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Introduction to Linux

Frame Buffer Driver Model

Jollen's Consulting | Jollen

演講日期 : 2007 年 8 月 29 日(週三)

演講地點 : 國立政治大學公共行政及企業管理教育中心
1. Background Knowledge

2. s3c2410fb.c as an example
Linux 2.6 Driver Model
• Linux Kernel Driver Model
• Generic, centralized driver model
• A unification of all the disparate driver
models that were previously used in the
• See
– include/linux/device.h
– driver/base/driver.c

Source: linux/Documentation/driver-model/overview.txt
Ideas and Benefits
• It is intended to augment the bus-specific
drivers for bridges and devices by
consolidating a set of data and operations
into globally accessible data structures.
• Traditional driver models implemented some
sort of tree-like structure (sometimes just a
list) for the devices they control. There
wasn't any uniformity across the different
bus types.

Source: linux/Documentation/driver-model/overview.txt
Platform Driver
• Drivers for platform devices are typically
very simple and unstructured. Either the
device was present at a particular I/O port
and the driver was loaded, or it was not.
• There was no possibility of hotplugging or
alternative discovery besides probing at a
specific I/O address and expecting a
specific response.

Source: linux/Documentation/driver-model/platform.txt
Traditional Device Driver Model


Driver D
Driver B

Driver A
Driver E

Driver C
New Linux 2.6 Driver Model
buses devices classes firmware kobject

Core Driver Model – Subsystems (ksets…) /sys

Driver D
Driver B

Driver A
Driver E

Driver C
• Generic device driver
– 驅動程式開發者的框架( framework )、特定
裝置的驅動程式設計( architecture )或
kernel API
• kobject
– A unification of all the disparate driver models
that were previously used in the kernel.
• Platform driver
– Linux 2.6 的 machine-dependent
driver ( low-level )
TFT-LCD 驅動程式設定
• Device Drivers -> Graphics support

Files: linux/drivers/video/s3c2410fb.c
Linux FB Subsystem
• linux/drivers/video/dummycon.c
– A dummy console driver
• linux/drivers/video/fbcmap.c
– Colormap handling for frame buffer devices
• linux/drivers/video/fbcon.c
– Low level frame buffer based console driver
• linux/drivers/video/cfbxx.c
– Low level frame buffer operations for xx bpp truecolor packed
• linux/drivers/video/fbcon-vga.c
– Low level frame buffer operations for VGA characters/attributes
• linux/drivers/video/fbgen.c
– Generic routines for frame buffer devices
• linux/drivers/video/fbmem.c
– Core of Linux Framebuffer subsystem
• linux/drivers/video/font_*.c
– Fonts
• linux/drivers/video/vesafb.c
– framebuffer driver for VBE 2.0 compliant graphic boards, see
• linux/drivers/video/vfb.c
– Virtual frame buffer device
• linux/drivers/video/vgacon.c
– Low level VGA based console driver
• linux/drivers/video/s3c2410fb.c
– Low-level framebuffer driver for S3C2410
Porting Your Machine

Platform bus
buses System bus

Core Driver Model – Subsystems (ksets…) /sys

使用 Platform Driver 觀念
static struct platform_driver s3c2410fb_driver = {
.probe = s3c2410fb_probe,
.remove = s3c2410fb_remove,
.suspend = s3c2410fb_suspend,
.resume = s3c2410fb_resume,
.driver = {
.name = "s3c2410-lcd",
.owner = THIS_MODULE,

int __devinit s3c2410fb_init(void)


static void __exit s3c2410fb_cleanup(void)

probe() callback 註冊到 fbmem
static int __init s3c2410fb_probe(struct platform_device *pdev)
struct fb_info *fbinfo;

ret = register_framebuffer(fbinfo);
if (ret < 0) {
printk(KERN_ERR "Failed to register framebuffer device:
%d\n", ret);
goto free_video_memory;


Platform bus
buses System bus

Core Driver Model – Subsystems (ksets…) /sys

probe() callback

VFS switch


Register to…
填寫 struct fb_info 表格,這是 low-level 的 framebuffer 向上層註冊所要
傳入的 fops 資料結構。

填寫 struct fb_var_screeninfo 表格 (console display)

填寫 struct fb_ops / fb operations

Request memory region / request IRQ 。

設定 S3C2410 的 GPIO 腳位功能 / 設定為 LCD controller 。

register_framebuffer() :向 fbmem.c 層做註冊。

static struct fb_ops s3c2410fb_ops = {
.owner = THIS_MODULE,
.fb_check_var = s3c2410fb_check_var,
.fb_set_par = s3c2410fb_set_par,
.fb_blank = s3c2410fb_blank,
.fb_setcolreg = s3c2410fb_setcolreg,
.fb_fillrect = cfb_fillrect,
.fb_copyarea = cfb_copyarea,
.fb_imageblit = cfb_imageblit,
Set s3c2410 LCD Controller
static int s3c2410fb_set_par(struct fb_info *info)
struct s3c2410fb_info *fbi = info->par;
struct fb_var_screeninfo *var = &info->var;
s3c2410fb_activate_var(fbi, var);
return 0;
LCD Controller: dirty code
reg : {
lcdcon1 : LCD1_BPP_24T | LCD1_PNR_TFT | LCD1_CLKVAL(8) ,
lcdcon2 : LCD2_VBPD(9) | LCD2_VFPD(2) | LCD2_VSPW(1),
lcdcon3 : LCD3_HBPD(19) | LCD3_HFPD(2),
lcdcon4 : LCD4_HSPW(5) | LCD4_MVAL(13),