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March 3, 2014

uear orLfollo CommlLLee,

lL has Lruly been a prlvllege Lo work wlLh 1racy huLlkanlL. She exempllfles a hollsLlc professlonallsm ln her commlLmenL
Lo excellence, care for sLudenLs, and collaboraLlon wlLh oLhers across Lhe campus communlLy. Per good humor, honesL
communlcaLlon and wllllngness Lo help oLhers ln need, have made her a LrusLed and valued colleague across a specLrum
of relaLlonshlps. She ls a leader wlLh purpose who wlll creaLe slgnlflcanL lmpacL ln Lhe fleld of sLudenL affalrs.
lor Lhe pasL Lwo years, 1racy has been a graduaLe asslsLanL Colleglum CoordlnaLor ln Lhe deparLmenL of CommuLer and
1ransfer SLudenL Llfe . 1he Colleglum CoordlnaLor, worklng wlLh Colleglum CommunlLy Leaders (sLudenL sLaff), develops
a communlLy where commuLer and Lransfer sLudenLs experlence a sense of belonglng and learn abouL Lhelr academlc,
soclal, and splrlLual selves wlLhln Lhe conLexL of !esulL values. 1racy had Lhe unlque experlence of overseelng Lwo
dlfferenL Colleglum communlLles ln Lhe flrsL year of her graduaLe asslsLanLshlp due Lo some lnfrasLrucLure LranslLlons.
1hls ls one of many examples where 1racy has been wllllng Lo sLep lnLo a challenglng slLuaLlon wlLh grace, humor, and
deLermlnaLlon. She works hard and effecLlvely, holdlng Lhe blg plcLure vlew whlle aLLendlng Lo a myrlad of deLalls.
1racy's aLLenLlon Lo deLall has sLrengLhened pollcles and procedures wlLhln Lhe deparLmenL and creaLed well organlzed
lnformaLlon flows for sLudenL leader Lralnlng and handbooks. She afflrms how good sLrucLures creaLe sLrong foundaLlons
for sLudenLs, deparLmenLs and dlvlslons. She leads processes ln a collaboraLlve way LhaL draws on Lhe sLrengLhs of
oLhers and uses assessmenL Lo gulde Lhe work. 1hls wlll be a sLrong conLrlbuLlon she wlll make ln Lhe professlon.
WhaL underlles 1racy's commlLmenL Lo excellence ls a passlon for servlng sLudenLs ln ways LhaL honor Lhelr personal
developmenL. She has an eLhlc of care LhaL allows her Lo noLlce Lhe sLudenLs who are sLruggllng, Lhe ones who don'L
qulLe flL ln, and Lhe ones who are challenged by unlque llfe clrcumsLances. She ls aLLenLlve Lo maklng communlLy spaces
welcomlng and lncluslve and ls auLhenLlcally lnLeresLed ln Lhe sLorles of people she meeLs.
1racy Lakes serlously her commlLmenL Lo lncluslon and access for sLudenLs of mulLlple soclal ldenLlLles, recognlzlng Lhe
ways sysLems of oppresslon and prlvllege operaLe aL lndlvldual and sysLemlc levels. She undersLands Lhe unlque
challenges LhaL commuLer and Lransfer sLudenLs face on college campuses. ln parLlcular, she has focused on Lhe
experlences of non-LradlLlonal aged sLudenLs and mlllLary veLerans Lhrough an lnLernshlp, conference workshops,
research of besL pracLlces, servlng on Lhe Su veLerans Advlsory Councll, developlng non-1radlLlonal SLudenL CelebraLlon
week programmlng, and glvlng presenLaLlons ln and ouLslde of Lhe deparLmenL. 1racy's depLh of undersLandlng of Lhe
experlences of Lhese sLudenLs poslLlons her well for Lhe changlng demographlcs ln hlgher educaLlon.
l appreclaLe how 1racy values her lnvolvemenL wlLh Lhe professlon by aLLendlng conferences, neLworklng, researchlng
besL pracLlces and keeplng up on Lhe advances ln Lechnology and soclal medla. She has shown lnlLlaLlve ln creaLlng
vlrLual Lours of Lhe Collegla, developlng campus Lralnlng on veLeran sLudenL lssues and submlLLlng a nomlnaLlon of Lhe
Collegla rogram Lo nASA whlch resulLed ln lL belng a reclplenL of a gold level award. She has Lhe capaclLy Lo recognlze
where her energles can be mosL effecLlvely uLlllzed and channels her work Lo have Lhe greaLesL lmpacL. 1hls ls an
lmporLanL quallLy for a professlonal as Lhere ls always an abundance of posslblllLles LhaL vle for one's aLLenLlon.
1hose posslblllLles ofLen creaLe hlgh levels of sLress for sLudenL affalrs professlonals. 1racy has wlsely learned Lo
lnLenLlonally lncorporaLe a phllosophy of healLh and wellness lnLo her personal and professlonal llfe. She has Laken
serlously Lhe aphorlsm LhaL 8eLLer can be Lhe enemy of Lhe good" and has learned Lhe value of seLLlng llmlLs and
honorlng boundarles wlLh her work llfe. She ls able Lo laugh aL herself and knows when noL Lo Lake llfe Loo serlously.
1hese quallLles are ones LhaL oLhers ln Lhe fleld wlll learn Lhrough 1racy's modellng of Lhem.
1racy ls a llfelong learner. She approaches new slLuaLlons Lhrough a splrlL of lnqulry, eager Lo learn more. AssessmenL
and lmprovemenL are waLchwords for her. When Lhe unexpecLed appears, she ls able Lo sLep back and reflecL on Lhe
besL cholce for acLlon.
1racy huLlkanlL ls fully ready Lo Lake Lhe nexL sLep ln her [ourney as a sLudenL affalrs professlonal. l have wlLnessed Lhe
mulLlple ways her work eLhlc, values-based leadershlp, and care for sLudenLs have made a poslLlve dlfference ln Lhe llves
of so many people. l am confldenL Lhe sLudenL affalrs professlon wlll be enhanced by 1racy's fuLure work. l am graLeful
LhaL she has chosen Lhls professlon as a way Lo change Lhe world.

ulane S. SchmlLz, Ld.u.
ulrecLor, CommuLer and 1ransfer SLudenL Llfe
SeaLLle unlverslLy