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Principal: Julie Blythe Deputy Principals: Yvonne Height, Helen Walmsley and Paul Murray Ph: 9841 7533 Fax: 9842 1350 Email:

Volume 3 7 March 2014

Room 24 News
Room 24 have started this year in a really positive manner, producing some beautiful work and exhibiting good behaviour both in the classroom and in the playground. We have established our classroom routines and I am pleased to note the students excellent organisational skills and awareness of our classroom timetable. Our assembly last week was the first class run assembly for this year and the students of Room 24 did a wonderful job. They remembered a very long poem about our school and said it beautifully for the audience. We were very pleased with the number of parents and friends who came back to our room for afternoon tea (which was delicious) and would like to thank those people for taking the time to join us. We have lots of interesting things planned for the rest of this term which is whizzing past very quickly.

Making New Friends

When you meet new people for the first time make sure that you: Be yourself; Be friendly and honest; Be a good listener; Dont pretend to be someone you are not.; and Most of all remember this Treat other people the way you like to be treated.

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Yakamia Primary School

Faction Swimming Carnivals

ongratulations to all the students who competed in the Faction Swimming Carnivals. The Intermediate Shield was won by Blue Faction and the Senior Shield was also won by Blue. The individual champions were:
Year 4 Girls Champion Year 4 Girls R/Up Year 4 Boys Champion Year 4 Boys R/Up Year 5 Girls Champion Year 5 Girls R/Up Year 5 Boys Champion Year 5 Boys R/Ups Year 6 Girls Champion Year 6 Girls R/Up Year 6 Boys Champion Year 6 Boys R/Up Year 7 Girls Champion Year 7 Girls R/Ups Year 7 Boys Champion Year 7 Boys R/Ups Maya Anning Machaela Taylor Henry Ayres Locklan Ross Jorja Ercegovich Tillie Bartley Liam Buss Cameron Pettley-Gray Carson Bristow Jenaya Colbung Elli Stewart Morgan Liam Burge Callum Offer Teleya Beattie Dimitti Jones-Thorne Georgia Crosby Fenn Forrester Connor Burge Denver Brown

A big thank you to all the parents who volunteered their time to help with place judging on the day and to the parent supporters in the stands.

Intermediate Shield Results 1st Blue 296 points 2nd Red 209 points 3rd Green 194 points 4th Gold 193 points

Senior Shield Results 1st Blue 272 points 2nd Green 255 points 3rd Red 174 points 4th Gold 152 points

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Yakamia Primary School

Faction Swimming Carnivals

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Yakamia Primary School

From the Principals Desk

Assembly Well done to Mrs Beard and her class on a fantastic first assembly for the year. It was truly terrific! Next Friday's assembly will be hosted by Mrs Stamps Year 5 class. The school looks forward to all family and friends attending. P&C It was fantastic to see some new Yakamia families represented at the P&C annual general meeting this week. The P&C has achieved so much in the school over many years and continues to be a driving force coordinating a wonderful canteen and many fundraising opportunities. I look forward to a continued positive working relationship with P&C and welcome all office bearers for 2014 thank you for your support. Attendance: Its Not Ok To Be Away! Should you require support in saying NO to your son/daughter on their attendance or any other issue please contact us immediately. We all can work together to make a difference to your students future. Tribes Tribes still remains the basis for our focus on values across the school and has been in place for many years. The process aims to teach students processes to cooperate, interact with others and to build a positive culture for learning and human development throughout the school. The Five Tribes Agreements form the basis of our relationships in the school and are consistently supported throughout all classes.

The Tribes Agreements are as follows:

1. Personal Best 2. Appreciation - No Put Downs 3. Attentive Listening 4. Mutual Respect 5. Right to Pass

Julie Blythe
Be on time, Be at school, Thats the rule!

