station l4 10P 105 Ar St. Petersburg-Pinellas Park, FL Clearwater, US 19 N. & 110 Ave. l4 55P 139 Bradenton, FLManatee County Courthouse l5 35P 218 Sarasota, FLUS 301 & Main St. l6 35P 261 Port Charlotte, FLMobil/7-11 l7 15P 289 Ar Fort Myers, FLTravel Plaza

(Martz First Class)

6098 Symbol w w w >v >v >v >v Ar Dp Ar Orlando l1 00P 11 25A 10 40A 10 05A 9 20A 8 40A 7 40A 7 00A 6092 Tampa

l1 00P l1 40P l2 15P l2 55P l3 55P l4 35P

l3 45P 3 00P 2 05P 1 25P 12 30P 11 45A

NC Thruways are the New Way to See More of Eastern North Carolina
Connecting from trains at the Wilson Amtrak Station to Wilmington, Jacksonville, Kinston, Goldsboro, Greenville, New Bern, Havelock and Morehead City.


NOTEService for passengers with disabilities and senior citizens is available between Orlando/Tampa and Pinellas/St. Petersburg, Bradenton, Sarasota, Port Charlotte and Fort Myers. Local transit connections available with SCAT at Sarasota for Venice and south Sarasota County.


Lorton Sanford
Train Number Normal Days of Operation On Board Service

Daily Rsr yml
11 30A 2 00P 2 30P 2 30P 3 00P 0 855 4 00P 9 30A

Daily service in each direction

Train 53 southbound, Lorton to Sanford Train 52 northbound, Sanford to Lorton

Montral Portland Toronto Boston Providence Cleveland
Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Auto Train begins accepting vehicles at Motorcycles and trailers accepted no later than Priority Vehicle Ofoading vehicles accepted no later than Passenger boarding begins at

Hartford New York Philadelphia Baltimore

For Reservations call

1-877-SKIP-I-95, 1-877-754-7495 or visit Complimentary Shuttle Service to Downtown Sanford
Passengers may now visit historic downtown Sanford while awaiting departure on Amtrak Auto Train. The city offers free shuttle service, at 20-minute intervals, from noon to 2:40 p.m. Shuttles are timed to coincide with the Auto Train schedule.

Pittsburgh Washington, DC
Shenandoah National Park


Auto Train departs boarding station Auto Train arrives at destination station


Mammoth Cave National Park Great Smoky Mtns. National Park

Service on Auto Train

R Coaches: Reservations required. s Sleeping cars: Superliner sleeping accommodations. r Dining: Complimentary sit-down dinner with wine and continental breakfast. y Lounge: Snacks and beverages. m Entertainment: Feature movies on upgraded screens in lounge. l Baggage: Auto Train does not offer checked baggage service. Passengers may carry an overnight bag on boardinclude any medications needed during the tripand may carry a pillow or blanket for additional overnight comfort. All other baggage should be packed inside your vehicle. We suggest that you lock valuable items in the trunk of your car or in the glove compartment and retain the key. Passengers do not have access to their vehicles while they are on the train. Smoking is prohibited.

Congaree National Park

AutoTrain Amtrak AutoTrain Terminal (Station)

Daytona Beach

Walt Disney World Clearwater

St. Petersburg

Orlando Beach Tampa Cocoa Melbourne

Fort Pierce West Palm Beach Fort Lauderdale


Bradenton Sarasota Fort Meyers

Everglades National Park


Biscayne National Park

Auto Train Travel Tips and Requirements Lorton, Virginia

Lorton, Virginia Auto Train North Terminal 8006 Lorton Road (I-95 Exit 163) The Auto Train station at Lorton, Virginia, is just 25 miles south of Washington, DC, with easy driving access to the attractions of the Mid-Atlantic region. 4-5 hours to the romantic Pennsylvania Poconos 1-2 hours to the Civil War sites of Virginia and Maryland easy access to the golf courses of Virginia and West Virginia 3 hours to historic Williamsburg, VA On the day of departure, Auto Train begins accepting vehicles at 11:30 a.m. We recommend that all vehicles arrive early, by 2:00 p.m. Trailers and motorcycles cannot be accepted after 2:00 p.m. Other vehicles cannot be accepted after 3:00 p.m. Both Lorton and Sanford stations are located in major metropolitan areas where trafc delays are common. Please allow extra travel time to ensure that you arrive at the Auto Train terminal in time to check in. Vehicles are loaded into enclosed carrier cars. Amtrak offers Priority Vehicle Ofoading for an additional $50.00 above the passenger and vehicle charge. If purchased, your vehicle will be one of the rst 20 ofoaded from the train at the destination. You must check in your vehicle at the departure station by 2:30 p.m. or we will not be able to load it in the Priority Vehicle Ofoading area of the train. Passenger boarding begins at 2:30 p.m. The train may depart early if all vehicles have been loaded and all passengers boarded before the scheduled departure time, so please board the train when invited to do so. Stretch out in a reclining coach seat or private Sleeping car accommodation move about and enjoy visiting the Lounge car.

