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A gigantic organism has been created by the Soviet Secret Police to destroy the churches in the whole world. Their first aim is to cancel or minimise the hostility of religions toward Communism. Additionally, they seek allies within the churches so they may use clerical prestige to bring the mass of believers into the camp of revolution. The name of this department is Orginform. t has secret cells in every country, in every large religious organisation. One can assume that anti!Communist organisations and missions working behind the ron Curtain are its main target. Communist agents specialising in propaganda and provocation infiltrate churches and missions to prepare the ideological disarmament of the faithful. ts first director, "assilii #orelov, was formerly an Orthodo$ priest, an apostle turned %udas. The head &uarters are in 'arsaw. The actual leader is Theodor (rasky. Orginform has one school in )eodosia for training agents for *atin countries and one in +oscow for ,orth America. The agents for -ritain, .olland, Scandinavia, etc., are trained in Siguel /*atvia0 and those for +oslem countries in Constant1a /2omania0. These schools prepare false pastors, priests, imams, and rabbis3 each must understand thoroughly their respective theology. Some of them entrench themselves in churches or missions by posing as refugees. The %esuit Tondi, an talian Communist, after attending the *enin School in +oscow, was instructed by the Communist Party to enter a religious order. .e became afterwards a secretary to Pope Paul " . .is true role was discovered. ,ow he openly declares himself to be a Communist and has married a comrade. .e is still active in religious matters for the Communist Party and claims to have been forgiven by the Pope.456

A gigantic organism has been created by the Soviet Secret Police to destroy the churches in the whole world. Their first aim is to cancel or minimise the hostility of religions toward Communism. Additionally, they seek allies within the churches so they may use clerical prestige to bring the mass of believers into the camp of revolution. The name of this department is Orginform. t has secret cells in every country, in every large religious organisation. One can assume that anti!Communist organisations and missions working behind the ron Curtain are its main target. Communist agents specialising in propaganda and provocation infiltrate churches and missions to prepare the ideological disarmament of the faithful. ts first director, "assilii #orelov, was formerly an Orthodo$ priest, an apostle turned %udas. The head &uarters are in 'arsaw. The actual leader is Theodor (rasky. Orginform has one school in )eodosia for training agents for *atin countries and one in +oscow for ,orth America. The agents for -ritain, .olland, Scandinavia, etc., are trained in Siguel /*atvia0 and those for +oslem countries in Constant1a /2omania0. These schools prepare false pastors, priests, imams, and rabbis3 each must understand thoroughly their respective theology. Some of them entrench themselves in churches or missions by posing as refugees. The %esuit Tondi, an talian Communist, after attending the *enin School in +oscow, was instructed by the Communist Party to enter a religious order. .e became afterwards a secretary to Pope Paul " . .is true role was discovered. ,ow he openly declares himself to be a Communist and has married a comrade. .e is still active in religious matters for the Communist Party and claims to have been forgiven by the Pope.456

+ar$7 Prophet of 8arkness

Communism9s hidden forces revealed by 2 C.A28 ':2+-2A,8 4;<=
+arshall Pickering, > -eggarwood *ane, -asingstoke, .ants 2#?> 5*P, :(
Richard Wurmbrand wrote this book before the Internet liberated truth seekers from the tyranny of mass media. As credulous heir to the narratives of evil-Hitler-Holocaust and benign Zionism, he was oblivious to the source of their immense energy, namely, the constant ewish necessity to deflect terrifying guilt for un!recedented horrors, and the cri!!ling im!act of that frantic necessity on the ewish mind. "ike us all, #r. Wurmbrand inherited the mirage of udaism as a religion, relating that, when dying, #ar$ %!rayed& with rabbinic !hilacteries at the forehead. 'ut udaism is actually dedicated anti-religion, whose bible is not the #osaic (orah but the medi)val (almud that chokes with hatred of *od. +evertheless, this book is a divine offer to incredulous modern man because it details #ar$ism,and, by e$tension, the myriad names of leftism-socialism,s.uarely as satanism, as !ersonal devotion to the !erson of the "ord of Hate. /surious finance and egalitarian socialism are merely masks. 0hastised modern man should be devoutly thankful to Richard Wurmbrand.

Part ?7 Souls for Satan Part >7 Satan and +ar$ 'orldwide Part 67 2eaders9 2eactions and Appendi$

Introduction to the 5th Enlarged Edition

This work started as a small brochure containing only hints about possible connections between +ar$ism and the Satanist church. ,o one had ventured to write about this before. Therefore was cautious, even timid. -ut in the course of time more and more evidence accumulated in my files. *et the reader @udgeA +ar$ism today governs over one third of mankind. f it could be shown that the originators and perpetrators of this movement in history were secretly devil!worshippers, consciously e$ploiting Satanic powers, the mere thought would chill the marrow and cause even

worldlings to blanch. The occultBeven in so!called art formsBis meant to terrorise. f some were to re@ect my thesisBthe theme of this bookBout of hand, it would not surprise me. Science and technology, advance at a rapid pace because we are always ready to scrap obsolescent machinery in favour of new conveniences. ,ot so in the field of sociology or religion. deas die hard, and a mind set, unlike a computer chip, is not easily altered or replaced. Cven fresh evidence may fail to persuade. The doors of some minds have rusty hinges. -ut do bring added proofs to support my thesis. invite you to consider them. The Communists have certainly taken note of this book, which has been translated into 2ussian, Chinese, 2omanian, #erman, C1ech, and other languages, and has been smuggled into these ron Curtain countries in great &uantities. )or instance, the Cast -erlin @ournal Deutsche Lehrer-zeitung, under the heading DThe (iller of +ar$,9 denounced it vehemently, calling it Dthe most broadly based, provocative, and heinous work written against +ar$.9 Can +ar$ be so easily destroyedE s this his Achilles9 heelE 'ould +ar$ism be discredited if men knew about his connection with SatanismE 8o enough people careE +ar$ism is the great fact of modem life. 'hatever your opinion of it, whether or not you believe in the e$istence of Satan, whatever importance you attach to the cult of Satan practised in certain circles, ask you to consider, weigh, and @udge the documentation present. believe it will help you orient yourself to the problems with which +ar$ism confronts every inhabitant of the globe today. 2 C.A28 ':2+-2A,8

1: Devils Advocate
Marxs Christian Writings
-efore becoming an economist and a Communist of renown, +ar$ was a humanist. Today one third of the world is +ar$ist. +ar$ism in one form or another is embraced by many in Capitalist countries, too. There are Christians, even clergymen, some of high standing, who are sure that while %esus might have had the right answers about how to get to heaven, +ar$ had the right answers about how to help the hungry, destitute, and oppressed on earth. +ar$, it is said, was deeply humane. .e was dominated by one idea7 how to help the e$ploited masses. 'hat impoverishes them, he maintained, is capitalism. Once this rotten

system is overthrown, after a transitional period of dictatorship of the proletariat, a society will emerge in which everyone will work according to his abilities in factories and farms belonging to the collective, and will be rewarded according to his needs. There will be no state to rule over the individual, no wars, no revolutions, only an everlasting, universal brotherhood. n order for the masses to achieve happiness, more is needed beyond the mere overthrow of Capitalism. +ar$ writes7 DThe abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of man is a re&uisite for their real happiness. The call to abandon their illusions about their conditions is a call to abandon a condition which re&uires illusions. The criticism of religion is, therefore, the criticism of this vale of tears of which religion is the halo.9 4 +ar$ was anti!religious because religion obstructs the fulfilment of the Communist ideal which he considered the only answer to the world9s problems. This is how +ar$ists e$plain their position. There are clergymen who e$plain it in the same way. The Cnglish clergyman 2ev. Oestreicher said in a sermon7 DCommunism, whatever its present varied forms of e$pression, both good and bad, is in origin a movement for the emancipation of man from e$ploitation by his fellow man. Sociologically, the Church was and largely still is on the side of the world9s e$ploiters. (arl +ar$, whose theories only thinly veil a passion for @ustice and brotherhood that has its roots in the .ebrew prophets, loathed religion because it was used as an instrument to perpetuate a status &uo in which children were slaves and worked to death in order to make others rich here in -ritain. t was no cheap @ibe a hundred years ago to say that religion was the opium of the masses ... As members of the -ody of Christ we must come in simple penitence knowing that we owe a deep debt of every Communist.9? +ar$ism makes an impression on people9s thinking because of its success, but success proves nothing. 'itch doctors often succeed, too. Success confirms error as well as truth. )ailure is often priceless, because it can open the way to deeper truth. So an analysis of some of +ar$9s works should be made without regard to their success. n his early youth, (arl +ar$ was a Christian. .is first written work is called The Union of the Faithful with Christ. There we read these beautiful words DThrough love of Christ we turn our hearts at the same time toward our brethren who are inwardly bound to us and for whom .e gave .imself in sacrifice.9 So +ar$ knew a way for men to become loving brethren toward one another. t is Christianity. .e continues7 D:nion with Christ could give an inner elevation, comfort in sorrow, calm trust, and a heart susceptible to human love, to everything noble and great, not for the sake of ambition and glory, but only for the sake of Christ.9 > At appro$imately the same time +ar$ writes in his thesis, Considerations of a Young Man

in Choosing His Career7 D2eligion itself teaches us that the deal toward which all strive sacrificed .imself for humanity, and who shall dare contradict such claimsE f we have chosen the position in which we can accomplish the most for .im, then we can never be crushed by burdens, because they are only sacrifices made for the sake of all.9 6 .owever, it is necessary to observe that in his thesis upon finishing high school he repeated si$ times the word Ddestroy9, which not even one of his colleagues used in this e$am. D8estroy9 then became his nickname. t was natural for him to want to destroy because he spoke about mankind as Dhuman trash9 and said, D,o man visits me and like this, because present mankind may Fan obscenityG. They are a bunch of rascals.9 ,o conversion or apostasy changes a man one hundred percent. Sometimes after such a reversal of thinking, the old beliefs or disbeliefs thrust themselves into one9s awareness, revealing that they are not erased from the pages of the mind but only repressed into the subconscious. The old Christ comple$ appears in +ar$9s writings long after he changed into a militant fighter against religion. Cven in an abstruse book of political economy like The Capital, in which reflections about religion are obviously of little concern, the mature and anti religious +ar$ writes, entirely out of conte$t, DChristianity with its cultus of abstract man, more especially in its bourgeois developments, Protestantism, 8eism, etc., is the most fitting form of religion.9 H 2emember, +ar$ started out as a Christian believer. 'hen he finished high school, the following was written on his graduation certificate under the heading D2eligious (nowledge97 knowledge of the Christian faith and morals is fairly clear and well grounded. .e knows also to some e$tent the history of the Christian church9. =

Marxs irst Anti!"od Writings

Shortly after +ar$ received this certificate, something mysterious happened in his life7 he became profoundly passionately anti religious. A new +ar$ began to emerge. .e writes in a poem, D wish to avenge myself against the One who rules above.9 5 So he was convinced that there is DOne above who rules.9 .e was in a &uarrel with him. -ut the One above had done him no wrong. +ar$ belonged to a relatively well to do family. .e had not hungered in his childhood. .e was much better off than many fellow students. 'hat produced this terrible hatred for #odE ,o personal motive is known. 'as (arl +ar$ in this declaration only someone else9s mouthpieceE At an age when every normal young man has beautiful dreams of doing good to others and preparing a career for himself, why should he have written the following lines in his poem Invocation of ne in DespairE

!o a god has snatched fro" "e "# all In the curse and rac$ of destin#%

&ll his worlds are gone 'e#ond recall( )othing 'ut revenge is left to "e( I shall 'uild "# throne high overhead* Cold* tre"endous shall its su""it 'e% For its 'ulwar$+superstitious dread% For its "arshal+'lac$est agon#% ,ho loo$s on it with a health# e#e !hall turn 'ac$* deathl# pale and du"'% Clutched '# 'lind and chill "ortalit#% Ma# his happiness prepare its to"'%<
+ar$ dreamt about ruining the world created by #od. n another poem he wrote7

Then I will 'e a'le to wal$ triu"phantl#* Li$e a god* through the ruins of their $ingdo"% -ver# word of "ine is fire and action% M# 'reast is e.ual to that of the Creator.;
The words D shall build my throne high overhead9 and the confession that from the one sitting on this throne will emanate only dread and agony remind us of *ucifer9s proud boast7 D will ascend into heaven, win e$alt my throne above the stars of #od9 / saiah 4674>0. Perhaps it is no coincidence that -akunin, who was for a time one of his most intimate friends, wrote7 DOne has to worship +ar$ in order to be loved by him. One has at least to fear him in order to be tolerated by him ... +ar$ is e$tremely proud, up to dirt and madness.9;a

#he $atanist Church and Oulanem

-ut why does +ar$ wish such a throneE The answer is found in a little!known drama which he also composed during his student years. t is called ulane". To e$plain this title a digression is needed. One of the rituals of the Satanist Church is the black mass, which Satanist priests recite at midnight. -lack candles are put in the candlestick upside down. The priest is dressed in his ornate robes, but with the lining outside.

.e says all things prescribed in the prayer book, but reads from the end towards the beginning. The holy names of #od, %esus, and +ary are read inversely. A crucifi$ is fastened upside down or trampled upon. The body of a naked woman serves as an altar. A consecrated wafer stolen from some church is inscribed with the name DSatan9 and is used for a mock!Communion. 8uring the black mass a -ible is burned. All those present promise to commit the seven deadly sins, as enumerated in Catholic catechisms, and never to do any good. An orgy follows. 8evil worship is very old. The -ible has much to say aboutBand againstBit. )or e$ample, the %ews, though entrusted by #od with the true religion, sometimes faltered in their faith and then Dsacrificed unto devils9 /8euteronomy >?7450. At one time, (ing %eroboam of srael ordained priests for the devils /44 Chronicles 4474H0. So from time immemorial men have believed in the e$istence of the devil. Sin and wickedness are the hallmark of his kingdom, disintegration and destruction its logical result. The great concentrations of evil design in times past as well as in modern Communism and ,a1ism would have been impossible without a guiding force, the devil himself. .e has been the mastermind, the secret agent, supplying the unifying energy in his grand scheme to control mankind. Characteristically, ulane" is an inversion of a holy name7 it is an anagram of Cmmanuel, -iblical name for %esus, which means in .ebrew D#od is with us.9 Such inversions of names are considered effective in black magic. 'e will be able to understand the drama of Oulanem only in the light of a strange confession that +ar$ made in a poem called The /la#er, later downplayed by both himself and his followers7

The hellish vapours rise and fill the 'rain* Till I go "ad and "# heart is utterl# changed% !ee this sword0 The prince of dar$ness !old it to "e% For "e he 'eats the ti"e and gives the signs% -ver "ore 'oldl# I pla# the dance of death%12
These lines take on special significance when we learn that in the rites of higher initiation in the Satanist cult an Denchanted9 sword which ensures success is sold to the candidate. .e pays for it by signing a covenant, with blood taken from his wrists, that his soul will belong to Satan after death. To enable the reader to grasp the horrid intent of these poems, should mentionBthough with natural revulsionnBthat The !atanic 3i'le, after saying Dthe crucifi$ symbolises pallid

incompetence hanging on a tree,9 calls Satan Dthe ineffable Prince of 8arkness who rules the earth.9 As opposed to Dthe lasting foulness of -ethlehem,9 Dthe cursed ,a1arene,9 Dthe impotent king,9 Dfugitive and mute god,9 Dvile and abhorred pretender to the ma@esty of Satan,9 the devil is called Dthe #od of *ight,9 with angels Dcowering and trembling with fear and prostrating themselves before him9 and Dsending Christian minions staggering to their doom.9 ,ow &uote from the drama ulane"7

&nd the# are also ulane"* ulane"% The na"e rings forth li$e death* rings forth Until it dies awa# in a wretched crawl% !top* I4ve got it now( It rises fro" "# soul &s clear as air* as strong as "# own 'ones%11 Yet I have power within "# #outhful ar"s To clench and crush #ou Fi.e. personified humanityG with te"pestuous force* ,hile for us 'oth the a'#ss #awns in dar$ness% You will sin$ down and I shall follow laughing* ,hispering in #our ears*5Descend* co"e with "e* friend%44?
The -ible, which +ar$ had studied in his high school years and which he knew &uite well in his mature years, says that the devil will be bound by an angel and cast into the bottomless pit /a'#ssos in #reek7 see 2evelation ?I7>0. +ar$ desires to draw the whole of mankind into this pit reserved for the devil and his angels. 'ho speaks through +ar$ in this dramaE s it reasonable to e$pect a young student to entertain as his life9s dream the vision of mankind entering into the abyss of darkness /Douter darkness9 is a -iblical e$pression for Dhell90 and himself laughing as he follows those he has led to unbeliefE ,owhere in the world is this ideal cultivated e$cept in the initiation rites of the Satanist church, at its highest degrees. The time comes for Oulanem9s death. .is words are7

6uined* ruined% M# ti"e has clean run out% The cloc$ has stopped* the p#g"# house has cru"'led% !oon I shall e"'race eternit# to "# 'reast* and soon I shall howl gigantic curses on "an$ind%4>

+ar$ had loved the words of +ephistopheles in )aust, DCverything in e$istence is worth being destroyed.9 CverythingBincluding the proletariat and the comrades. +ar$ &uoted these words inThe 17th 3ru"aire.46 Stalin acted on them and destroyed even his own family. n Faust, Satan is called the spirit that denies everything. This is precisely +ar$9s attitude. .e writes about Dpitiless criticism of all that e$ists,9 Dwar against the situation in #ermany,9 Dmerciless criticism of all,9 D t is the first duty of the press to undermine the foundations of the e$isting political systern.946a +ar$ said about himself that he is Dthe most outstanding hater of the so!called positive.9 46b The Satanist sect is not materialistic. t believes in eternal life. Oulanem, the person through whom +ar$ speaks, does not contest it. .e asserts eternal life but as a life of hate magnified to its e$treme. t is worth noting that eternity for the devils means Dtorment.9 Thus %esus was reproached by the demons7 DAre you come hither to torment us before our timeE9 /+atthew <7?;0. +ar$ is similarly obsessed7

Ha( -ternit#( !he is our eternal grief* &n indescri'a'le and i""easura'le Death* 8ile artificialit# conceived to scorn us* urselves 'eing cloc$wor$* 'lindl# "echanical* Made to 'e the fool-calendars of Ti"e and !pace* Having no purpose save to happen* to 'e ruined* !o that there shall 'e so"ething to ruin%4H
'e begin to understand what has happened to young +ar$. .e had had Christian convictions but had not led a consistent life. .is correspondence with his father testifies to his s&uandering great sums of money on pleasures and his constant &uarrelling with parental authority about this and other matters. Then he seems to have fallen in with the tenets of the highly secret Satanist church and received the rites of initiation. Satan, whom his worshippers see in their hallucinatory orgies, speaks through them. Thus +ar$ is only Satan9s mouthpiece when he utters in his poem Invocation of ne in Despair the words, D wish to avenge myself against the One who rules above.9 *isten to the end of ulane"9

If there is a !o"ething which devours* I4ll leap within it* though I 'ring the world to ruins+

The world which 'ul$s 'etween "e and the a'#ss I will s"ash to pieces with "# enduring curses% I4ll throw "# ar"s around its harsh realit#9 -"'racing "e* the world will du"'l# pass awa#* &nd then sin$ down to utter nothingness* /erished* with no e:istence+that would 'e reall# living.4=
+ar$ was probably inspired by the words of the +ar&uis de Sade7 D abhor nature. would like to split its planet, hinder its process, stop the circles of stars, overthrow the globes that float in space, destroy what serves nature, protect what harms itBin a word, wish to insult it in my works ... Perhaps we will be able to attack the sun, deprive the universe of it, or use it to set the world on fire. These would be real crimes.9 8e Sade and +ar$ propagate the same ideas. .onest men, as well as men inspired by #od, often seek to serve their fellow men by writing books to increase their store of knowledge, improve their morality, stimulate religious sentiments, or at least provide rela$ation and amusement. The devil is the only being who consciously purveys only evil to humankind, through his elect servants. As far as know, +ar$ is the only renowned author who has ever called his own writings Dshit,9 Dswinish books.94=a .e consciously gives his readers filth. ,o wonder, then, that his disciples, the Communists in 2omania and +o1ambi&ue, forced prisoners to eat their own e$crement and drink their own urine.4=b n ulane" +ar$ does what the devil does7 he consigns the entire human race to damnation. ulane" is probably the only drama in the world in which all the characters are aware of their own corruption, which they flaunt and celebrate with conviction. n this drama there is no black and white. There e$ist no Claudius and Ophelia, ago and 8esdemona. .ere all are black and all reveal aspects of +ephistopheles. All are satanic, corrupt, and doomed.