The 2014 Voluntary Contributions are: Kindergarten Pre-Primary to Yr 7 $50 per child $60 per child

Money payable to office or by Direct Debit Direct Debit Details: BSB 016-510 Account no: 3408 23089 Please note childs name in full if different from parent

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Yakamia Primary School

P&C News
New P&C Committee 2014 The P&C are very excited to announce the new 2014 committee! Congratulations to everyone who is stepping into a leadership role this year & best of luck! Please remember its everyones P&C and your contribution & support throughout the year is valued and needed! President: Michelle Edwards Vice-President: Yvonne Walker Secretary: Melissa Pears & Alana Seaman Treasurer: Louise Fazio Executive Members: Michelle Edwards, Yvonne Walker, Melissa Pears, Alana Seaman, Louise Fazio, Jodie Wilkinson, Renae Armstrong & Nyree Mackenzie Fundraising Committee: Catherine Bramley (convenor), Alana Seaman, Belinda Stonehouse Scholastic Bookclub (working with Fundraising Committee): Renae Armstrong, Jaqui Toovey, Cassie Rowe & YPS support from Max Kosovich Canteen Committee: Nyree Mackenzie (convenor), Yvonne Walker (2nd hand uniforms), Louise Fazio (accounts), Belinda Stonehouse & YPS support from Helen Walmsley P&C School Council Rep: Jodie Wilkinson Parent Sports Representatives: Catherine Bramley & Vicky Reed School Banking Officers: Jenny Bristow & Kerry Swarbrick

Worlds Longest Ribbon - Fundraiser for Childrens Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation Yakamia PS is proud to be 1 of 200 schools in WA who will be participating in the Worlds Longest Ribbon record attempt! There is 15 metres of ribbon that needs kind messages of support for the children suffering with leukaemia. Kids: Please wear yellow on Wednesday 12th March and bring a gold coin so you can sign the ribbon! A P&C representative will be coming to all classes on Wednesday morning to collect all participating children and taken to the Hall, where the signing tables will be set up. All of the ribbons are sent back to Perth and stitched together to form one long ribbon! The ribbon will then become an art instillation piece which will go up in the new childrens hospital in Perth, to be opened next year.

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Yakamia Primary School

P&C News continued

Win back your School Fees! Pay your childs school fees before the end of Term 1 and you will go into the raffle to win back the money! Three prizes are up for grabs. One entry is given to every child who has paid. (i.e. a family with 3 children attending YPS, will have 3 chances to win). Banking Helper for Thursday P&C are seeking a volunteer to assist Jenny on Thursdays to conduct school banking. The time commitment is ~ 1 hour from 8:15-9:15am, location is the Hall. Please contact Jenny on 0438917091 for information. Please remember there is a new collection point on Tuesday mornings: in the prac space in the Kindy/PP area.

Honour Certificate Winners28 February 2014

Room 11 Name Kali Haese Joshua Crosby 12 Connor Lazar Keliesha Richmund 13 Sam Want Jayden Drew 14 Liam Burge Talia Coyne 15 Riley Wells Ebony Belfield 16 Jade Walker 34 33 32 26 25 Room 24 Name Indi Marwick Amber Wilkinson Hannah Tschabotar Christopher Winmar Carlo Atienza Asher Duff Exavier Milne Zohar Amigo Aiden Brown Bianca Fazio Tsean Winmar Mya Heemi 21 Rubi-Mai Ward James ONeill 22 Katie Munro Thomas Groth 23 Geordie Owens Gemma Ditchburn 41 35 Ella Siwiecki Bailey Belfield Keira Armstrong Frankie Burke

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Yakamia Primary School

Community News

Please note notices appearing below are not necessarily endorsed by the school. We provide this space for community groups to advertise to the school community. It is up to parents to scrutinise the activity and organisers for their child.


Include physical activity in family outings

Kids love to be active. Physical activity can be fun and Support active play, recreation and participation in can easily be added into their daily routine. Physical acsport tivity is important for growth and development and is a great way for kids to make friends and learn physical and Encourage and support walking and cycling to school social skills. Think of active alternatives when you hear Im Children need at least 60 minutes (and up to sevbored eral hours) of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. Be prepared have a box at home and in the car with balls, a Frisbee, a kite, bats etc Children should not spend more than two hours a day using electronic media for entertainment (e.g. computer games, TV, internet, handheld games), especially during daylight hours. What can a parent do now? We can all play a role in encouraging and supporting our kids to be active. Offering a range of physical activities can set them up for life. Suggestions include Be a role model be active when youre with your children

Negotiate a limit on time spent surfing the net, watching TV and playing computer games
Walk and Talk practice spelling, multiplication and other homework with your child Give gifts or toys that promote physical activity such as balls, bats, skipping ropes, skates or bikes. For further information contact your school health nurse on 98427564

Saver Plus

Did you save your cash bonus for education costs?

