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Growing up with parents that have been religious, I always knew there was a God.

I started at a young age about it. I went to a Christian school since I was in kindergarten and went to church. The topic of God and religion has always been around; I am no stranger to this concept. I knew the basic things like God, hell and heaven, prayer, church and forgiveness. These are the things are the first you learn about Christianity. I also learned that God is a loving, helpful and always there for you. He is like a parent to all of us. I have grown older and became more aware about Christianity and what it is all about and the purpose of it. I do believe there is a God and I believe that he is our savior. I believe that there is a God because how else the world and everything else could be created. God gave us a choice to believe and my choice is that I believe in God and know he is out there. In the bible, it says that God is love and I believe that completely. He is just and righteous; he loves us no matter what. He loves people who have sinned, but he does not agree with some of the things we do. He knows though we are not perfect and we will make mistakes. He loves everyone; he resembles a guardian/parent. A parent/guardian is a person who will always look after you and care for you. We have the ability to find out about a religion including Christianity. We all were given a choice to either be a part of it or not. We all want to know the truth. We are given scriptures like 2nd Timothy 3:16-17, All scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It straightens us out and teaches us to do what is right. It is Gods way of preparing us in every way, fully equip for every good thing God wants us to do. Its all from God, that it teaches us something and we should trust in it. We got to just believe and trust God.

I believe in Monotheism that is part of theism, basically it is that we have on creator who is God. He made the world and he interacts with us and we interact with him. We pray to him and talk to him. We worship him and acknowledge that he is here with us. God created everything and everyone. We have a personal relationship with God that is infinite. So in believing that God created the earth, he made it in 7 days, well technically 6 days because he rested on the seventh day. He made everything from the universe to rocks on the ground. He made people in his own image. We all have a part of God in us. The world is neutral; the world is both evil and good. It will never change though, we sin and that brings evil upon us. We have things like shootings, hatred, judging, envy and that will never stop because we sin. We also have good things happening, from simple things like love, sharing and caring. The world will have good and bad, it has become the normal. It is sad that it has, but it is true. The world will not change; it will be the same day in and day out. We live in a crazy, sad world. We have Gods grace though to cover and diminish the badness. The definition of human being is a man, woman, or child. A human being is a person who is not perfect. We all sin and we are not perfect at all. We all do bad things and say bad things; we are also very good and wonderful. We are all capable of doing either good things or bad things. It is human to be good and evil and we should try to be good though. We are broken and we need to be fixed. We have God; he repairs us and our hearts. He puts all our broken pieces together and makes us into a wonderful puzzle. We arent messed up, the things we do, say and think may be messed up; but God cleanses us.

We can be saved; it is because of our creator God. He sent his son to die on the cross for us. He died for our sins, and knows we do not have to be sent to hell. We all deserve death and hell, but God loves us and saves us from all of that. We have to accept Jesus Christ as our savior and follow him. We have to pray and ask God and Jesus to forgive us for our sins. We then are forgiven and are accepted into heaven to spend eternity with our father. True morality and ethics flow through our veins, it is our nature. We have the common sense to know from right and wrong. It is human nature to us, it determines on what the person is in. In the bible it says that God is the one who defines right and wrong. I know we all screw up at times and I admit it. We need to respect and submit to his laws. We have Gods law in our hearts, because he writes it there. We should follow the right side of it all and be morally good. I believe in both that you need to follow Gods rules, but there will be times that wont happen. We need to just ask God for our forgiveness, he is the only one that can judge us. We are on this earth for a reason, we all some kind of purpose. We were created in Gods image; we have a relationship with him. We should represent and reflect him. We are made to know and commune with God. We are made to know from right and wrong. We are here to understand and fulfill his cultural mandate. We represent him with want we do. Our mind, emotions and will represent us and God. We need to spread Gods word and help God. We now have the ability to love others because of God. Our meaning comes from God. Death, we all think of death as the end. Death is a scary thing to think about because of the thought of leaving and never coming back. Christianity teaches that if you allow Christ in your heart, you wont die. When you die you go to heaven instead of spending eternity in hell. We will all be judged before we can enter heaven, it all depends on us and how we act.

Revelation 20 explains that we will see God on his throne; he had the Book of Life. He looked up the dead and it told him everything, he would either send us into heaven or cast us into hell. We all have hope, God gives us hope. We just need to believe in him and his son. Jesus Christ in the son of God, he was sent to die for our sins on the cross. I believe that he saves us from everything and that he loves us so much. He is important to me because he died for me. He gave up his life for and others, so he can see us later in heaven. He was perfect and still is perfect. He knew what he had to do, he did not freak out and say no. He is wonderful and I know that I love him and he loves me. Christianity has always been with me, ever since as I was a child. I did not quite understand the whole concept when I was a child, as I grew older I soon realized everything. I found out why we participate and everything I learned. It was all for a reason, it was all for him. It isnt just a religion, it is a relationship with God, and he is here to guide you in the right path in life. As I grow older, Ill mature and understand more. I know why we do all of this know. It is no longer my parents religion, it is part of mine.

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