$atan in Marxs amil%

'hen he wrote these things, +ar$, a premature genius, was eighteen. .is life9s programme

had thus already been established. There was no word about serving mankind, the proletariat, or socialism. .e wished to bring the world to ruin. .e wished to build for himself a throne whose bulwark would be human shudder. At that stage, we find some cryptic passages in the correspondence between (arl +ar$ and his father. The son writes, DA curtain had fallen. +y holy of holies was rent asunder and new gods had to be installed.9 45 These words were written on 4I ,ovember 4<>5, by a young man who had professed Christianity until then. .e had declared that Christ was in his heart. ,ow this is no longer so. 'ho are the new gods installed in his placeE The father replies, D refrained from insisting on an e$planation about a very mysterious matter although it seemed highly dubious.9 4< 'hat was this mysterious matterE Till now no biographer of +ar$ has e$plained these strange sentences. On ? +arch 4<>5, +ar$9s father writes to his son7 DJour advancement, the dear hope of seeing your name someday of great repute, and your earthly well!being are not the only desires of my heart. These are illusions had had a long time, but can assure you that their fulfilment would not have made me happy. Only if your heart remains pure and beats humanly and if no de"on is able to alienate your heart from better feelings, only then will be happy.94; 'hat made a father suddenly e$press the fear of demonic influence upon a young son who until then had been a confessed ChristianE 'as it the poems he received as a present from his son for his HHth birthdayE The following &uotation is taken from +ar$9s poem n Hegel7

,ords I teach all "i:ed up into a devilish "uddle% Thus* an#one "a# thin$ ;ust what he chooses to thin$.?I
.ere also are words from another epigram on Hegel7

3ecause I discovered the highest* &nd 'ecause I found the deepest through "editation* I a" great li$e a <od= I clothe "#self in dar$ness li$e Hi"%?4
n his poem The /ale Maiden, he writes7

Thus heaven I4ve forfeited* I $now it full well% M# soul* once true to <od*

Is chosen for hell.??

,o commentary is needed. +ar$ had started out with artistic ambitions. .is poems and drama are important in revealing the state of his heart, but having no literary value they received no recognition. *ack of success in drama gave us a #oebbels, the propaganda minister of the ,a1is3 in philosophy a 2osenberg, the purveyor of #erman racism3 in painting and architecture a .tler. .itler was a poet too. t can be assumed that he never read +ar$9s poetry, but the resemblance is striking. n his poems, he mentions the same Satanist practices. &uote one7

n rough nights* I go so"eti"es To the oa$ of ,otan in the still garden* To "a$e a pact with dar$ forces% The "oonlight "a$es runes appear% Those that were sun'athed during the da# 3eco"e s"all 'efore the "agic for"ula ... ?>
'otan is the chief god of #erman heathen mythology. 2unes were the signs used for writing in olden times. .itler soon abandoned a poetic career. So did +ar$, who e$changed it for the career of revolutionary in the name of Satan against a society which had not appreciated his poems. This is conceivably one of the motives for his total rebellion. -eing despised as a %ew was another. Two years after his father9s e$pressed concern, in 4<>;, the young +ar$ wrote The Difference 3etween De"ocritus4 and -picurus4 /hilosoph# of )ature , in the preface to which he aligns himself with the declaration of Aeschylus, D harbour hatred against all gods.9?6 This he &ualifies by stating that he is against all gods on earth and in heaven that do not recognise human selfconsciousness as the supreme godhead. +ar$ was an avowed enemy of all gods, a man who had bought his sword from the prince of darkness at the price of his soul. .e had declared it his aim to draw all mankind into the abyss and to follow laughing. +ight +ar$ really have bought his sword from SatanE .is daughter Cleanor says that +ar$ told her and her sisters many stories when they were children. The one she liked most was about a certain .ans 2Kckle. DThe telling of the story lasted months and months, because it was a long, long story and never finished. .ans 2Kckle was a witch ... who had a shop with toys and many debts ... though he was a witch,

he was always in financial need. Therefore he had to sell against his will all his beautiful things, piece after piece, to the devil ... some of these adventures were horrifying and made your hair stand on end.9?H s it normal for a father to tell his little children horrifying stories about selling one9s dearest treasures to the devilE 2obert Payne in his book Mar:?= also recounts this incident in great detail, as told by Cleanor7 how unhappy 2Kckle, the magician, sold the toys with reluctance, holding on to them till the last moment. -ut since he had made a pact with the devil, there was no escaping it. +ar$9s biographer continues, DThere can be very little doubt that those interminable stories were autobiographical ... .e had the devil9s view of the world, and the devil9s malignity. Sometimes he seemed to know that he was accomplishing works of evil.9 ?5 'hen +ar$ had finished ulane" and his other early poems in which he writes about having a pact with the devil, he had no thought of Socialism. .e even fought against it. .e was editor of a #erman maga1ine, the 6heinische >eitung, which Ddoes not concede even theoretical validity to Communist ideas in their present form, let alone desire their practical realisation, which it anyway finds impossible ... Attempts by masses to carry out Communist ideas can be answered by a cannon as soon as they have become dangerous.9 ?<

Marx Will Chase "od from &eaven

After reaching this stage in his thinking, +ar$ met +oses .ess, the man who played the most important role in his life, the one who made him embrace the Socialist ideal. .ess calls him D8r +ar$ my idol, who will give the last kick to medieval religion and politics.9?; So, to give a kick to religion was his first aim, not Socialism. #eorg %ung, another friend of +ar$ at that time, writes in 4<64 even more clearly that +ar$ will surely chase #od from his heaven and will even sue him. +ar$ calls Christianity one of the most immoral religions.>I ,o wonder, for +ar$ believed that Christians of ancient times had slaughtered men and eaten their flesh. These then were the e$pectations of those who initiated +ar$ into the depths of Satanism. t was not at all true that +ar$ entertained lofty social ideals about helping mankind, that religion was a hindrance in fulfilling this ideal, and that for this reason +ar$ embraced an anti!religious attitude. On the contrary, +ar$ hated all gods3 he hated any notion of #od. .e was willing to be the man who would kick out #odBall this before he had embraced Socialism, which was only the bait to entice proletarians and intellectuals to embrace this devilish ideal. Cventually +ar$ claimed not to admit the e$istence of a Creator. .owever stupid this may seem, he maintained that mankind shaped itself. .e wrote, DSeeing that for the Socialist

man all of so!called world history is nothing other than the creation of man through human work, than the development of nature for man, he has the incontestable proof of his being born from himself ... The criticism of religion ends with the teaching that man is the supreme being for man.9 'hen no Creator is acknowledged, there is no one to give us commandments. .e confirms this by stating that DCommunists preach absolutely no morals.9

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?7 Souls for Satan

'hen the Soviets in their early years adopted the slogan, D*et us drive out the capitalists from earth and #od from heaven9, they were merely fulfilling the legacy of (arl +ar$. One of the peculiarities of black magic, as mentioned earlier, is the inversion of names. nversions so permeated +ar$9s whole manner of thinking that he used them everywhere. .e answered Proudhon9s book The /hilosoph# of Miser# with another book entitled The Miser# of /hilosoph#. .e also wrote, D'e have to use instead of the weapon of criticism, the criticism of weapons.9>4 .ere are some more e$amples of +ar$9s use of inversion in his writing7
D*et us seek the enigma of the %ew not in his religion, but rather let us seek the enigma of

his religion in the real %ew.9>4a

D*uther broke the faith in authority, because he restored the authority of faith. .e changed

the priests into laymen, because he changed the laymen into priests.9 >4b +ar$ uses this techni&ue in many places. .e has what could be called the typical Satanist style. .ave you ever wondered about +ar$9s hairE +en usually wore beards in his time, but not beards like his, and they did not have long hair. +ar$9s manner of bearing himself was characteristic of the disciples of %oanna Southcott, a Satanic priestess who considered herself in contact with the demon Shiloh. >? t is strange that some si$ty years after her death in 4<46. Dthe Chatham group of Southcottians was @oined by a soldier, %ames 'hite, who, after his period of service in ndia, returned and took the lead locally, developing further the doctrines of %oanna ... with a communistic tinge.9 >> +ar$ did not often speak publicly about metaphysics, but we can gather his views from the men with whom he associated. One of his partners in the )irst nternational was +ikhail -akunin, a 2ussian anarchist, who wrote7
DThe Cvil One is the satanic revolt against divine authority, revolt in which we see the

fecund germ of all human emancipations, the revolution. Socialists recognise each other by

the words S n the name of the one to whom a great wrong has been doneAT Satan FisG the eternal rebel, the first freethinker and the emancipator of worlds. .e makes man ashamed of his bestial ignorance and obedience3 he emancipates him, stamps upon his brow the seal of liberty and humanity, in urging him to disobey and eat of the fruit of knowledge.9 >6 -akunin does more than praise *ucifer. .e has a concrete programme of revolution, but not one that would free the poor from e$ploitation. .e writes7 D n this revolution we will have to awaken the devil in the people, to stir up the basest passions. Our mission is to destroy, not to edify. The passion of destruction is a creative passion.9 >H (arl +ar$ formed the )irst nternational together with -akunin and endorsed this strange programme. +ar$ and Cngels said in The Co""unist Manifesto that the proletarian sees law, morality and religion as Dso many bourgeois pre@udices, behind which lurk in ambush @ust as many bourgeois interests.9 -akunin reveals that Proudhon, another ma@or Socialist thinker and at that time a friend of (arl +ar$, also Dworshipped Satan.9>= .ess had introduced +ar$ to Proudhon, who wore the same hair style typical of the nineteenth century Satanist sect of %oanna Southcott. Proudhon, in The /hilosoph# of Miser#, declared that #od was the prototype for in@ustice. D'e reach knowledge in spite of him, we reach society in spite of him. Cvery step forward is a victory in which we overcome the 8ivine.9 >5 .e e$claims, DCome, Satan, slandered by the small and by kings. #od is stupidity and cowardice3 #od is hypocrisy and falsehood3 #od is tyranny and poverty3 #od is evil. 'here humanity bows before an altar, humanity, the slave of kings and priests, will be condemned ... swear, #od, with my hand stretched out towards the heavens, that you are nothing more than the e$ecutioner of my reason, the sceptre of my conscience ... #od is essentially anti!civilised, anti!liberal, anti!human.9 >< Proudhon declares #od to be evil because man, his creation, is evil. Such thoughts are not original3 they are the usual content of sermons in Satanist worship. +ar$ later &uarrelled with Proudhon and wrote a book to contradict his /hilosoph# of Miser#. -ut +ar$ contradicted only minor economic doctrines. .e had no ob@ection to Proudhon9s demonic anti!#od rebellion. .einrich .eine, the renowned #erman poet, was a third intimate friend of +ar$. .e too was a Satan fancier. .e wrote7

I called the devil and he ca"e* His face with wonder I "ust scan= He is not ugl#* he is not la"e% He is a delightful* char"ing "an%>;

D+ar$ was a great admirer of .einrich .eine ... Their relationship was warm, hearty.9 >;a

'hy should he have admired .eineE Perhaps for Satanist thoughts like the following7 D have a desire ... for a few beautiful trees before my door, and if dear #od wishes to make me totally happy, he will give me the @oy of seeing si$ or seven of my enemies hanged on these trees. 'ith a compassionate heart will forgive them after death all the wrong they have done to me during their life. Jes, we must forgive our enemies, but not before they are hanged.
D am not revengeful. would like to love my enemies. -ut cannot love them before taking

revenge upon them. Only then my heart opens for them. As long as one has not avenged himself, bitterness remains in the heart.9 'ould any decent man be an intimate friend of one who thinks like thisE +ar$ and his entourage thought alike. *unatcharski, a leading philosopher who was once +inister of Cducation of the :SS2, wrote in !ocialis" and 6eligion that +ar$ set aside all contact with #od and instead put Satan in front of marching proletarian columns. t is essential at this point to state emphatically that +ar$ and his comrades, while anti!#od, were not atheists, as present!day +ar$ists claim to be. That is, while they openly denounced and reviled #od, the# hated a <od in who" the# 'elieved . .is e$istence is not challenged3 .is supremacy is. 'hen the revolution broke out in Paris in 4<54, the Communard )lourens declared, DOur enemy is #od. .atred of #od is the beginning of wisdom.9 6I +ar$ greatly praised the Communards who openly proclaimed this aim. -ut what has this to do with a more e&uitable distribution of goods or with better social institutionsE Such are only the outward trappings for concealing the real aimBthe total eradication of #od and his worship. Today we see the evidence of this in such countries as Albania and ,orth (orea, where all churches, mos&ues, and pagodas have been closed.

Marxs Devilish *oetr%

n +ar$9s poems Invocation of ne in Despair and Hu"an /ride, man9s supreme supplication is for his own greatness. f man is doomed to perish through his own greatness, this will be a cosmic catastrophe, but he will die as a godlike being, mourned by demons. +ar$9s ballad The /la#er, records the singer9s complaints against a #od who neither knows nor respects his art. t emerges from the dark abyss of hell, Dbedevilling the mind and bewitching the heart, and his dance is the dance of death.9 64 The minstrel draws his sword and throws it into the poet9s soul.
DArt emerging from the dark abyss of hell, bedevilling the mind.9 This reminds us of the

words of the American revolutionist %erry 2ubin in Do It7 D'e9ve combined youth, music, se$, drugs, and rebellion with treasonBand that9s a combination hard to beat.9 6? n his poem Hu"an /ride, +ar$ admits that his aim is not to improve the world, reform or revolutionise it, but simply to ruin it and to en@oy its being ruined7

,ith disdain I will throw "# gauntlet Full in the face of the world* &nd see the collapse of this p#g"# giant ,hose fall will not stifle "# ardour% Then will I wander godli$e and victorious Through the ruins of the world &nd* giving "# words an active force* I will feel e.ual to the Creator.6>
+ar$ adopted Satanism after an inner fight. The poems were ended in a period of severe illness, the result of this tempest within his heart. .e writes at that time about his ve$ation at having to make an idol of a view he detests. .e feels sick.66 The overriding reason for +ar$9s conversion to Communism appears clearly in a letter of his friend #eorg %ung to 2uge7 t is not the emancipation of the proletariat, nor the establishing of a better social order. %ung writes7 D f +ar$, -runo -auer and )euerbach associate to found a theological!political review, #od would do well to surround himself with all his angels and indulge in self!pity, for these three will certainly drive him out of heaven ...96H 'ere these poems the only e$pressly Satanist writings of (arl +ar$E 'e do not know, because the bulk of his works is kept secret by those who guard his manuscripts. n The 6evolted Man, Albert Camus wrote that thirty volumes of +ar$ and Cngels have never been published and e$pressed the presumption that they are not much like what is generally known as +ar$ism. On reading this, had one of my secretaries write to the +ar$!*enin nstitute in +oscow, asking if this assertion of the )rench writer is true. received a reply from the vice director, Professor +. +tchedlov, who after saying Camus lied, confirmed his allegations. .e further writes that there is no plan to complete the first edition of +ar$ and Cngels. .e says that of a total of 4II volumes, only thirteen have appeared. .e offers a ridiculous e$cuse7 'orld 'ar forestalled the printing of the other volumes. The letter was written in 4;<I, >H years after the end of the war. And the State Publishing .ouse of the Soviet :nion surely has sufficient fundsA

)rom this letter it is clear that though the Soviet Communists have all the manuscripts for 4II volumes, they have chosen to publish only thirteen. There is no other e$planation than that most of +ar$9s ideas are intended to be kept secret.