Saver Plus provides free financial education, budgeting and savings tips to assist you in making your money go further! Saver Plus will even match your savings dollar for dollar, up to $500 towards education costs. Theres no catch.
To be eligible you need to have:

a Health Care or a Pensioner Concession Card a child at school, starting next year or study yourself some regular household income, e.g. you or a partner may have casual, part-time, full-time or seasonal

Contact Maureen Adams at Anglicare WA on 9845 6617 or

YAKAMIA JUNIOR SOCCER CLUB The 2014 soccer season will start after the April school holidays on Saturday 3rd May and ending 20th September. Girls and boys from Pre-Primary to year 7 are welcome to register. All games are played on Saturdays at North Rd Soccer grounds. The fees for this year are $85 for PP-Yr1, $90 for Yr2-Yr5 and $105 for Yr6-Yr7. Some families are eligible for assistance through KIDSPORT. You can obtain information online at Registration dates are as follows: Saturday 8th March 9am-1pm North Rd Soccer club rooms Tuesday 11th March 8.20am-9am Yakamia school hall Friday 14th March 8.20am-9am Yakamia school hall Lisa Manera. 0439601295 or 98421876

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Yakamia Primary School

Community News

Please note notices appearing below are not necessarily endorsed by the school. We provide this space for community groups to advertise to the school community. It is up to parents to scrutinise the activity and organisers for their child.

Mums Raising Teenage Girls

Mon 7 Apr 9:00 am to 11:30 am FREE Recognise the importance of mother daughter relationships and understand how teenage girls brains function. Identify an effective parenting style, understand the importance of setting clear boundaries and discuss the issues currently facing teenage girls today.

Mindfulness in Relationships
Wed 12 Mar 6:00 to 8:30 pm Fee: $15p/p Research has shown that mindfulness helps people enjoy greater satisfaction in relationships, deal with stress constructively and be able to communicate more effectively, particularly in conflict situations.

Healthy Conflict in Relationships

Wed 9 April 6:00 to 8:30 pm Fee: $15p/p Conflict is a normal part of any relationship. How to manage it and resolve problems in a way that improves relationships rather than harms them is the focus of this seminar. Some of the strategies include ways to fight fair, being on the same page and staying on task.

Setting Healthy Boundaries

Mon 17 & 24 Mar 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm FREE Explore what constitutes boundaries and elements that contribute to personal boundaries. Discuss how to verbalise personal goals with objectives of change. In order to experience satisfying connections, we need to set healthy boundaries.

Mums Raising Teen Boys

Mon 5 May 9:00 am to 11:30 am FREE As Mothers we need to have some knowledge of our sons world, appropriate knowledge of modern technology, allow decision making, risk taking and the steps to independence. ALL COURSES CAN BE RUN IN DENMARK

Mums Raising Boys (0-12yo)

Wed 26 Mar $15p/p 9:00 am to 11:30 am @ The Dome- Conference Room As the primary female role model in a boys life, mothers play an important role in the development of their sons identity including their ability to be nurturing. This in turn affects how they relate to others, particularly to girls and women. This workshop will discuss the mother-son relationship, what boys need from their mums and practical ways to improve and maintain a positive and rewarding relationship. Fee:


Bookings Essential - Phone:9845 7700 Email:

Fly In Fly Out@ The DomeConference Room

Fri 28 Mar Wed 2 Apr 9:00 - 11:30 am 6:00 to 8:30 pm Fee: $15p/p

Seminars for your Workplace

Ring our office to discuss the options available * Creative Conflict * Emotional Intelligence * Warts n All * * Work Life Balance * Effective Negotiation *

Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) work is having an increasing impact on our community and relationships. One partner regularly working away raised new challenges for the entire family. Explore the differences and develop positive strategies to make it work