Only passengers with four-tire, two-axle vehicles or motorcycles may travel on Auto Train. Four-tire, two-axle vehicles must meet the following limits: - Maximum height 88 (2.24 m) - Minimum ground clearance 4 (100 mm) - Maximum width 84 (2.13 m) - Length: Standard vehicles as delivered from the manufacturer. If you have an altered or stretched vehicle such as a limousine, a 15-passenger van, etc., contact the departure station directly and describe the vehicle to see if it can be handled. If the vehicle can be handled but is excessively long, you may need to purchase two vehicle spaces. - No dual rear wheels (will not t the tracks on the vehicle carrier) - No gull wing doors (cannot be fully opened when vehicle is in the carrier) Motorcycles must meet the following limits: - Two wheeled motorcycles, three wheeled motorcycles, and motorcycles with sidecars are accepted. - Three wheeled motorcycles and motorcycles with sidecars must purchase two motorcycle spaces. - Maximum height: 72 (1.83 m) (top of windshield or handlebars) - Minimum ground clearance: 5 (130 mm) - Maximum width: three wheels or sidecars: tire width 51 (1.3 m); total body width 82 (2.08 m) - Length: 102 (2.6 m) overall (if a chopped motorcycle is longer, contact the Auto Train station rst and describe the motorcycle to see if it can be handled; passenger may have to sign a liability waiver) - Tire size: maximum width 7 (177 mm), 2.5(64 mm) deep (to t in slot on rack) Small enclosed trailers, or trailers for boats or motorcycles, can be handled. The trailer and any contents must meet the size limits, and you will need to purchase two vehicle spaces, one for the towing vehicle and one for the trailer. Contact Amtrak for details. Roof racks must have been installed by the factory (aftermarket roof racks must be removed). Luggage securely loaded in factory-installed roof racks is acceptable if the vehicle meets the 88 in (2.24 m) height limit. Animals: Only a service animal trained to perform a specic task for a passenger may be brought on Auto Train. Animals may not be transported in vehicles.

Host Railroad
AUTO TRAIN Lorton, VA Sanford, FL CSX

Sanford, Florida
Sanford, Florida Auto Train South Terminal 600 South Persimmon Avenue The Auto Train station in Florida is conveniently located for easy driving access to many popular central and coastal Florida locations. 45 minutes to Central Florida attractions 1-2 hours to East Coast beaches 2 hours to Gulf Coast beaches easy access to the golf courses and golf schools of Florida


New York, NY Newark, NJ Trenton, NJ Philadelphia, PA Wilmington, DE Baltimore, MD Washington, DC Alexandria, VA Petersburg, VA Wilson, NC Selma-Smithfield, NC Raleigh, NC Cary, NC Southern Pines, NC Hamlet, NC Camden, SC Columbia, SC Denmark, SC Fayetteville, NC Dillon, SC Florence, SC Kingstree, SC Charleston, SC Yemassee, SC Savannah, GA Jacksonville, FL Palatka, FL DeLand, FL Winter Park, FL Orlando, FL Kissimmee, FL Lakeland, FL Tampa, FL Winter Haven, FL Sebring, FL Okeechobee, FL West Palm Beach, FL Delray Beach, FL Deerfield Beach, FL Fort Lauderdale, FL Hollywood, FL Miami, FL
Alexandria, VA Quantico, VA Fredericksburg, VA Petersburg, VA Wilson, NC Selma-Smithfield, NC Raleigh, NC Cary, NC Durham, NC Burlington, NC Greensboro, NC High Point, NC Salisbury, NC Kannapolis, NC Charlotte, NC Richmond, VA (Staples Mill Road) Rocky Mount, NC Newark, NJ Trenton, NJ Philadelphia, PA Wilmington, DE Baltimore, MD Washington, DC New York, NY


U.S. Map Legend

Richmond, VA (Staples Mill Road) Rocky Mount, NC

Silver Meteor Silver Star Palmetto CarolinianSM Piedmont Other Amtrak Train Routes



Jesup, GA

R b p > < w v

Time Symbol for A.M. Time Symbol for Noon. Time Symbol for P.M. Stops only to discharge passengers; train may leave before time shown. Stops to receive and discharge passengers; train may leave before time shown. Stops only to receive passengers. Bus stop Airport connection Quik-Trak self-serve ticketing kiosk Unstaffed station Attended station Staffed ticket ofce; may or may not be open for all train departures Station wheelchair accessible; no barriers between station and train Station wheelchair accessible; not all station facilities accessible

Connecting Local Services

b Thruway Bus Connections Thruway connections provide coordinated train/bus service with connections at the Amtrak station (in most cases), as well as through fares and ticketing. Passengers traveling on Thruway connections must be ticketed before boarding coaches in order to obtain through fares. Buses are normally not accessible to passengers who use wheelchairs; however, a wheelchair-accessible van is available between Orlando/Tampa and Clearwater/St. Petersburg, Bradenton, Sarasota, Port Charlotte and Fort Myers with 48 hours advance notice. Other Carriers Services to locations not served by Amtrak The following interline services are available to locations not served by Amtrak. Contact the individual carrier listed for further information. Philadelphia Center City Raleigh Transit Connection SEPTA operates frequent rail Capital Area Transit (CAT) provides service between Philadelphia service, except Sundays and Holidays, 30th Street Station and Center between the Amtrak Raleigh Station City (Penn Center/Suburban and the Moore Square Transit Station Station and Market East Station). that serves CAT routes throughout the Amtrak tickets to or from area. Pay fare to the driver. Philadelphia are honored between 30th Street and (919) 485-RIDE (7433). Center City; South Florida Stations Philadelphia International Tri-Rail provides daily commuter rail Airport service from the Amtrak West Palm SEPTA operates commuter rail Beach, Delray Beach, Deereld Beach, service every 30 minutes between Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood the upper level of 30th Street Stations to 12 additional stops Station and Terminals A, B, C, D, between Mangonia Park (north E at Philadelphia Airport. of West Palm Beach) and Miami Purchase tickets at SEPTA ticket International Airport; office or vending machine. SEPTA or 800-TRI-RAIL (874-7245) / (215) 580-7800; 954-783-6030.