Marxs +avaged ,ife

All active Satanists have ravaged personal lives. This was the case with +ar$ as well. Arnold (Qn1li, in his book Aarl Mar:+& /s#chogra",6= writes of +ar$9s life, which included the suicide of two daughters and a son!in!law. Three children died of malnutrition. .is daughter *aura, married to the socialist *afargue, also buried three of her children. Then she and her husband committed suicide together. Another daughter, Cleanor, decided with her husband to do likewise. She died3 he backed out at the last minute. +ar$ felt no obligation to earn a living for his family, though he could easily have done so, at least through his tremendous knowledge of languages. .e lived by begging from Cngels. .e had an illegitimate child by his maidservant, .elen 8emuth. *ater he attributed the child to Cngels, who accepted this comedy. .e drank heavily. 2ia1anov, director of the +ar$! Cngels nstitute in +oscow, admits this fact in his book Aarl Mar:9 Man* Thin$er and 6evolutionist.65 Cleanor was +ar$9s favourite daughter. .e called her Tussy and fre&uently said, DTussy is me.9 She was shattered when she heard about the scandalous matter from Cngels on his deathbed. t was this that led to her suicide. t should be noted that +ar$, in the Co""unist Manifesto, had railed against capitalists Dhaving the wives and daughters of their proletarians at their disposal.9 There was an even darker spot in the life of +ar$, the great revolutionary. The #erman newspaper 6eichsruf of ; %anuary 4;=I, published the fact that the Austrian Chancellor 2aabe donated to ,ikita (hrushchev, then dictator of Soviet 2ussia, an original letter of (arl +ar$. (hrushchev did not en@oy it, because it was proof that +ar$ had been a paid informer of the Austrian police, spying on revolutionaries. The letter had been found accidentally in a secret archive. t indicated that +ar$ the informer reported on his comrades during his e$ile in *ondon. .e received U?H for each bit of information he turned up. .is notes were about the revolutionary e$iles in *ondon, Paris, and Swit1erland. One of those against whom he informed was 2uge, who considered himself an intimate friend of +ar$. *etters in the language of a cordial relationship between the two still e$ist. 2olv .euer describes +ar$9s ravaged financial life in <enius and 6iches7 D'hile he was a

student in -erlin, the son of papa +ar$ received 5II thalers a year pocket!money.9 6< This was an enormous sum because at that time only five percent of the population had an annual income greater than >II thalers. 8uring his lifetime, +ar$ received from Cngels some si$ million )rench francs /)igures from the +ar$!*enin nstitute0. .e always lusted after inheritances. 'hile an uncle of his was in agony, +ar$ wrote, D f the dog dies, would be out of mischief.9 6; to which Cngels answered, D congratulate you for the sickness of the hinderer of an inheritance, and hope that the catastrophe will happen now.9HI Then Dthe dog9 died. +ar$ wrote, on < +arch 4<HH, DA very happy event. Jesterday we were told about the death of the ;I!year!old uncle of my wife. +y wife will receive some 4II *sd FpoundsG3 even more if the old dog has not left a part of his money to the lady who administered his house.9H4 .e did not have any kinder feelings to those who were much nearer to him than his uncle. .e was not on speaking terms with his mother. n 8ecember 4<=> he wrote to Cngels, DTwo hours ago a telegram arrived to say that my mother is dead. )ate needed to take one member of the family. already had one foot in the grave. :nder the circumstances am needed more than the old woman.
D have to go to Trier about their inheritance.9 H?

This was all he had to say at his mother9s passing. n addition, the relationship between +ar$ and his wife was demonstrably poor. She abandoned him twice but returned each time. As for him, he did not even go to her funeral. Always in need of funds, he lost much money at the stock e$change where he, the economist, knew only how to lose. +ar$ was an intellectual of high calibre. So was Cngels. -ut their correspondence is full of obscenities, unusual in this class of society. )oul language abounds, and there is not one letter in which one hears an idealist speaking about his humanist or Socialist dream. Since the Satanist sect is highly secret, we have only leads about the possibilities of +ar$9s connections with it. .is disorderly life might be another link in the chain of evidence already considered.

Engels Counter!Conversion
Since Cngels figures prominently in +ar$9s life, @ust a word about him. Cngels had been brought up in a pietistic family. n his youth he had composed beautiful Christian poems. After meeting +ar$, he wrote about him7 D'ho is chasing with wild endeavourE A black

man from Trier F+ar$9s birthplaceG, a remarkable monster. .e does not walk or run, he @umps on his heels and rages full of anger as if he would like to catch the wide tent of the sky and throw it to the earth. .e stretches his arms far away in the air3 the wicked fist is clenched, he rages without ceasing, as if ten thousand devils had caught him by the hair.9 H> Cngels had begun to doubt the Christian faith after reading the book of a liberal theologian, -runo -auer. .e had had a great struggle in his heart. .e wrote at that time, D pray every day, indeed almost all day, for truth, and have done so ever since began to doubt, but still cannot go back. +y tears are welling as write.9H6 Cngels did not find his way back to the 'ord of #od, @oining instead the one whom he himself had called Dthe monster possessed by ten thousand devils.9 HH .e had e$perienced a counterconversion. 'hat kind of person was -runo -auer, the liberal theologian who played a decisive role in the destruction of Cngels9 Christian faith and who endorsed +ar$ in his new anti!Christian waysE 8id he have anything to do with demonsE *ike Cngels himself, he started life as a believer and later as a conservative theologian, who even wrote against critics of the -ible. Afterward, he himself became a radical critic of the .oly Scriptures and creator of a materialistic Christianity, which insisted that %esus was only human, not the Son of #od. -auer wrote to his friend Arnold 2uge, also a friend of +ar$ and Cngels, on = 8ecember, 4<647
D deliver lectures here at the university before a large audience.

don9t recognise myself when pronounce my blasphemies from the pulpit. They are so great that these children, whom nobody should offend, have their hair standing on end. 'hile delivering the blasphemies, remember how work piously at home writing an apology of the holy Scriptures and of the 2evelation. n any case, it is a very bad demon that possesses me as often as ascend the pulpit, and am so weak that am compelled to yield to him ... +y spirit of blasphemy will be satisfied only if am authorised to preach openly as professor of the atheistic system.9H= The man who convinced Cngels to become a Communist was the same +oses .ess who had previously convinced +ar$. .ess writes, after meeting Cngels in Cologne, D.e parted from me as an over!1ealous Communist. This is how produce ravages . . .9 H5 To produce ravagesBwas this .ess9s supreme purpose in lifeE t is *ucifer9s, too. The traces of having been a Christian never disappeared from Cngels9 mind. n 4<=H, he e$presses his admiration for the song of the 2eformation & Might# Fortress Is ur <od, calling it Da triumphal hymn which became the +arseillaise of the 4=th century.9 H< There are also other such pro!Christian sayings from his pen. The tragedy of Cngels is moving, even more gripping than that of +ar$. .ere is a

wonderful Christian poem written in his youth by the man who would later become +ar$9s greatest accomplice in the destruction of religion3

Lord Desus Christ* <od4s onl# son* 2 step down fro" Th# heavenl# throne &nd save "# soul for "e% Co"e down in all Th# 'lessedness* Light of Th# Father4s holiness* <rant that I "a# choose Thee% Lovel#* splendid* without sorrow is the ;o# with which we raise* !aviour* unto Thee our praise% &nd when I draw "# d#ing 'reath &nd "ust endure the pangs of death* Fir" to Thee "a# I hold= That when "# e#es with dar$ are filled &nd when "# 'eating heart is stilled* In Thee shall I grow cold% Up in Heaven shall "# spirit praise Th# na"e eternall#* !ince it lies safe in Thee% 2 were the ti"e of ;o# 'ut nigh ,hen fro" Th# loving 'oso" I Might draw new life that war"s% &nd then* 2 <od* with than$s to Thee* !hall I e"'race those dear to "e Forever in "# ar"s% -ver* ever* ever-living* Thee a'iding to 'ehold !hall "# life anew unfold% Thou earnest Hu"an$ind to free Fro" death and ill* that there "ight 'e 3lessings and fortune ever#where% &nd now with this* Th# new descent* n -arth all shall 'e different= To each "an shalt Thou give his share%FG

After -runo -auer had sown doubts in his soul, Cngels wrote to some friends, D t is written, SAsk and it shall be given unto you.T seek truth wherever have the hope of finding at least a shadow of it. Still cannot recognise your truth as the eternal truth. Jet it is written, SSeek and ye shall find. 'ho is the man among you who would give to his child a stone, when it asks for breadE Cven less will your )ather who is in heaven.T
DTears come into my eyes while

write this. am moved through and through, but feel will not be lost. will come to #od, after whom my whole soul longs. This, too, is a witness of the .oly Spirit. 'ith this live and with this die ... The Spirit of #od witnesses to me, that am a child of #od.9=I Cngels was very well aware of the Satanist danger. n his book !chelling* /hilosopher in Christ , Cngels wrote7 DSince the terrible )rench 2evolution, an entirely new, devilish spirit has entered into a great part of mankind, and godlessness lifts its daring head in such an unashamed and subtle manner that you would think the prophecies of Scripture are fulfilled now. *et us see first what the Scriptures say about the godlessness of the last times. The *ord %esus says in +atthew ?6744!4> S+any false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. And because ini&uity shall abound, the love of many shall wa$ cold. -ut he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations3 and then shall the end come.T And then in v. ?6 DThere shall arise Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders3 insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.T And St. Paul says, in ? Thessalonians ?7>ff SThat man of sin shall be revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and e$alts himself above all that is #od, or that is worshipped ... FThe coming of the 'ickedG is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish3 because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause #od shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie7 that they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.T 9 Cngels &uotes Scripture after Scripture @ust as the most -ible believing theologian would do. .e continues7 'e have nothing to do any more with indifference or coldness toward the *ord. ,o, it is an open, declared enmity, and in the place of all sects and parties we have now only two7 Christians and anti!Christians ... 'e see the false prophets among us ... They travel throughout #ermany and wish to intrude everywhere3 they teach their Satanic teachings in the market!places and bear the flag of the devil from one town to another, seducing the poor youth, in order to throw them in the deepest abyss of hell and death.9 .e finishes this book with the words of 2evelation7 D-ehold, come soon. (eep what you have, that nobody take away from you your crown. Amen.9 =4 The man who wrote such poems and such warnings against Satanism, the man who prayed with tears to beware of this danger, the man who recognised +ar$ as being possessed with a

thousand devils, becomes +ar$9s closest collaborator in the devilish fight, Dfor Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality ...9 =? *iberal theology had accomplished this monstrous change. t shares with +ar$ and Cngels the guilt for the tens of millions of innocents killed by Communism.

Marx &ates Whole )ations

+ar$9s whole attitude and conversation were satanic in nature. Though a %ew, he wrote a pernicious anti!%ewish book called The Dewish Huestion% n 4<H=, he wrote in The )ew Yor$ Tri'une an article entitled DThe 2ussian *oan,9 in which we read7 D'e know that behind every tyrant stands a %ew, as a %esuit stands behind every Pope. As the army of the %esuits kills every free thought, so the desire of the oppressed would have chances of success, the usefulness of wars incited by capitalists would cease, if it were not for the %ews who steal the treasures of mankind. t is no wonder that 4<H= years ago %esus chased the usurers from the %erusalem temple. They were like the contemporary usurers who stand behind tyrants and tyrannies. The ma@ority of them are %ewish. The fact that the %ews have become so strong as to endanger the life of the world causes us to disclose their organisation, their purpose, that its stench might awaken the workers of the world to fight and eliminate such a canker.9 8id .itler say anything worse than thisE Strangely, +ar$ also wrote to the contrary, in The Capital, "ol. , under the heading DThe Capitalist Character of +anufacture97 D n the front of the chosen people it was written that they are the property of %ehovah.9 +any other %ewish Communists imitated +ar$ in their hatred of %ews. 2uth )isher, renowned #erman %ewish Communist leader and a member of Parliament, said7 DS&uash the %ewish capitalists, hang them from the lamp posts3 tread them under your feet.9=> 'hy @ust the %ewish capitalists and not the other remains an unanswered &uestion. +ar$ hated not only the %ews but also the #ermans7 D-eating is the only means of resurrecting the #ermans.9 .e spoke about Dthe stupid #erman people.... the disgusting national narrowness of the #ermans9 and said that D#ermans, Chinese, and %ews have to be compared with peddlers and small merchants.9 =6 .e called the 2ussians Dcabbage eaters.9=H The Slavic peoples are Dethnic trash.9== .e e$pressed his hatred of many nations, but never his love. +ar$ wrote in his new year9s round!up of 4<6< about Dthe Slavic riff!raff,9 which included 2ussians, C1echs and Croats. These Dretrograde9 races had nothing left for them by fate e$cept Dthe immediate task of perishing in the revolutionary world storm.9 DThe coming

world war will cause not only reactionary classes and dynasties, but entire reactionary peoples, to disappear from the face of the earth. And that will be progress.9 DTheir very name will vanish.9=5 ,either +ar$ nor Cngels were concerned about the destruction of millions of people. The former wrote, DA silent, unavoidable revolution is taking place in society, a revolution that cares as little about the human lives it destroys as an earth&uake cares about the houses it ravages. Classes and races that are too weak to dominate the new conditions of e$istence will be defeated.9 -y way of contrast, .itler, who desired only the enslavement, not the destruction, of these nations, was much more humane than +ar$. Cngels wrote in the same vein7 DThe ne$t world war will make whole reactionary peoples disappear from the face of the earth. This, too, is progress.9 =< DObviously this cannot be fulfilled without crushing some delicate national flower. -ut without violence and without pitilessness nothing can be obtained in history.9 =<a +ar$, the man who posed as a forefighter for the proletariat, called this class of people Dstupid boys, rogues, asses.9 Cngels well knew what to e$pect from them. .e wrote, DThe democtratic, red, yes, even the Communist mob, will never love us.9 +ar$ identified black people with Didiots9 and constantly used the offensive term Dnigger9 in private correspondence. .e called his rival *assalle Dthe %ewish nigger9 and made it very clear that this was not intended as an epithet of disdain for @ust one person. D t is now absolutely clear to me that, as both the shape of his head and his hair te$ture shows, he is descended from the ,egroes who @oined +oses9 flight from Cgypt /unless his mother or grandmother on the paternal side hybridised with a nigger0 ... The pushiness of the fellow is also nigger!like.9 +ar$ even championed slavery in ,orth America. )or this, he &uarrelled with his friend Proudhon, who had advocated the emancipation of slaves in the :.S. .e wrote in response, D'ithout slavery, ,orth America, the most progressive of countries, would be transformed into a patriarchal country. 'ipe ,orth America from the map of the world and you will have anarchyBthe complete decay of modern commerce and civilisation. Abolish slavery and you will have wiped America off the map of nations.9 =; +ar$ also wrote, DThe devil take the -ritish9. 5I n spite of such propositions, there are plenty of -ritish, as well as American +ar$ists.

$atan Is in the amil%

+ar$9s favourite daughter Cleanor, with her father9s approval, married Cdward Aveling. .e lectured on sub@ects such as DThe 'ickedness of #od9 /e$actly as Satanists do3 unlike atheists, they do not deny the e$istence of #od, e$cept to deceive others3 they know of .is e$istence but describe .im as wicked0. n his lectures he tried to prove that #od is Dan encourager of polygamy and an instigator to theft.9 .e advocated the right to blaspheme. 54 +ar$9s chosen son!in!law was a lecturer in this movement. The following poem describes the attitudes of his circle toward Satanism7

To thee "# verses* un'ridled and daring* !hall "ount* 2 !atan* $ing of the 'an.uet% &wa# with th# sprin$ling* 2 priest* and th# droning% For never shall !atan* 2 priest* stand 'ehind thee% Th# 'reath* 2 !atan* "# verses inspires* ,hen fro" "# 'oso" the gods I def#% f $ings pontifical* of $ings inhu"an9 Thine is the lightning that sets "inds to sha$ing% 2 soul that wanderest far fro" the straight wa#* !atan is "erciful% !ee Heloisa( Li$e the whirlwind spreading its wings* He passes* 2 people* !atan the great( Hail* of reason the great 8indicator( !acred to thee shall rise incense and vows( Thou hast the god of the priest disenthroned%IJ

A &ousemaids +evelation
An American, Commander Sergius 2iis, had been disciple of +ar$. #rieved by the news of his death he went to *ondon to visit the house in which the admired teacher had lived. The family had moved. The only one whom he could interview was +ar$9s former housemaid .elen 8emuth. She said these ama1ing words about him7 D.e was a #od!fearing man. 'hen very sick, he prayed alone in his room before a row of lighted candles, tying a sort of tape measure around his forehead.95> This suggests philacteries, implements worn by Orthodo$ %ews during their morning prayers. -ut +ar$ had been baptised in the Christian religion. .e had never practised %udaism. .e later became a fighter against #od. .e wrote books against religion and he brought up all

his children as atheists. 'hat was this ceremony that an ignorant maid considered a prayerE %ews when saying their prayers with philacteries on their forehead usually don9t have a row of candles before them. Could this have been some magic practiceE 'e also know that +ar$, the presumed atheist, had in his study a bust of Reus. n #reek mythology, Reus, a cruel heathen deity, transformed himself into a beast and took Curope captiveBe$actly what +ar$ism did later. The naked figure of Reus, known for his ferocity, is also the only religious emblem in the main lobby of the Organisation of :nited ,ations in ,ew Jork.

amil% ,etters
Another possible hint is contained in a letter written to +ar$ by his son Cdgar on >4 +arch 4<H6. t begins with the startling words, D+y dear devil.9 56 'ho has ever known of a son addressing his father like thisE Jet that is how a Satanist writes to his beloved one. Could the son have been initiated tooE t is no less significant that +ar$9s wife addresses him as follows, in a letter of August 4<667 DJour last pastoral letter, high priest and bishop of souls, has again given &uiet rest and peace to your poor sheep.95H +ar$ had e$pressed his desire in The Co""unist Manifesto to abolish all religion, which one might assume would include abolishing the Satanist cult too. Jet his wife refers to him as high priest and bishop. Of what religionE The only Curopean religion with high priests is the Satanist one. 'hat pastoral letters did he, the man believed to have been an atheist, writeE 'here are theyE There is a part of +ar$9s life which has remained unresearched.

