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The Audio Links here are a Three Hour Series that predicted future events of today
(It will leave many with the feeling of they can now put a finger on what is wrong with
this nation and a truthfulness which is unknown and has been withheld from most of
You hear William (Bill) Cooper - Hour of the Time [HOTT] state a timeline of
events, expose secret knowledge, World Agendas, State Agendas, Personal Agendas
and Deceptions in this Three One Hour Must Hear Audios created (Live-On Air)
during Mar. 30, 1998, Jan. 4, 1993 and Nov. 4, 1996. Right click to listen or save.

1345 30-Mar-98
986 4-Nov-96

Debut of the Hour Of The Time
Secret Societies & Psychological Warfare #1

Also See This Document: An Agenda for NATO - Zbigniew Brzezinski

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The Time Line:

They are in order of Coopers Predictions before his murder in Nov. 2001.
(The resulting Outcomes are his predictions. They continue through todays date.)
WTC Attack Feb. 26, 1993:
The FBI tried to implicate an Informant as the Mastermind.
(Fortunately he recorded his handlers conversations for security.)
Columbine School Shootings April 20, 1999:
Pre-emption for Gun Confiscations & Actor Agenda Reclassification of Legislation
to Enforce Arrests, Renditions and Apprehensions.
Redefinition of Terrorism.
Redefinition of Constitutional Rights.
WTC Attacks Sep. 11, 2001:
He predicted that Osama Bin Laden would be named the culprit.
The Patriot Act I&II (Further Redefinition of Terrorism and Use of Law in
Apprehension and Arrests).
Biological Attacks: The Anthrax Mail Attacks.
Total Information Awareness - TIA. Decreased Privacy & Freedoms NSA,
TSA. Creation of the Dept. of Homeland Security.
Secret Renditions. Loss of Habeas Corpus. Militarization of Police.
Further Loss of Constitutional Rights.
The Military Commissions Act of 2006:
(Secret) Military Tribunal Courts Redefining The Posse Comitatus.
Increasing Militarization of Police.
The World Wide Banking Failure & Bail Outs (Bail-Ins) of 2008:
The citizens of the world paid for the massive losses of the wealthiest organizations
and people. The citizens lost their homes, savings, retirement and property.
The NDAA 2012:
Loss of The Posse Comitatus.

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Sandyhook, Conn. School Shootings - Dec. 14, 2012:
Nationwide Attacks on Americas 2nd Amendment Rights. Leftist (prior stated
and planned intent for) Manipulation of such Tradjedies. To effect stronger
Constitutional attacks against gun rights and personal freedoms. Many
States pass or attempt to pass the most Draconian Laws in Americas
History. Maryland is the first state to pass such laws but has seen a definitive
decrease in violent crime due to increased firearm ownership in its state and
nationwide. Statistically areas with highest gun crimes are those with the
most restrictive gun laws or bans.
Boston Marathon Bombings Apr. 15, 2013:
Martial Law (in the City of Watertown, Mass.) All Citizens subjected to FULL
House-to-House searches of Person & Property without Warrant. (Note: The
suspect was in an unsearched boat on property supposedly searched and previously
cleared by the Police and National Guard.
Further erosion of all US Constitutional Rights.
The President instructs the US Sec. of State to sign the UN Smalls Arms Treaty. The
previous Administration refused to sign this document. Executive Orders are being
written at an extremely increased rate bypassing by intent the US Congress and US
Supreme Court. Many have been against the 2nd Amendment rights of citizens.

The majority of shootings between 1999 2014> have common factors such as, i.e.
mental instability, using prescribed psychotropic drugs and/or illegal possession or
had access to unsecured firearms, commission of crime(s) in Gun Free Zones,
committed in areas without or lacking any armed security and were suicidal. The
majority of these mitigating factors have not been address nor investigated by
federal, state and local legislators.

Please Note: I have NO affiliation with the sources of this material. Any opinions are
mine and Do Not Represent those of any other entity. Any violent activities noted
above are not condoned nor are they considered acceptable.
Political subversion and ceding of the United States of Americas Sovereign
Independence and the vast attacks upon the U.S. Constitution by the Three
Branches of Government is treasonous and must be addressed IMMEDIATEDLY.

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