-iogra'hers #estimonies
Some biographers of +ar$ might have had an intuition about the connection between devil worship and the sub@ect of their book, but not having the necessary spiritual preparation they could not understand the facts they had before their eyes. Still their testimony is interesting. The +ar$ist )ran1 +ehring wrote in his book (arl +ar$7 DAlthough (arl +ar$9s father died a few days after his son9s twentieth birthday, he seems to have observed with secret apprehension the demon in his favourite son ... 5= .enry +ar$ did not think and could not have thought that the rich store of bourgeois culture which he handed on to his son (arl as a valuable heritage for life would only help to deliver the demon he feared.9 55 +ar$ died in despair, as all Satanists do. On ?H +ay 4<<>, he wrote to Cngels, D.ow pointless and empty is life, but how desirableA9 5< +ar$ was a contemporary of great Christians7 the composer +endelssohn, the

philanthropist 8r -arnardo, the preachers Charles Spurgeon and #eneral 'illiam -ooth. All lived near him in *ondon. .e never mentions them. They went unobserved. There is a secret behind +ar$ which only a very few +ar$ists know. *enin wrote, DAfter half a century, not one of the +ar$ists has comprehended +ar$.9 5;

#he $ecret -ehind ,enins ,ife

There is a secret behind *enin9s life too. 'hen wrote the first edition of the present book, knew of no personal involvement of *enin with any rituals of the Satanist sect. Since then, have read The Young Lenin by Trotsky, who was *enin9s intimate friend and co!worker. .e writes that *enin, at the age of 4=, tore the cross from his neck, spat on it, and trod it underfoot, a very common Satanist ceremony. There is not the slightest doubt that he was dominated by Satanist ideology. .ow else could one e$plain the following &uotation from his letter to the 2ussian writer +a$im #orki, dated 4>!46 ,ovember 4;4>7
D+illions of sins, mischiefs, oppressions, and physical epidemics are more easily discovered

by the people, and therefore less dangerous, than the thinnest idea of a spiritual little god, even if disguised in the most decorous garb.9<I n the end, Satan deceived him, as he does all his followers. *enin was moved to write as follows about the Soviet state7
DThe State does not function as we desired. .ow does it functionE The car does not obey. A

man is at the wheel and seems to lead it, but the car does not drive in the desired direction. t moves as another force wishes.9<4 'hat is this other mysterious force which supersedes even the plans of the -olshevik leadersE 8id they sell out to a force which they hoped to master but which proved more powerful than even they anticipated and drove them to despairE n a letter of 4;?4 *enin wrote7 D hope we will be hanged on a stinking rope. And did not lose the hope that this would happen, because we cannot condemn this dirty bureaucracy. f this happens, it will be well done.9<? This was *enin9s last hope after a whole life of struggle for the Communist cause7 to be @ustly hanged on a stinking rope. This hope was not fulfilled in his life, but almost all of his co!workers were eventually e$ecuted by Stalin after having confessed publicly that they had served other powers than the proletariat they pretended to help.

'hat a confession from *enin7 D hope we will be hanged on a stinking ropeA9 t is interesting to note that at the age of 4> *enin wrote what could be called prophetic poetry foretelling the bankruptcy with which his life would end. .e had decided to serve mankind, but without #od. These were his words7

!acrificing #our life freel# for others* It is a pit# #ou will have the sad fate That #our sacrifice will 'e co"pletel# fruitless%7K
'hat a contrast to the words of another fighter, St Paul the apostle, who wrote towards the end of his life7 D have fought the good fight, have finished my course ... .enceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the *ord, the righteous @udge, shall give me at that day9 / Timothy 675,<0. There e$ists a Dtoo late.9 Csau repented with many tears for having sold his birthright, but the deal could not be undone. *enin, founder of the Soviet state, said on his deathbed, D committed a great error. +y nightmare is to have the feeling that 9m lost in an ocean of blood from the innumerable victims. t is too late to return. To save our country, 2ussia, we would have needed men like )rancis of Assisi. 'ith ten men like him we would have saved 2ussia.9

-u.harin/ $talin/ Mao/ Ceaushescu/ Andro'ov

t might be instructive at this point to take a look at some modern +ar$ists. -ukharin, secretary general of the Communist nternational and one of the chief +ar$ist doctrinaires in this century, knew as early as the age of twelve, after reading the book of 2evelation in the -ible, that he longed to become the Antichrist. 2ealising from Scripture that the Antichrist had to be the son of the apocalyptic great whore, he insisted that his mother confess to having been a harlot. About Stalin he wrote, D.e is not a man, but a devil,9 <6 Too late -ukharin realised into whose hands he had fallen. n a letter which he made his wife memorise @ust before his arrest and e$ecution, he said7 D am leaving life. am lowering my head ... feel my helplessness before a hellish machine. . .9 <H .e had helped erect a guillotineBthe Soviet StateBthat had killed millions, only to learn in

the end that its design had been made in hell. .e had desired to be the Antichrist. .e became instead its victim. (aganovitch, Stalin9s brother!in!law and closest collaborator, writes about him in his 8iary7
D started to understand how Stalin managed to make himself a god. .e did not have a

single human characteristic ... Cven when he e$hibited some emotions, they all did not seem to belong to him. They were as false as the scale on top of armour. And behind this scale was Stalin himselfBa piece of steel. )or some reason was convinced that he would live forever ... .e was not human at all.9
D2osa Fhis wifeG says he makes her climb a tree wearing nothing but stockings.

have a feeling he is not human at all. .e is too unusual to be a regular human being. Although he looks like an ordinary man. Such a pu11le. 'hat is it 9m writingE Am raving mad, tooE9 Stalin described to (aganovitch his spiritual e$ercises. -elievers of various religions engage in the practice of meditation on what is beautiful, wise and good, to help them become more loving. Stalin indulged in @ust the opposite practice. .e told (aganovitch7 D'hen have to say goodbye to someone, picture this person on all fours and he becomes disgusting. Sometimes feel attached to a person who should be removed for the good of the cause. 'hat do you think doE imagine this person shitting, e$haling stench, farting, vomiting and don9t feel sorry for this person. The sooner he stops stinking on this earth, the better. And cross this person out of my heart.9 One of Stalin9s amusements was to put green glasses on the eyes of horses to make them see hay as grass. .e also put dark glasses of atheism on the eyes of men to keep them from seeing #od9s green pastures, reserved for believing souls. The 8iary contains many revealing insights. D+any times Stalin spoke of religion as our most vicious enemy. .e hates religion for many reasons, and share his feelings. 2eligion is a cunning and dangerous enemy ... Stalin also thinks that separation from children should be the main punishment for all parents belonging to sects, irrespective of whether they were convicted or not.
D think he secretly engaged in astrology. One peculiar feature of his always astonished me.

.e always talked with some veiled respect about #od and religion. At first, thought was imagining it, but gradually realised it was true. -ut he was always careful when the sub@ect came up. And was never able to find out e$actly what his point of view was. One thing became very clear to meBhis treatment of #od and religion was very special. )or e$ample, he never said directly there was no #od ...
DPeople ceased somehow to be their own selves in his presence. They all admired him and

worshipped him. don9t think he en@oyed any great love of the nation7 he was above it. t

may sound strange but he occupied a position previously reserved only for #od.9 t belongs to the tragedy of human e$istence that one has enemies and is sometimes obliged to fight them. +ar$ took delight in this sad necessity. .is favourite verse, which he often repeated, was, DThere is nothing more beautiful in the world than to bite one9s enemies.9<Ha ,o wonder his follower Stalin said that the greatest @oy is to cultivate a person9s friendship until he lays his head confidently on your bosom, then to implant a dagger in his back3 it is a pleasure not to be surpassed.<Hb +ar$ had e$pressed the same idea long before. .e wrote to Cngels about comrades with whom he disagreed7 D'e must make these rogues believe that we continue our relationship with them, until we have the power to sweep them away from our road, in one manner or another.9<Hc t is significant that many of Stalin9s comrades!in!arms speak about him as demonic. +ilovan 8@ilas, prominent Communist leader of Jugoslavia who was personally well ac&uainted with Stalin, wrote7 D'as it not so that the demonic power and energy of Stalin consisted in this, that he made the FCommunistG movement and every person in it pass to a state of confusion and stupefaction, thus creating and ensuring his reign of fear ... E9 <= .e also says about the whole ruling class of the :.S.S.2. DThey make a semblance of believing in the ideal of Socialism, in a future society without classes. n reality, they believe in nothing e$cept organised power.9<5 Cven Stalin9s daughter, Svetlana Alliluyeva, who never learned about the depths of Satanism, wrote, D-eria /the Soviet minister of nterior Affairs0 seems to have had a diabolic link with all our family . . . -eria was a frightening, wicked demon ... A terrible demon had taken possession of my father9s soul.9 Svetlana further mentions that Stalin considered goodness and all!forgiving love to be worse than the greatest crime. << Such is the Satanic priesthood that rules almost half of mankind, and which orders terrorist acts all over the world. t is only fair to add a few words that might serve to e$plain the essence of the man Stalin. .e was the illegitimate child of a landlord by a servant!maid. .is father, fearing notoriety, bribed a cobbler to marry the pregnant girl, but the affair became known. 8uring his childhood, Stalin was mocked as a bastard. 'hen he was a teenager, his real father was found murdered. Stalin was suspected, but no proof could be found against him. *ater, as a seminary student, he @oined Communist circles. There he fell in love with a girl named #alina. Since the Communists were poor, #alina was given the assignment to become the mistress of a rich man and so provide the Party with money. 'hen Stalin voted

for this proposal, she cut her veins. She had loved Stalin. .e himself received from the Party the assignment to commit robberies, and in this he was very successful. .e appropriated none of the stolen money for himself. .e was also assigned the duty of infiltrating the C1arist police. .e had to play the dual role of their informer, denouncing some unimportant Party members, in order to find out secrets of the police and protect the important Communists. As a young man, therefore, Stalin had the worst possible heredity, education, and development. Thus he was easily susceptible to Satanist influence. .e became what his pseudonym DStalin9 means7 a man of steel, without the slightest human emotion or pity. /Andropov, late premier of the Soviets, produced the same impression as Stalin. The )rench +inister of C$ternal Affairs Claude Cheysson, who met him, described Andropov in Le Monde, Paris, as Da man without warmth of soul, who works like a computer . . . .e shows no emotions ... .e is e$tremely dispassionate ... .e is accurate in words and gestures like a computer90. Stalin, like +ar$, Cngels and -auer before him, started out as a believer. At 4H, he wrote his first poem, which begins with the words, D#reat is the Almighty9s providence.9 .e became a seminarian because he felt it his calling. <; There he became first a 8arwinist, then a +ar$ist. 'hen he began to write as a revolutionary, the first pseudonyms he used were D8emonoshvily,9;I meaning something like Dthe demoniac9 in the #eorgian language, and D-esoshvili9,;4 Dthe devilish.9 Troitskaia, daughter of the Soviet marshal Tuhatchevsky, one of the top men of the 2ed Army, later shot by Stalin, wrote about her father that he had a picture of Satan in the east corner of his bedroom, where the Orthodo$ usually put their ikons. n C1echoslovakia, when a Communist was named head of the State Council for 2eligious Affairs, an institution whose purpose is to spy on believers and persecute them, he took the name D.ru1a,9 which means in Slovak Dhorror,9 an appellation used for Ddevil.9 One of the leaders of a terrorist organisation in Argentina took the nickname DSatanovsky.9 Anatole )rance was a renowned )rench Communist writer who introduced some of the greatest intellectuals of )rance to Communism. At a recent e$hibition of demoniac art in Paris, one of the pieces shown was the specific chair used by the Communist writer for presiding over Satanist rituals. t9s horned arm rests and legs were covered with goats9 fur. ;? -ritain9s centre of Satanism is .ighgate Cemetery in *ondon, where (arl +ar$ is buried.

+ysterious rites of black magic are celebrated at this tomb. ;> t was the place of inspiration for the .ighgate "ampire who attacked girls in 4;5I. ;6 .ua!(uo!)eng, dictator of 2ed China, also paid it his respects. :lrike +einhof, Cselin, and other #erman 2ed terrorists have been involved in the occult. ;H One of the oldest devil!worshipping sects, the Syrian Je1idi, is described in a Soviet atheistic maga1ine, )au$a I 6eligia %uly 4;5;0. t is the only religious sect about which the maga1ine wrote not the slightest word of criticism. As for +ao!Tse!Tung, he wrote7 D)rom the age of eight hated Confucius. n our village there was a Confucianist temple. 'ith all my heart, wished only one thing7 to destroy it to its very foundations.9;= s it normal for a child at the age of eight to wish only the destruction of his own religionE Such thoughts belong to demonic characters. Again at the other e$treme, there is St. Paul of the Cross, who from the age of eight spent three hours in prayer every night.

Cult of 0iolence
Cngels wrote in &nti-Duhring, D:niversal love for men is an absurdity.9 And in a letter to a friend he said, D'e need hate rather than loveBat least for now.9 Che #uevara learned his lessons well3 in his writings he echoes Cngels9 sentiments7 D.ate is an element of fightBpitiless hate against the foe, hate that lifts the revolutionist above the natural limitation of man and makes him become an efficient, destructive, cool, calculating, and cold killing machine.9 This is what the devil wishes to make of men. .e has succeeded all too well with many notorious leaders of the human race. n our lifetime we have witnessed more than our share7 .itler, Cichmann, +engell, Stalin, +ao, Andropov, Pol Pot. +ar$ writes in The Co""unist Manifesto7 DThe Communists despise making a secret of their opinions and intentions. They openly declare that their aims can be reached only through the violent overthrow of the whole e$isting social structure.9 )urther7 DThere is only one method to shorten the murderous pains of death of the old society, the bloody birth pangs of the new society3 only one method to simplify and concentrate them, that is revolutionary terrorism.9;=a There have been many revolutions in history. Cach had an ob@ective7 the American revolution was fought for national independence, the )rench revolution for democracy. +ar$ is the only one who formulates as his aim a Dpermanent revolution,9 terrorism and

bloodshed for revolution9s sake. There is no purpose to be attained. "iolence to the point of paro$ysm is its only ob@ective. This is what distinguishes Satanism from ordinary human sinfulness. Terrorists e$ecuted in C1arist 2ussia for murder he called Dimmortal martyrs9 or Dama1ingly capable fellows.9;=b Cngels wrote, too, of the Dbloody revenge we take.9 This e$pression occurs often. D n the interior, Fof 2ussiaG, what a splendid development. The attempts at murder become fre&uent.9 D*eaving aside the problem of morality ... for a revolutionist any means are right which lead to the purpose, the violent, as the seemingly tame.9 ;=c The +ar$ist *enin, while living under the democratic rule of (erensky in 2ussia said, D'hat is needed is wild energy and again energy. wonder, yea more, am horrified that more than half a year has passed in speaking about bombs and not one single bomb has been fabricated.9;=d A further insight into the fundamental attitudes of Communists can be gained from a few brief &uotes7 +ar$7 D'e make war against all prevailing ideas of religion, of the state, of country, of patriotism. The idea of #od is the keynote of a perverted civilisation. t must be destroyed.9 *enin7 D'e have to use any ruse, dodge, trick, cunning, unlawful method, concealment, and veiling of the truth. The basic rule is to e$ploit the conflicting interests of the capitalist states.9 Co""unist Manifesto7 DThe Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their aims can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all the e$isting social conditions. *et the ruling class tremble at a Communist revolution.9 *enin7 DAtheism is an integral part of +ar$ism. +ar$ism is materialism. 'e must combat religion. This is the A-C of all materialism and conse&uently of +ar$ism.9 *enin in an address in 4;??7 D)irst we shall take Castern Curope, then the masses of Asia. After that, we shall surround and undermine the :.S.A., which will fall into our hands without a struggleBlike an overripe fruit.9 (hruschev7 D f anyone believes our smiles involve abandonment of the teachings of +ar$, Cngels and *enin, he deceives himself. Those who wait for that must wait until a shrimp learns to whistle.9

$atanist Cruelt%
Sol1henitsyn reveals in his monumental <ulag &rchipelago;5 that the hobby of Jagoda, the Soviet :nion9s minister of nterior Affairs was to undress and, naked, to shoot at images of %esus and the saints. A couple of comrades @oined him at this. Another Satanist ritual practised in Communist high placesA 'hy should men allegedly representing the proletariat shoot at the image of %esus, a proletarian, or of the virgin +ary, a poor womanE The Pentecostals recall an incident that took place in 2ussia during 'orld 'ar . One of their preachers had e$orcised a devil who threatened, upon leaving the possessed, D will take revenge.9 Several years later the Pentecostal preacher who had performed the e$orcism was shot for his faith. The officer who e$ecuted him said @ust before pulling the trigger, D,ow we are even.9 Are Communist officers sometimes possessed by devilsE 8o they perhaps serve as Satan9s instruments of revenge against Christians who seek to overthrow his throneE n 2ussia in Stalin9s day, some Communists killed a number of innocents in the cellars of the police. After their bloody deed, one of the henchmen had second thoughts and went from corpse to corpse, apologising7 D did not intend to do this. don9t know you. Speak to me, move, forgive me.9 One of his comrades killed him. A third was converted and related the incident. 6uss$aia Misl, a 2ussian!language maga1ine appearing in )rance, reported on 4> +arch 4;5H, the following from the Soviet :nion7 8. Profirevitch, in 2ussia, had a daughter and a son whom he brought up in the faith. ,aturally, they had to attend Communist schools. At the age of twelve the daughter came home and told her parents, D2eligion is a capitalist superstition. 'e are living in new times.9 She dropped Christianity altogether. Afterwards, she @oined the Communist Party and became a member of the Secret Police. This was a terrible blow to her parents. *ater on the mother was arrested. :nder Communist rule no one possesses anything, whether it be children, a wife, or personal liberty. The State can take them away at any time. After the mother9s arrest the son e$hibited great sorrow. A year later, he hanged himself. 8. Profirevitch found this suicide letter7 D)ather, will you @udge meE am a member of the Communist youth organisation. had to sign that would report everything to the Soviet authorities. One day the police called me, and "aria, my sister, asked me to sign a denunciation against mother because as a Christian she is considered a counter revolutionist. signed. am guilty of her imprisonment. ,ow they have ordered me to spy on you. The conse&uence will be the same. )orgive me, father3 have decided to die.9 The

suicide of the son was followed by the @ailing of the father. ;< )ather (ovalyk was arrested by the -olsheviks in the year 4;64 and was confined in the -rygidka @ail in *viv, :kraine. 'hen the #ermans put the -olsheviks to flight that same year, the people of the city found the priests blood!stained body nailed to the wall by the arms and legs, as if it were the crucified *ord. They also found about si$ thousand massacred prisoners, shot in the nape of the neck, whom the -olsheviks had piled on top of each other in the cellars and covered over with plaster. 8r I. Sas!Javorsky /:.S.A.0, after the capture of *viv by the #ermans near the end of %une 4;64, went searching for his imprisoned father and saw in the @ail a priest nailed to the cross. nto his slashed stomach the ,("8 had placed the body of an as yet unborn baby, taken from the womb of its mother, whose mutilated dead body lay on the blood!soaked floor. Other eyewitnesses recognised that this was the body of the renowned missionary )ather Rynoviy (ovalyk, C.S.S.2.;; #enerally, to the Communists human life is cheap. *enin wrote during the civil war. D t would be a shame not to shoot men for not obeying the draft and avoiding mobilisation. 2eport more often about the results.94II 8uring the Spanish civil war, the Communists killed 6,III Catholic priests. The renowned 2ussian Orthodo$ priest 8udko reported that si$ Communists entered the house of )ather ,icholas Tchard@ov, pulled out his hair, gouged out his eyes, made many cuts on his body, passed a pressing iron over it, then shot him with two bullets. This happened on the Cve of St. ,icholas. t was not only a crime against the priest but also a mockery of the saint. The 'estern press reported on 4I +arch 4;<>, that in Rimbabwe >,III of the ,debele tribe were killed by the soldiers of the Communist dictator +ugabe. The army had been trained by ,orth (orean instructors. Tribe members were asked to shoot their grownup sons themselves3 if they refused, they were shot together with their sons. +ar$ism promises a paradise on earth. 'ell, the devil is #od9s monkey. .e apes #od by promising still waters and green pastures, which are not his to give. Therefore he must pretend. And the less he can offer, the more he must pretend. To gain a foothold, he puts on a false front /did you ever wonder about Communist front organisationsE0 and makes benevolent gestures. -ut he delivers only misery, death, and destruction Dawful, complete, universal, and

pitiless.9 The devil is @ealous and becomes enraged at spiritual beauty. t offends him. f he cannot be beautifulBand he lost his primal beauty because of his prideBhe does not want anyone else to be. f it were not for the saints9 spiritual beauty, the devil would not seem so ugly. Therefore he wishes to deface all beauty. )or this reason, Christians in the 2omanian Communist prison of Piteshti, as well as other Communist @ails, were tortured not only to betray the secrets of the :nderground church, but also to blaspheme. 2egimes under which such horrors occur again and again, regimes that turn even Christians into murderers and denouncers of innocent victims, can only be abhorred by the children of #od. 'hoever bids them #odspeed is a partaker of their evil deeds /? %ohn 440.

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3: Satan and Marx Worldwide

I have written that Marxism is satanic. But is not every sin satanic by its very nature? Can there exist satanic and non-satanic sin? I ondered lon! about this. "hen I had a dream one ni!ht that clari#ied my thin$in!. In my dream I saw a rostitute hoo$in! youn! men who were %ust leavin! church. I as$ed her& 'Why did you choose this articular lace to wor$?( She re lied& 'My deli!ht is to lead youn! men into sin %ust as they come #rom worshi . "he )ree$ word #or worshi in the *ew "estament is proskun& which means etymolo!ically +to $iss., "he worshi er ste in! out o# the house o# rayer still has the im rint o# -esus( $isses on his mouth. What a satis#action to de#ile him %ust then& to ma$e him wallow in the bed o# lasciviousness and then say to him& +.ou see& -esus to whom you rayed could not $ee you #rom sin #or even #ive minutes. /e is not the Saviour. My master is more ower#ul than /e.,( Sexual im urity is a common human sin. But Me histo heles as$s 0aust to seduce )retchen %ust as she is wal$in! to church with a rayer boo$ in her hand. "his is satanic. It is also satanic to lan the seduction o# a cler!yman and to er#orm the act in a church. "o write& read& or view orno!ra hy is another common sin. But it is a characteristic o# 1merican orno!ra hy& which romotes incest& ederasty and erversions& that it is #ull o# the names o# )od& Christ and Mary. With every obscenity there is a sacred word& with every u!ly !esture a heavenly ex ression& to de#ile and ro#ane the holy. "his is satanic. "o cruci#y the innocent is a very common sin. "o cruci#y -esus& the Son o# )od& between two thieves to su!!est !uilt by association is satanic. "o $ill olitical enemies& to ma$e war and stir u revolution2even with mass $illin!s2is human sin#ulness. But the 3ussian Communists& a#ter havin! $illed millions o# their enemies& turned their violence a!ainst their #riends& includin! even their most illustrious comrades& the chie# er etrators o# their revolution. "his is the seal o# Satanism. It is revolution not #or attainin! a !oal& but revolution and $illin! #or $illin!(s sa$e& what Marx called 'the ermanent revolution.( 4# 56 members and candidates in the Central Committee o# the Soviet Communists in 7678& year o# the revolution& only #our had the !ood #ortune to de art this li#e be#ore bein! de rived o# it. 4ne o# the #our was osthumously declared 'an enemy o# the revolution.(

"hirteen were sentenced to death by their own comrades or disa ersecuted by Stalin that they committed suicide. 797

eared. "wo were so

"o be a criminal or a ma#iosi is a heinous human sin& but the satanic !oes beyond even what the Ma#ia allows. "omasso Buscetta& one o# the re resentative #i!ures o# the Sicilian Ma#ia& who became a olice in#ormer and revealed the crimes o# this or!anisation& said: 'Crime is a necessity that one cannot avoid& but that always has a reason. With us !ratuitous crime& which is an end in itsel# or the result o# an individual im ulse& is excluded. We exclude& #or exam le& +transversal vendetta&, i.e.& the calculated $illin! o# someone near the tar!et o# our crime& such as a wi#e& children& or relatives.( Satanic crime is o# another order. /itler $illed millions o# -ews& includin! babies& with the excuse that some -ews had done harm to the )erman eo le. 0or the Communists it was a matter o# course to im rison and torture the #amily members o# a erson they considered !uilty. When I was %ailed& it was ta$en #or !ranted that my wi#e must be %ailed& too& and my son must be excluded #rom all schoolin!. Marxism is not an ordinary sin#ul human ideolo!y. It is satanic in its manner o# sinnin!& as it is satanic in the teachin!s it urveys. In certain circumstances& it o enly avowed its satanic character. 4ne can %ud!e a teacher by his disci les. "o !ive %ust one exam le: Consider this dictum o# the ainter :icasso: '1n artist must discover the way to convince his ublic o# the #ull truth o# his lies.(795 Who was the man who wrote this monstrosity? It was the same one who wrote& 'I came to Communism as one comes to a #ountain ... My adherence to Communism is the lo!ical conse;uence o# my entire li#e and wor$.(793 4ne becomes a Marxist because his ideal is a lie. "o !ain an insi!ht into the li#e and thin$in! o# a $ey Satanist& one need only read a #ew mild excer ts #rom the writin!s o# 1leister Crowley <7=8>-76?8@& notorious #or his involvement in occult ractices:
D:ity not the #allen. I never $new them. I console not. I hate the consoler and the

D"he wol# betrays only the !reedy and treacherous& the raven betrays only the melancholy

and dishonest. But I am he o# whom it is written: /e shall deceive the very elect . . .

DI have #easted mysel# on the blood o# the saints& but I am not sus ected o# men to be their

enemy& #or my #leece is white and warm& #or my teeth are not the teeth o# one that tears #lesh& and my eyes are mild& and they $now me not as the chie# o# the lyin! s irits . . .( 79>
DBeauti#ul art thou& 9 Babylon& and desirable ... 9 Babylon& Babylon& thou mi!hty mother&

that ride u on the crowned beasts& let me be drun$en u on the wine o# your #ornicationA let your $isses wanton me unto death.(79B Crowley ;uotes a multitude o# sayin!s li$e this #rom com letely un$nown older Satanist wor$s& unavailable to the uninitiated.

Blasphemous Versions of the Lords Prayer

"he Soviet news a er Soviestskaia Molodioj& o# 7? 0ebruary 768B& adds a new and shatterin! roo# o# the connections between Marxism and Satanism. It describes how the militant Communists stormed churches and moc$ed )od under the CCarist re!ime. 0or this ur ose the Communists used a blas hemous version o# the '4ur 0ather(:

Our father, which art in Petersburg Dtoday& Eenin!radF& Cursed be your name, May your Kingdom crumble, May your will not be fulfilled, yea, not even in hell !ive us our bread which you stole from us, "nd pay our debts, as we paid yours until now, "nd don#t lead us further into temptation $ut deliver us from evil%the police of Plehve Dthe CCarist rime ministerF& "nd put an end to his cursed government $ut as you are weak and poor in spirit and in power and in authority, &own with you for all eternity "men.798
"he ultimate aim o# Communism in con;uerin! new countries is not to establish another social or economic system. It is to moc$ )od and raise Satan. "he )erman Socialist Student Gnion has also ublished a arody o# the Eord(s :rayer& indicatin! that the 'true( meanin! o# the rayer u holds ca italism:

Our Capital, which art in the 'est, May your investments be sure, May you make a profit May your shares increase in value,

On 'all Street as in (urope, Our daily sale give us today, and e)tend our credits, "s we e)tend those of our debtors "nd do not lead us into bankruptcy, $ut deliver us from the trade unions, *or thine is half the world and the power, and the riches, for +,, years Mammon 79=
"he identi#ication o# Christianity with the interests o# ca italism is outra!eous. "he church $nows that ca italism& too& is stained with blood. Hvery economic system bears the mar$s o# sin. Christians o ose Communism not #rom the view oint o# ca italism but o# the Iin!dom o# )od& which is their social ideal. "he above is nothin! less than satanic moc$ery o# the most holy rayer& %ust li$e the one ublished by the Soviets. Moc$ery o# the Eord(s :rayer is customary in many Communist lands. Hthio ian children are tau!ht to ray as #ollows:

Our Party which rulest in the Soviet -nion, .allowed be thy name, /hy Kingdom come, /hy will be done in (thiopia and in the whole world !ive us this day our daily bread, and don#t forgive the trespasses of the 0mperialists as we will not forgive them "nd may we resist the temptation to abandon the fight, "nd deliver us from the evils of Capitalism "men
4ver the Eutheran radio station con#iscated by the Communist !overnment a Satanist version o# the Bible is broadcast. 7 Corinthians 73 sounds li$e this:
D"hou!h I s ea$ all the lan!ua!es and have no enmity towards the landlords and ca italists&

I have become as soundin! brass ... Class hatred su##ers no ex loitation and is brutal. Class hatred envies their riches and vaunts itsel# with the success#ul revolutions in many Socialist states ... 1nd now abide #aith& ho e& and class hatred& but the !reatest o# these is revolutionist hatred.( Jurin! the !eneral stri$e or!anised by the 0rench Communists in 768?& wor$ers were

called to march in the streets o# :aris shoutin! the slo!an&

D!iscard d#(staing est foutu, 1es demons sont dans

la rue2#
<)iscard de(Hstain! Dthe 0rench residentF is done with. Jemons are now in the street.@ Why 'demons(? Why not 'the roletariat( or 'the eo le(? Why this evocation o# satanic #orces? What has this to do with the le!itimate demands o# the wor$in! class to have better salaries?

Deification of Communist Leaders

Communist leaders have been and are dei#ied. Eisten to the #ollowin! oem honourin! Stalin in Pravda <Moscow& 79 March& 7636A Pravda is the central or!an o# the Communist :arty in the G.S.S.3.@:

/he sun shines mildly and who would not know that you are this sun3 /he pleasant noise of the sea waves sings an ode to Stalin /he blinding snowy peaks of mountains sing the praise of Stalin /he millions of flowers and meadows thank you 1ikewise the covered tables /he beehives thank you /he fathers of all young heroes thank you, Stalin4 Oh, 1enin#s heir, you are for us 1enin himself
"housands o# such oems have been com osed. /ere is another hymn to Stalin o# extraordinary #ervour and beauty& remindin! one o# Hastern ByCantine Christianity in the #ourth and #ollowin! centuries:

, great Stalin, , leader of the peoples, /hou who broughtest man to birth, /ho who purifiest the earth, /hou who restorest the centuries, /hou who makest bloom the Spring, /hou who makest vibrate the musical chords /hou, splendour of my Spring, , /hou Sun reflected from millions of hearts.

"he #ore!oin! hymn was ublished in :ravda in 1u!ust 763B. In May o# 763> the same o##icial :arty news a er had ublished the #ollowin! extraordinary e##usion:

.e commands the sun of the enemies to set .e spoke, and the (ast for friends became a great glow Should he say that coal turns white 0t will be as Stalin wills /he master of the entire world%remember%is now Stalin.
1 much later com osition by a leadin! Soviet oet shows develo ment in style but hardly in sub%ect matter: 0 would have compared him to a white mountain%but the mountain has a summit 0 would have compared him to the depths of the sea%but the sea has a bottom 0 would have compared him to the shining moon%but the moon shines at midnight, not at noon 0 would have compared him to the brilliant sun%but the sun radiates at noon, not at midnight Mao-"se-"un! has been hailed as the one 'Whose mind created the world.( Iim-Il-Sun!& dictator o# *orth Iorea& is also dei#ied& as is *icolaie Ceaushescu& Communist dictator o# 3omania. Ceaushescu is another Satanist #i!ure. /e is the ob%ect o# a ersonality cult and is li$ened to -ulius Caesar& 1lexander the )reat& :ericles& Cromwell& *a oleon& :eter the )reat& 1braham. "his distin!uished roster& it seems& is not enou!h. So he is also called ' Our lay !od.( Communist 3omania& which does not allow international reli!ious conventions& ermitted a witches( convention in the s rin! o# 7686 in Curtea Je 1r!esh. In Bucharest there is a museum containin! !i#ts brou!ht by the eo le to Ceaushescu. In it is a watercolour ainted by a blind man& who re!ained his si!ht throu!h a miracle. /e attributes it to the #act that 'he concentrated all his thou!hts on the :resident& who not only can ma$e the blind to see but can move the Car athian mountains.( 1nother ortrayal shows Ceaushescu with Iin! Klad "se esh& who was $nown as 'the vam ire Jracula( because he used to im ale his adversaries. In similar #ashion& Stalin ma!ni#ied the ersonality o# CCar Ivan the "errible. 796

The Little and the Big Devils

1ccordin! to o##icial Marxist doctrine& which as has been illustrated& is only a dis!uise&

neither )od nor the devil exists. Both are #ancies. Because o# this teachin!& Christians are ersecuted by the Communists. /owever& the Soviet news a er Kommunisma -5vara o# 1 ril 768? re orts that many atheist circles have been created in 3ed Eatvia(s schools. "he name !iven the children in those circles #rom ?th throu!h Bth !rade is 'Eittle Jevils(& while 8th !raders are called 'Servants o# the Jevil.( In another school =th !raders have the name '#aith#ul Children o# the Jevil.( 1t the meetin! the children come clothed as devils& with horns and tails. 779 "hus& it is #orbidden to worshi )od& but devil worshi is o enly ermitted and even encoura!ed amon! children o# school a!e. "his was the hidden ob%ective o# the Communists when they seiCed ower in 3ussia. In Kietebs$ <G.S.S.3.@& Loia "itova& member o# the Communist youth or!anisation& was cau!ht ractisin! blac$ ma!ic. When her case was brou!ht be#ore the assembly o# Communist youth& there was unanimous re#usal to unish her& thou!h members who decide to worshi )od are ex elled. "he Communists consider it wron! to believe in )od. 0or this 'crime&( many children have been se arated #rom their #amilies and $e t in s ecial atheist boardin! schools. Moreover& the Communists wanted to ma$e Satan worshi ers o# church leaders. "he 3ussian 4rthodox riest :latonov& an anti--ewish a!itator& went over to the side o# the Communists when they came to ower in 3ussia. 0or this he was made a bisho and became a -udas who denounced members o# his #loc$ to the Secret :olice& well $nowin! they would be ersecuted. 4ne day on a bus he met his sister 1lexandra& an abbess who had been arrested many times& a arently with her brother(s $nowled!e. /e as$ed her& 'Why don(t you s ea$ to me? Jon(t you reco!nise your brother?( She answered& '.ou as$ why? 0ather and mother would turn over in their !raves. .ou serve Satan.( "hou!h an o##icial 4rthodox bisho in the Soviets& he re lied& ':erha s I am Satan mysel#.( 777 Pravoslavnaia 6us writes& '"he 4rthodox cathedral in 4dessa& so much loved by the 4dessites& became the meetin!- lace o# Satanists soon a#ter the Communists came to ower ... "hey !athered also in Slobod$a-3omano and in Count "olstoi(s #ormer home.( "hen #ollows a detailed account o# Satanist masses said by deacon Ser!hei Mihailov& o# the treacherous Eivin! Church& an 4rthodox branch established in connivance with the Communists. 1n attendant describes the Satanist mass as 'a arody o# the Christian litur!y& in which human blood is used #or communion.( "hese masses too$ lace in the cathedral& be#ore its main altar. 1lso in 4dessa& a statue o# Satan used to be exhibited in the Museum o# the 1theists. It was called Ba#omet. 1t ni!ht& Satanists would !ather in the museum #or rayer and chantin! be#ore the statue.775

Religious Obscenities
It mi!ht be understood that Communists would arrest riests and astors as counter revolutionaries. But why were riests com elled by the Marxists in the 3omanian rison o# :iteshti to say the mass over excrement and urine? Why were Christians tortured to ta$e communion with these as the elements? Why the obscene moc$ery o# reli!ion? Why did the 3omanian 4rthodox riest 3oman Bra!a& whom I $new ersonally when he was a risoner o# the Communists& and who resently resides in the G.S.1.& have his teeth $noc$ed out one by one with an iron rod to ma$e him blas heme? "he Communists had ex lained to him and others: 'I# we $ill you Christians& you !o to heaven. But we don(t want you to be crowned martyrs. .ou should curse )od #irst and then !o to hell.( In the rison o# :iteshti the Communists Would #orce a very reli!ious risoner to be 'ba tised( daily by uttin! his head into the barrel in which his #ellow-su##erers #ul#illed their necessities& meanwhile obli!in! the other risoners to sin! the ba tismal service. 1 theolo!y student was #orced to dress in white sheets <to imitate Christ(s robe@& and a hallus made out o# soa was hun! around his nec$ with a strin!. Christians were beaten to insanity to ma$e them $neel be#ore such a moc$in! ima!e o# Christ. 1#ter they had $issed the soa & they had to recite art o# the litur!y. 773 :risoners were com elled to ta$e o## their trousers and sit with their na$ed bottoms on o en Bibles.77? Such blas hemous ractices were er etrated #or at least two years with the #ull $nowled!e o# the :arty(s to leadershi . What have these indi!nities to do with Socialism and the well-bein! o# the roletariat? 1re their antica italist slo!ans not merely retexts #or or!anisin! Satanic blas hemies and or!ies? Marxists are su osed to be atheists who believe in neither heaven nor hell. In these extreme circumstances Marxism has li#ted its atheistic mas$ to reveal its true #ace& which is Satanism. Communist ersecution o# reli!ion mi!ht have a human ex lanationA the #ury o# this ersecution beyond any reason can only be Satanic. In 3omanian risons and in the Soviet Gnion& nuns who would not deny their #aith were ra ed anally and Ba tist !irls had oral sex en#orced on them. 77> Many died as martyrs. But the Communists were not satis#ied with this. "hrou!h Euci#erian techni;ues they made martyrs die blas hemin! in the delirium rovo$ed by aroxysms o# torture. 4nly once in all his wor$s did Marx ever write about torture. Jurin! his own li#etime& many

o# his #ollowers were tortured by 3ussian CCarist authorities. Since Marx is usually described as a humanist& one would ex ect him to write with horror about this abominable ractice. But his only comment was& '"orture alone has !iven rise to the most in!enious mechanical inventions and em loyed many honourable cra#tsmen in the roduction o# the instruments.(77B "orture is roductive& it roduces inventions2this is all Marx had to say about the sub%ect. *o wonder Marxist !overnments have sur assed all others in torturin! their o onentsM In 7653& there were in the Soviet Gnion moc$ trials o# )od& in the resence o# "rots$y and Eunatchars$i&778 But such events do not belon! only to the ast. Satanist desecrations o# Catholic churches have occurred in the 7689s in G yna& Jotnuva& Lanaiciu& Ialvari%a& Sede& etc.& localities in Soviet Eithuania. "he most recent about which we $now ha ened in 1lsedeai on 55 Se tember 76=9. 77= In his boo$ Psychiatric .ospital 78, Moscow& )eor!i 0edotov tells o# his conversation with the sychiatrist Jr. Kladimir Eevits$i about the Christian 1r!entov detained there. "he hysician says& '.ou are ullin! your #riend Hduard toward )od and we toward the devil. So I(m usin! my ri!hts as a sychiatrist to deny you and your #riends access to him.( "he Christian Salu Ja$a *debele was interro!ated by the Secret :olice o# Ma uto& Communist MoCambi;ue. "he o##icer said to him& 'We want to $ill your )od.( /e raised his !un toward the head o# the risoner and declared& '"his is my )od. With this I have the ower o# li#e and death. I# your )od comes here& I will shoot /im dead mysel#.( 776 In Chiasso& Communist 1n!ola& Communists slau!htered animals in the church and laced their heads on the altar and ul it. 1 oster roclaimed& '"hese are the !ods whom you adore.( :astor 1urelio Chicanha Saun!e was $illed& to!ether with 7>9 arishioners. 759 When the Catholic Eithuanian riest Hu!ene Kosi$evic was $illed& the Communists evidently er#ormed a Satanist ritual& because his mouth was #ound to have been #illed with bread.757 9etchernaia Moskva& a Communist news a er& let ass a 0reudian sli o# the en: 'We do not #i!ht a!ainst believers and not even a!ainst cler!ymen. We #i!ht a!ainst )od to snatch believers #rom /im.(755
D"he #i!ht a!ainst )od to snatch /is believers is the only lo!ical ex lanation #or the

Communist #i!ht a!ainst reli!ion. We do not wonder at these words in the Soviet news a er.

Marx had said it already in his boo$ !erman 0deology. Callin! )od 'the 1bsolute S irit&( as his teacher /e!el had done& he wrote& 'We are concerned with a hi!hly interestin! ;uestion: the decom osition o# the 1bsolute S irit.( It was not a #i!ht a!ainst #alse belie# in a nonexistent )od that reoccu ied him. /e believed that )od does exist and wanted to see this 1bsolute S irit decom ose& li$e many risoners o# the Communists who were made to rot in %ail. In 1lbania& the riest Ste hen Iurti was sentenced to death #or havin! ba tised one child. Ba tisms must be er#ormed in secret in 1lbania and *orth Iorea. "he rosecutor at the trial o# Metro olitan Ben%amin o# Eenin!rad said& '"he whole 4rthodox church is a subversive or!anisation. :ro erly s ea$in!& the entire church ou!ht to be in rison.( "he only reason all Christians are not in %ail in the Soviet Gnion is that the Communists are not ;uite ower#ul enou!h. But the will to destroy everythin! is there. Gnrestrained by the S irit o# )od and em owered by the #orces o# evil& they would destroy the whole earth& includin! themselves. In the Soviet Gnion ba tisms can be o##iciated only a#ter re!istration. :ersons wishin! to be ba tised or have their child ba tised must resent their identity cards to the re resentative o# the church board& who in turn must re ort them to the State authorities. "he result is ersecution. Iol$hoCni$s <wor$ers on collective #arms@ have no identity cards and can there#ore ba tise their children only secretly. 753 Many :rotestant astors have received rison sentences #or ba tisin! eo le. "he Communist #i!ht a!ainst ba tism resu oses belie# in its value #or a soul. 3eli!ious eo le in Israel or :a$istan or *e al o ose ba tism in the name o# their own reli!ious outloo$& because it is a Christian seal. But #or atheists2as Communists declare themselves to be2ba tism should mean %ust nothin!. Su osedly it neither bene#its nor harms the ba tised. Why then do these Communists #i!ht a!ainst ba tism? It is because Communists '#i!ht a!ainst )od to snatch believers #rom /im.( "heir ideolo!y is not really ins ired by atheism.
D1mon! other ur oses(& said Eenin& 'we created our arty s eci#ically #or the #i!ht a!ainst

any reli!ious deceivin! o# the eo le.( More about the relationshi between Marxism and the occult can be #ound in Psychic &iscoveries $ehind the 0ron Curtain &75? by Sheila 4strander and Eynn Schroder. It is hi!hly si!ni#icant that the Communist Hast is much more advanced than the West in research about the dar$ #orces mani ulated by Satan. Jr Hduard *aumov& member o# the International 1ssociation o# :ara sycholo!ists& was

arrested in Moscow. "he Moscow hysicist E. 3e!elsohn& a /ebrew-Christian who too$ his de#ence& tells us the reason #or his arrest: *aumov endeavoured to $ee the sychic s here o# li#e #ree #rom the domination o# evil #orces that used ara sycholo!y as a new wea on only #or the o ression o# the human soul.75> In CCechoslova$ia& Bul!aria& etc.& the Communist :arty s ends hu!e sums on secret investi!ation into this science. "here is an Iron Curtain which does not allow the West to $now anythin! about what ha ens in the twenty ara sycholo!ical institutes located in the Soviet Gnion. Komsomolskaia Pravda <Moscow@ ublished a len!thy article about hy notists who ma$e eo le re!ress to ast lives.( 0or the induction rocess they use the #ollowin! su!!estions: '.ou descend into earth& dee er& even dee er. .ou and the earth become one ... .ou are dee in the earth. .ou are surrounded by thic$ dar$ness ... 1round you is eternal ni!ht ...
D*ow we a

roach a s ot o# li!ht #ar away ... nearer and nearer. We snea$ throu!h a small hole to the s$y& leavin! our own body dee in the earth ... We overcome the #rontiers o# time ... and we return to your ast . . .( In such articles the Soviets use intentional double tal$. 1ware that some mi!ht become #ri!htened& they are ur ose#ully reserved& claimin! they only in#orm without a!reein!. But what would readers thin$ o# an editor who re rinted rovocative articles and lust#ul ictures endlessly #rom Playboy while claimin! that he did not a!ree #ully with what he was urveyin! to the ublic? Soviet writers say clearly that this 'time machine( is not science #iction. '"rans ersonalism( o##ers this voya!e in time. In the Satanist blac$ masses& all rayers are said #rom the end to the be!innin!& and the riestly robe is worn inside out. Inversion is the Satanist rule& which is a lied even to the doctrine o# reincarnation. Whereas Indian devotees are concerned about their #uture reincarnations and try to better themselves by obeyin! what they believe to be )od(s commandments& the Satanists o##er a return to #ormer incarnations. "hey care nothin! about a better #uture in eternity.

ar!ism as a Church
-ust as Satan came to -esus with Bible verses& so Marx used texts o# Scri ture& with much distortion. Kolume 5 o# the 'orks of Mar) and (ngels o ens with -esus( words to /is disci les <-ohn

B:B3@& as ;uoted by Marx in his boo$ /he .oly *amily: 'It is the s irit which !ives li#e.( "hen we read: 'Criticism Dhis criticism o# all that existsF so loved the masses that it sent its only-be!otten son Di.e.& MarxF& that whosoever believes in him should not erish but have a li#e o# criticism. Criticism became masses and lived amon! us& and we saw its !lory as the !lory o# the only-be!otten Son o# the 0ather. Criticism did not consider it robbery to be e;ual with )od& but made itsel# o# no re utation& ta$in! the #orm o# a boo$binder& and humbled itsel# u to nonsense yes& critical nonsense in #orei!n lan!ua!es.( 75B "hose $nowled!eable in Scri ture will reco!nise this as a arody o# Biblical verses. <-ohn 3.7BA 7:7?A :hili ians 5.B-=@ /ere a!ain& Marx declares his own wor$s to be 'nonsense&( as well as 'swinish boo$s.( Marxism is a new reli!ion. It uses Scri ture. Its main wor$& /he Capital by Marx& is called 'the Bible o# the wor$in! class.( Marx considered himsel# 'the :o e o# Communism.( 758 Communism 'has the ride o# in#allibility.(75= 1ll who o ose the Communist 'creed( <this ex ression is used by Hn!els756@ are excommunicated. Marx wrote& 'Ba$unin should beware. 4therwise we will excommunicate him.( 739 "hose who died in the service o# Marxism are #easted as 'martyrs.( Marxism has its sacraments: the solemn rece tions in the toddlers( or!anisation 'the Children o# 4ctober&( the oaths !iven when received as ':ioneers&( a#ter which come the hi!her !rades o# initiation in the Iomsomol and the :arty. Con#ession is re laced with ublic sel#-criticism be#ore the assembly o# :arty members. Marxism is a church. It has all the characteristics o# a church. But its !od is not named in its o ular literature. In this boo$ I have rovided the roo# that Satan is its !od. It is stran!e that& thou!h Marxism is clearly satanic& it is not seen as a threat by many churches in the #ree world. Some illuminatin! statistics are available. Seminary ro#essors in the G.S.1. were as$ed& 'Can an individual consistently be a !ood member o# your denomination and adhere to Marxism?( Below are the ercenta!e #i!ures o# those who answered .es: 737

(piscopalian 1utheran Presbyterian Methodist Church of Christ "merican $aptist 6oman Catholic

:; <= 8> 8> ?nbsp8@ 88 =7

ar! and Dar"in

What was the s eci#ic contribution o# Marx to Satan(s lan #or man$ind? It was im ortant. "he Bible teaches that )od created man in his own ima!e. <)enesis =:5?@ G to the time o# Marx& man continued to be considered as the 'crown o# creation.( Marx was Satan(s chosen tool to ma$e man lose his sel#-esteem& his conviction that he comes #rom hi!h laces and is meant to return to them. Marxism is the #irst systematic and detailed hiloso hy which reduces abru tly the notion o# man. 1ccordin! to Marx& man is rimarily a belly which has to be constantly #illed and re#illed. "he revailin! interests o# man are economic in nature. /e roduces in order to satis#y his needs. 0or this ur ose he enters into social relationshi s with other men. "his is the basis o# society& what Marx calls 'in#rastructure.( Marria!e& love& art& science& reli!ion& hiloso hy& everythin! other than the needs o# the belly& are all 'su erstructure(& determined in the last analysis by the state o# the belly. *o wonder Marx re%oiced !reatly u on readin! Jarwin(s boo$ /he &escent of Man& another masterstro$e to ma$e men #or!et their divine ori!in and divine ur ose. Jarwin said that man s rin!s #rom the animal world and has no aim other than mere survival. Man& who was !iven dominion over nature& was dethroned by these two. Satan could not dethrone )od& so he devalued man. Man was shown to be the ro!eny o# animals and a servant to his intestines. It is a coincidence that the 76th century !ave the world three leadin! ersonalities o osed to Christianity& all bearin! the name o# Charles: Iarl <)erman #or Charles@ Marx& Charles Jarwin& and the 0rench oet Charles Baudelaire. "he latter wrote in "bel and Cain:

6ace of Cain, ascend to heaven "nd throw !od to the earth

Marx wrote to 0erdinand Eassalle on 7B -anuary 7=B7& 'Jarwin(s boo$ is very im ortant and serves me as a basis in the natural sciences #or the historical class stru!!le.( Marx(s son-in-law& :aul Ea#ar!ue& in Socialism and the 0ntellectuals says& 'When Jarwin ublished his Origin of Species& he too$ away #rom )od his role as creator in the or!anic world& as 0ran$lin has des oiled him o# his thunderbolt.( "he terrible thin! is that it was not Jarwin(s ori!inal intent to harm reli!ion. /e had written& '"here is a !randeur in this view o# li#e& with its several owers& havin! been ori!inally breathed into a #ew #orms or into one.( In order to ma$e his osition more em hatic& Jarwin inserted the hrase 'by the Creator( a#ter 'breathed( in the second edition. It remained there in all the succeedin! editions he ublished.

Eater& 0reud would com lete the wor$ o# these two satanic !iants& reducin! man basically to a sex ur!e& sublimated sometimes in olitics& art or reli!ion. It was the Swiss sycholo!ist Carl )ustav -un! who returned to the Biblical doctrine that the reli!ious im ulse is man(s basic ur!e. "he a!e o# Marx was a time o# Satanist #erment in many s heres o# li#e. It was the eriod in which the 0rench oet Baudelaire wrote /he *lowers of (vil& roclaimin! himsel# o enly to be on the side o# immorality. "he 3ussian oet Solo!ub& wrote& 'My #ather is the devilA( another 3ussian oet& Briusov& 'I !lori#y e;ually the Eord and the devil.( Marx was a child o# the time that also !ave us *ietCche </itler(s and Mussolini(s #avourite hiloso her@& Max Stirner& an extreme anarchist& and 4scar Wilde& the #irst theoretician o# #reedom #or homosexuality& a vice which today has met with acce tance even amon! the cler!y. Satanic #orces re ared 3ussia #or the victory o# Marxism. "he time o# the revolution was a eriod when love& !ood will and healthy #eelin! were considered mean and retro!rade. )irls hid their innocence and husbands their #aith#ulness. Jestruction was raised as !ood taste& neurasthenia as the si!n o# a #ine mind. "his was the theme o# new writers who burst on the scene out o# obscurity. Men invented vices and erversions& and were #astidious in their avoidance o# bein! thou!ht moral. /ow was it that Stalin became a revolutionist a#ter readin! Jarwin? 735 1s a student in the 4rthodox seminary he obtained #rom Jarwin the conce t that we are not creatures o# )od but the result o# an evolution in which ruthless com etition rei!ns. It is only the stron!est and most cruel who survive. /e learned that moral and reli!ious criteria lay no role in nature and that man is as much a art o# nature as a #ish or an a e. "hen lon! live ruthlessness and crueltyM Jarwin had written a scienti#ic boo$ settin! #orth his theory o# ori!ins. It had no economic or olitical im lications. But thou!h many mi!ht !o so #ar as to concede that )od created the world throu!h a lon! rocess o# evolution& the end result o# Jarwin(s theory has been the $illin! o# tens o# millions o# innocents. /e there#ore became the s iritual #ather o# the !reatest mass-murderer in history. Beyond the intellectual turmoil o# the nineteenth century can be traced the in#luence o# the 0rench 3evolution& which was s iritually very much a$in to the 3ussian cataclysm o# the twentieth century. Jurin! the u heaval in 0rance& 1narchasis ClootC& a leadin! 0rench revolutionary and Illuminatus& declared himsel# to be 'the ersonal enemy o# -esus Christ.( /e roclaimed be#ore the Convention on 78 *ovember 7865& '"he eo le is the Soverei!n and the )od o# the world ... 4nly #ools believe in any other )od& in a Su reme Bein!.( "he Convention then issued a decree roclaimin! 'the nulli#ication o# all reli!ions.(

1ll these as ects need to be studied. I call u on scholars to do so. 0or those o# us who ta$e seriously the words o# the Eord(s :rayer& 'Jeliver us #rom evil(& the meanin! is clear: we im lore a lovin! )od to rotect us and society around us #rom #alse doctrine& #rom ernicious art that accustoms us to evil under the !uise o# beauty& and #rom immorality in li#e. "hen we need have no #ear o# the devil(s snares. .ou have the choice: do you want to become li$e a devil& cruel and vicious& or li$e -esus& the )od-man o# holy love and eace#ul soul?

oses #esss $alse %ionism

"o com lete the icture& we adduce a #ew more words about Moses /ess& the man who converted Marx and Hn!els to the Socialist ideal. "here is a tombstone in Israel inscribed with the words& 'Moses /ess& #ounder o# the )erman Social Jemocrat :arty.( /ess ex ounds his belie#s in the 3ed Catechism #or the )erman :eo le: 'What is blac$? Blac$ is the cler!y .... "hese theolo!ians are the worst aristocrats ... "he cler!yman teaches the rinces to o ress the eo le in the name o# )od. Secondly& he teaches the eo le to allow themselves to be o ressed and ex loited in )od(s name. "hirdly and rinci ally& he rovides #or himsel# with )od(s hel a s lendid li#e on earth& while the eo le are advised to wait #or heaven . . .(
D"he 3ed #la! symbolises the ermanent revolution until the com leted victory o# the

wor$in! classes in all civilised countries: the 3ed re ublic ... "he Socialist revolution is my reli!ion ... "he wor$ers& when they have con;uered one country& must hel their brethren in the rest o# the world.(733 "his was /essNs reli!ion when he #irst issued the Catechism. In the second edition& he added a #ew cha ters. "his time the same reli!ion& i.e.& the Socialist revolution& uses Christian lan!ua!e in order to accredit itsel# with believers. "o!ether with the ro a!anda o# revolution& there are indeed a #ew nice words about Christianity as a reli!ion o# love and humanity. But its messa!e must be made clearer: its hell must not be on earth and its heaven beyond. "he Socialist society will be the true #ul#ilment o# Christianity. "hus Satan dis!uises himsel# as an an!el o# li!ht. 1#ter /ess convinced Marx and Hn!els o# the Socialist idea& claimin! #rom the very be!innin! that its ur ose would be to !ive 'the last $ic$ to medieval reli!ion(. 73? /is #riend )eor! -un! said it even more clearly: 'Marx will surely chase )od #rom his heaven.( 73> 1n interestin! develo ment too$ lace in /ess(s li#e: he who had #ounded modern Socialism also #ounded an entirely di##erent movement& a s eci#ic brand o# Lionism. "hus /ess& #ounder o# a socialism whose aim was to 'chase )od #rom heaven&( was also the #ounder o# a diabolic ty e o# Lionism that was to destroy !odly Lionism& the Lionism o#

love& understandin! and concord with the surroundin! nations. /e who tau!ht Marx the im ortance o# class stru!!le wrote in 7=B5 these sur risin! words: '3ace stru!!le is rimary& class stru!!le is secondary.( 73B /e had li!hted the #ire o# class war& a #ire never extin!uished& instead o# teachin! eo le to coo erate #or the common !ood. "he same /ess then breeds a distorted Lionism& a Lionism o# race stru!!le& im osed u on men who are not o# the -ewish race. 1s we re%ect Satanic Marxism& so also must every res onsible -ew or Christian re%ect this diabolical erversion o# Lionism. /ess claims -erusalem #or the -ews& but without -esus& the Iin! o# the -ews. What need has /ess o# -esus? /e writes& 'Hvery -ew has the ma$in! o# a Messiah in himsel#& every -ewess that o# a Mater Jolorosa in hersel#.( 738 "hen why in the world did he not ma$e o# the -ew Marx a Messiah& a )od anointed man& instead o# a hater bent on chasin! )od #rom heaven? 0or /ess& -esus is 'a -ew& whom the heathen dei#ied as their Saviour.( 73= *either /ess nor the -ews seem to need /im #or themselves. /ess does not wish to be saved himsel#& and #or an individual to see$ ersonal sancti#ication is 'Indo-)erman&( he says. "he aim o# the -ews& accordin! to him& must be '1 Messianic state&( 'to re are man$ind #or the revelation o# the divine essence&( 736 which means& as he ac$nowled!es in his 3ed Catechism& to ma$e the Socialist revolution throu!h racial and class stru!!le. Moses /ess& who allotted to his idol Marx the tas$ o# uttin! an end to medieval reli!ion& re lacin! it with the reli!ion o# Socialist revolution& writes these amaCin! words& 'I have always been edi#ied by /ebrew rayers.(7?9 What rayers do those who consider reli!ion the o iate o# the eo le say? We have seen already that the #ounder o# scienti#ic atheism rayed while wearin! hilacteries be#ore burnin! candles. -ewish rayers can be misused in a blas hemous sense %ust as Christian rayers are in the Satanist ritual. /ess had tau!ht Marx that Socialism was inse arable #rom internationalism. Marx writes in his Communist Mani#esto that the roletariat has no #atherland. In his 6ed Catechism /ess moc$s the #atherland notion o# the )ermans. /e would have done the same with the #atherland notion o# any other Huro ean nation. /ess criticised the Hr#urt ro!ramme o# the )erman Social-Jemocrat :arty #or its unconditional reco!nition o# the national rinci le. But /ess is an internationalist a art. -ewish atriotism must remain. /e writes& Whoever denies -ewish nationalism is not only an a ostate& a rene!ade in the reli!ious sense& but a traitor to his eo le and to his #amily. Should it rove true that the emanci ation o# the -ews is incom atible with -ewish nationalism& then the -ew must sacri#ice emanci ation ... "he -ew must be& above all& a -ewish atriot.(7?7 I a!ree with /ess(s atriotic ideas to the extent that what is sauce #or the !oose is sauce #or the !ander too. I am #or every $ind o# atriotism2that o# the -ews& the 1rabs& the )ermans&

the 0rench& the 1mericans. :atriotism is a virtue i# it means the endeavour to romote economically& olitically& s iritually& and reli!iously the wel#are o# one(s own nation& rovided that it is done in #riendshi and coo eration with other nations. But the -ewish atriotism o# a revolutionary Socialist who denies the atriotism o# all other nations is hi!hly sus ect. "his seems to me li$e a diabolic lan to ma$e all eo les hate the -ews. I# I were a non--ew who saw the -ews acce t /ess(s lan o# a unilateral atriotism& I would o ose it too. 0ortunately& no -ews have acce ted this satanic lan. In #act& it was /erCl who !ave a sane turn to Lionism. In its modem #orm no trace o# Satanism has remained. "he race stru!!le ro osed by /ess is #alse& as #alse as the class stru!!le he en%oined. /ess did not abandon Socialism #or this s eci#ic $ind o# Lionism. 1#ter havin! written 6ome and Aerusalem& he continued to be active in the world Socialist movement. /ess does not state his thou!hts dearlyA there#ore it is di##icult to evaluate them. It is enou!h to $now that accordin! to him 'the Christian world views -esus as a -ewish saint who became a a!an man.(7?5 It is enou!h #or us to read in his boo$& 'We today lon! #or a #ar more com rehensive salvation than that which Christianity was ever able to o##er.(7?3 0rom /he 6ed Catechism it #ollows that this more com rehensive salvation is the Socialist revolution. It could be added that /ess was not only the ori!inal source o# Marxism and the man who attem ted to create an anti-)od Lionism& but also the redecessor o# the liberation theolo!y current in the World Council o# Churches& and o# the new tendencies in Catholicism which s ea$ about salvation. 4ne and the same man& who is almost un$nown& has been the mouth iece o# three Satanic movements: Communism& a racist& hate#ul brand o# Lionism& and liberation theolo!y. *o one can be a Christian without lovin! the -ews. -esus was -ewish& as were the vir!in Mary and all the a ostles. "he Bible is -ewish. "he Eord has said& 'Salvation is o# the -ews( -ohn ?:55@. /ess& on the other hand& exalts the -ews as thou!h he consciously wanted to create a violent anti--ewish reaction. /e said that his reli!ion was that o# Socialist revolution. "he cler!y o# all 'other( reli!ions are croo$s. 3evolution is the only reli!ion #or which /ess has a hi!h re!ard. /e writes& '4ur reli!ion <the -ewish@ has at its oint o# de arture the enthusiasm o# a race which #rom its a earance on the sta!e o# history has #oreseen the #inal ur oses o# man$ind and which had a #orebodin! o# the messianic time in which the s irit o# humanity will be #ul#illed& not only in this or that individual or only artially but in the social institutions o# all man$ind.( 7?? "his time which /ess calls 'messianic( is the time o# the victory o# the Socialist world revolution. 7?>"he idea that the -ewish reli!ion had as its aint o# de arture the conce t o# a !odless Socialist revolution is an u!ly %o$e and an insult to the -ewish eo le. /ess s ea$s ersistently in reli!ious terms& but he does not believe in )od. /e writes that 'our )od is nothin! more than the human race united in love.( 7?B "he way to arrive at such a

union is the Socialist revolution& in which tens o# millions o# s ecimens o# his beloved man$ind will be tortured and $illed. /e ma$es no secret o# the #act that he wishes neither the domination o# heaven& nor that o# earthly owers& which are both o ressive. "here is no !ood in any reli!ion& exce t that o# social revolution.( It is useless and ine##icient to elevate the eo le to real #reedom and to ma$e them artici ate in the !oods o# existence& without #reein! them #rom s iritual slavery& i.e.& #rom reli!ion.( 7?8 /e s ea$s in one breath about the absolutism o# celestial and earthly tyrants over slaves.( "he satanic de ths o# Communism can be understood only by $nowin! the $ind o# man Moses /ess was& #or he in#luenced Marx and Hn!els& with whom he #ounded the 0irst International& as well as Ba$unin who %oined them later. Without a $nowled!e o# /ess& Marx is unintelli!ible& because it is he who brou!ht Marx to Socialism. Eet us remember Marx(s words already ;uoted:

'ords 0 teach all mi)ed up into a devilish muddle /hus, anyone may think just what he chooses to think
Marx wrote in such a manner. /ess(s writin!s are an even more devilish muddle& which is di##icult to untan!le but which has to be analysed #or ossible connections between Marx and Satanism. /ess(s #irst boo$ was called /he .oly .istory of Mankind . /e roclaimed it to be 'a wor$ o# the holy s irit o# truth&(7?= sayin! #urther that as the Son o# )od #reed men #rom their own slavery& /ess would #ree them also #rom olitical bonda!e. 'I am called to witness #or the li!ht& as -ohn has been.(7?6 1t that time& Marx& who was still o osed to Socialism and had not $nown /ess ersonally& started to write a boo$ a!ainst him. 0or un$nown reasons& this boo$ was never com leted. /e became /ess(s disci le later on.7>9 1s reviously indicated& /ess(s avowed aims were to !ive the last $ic$ to medieval reli!ion and to roduce rava!es. In the introduction to his boo$ 1ast Audgment& he declares his satis#action that the )erman hiloso her Iant had alle!edly 'deca itated the old 0ather -ehovah to!ether with the whole holy #amily.( 7>7 </ess covers his own ideas with the name o# the !reat hiloso her. Iant had had no such intentions. /e had written to the contrary: 'I had to limit$nowled!e to ma$e lace #or #aith.(@7>5 /ess declares the -ewish as well as the Christian reli!ion to be 'dead( 7>3 which does not revent him #rom writin! in 6ome and Aerusalem about 'our holy writin!s&( 'the holy lan!ua!e o# our #athers&( 'our cult&( 'the divine laws&( 'the ways o# :rovidence&( and '!odly

li#e.(7>? It is not that at di##erent sta!es in li#e he had held di##erent o inions2in his seudo-Lionist boo$ he declares that he does not disown his #ormer !odless endeavours. *o& this is an intentional 'devilish muddle.(7>> /ess was -ewish and a #orerunner o# Lionism. Because /ess& Marx& and other eo le li$e them were -ewish some eo le consider Communism a -ewish :lot. .et Marx also wrote an anti--ewish boo$. In this res ect& too& he has sim ly #ollowed /ess. "his 'Lionist( who elevates -ewry to heaven wrote in his boo$ "bout the Monetary System: '"he -ews& who had the role& in the natural history o# the social animal world& to develo man$ind into a sava!e animal& have #ul#illed this& their ro#essional %ob. "he mystery o# -udaism and Christianity has been revealed in the modern -udeo-Christian. "he mystery o# the blood o# Christ& li$e the mystery o# the old -ewish worshi o# the blood& a ears here unveiled as bein! the mystery o# the redatory animal.( 7>B Jon(t worry i# you #ail to understand these words. "hey were written 'mixed u into a devilish muddle&( but the hatred #or -ewishness contained in them is clear. /ess is a racist. -ewish as well as anti--ewish& accordin! to the needs o# the s irit which ins ired his wor$s and which he calls 'holy.( /itler could have learned his racism #rom /ess. /e who had tau!ht Marx that social class is a decisive #actor also wrote the contrary: 'Ei#e is an immediate roduct o# race.( 7>8 Social institutions and conce tions& as well as reli!ions& are ty ical and ori!inal creations o# the race. "he roblem o# race lies hidden behind all the roblems o# nationalities and #reedom. 1ll o# ast history was concerned with the stru!!le o# races and classes. 3ace stru!!le is rimaryA class stru!!le is secondary.7>= /ow will /ess mana!e to have so many contradictory ideas trium h? 'I will use the sword a!ainst all citiCens who resist the endeavours o# the roletariat.( 7>6 We will hear the same #rom Marx: 'Kiolence is the midwi#e which ta$es the womb o# the old one.( 7B9 Marx(s #irst teacher was the hiloso her /e!el& who merely aved the way #or /ess. Marx& too& had suc$ed oison #rom /e!el& #or whom Christianity was wretched in com arison to the !lorious ast o# )ree$ culture. /e wrote: 'Christians have iled u such a hea o# reasons #or com#ort in mis#ortune ... that we ou!ht to be sorry in the end that we cannot lose a #ather or a mother once a wee$& while #or the )ree$ 'mis#ortune was mis#ortune& ain was ain.(7B7 Christianity had been satirised in )ermany be#ore /e!el. But he was the #irst to satirise -esus /imsel#. We are what we #eed u on. Marx #ed u on satanic ideas. "here#ore he set #orth Satanist doctrine.

The Organisation &#ell

Communists have a habit o# creatin! #ront or!anisations. 1ll o# the above su!!ests the robability that Communist movements are themselves #ront or!ansations #or occult Satanism. "his would ex lain why all the olitical& economic& cultural& and military wea ons used a!ainst Commmunism have roved so ine##icient. "he means to #i!ht Satanism are s iritual& not carnalA otherwise& while one Satanist #ront or!anisation& such as *aCism& is de#eated& another will rise to !reater victory. /immler& the minister o# Interior 1##airs o# *aCi )ermany& thou!ht himsel# to be Iin! /enry the 0owler(s reincarnation. /e believed that it was ossible to harness occult owers to serve the *aCi army. Several *aCi leaders were involved in blac$ ma!ic. What was mere su osition when I ublished the #irst edition o# this resent boo$ is now a roven #act. "he roo# has been !iven by the Communists themselves. "he story be!ins with the *etchaiev case& which renowned novel& /he &emons. rom ted Jostoievs$y to write his

*etchaiev& called a 's lendid& youn! #anatic( 7B5 by Ba$unin& Marx(s collaborator in #oundin! the 0irst International& wrote /he Catechism of the 6evolutionist as the !uide #or the 3ussian or!anisation ':o ular 3even!e.( It a eared around 7=89. "he ur ose o# this or!anisation was #ormulated as #ollows: '4ur cause is terrible& com lete& universal& and itiless destruction ... Eet us unite with the sava!e& criminal world& these true and only revolutionists o# 3ussia.( 7B3 "he #irst man the *etchaiev !rou $illed was one o# their #oundin! comrades& Ivanov& who dared to criticise his leadershi . *o criticism was ermitted. *etchaiev(s lan was to divide man$ind into two une;ual arts. '4ne tenth !ets ersonal liberty and unlimited ri!hts over the other nine tenths. "hese must lose their ersonality and turn into a $ind o# herd.(7B?
D"hey will en!a!e in s y wor$. Hach member o# society will s y on the others and will be

obli!ed to denounce ... 1ll are slaves and are e;ual in slavery.( 7B> *etchaiev wrote in his Catechism: '1 revolutionist must in#iltrate everywhere& in the u and lower classes ... in churches ... in literature.( er

/is disci le :eter Kerhovens$y commented: 'We are already terribly ower#ul ... -urors who ac;uit criminals are com letely ours. "he district attorney who trembles in courts not to be considered liberal enou!h is ours. 1dministrators& men o# letters& we are many& very many& and they don(t $now they belon! to us.(7BB

4n the basis o# such a ro!ramme an or!anisation with an im ressive name was #ormed: 'World 3evolutionist Eea!ue.( Its constitution was si!ned by *etchaiev and Ba$unin& Marx(s intimate collaborator.7B8 In the be!innin! it consisted o# only a hand#ul o# men. "he revolutionist du$e :eter Jol!oru$ov wrote on 37 4ctober 7=B5: 'In Eondon I met Ielsiev <who belon!ed to the above or!anisation@& a narrow minded but !ood man& terribly #anatical& with the #ace o# a so#t man. Ielsiev told me so#tly& with a benevolent loo$: +I# we have to slau!hter& why not slau!hter& rovided this is use#ul?, . . . 1ll these Eondon men s ea$ continually about +burnin! down& slau!hterin!& cuttin! in ieces., "hese words have never le#t their ton!ue since Ba$unin came to Hn!land . . .( In 7=B6& in )eneva& *etchaiev wrote a roclamation in which& re#errin! to the man who shot the em eror 1lexander II& he advises: 'We must consider what Iara$aCov did as rolo!ue. .es& this was a rolo!ue. Eet us see to it that the drama itsel# be!ins soon.( 7B= 0rom another roclamation: 'Soon& soon the day comes when we will un#url the !reat #la! o# the #uture& the 3ed #la!& and we will attac$ with !reat noise the Im erial alace . . .(
DWe will have one shout& +"o the axesM, then we will $ill the arty o# the em eror. Jo not

ity ... Iill in ublic laces i# these base rascals dare to enter them& $ill in houses& $ill in villa!es.(
D3emember& those who will not side with us will be a!ainst us. Whoever is a!ainst us is our

enemy. 1nd we must destroy enemies by all means.( 7B6 In 7=85& a revolutionary society was #ormed under the sim le name '"he 4r!anisation&( which has a su er-secret $ernel chillin!ly called '/ell.( "hou!h it has ursued its !oals #or well over a century& its existence was un$nown to the outside world. Soviet historians dared write about the activities o# '/ell&( mentionin! this circle& which was the #orerunner o# the 3ussian Communist :arty& only as recently as 76B>263 years a#ter its #ormation. In 6evolutionist -nderground in 6ussia & H. S. Kilens$aia wrote: '+/ell, was the name o# the centre above the secret or!anisation& which not only used terror a!ainst the monarchy& but also had unitive #unctions toward the members o# the secret or!anisation.( 789 In /chernishevsky or Betchaiev&787 we read that one o# the members <0ediseev@ o# '/ell( too$ it u on himsel# to oison his own #ather in order to !ive the or!anisation his inheritance. "chernishevs$y& who belon!ed to this movement& wrote& 'I(ll artici ate in revolutionA I am not #ri!htened by dirt& by drun$ards with stic$s& by slau!hter. We don(t care i# we have to shed thrice as much blood as the rebels in the 0rench revolution. So what i# we had to $ill a

hundred thousand #armers?( /ere are some o# the ex ressed aims o# the satanic or!anisation: 'Mysti#ication is the best& almost the only means to im el men to ma$e a revolution.( 'It is enou!h to $ill a #ew million eo le and the wheels o# revolution will be oiled.( '4ur ideal is aw#ul& com lete& universal& and itiless destruction.( 1nd #inally: 'Man$ind must be divided into two( une;ual arts. 4ne tenth receives ersonal liberty and unlimited ri!hts over the other nine-tenths. "he latter must lose their ersonality and become a $ind o# herd.(785 In their writin!s& we continually #ind the hrase 'we are not a#raid.( 1 ty ical exam le is the #ollowin! roclamation: 'We are not a#raid that we mi!ht #ind out three times more blood will have to be shed #or the overthrow o# the existin! order than the -acobins <0rench revolutionists@ had to shed in their revolution in 7869 ... I# #or the #ul#ilment o# our obiectives we had to slau!hter 799&999 landlords& we would not be a#raid o# this either.( 783 In reality& the number o# victims was much !reater. Churchill says in his Memoirs o# World War II that Stalin con#essed that 79&999&999 eo le died as a result o# the collectivisation o# a!riculture in the Soviet Gnion. "he im ortant #act to remember is that the Communists have now con#essed& a#ter a delay o# almost a hundred years& that at the ince tion o# their movement was a circle called '/ell.( Why '/ell?( Why not '"he Society #or the Betterment o# the :oor( or '. . . o# Man$ind?( Why the star$ em hasis on /ell? "oday the Communists are more cautious. But in the be!innin! their very name revealed that their avowed aim was to recruit men #or eternal damnation.

1 !i!antic or!anism has been created by the Soviet Secret :olice to destroy the churches in the whole world. "heir #irst aim is to cancel or minimise the hostility o# reli!ions toward Communism. 1dditionally& they see$ allies within the churches so they may use clerical resti!e to brin! the mass o# believers into the cam o# revolution. "he name o# this de artment is 4r!in#orm. It has secret cells in every country& in every lar!e reli!ious or!anisation. 4ne can assume that anti-Communist or!anisations and missions wor$in! behind the Iron Curtain are its main tar!et. Communist a!ents s ecialisin! in ro a!anda and rovocation in#iltrate churches and missions to re are the ideolo!ical disarmament o# the #aith#ul. Its #irst director& Kassilii )orelov& was #ormerly an 4rthodox riest& an a ostle turned -udas. "he head ;uarters are in Warsaw. "he actual leader is "heodor Iras$y.

4r!in#orm has one school in 0eodosia #or trainin! a!ents #or Eatin countries and one in Moscow #or *orth 1merica. "he a!ents #or Britain& /olland& Scandinavia& etc.& are trained in Si!uel <Eatvia@ and those #or Moslem countries in ConstantCa <3omania@. "hese schools re are #alse astors& riests& imams& and rabbisA each must understand thorou!hly their res ective theolo!y. Some o# them entrench themselves in churches or missions by osin! as re#u!ees. "he -esuit "ondi& an Italian Communist& a#ter attendin! the Eenin School in Moscow& was instructed by the Communist :arty to enter a reli!ious order. /e became a#terwards a secretary to :o e :aul KI. /is true role was discovered. *ow he o enly declares himsel# to be a Communist and has married a comrade. /e is still active in reli!ious matters #or the Communist :arty and claims to have been #or!iven by the :o e. 78?

The 'atanist


Jr. Eawrence :aCder in Michelle 6emembers78> !ives us the exact words o# a hi!hly secret Satanist mass obtained throu!h re!ression analysis #rom a !irl who had attended such some twenty years be#ore. In the mass Satan a ears and says:

Out of dark and fire red Comes a man of living dead4 0 only walk the earth at night, 0 only burn out the light 0 only go where everybody#s afraid4 0 go and find the ones who#ve strayed "ll the darkest forces they are mine /urn a light, make it night
Satan is obviously ersoni#ied by the hi!h riest o# the sect. "hen Satan ta$es a Bible in his hand and says:

Bo eyes can see what this book said 'hat#s written in the book is dead Bo eyes can see, not even a friend /he books are mine in the end Cou can write all day, you can write all night, $ut writing won#t bring light 0#ll burn it out 0#ll make it black 0#ll burn your words from front to back 0#ll burn each page, 0#ll eat each word

"nd spit it out never to be heard /he fire will grow, their eyes will see /he book of words can#t stand up to me 'hen they grow old, they#ll know and tell /he only power comes from .ell Matthew, Mark, 1uke and Aohn $urn in the fire and then you#re gone /heir words were lies, my children will see 0n the fire their word dies /he only thing left burning true 0s the light that shows me to you 0#ll be back, you wait and see 0#ll be back to take the world for me (verything that#s gone must return 0 was thrown out, but 0 can burn /urn, my children, turn around /ouch every piece of ground /ouch everyone you can, Make a beast of every man
"hen #ollows the chant o# the con!re!ation:

0t#s time to change from black to red 0t#s time to change from alive to dead Prince of darkness .elp us celebrate the feast Of the coming of the $east
Satan a!ain:

/he .oly One, the One most high% .a, not for long4 pretty soon it will be 0 "ll the countries you see, 0 put my traps, 'aiting for the boot to collapse Money and numbers and the power to hate, /hese are the things on which 0 relate Bumbers of peopleDso many, each one small, /hen, with so much money, the small are tall

0riedrich *ietCsche& in the #ourth art o# /hus Spake Earathustra under '1wa$enin!&( rovides the text o# another blac$ mass he himsel# com osed. Its s irit does not di##er much #rom the one above.78B "ra!ically& it has come to li!ht that blac$ masses have in#iltrated the lives o# many 1mericans& es ecially children.788

Satan, Satan, Satan .e is !od4 he is !od4 he is !od

"hese blas hemous words are hidden in the lyrics o# roc$ records that children listen to by the hour& many without even an awareness o# what they are bein! sub%ected to. "he words are hidden in the lyrics throu!h a 'bac$ward mas$in!( techni;ue.
9When the record is layed #orward& the messa!e is received by the listener(s subconscious

mind which& li$e a com uter& stores it away. "he conscious mind hears one thin!-the subconscious another.( 1 number o# roc$ !rou s have used the techni;ue. Eed Le elin(s best-sellin! record 'Stairway to /eaven&( which admittedly& ma$es little sense as written& contains the mas$ed messa!e& 'I will sin! because I live with Satan.( 1nother son! contains the words& 'I decide to smo$e mari%uana.( Subliminal ersuasion is more ower#ul& and there#ore more dan!erous than conscious in#luence. :ublic blac$ masses are rare today& but Ste#an Lwei! in his bio!ra hy o# 0ouchO describes one held in Eyon durin! the 0rench 3evolution. 1 revolutionary& Chalier& had been $illed. "he blac$ mass was celebrated in his honour. 4n that day cruci#ixes were tom #rom all the altars and riestly robes were con#iscated. 1 hu!e crowd o# men carryin! a bust o# the revolutionary descended on the mar$et lace. "hree ro-consuls were there to honour Chalier& 'the )od-Saviour who died #or the eo le.( "he crowd carried chalices& holy ima!es& and utensils used in the mass. Behind them was an ass wearin! a bisho (s mitre on its head. 1 cruci#ix and a Bible had been tied to its tail. In the end& the )os el was thrown into the #ire to!ether with missals& rayerboo$s and i$ons. "he ass was made to drin$ #rom a Communion chalice as a reward #or its blas hemous services. "he bust o# Chalier was ut on an altar in lace o# the smashed ima!e o# Christ. "ens o# #ormer Catholic riests artici ated in such actions. 1 medal was issued to commemorate this event. Secret blac$ masses do not ta$e this sha e&

but the s irit is basically the same. "he 3ussian ma!aCine '/unii Kommunist&( Moscow& Jecember 76=? describes in detail a Satanist mass in which bread and wine& mixed with dun! and tears ta$en #rom o eratin! on the eyes o# a livin! coc$& are 'transubstantiated( into the alle!ed body and blood o# Euci#er. Jurin! this ceremony the words o# the mass are read #rom the end to the be!innin!& as is customary in Satanist rituals. "hen a covenant is concluded between Satan and his worshi ers. "he oints o# the contract are: renunciation o# Christian teachin!A new ba tism in the name o# the devil& with a chan!e o# nameA renunciation o# !od arents& with the substitution o# other rotectorsA brin!in! some ersonal clothin! as a !i#t to SatanA swearin! loyalty to Satan& while standin! in a ma!ic circleA inscri tion o# the new member(s name in '"he Boo$ o# the Jead(& as o osed to Christ(s Boo$ o# Ei#eA the romise to consecrate one(s children to the devil& as well as !i#ts and deeds leasin! to himA an oath to $ee the secrets o# the witches( coven and to demean the Christian reli!ion. Why would Communists di! out such teachin!s #rom old boo$s o# demonolo!y and recommend them to the youth& sayin! 'they are rich #ood #or thou!ht?( Is that in essence all that Marxism has to o##er the human mind? "he Communist ma!aCine continues: 'In this devilish anti-world& which externally is com letely li$e ours& man must re ly with evil to every success in li#e.( "hen it braCenly a##irms the #ollowin! as the Slo!an o# the Satanist doctrinaire: 'Satan is not the #oe o# man. /e is Ei#e&Eove& Ei!ht.( "he article ends with a ;uotation #rom Gs ens$ii ex ressin! the ho e o# the Communists: '"here are ideas which touch the most intimate corners o# our lives. 4nce these are touched& the mar$s remain #orever ... "hey will oison li#e.( 78= "his insidious material is resented in a subtle manner as i# to rovide in#ormation& but its aim is to arouse the reader(s morbid curiosity& with rava!in! e##ects. Jurin! the initiation ceremony #or the third de!ree in the Satanist church& the initiate has to ta$e the oath& 'I will always do only what 0 will.( In other words& there is no authority beyond the olluted sel#. "his is an o en denial o# )od(s commandment& 'See$ not a#ter your own heart and your own eyes& a#ter which you used to !o a whorin!( <*umbers 7>:36@. Marxists a eal to the basest assions& stirrin! u envy towards the rich and violence towards everyone. 'It is the evil side which ma$es history(& wrote Marx& and he layed a ma%or role in sha in! history. 3evolutions do not cause love to trium h. 3ather& $illin! becomes a mania. In the 3ussian and Chinese revolutions& a#ter the Communists had murdered tens o# millions o# innocents& they could not sto murderin!. "hey brutally $illed one another.

(s )verything Permitted*
"he Satanist cult is very old& older than Christianity. "he ro het Isaiah mi!ht have had it in view when he wrote& 'We have turned every one to his own wayA and the Eord has laid on him <the Saviour@ the ini;uity o# us all( <Isaiah >3:B@. "rue reli!ious #eelin! is at the o osite ole. "here were /assidic rabbis who never said 'I( because they considered it a ronoun that belon!ed only to )od. By way o# contrast& when a man or woman is initiated into the seventh de!ree o# Satanism& he swears that his rinci le will be& '*othin! is true& and everythin! is ermitted.( When Marx #illed out a ;uiC !ame #or his dau!hter& he answered the ;uestion 'Which is your #avourite rinci le?( with the words& 'Joubt everythin!.( 786 Marx wrote in /he Communist Manifesto that his aim was the abolition not only o# all reli!ions but also o# all morals& which would ma$e everythin! ermissible. It was with a sense o# horror that I read the mystery o# the seventh de!ree o# Satanism inscribed on a oster at the Gniversity o# :aris durin! the 76B= riots. It had been sim li#ied to the #ormula& 'It is #orbidden to #orbid&( which is the natural conse;uence o# '*othin! is true& and everythin! is ermissible.( "he youth obviously did not realise the stu idity o# the #ormula. I# it is #orbidden to #orbid& it must also be #orbidden to #orbid #orbiddin!. I# everythin! is ermissible& #orbiddin! is ermissible& too. .oun! eo le thin$ that ermissiveness means liberty. Marxists $now better. "o them& the #ormula means that it is #orbidden to #orbid cruel dictatorshi s li$e those in 3ed China and the Soviet Gnion. Jostoievs$y had said it already: 'I# there is no )od& everythin! is ermitted.( I# there is no )od& our instincts are #ree. "he ultimate ex ression o# this $ind o# liberty is hatred. Whoever is #ree in this sense considers lovin! $indness a wea$ness o# the s irit. Hn!els said& ')eneralised love o# men is an absurdity( <1nti-Juhrin!@ "he anarchist thin$er Max Stirner& author o# /he 0 and 0ts Property& and one o# Marx(s #riends& wrote& 'I am le!itimately authorised to do everythin! I am ca able o#.( Communism is collective demon- ossession. SolChenitsyn in !ulag "rchipelago reveals some o# its horrible results in the souls and lives o# eo le.




Eet me say a!ain that I am conscious that the evidence I have !iven to date may be considered circumstantial. "he roblem will have to be studied more thorou!hly by someone else. But what I have written is enou!h to show that what Marxists say about Iarl

Marx is a myth. /e was not rom ted by concern #or the overty o# his #ellow men& #or which revolution was the only solution. /e did not love the roletariat but called them 'nuts&( 'stu id&( 'asses&( 'rascals&( even obscenities. <Corres ondence with Hn!els.@ /e did not love even his comrades in the #i!ht #or Communism. /e called 0reili!rath 'the swine&(7=9 Eassalle '-ewish ni!!er&(7=7Ba$unin 'a theoretical Cero.(7=5 1 lieutenant "che$hov& a #i!hter in the revolution o# 7=?= who s ent ni!hts drin$in! with Marx& commented that Marx(s narcissism had devoured everythin! !ood that had been in him. Marx certainly did not love man$ind. )iuse e MaCCini& who $new him well& wrote that he had 'a destructive s irit. /is heart bursts with hatred rather than with love toward men.( 7=3 MaCCini was himsel# a 'Carbonari.( "his or!arisation #ounded in 7=7> by Ma!hella& a )enoan 0reemason& declared its '#inal aim to be that o# Koltaire and o# the 0rench 3evolution2the com lete annihilation o# Catholicism and ultimately o# Christianity.( It be!an as an Italian o eration but subse;uently develo ed a broader Huro ean orientation. "hou!h MaCCini was critical o# Marx& he maintained his #riendshi with him. "he -ewish Hncyclo aedia says that MaCCini and Marx were entrusted with the tas$ o# re arin! the address and the constitution o# the 0irst International. "his means that they were birds o# the same #eather& thou!h they sometimes ec$ed at each other. I $now o# no testimonies #rom Marx(s contem oraries that contradicted MaCCini(s evaluation. Marx the lovin! man is a myth constructed only a#ter his death. In #act& his #avourite bit o# verse was this ;uotation #rom ). Werth: '"here is nothin! more beauti#ul in the world than to bite one(s enemies.( In his own words& he said outri!ht& 'We are itiless. We as$ #or no ity. When our turn comes& we will not shun terrorism.( "hese are hardly the sentiments o# a lover. Marx did not hate reli!ion because it stood in the way o# the ha iness o# man$ind. 4n the contrary& he sim ly wanted to ma$e man$ind unha y in this world and throu!hout eternity. /e roclaimed this as his ideal. /is avowed aim was the destruction o# reli!ion. Socialism& concern #or the roletariat& humanism2these were only retexts. 1#ter Marx had read /he Origin of Species by Charles Jarwin& he wrote a letter to Eassalle in which he exults that )od2in the natural sciences at least2had been !iven 'the death blow.(7=?What idea& then& reem ted all others in Marx(s mind? Was it the li!ht o# the oor roletariat? I# so& o# what ossible value was Jarwin(s theory? "he only tenable conclusion is that Marx(s chie# aim was the destruction o# reli!ion. "he !ood o# the wor$ers was only a retence. Where roletarians do not #i!ht #or Socialist ideals& Marxists will ex loit racial di##erences or the so-called !eneration !a . "he main

thin! is that reli!ion must be destroyed. Marx believed in hell& and his ro!ramme& the drivin! #orce in his li#e& was to send men to hell.

Robin +oodfello"
"he documents rovin! Marx(s connection with a Satanist sect continue to accumulate. Marx wrote& 'In the si!ns that bewilder the middle class& the aristocracy& and the ro hets o# re!ression& we reco!nise our brave #riend& 3obin )ood#ellow& the old mole that can wor$ in the earth so #ast2the revolution.(7=> Scholars who have read this a arently never loo$ed into the identity o# this 3obin )ood#ellow& Marx(s brave #riend& the wor$er #or revolution. "he 7Bth century evan!elist William "yndale uses 3obin )ood#ellow as a name #or the devil.7=B Sha$es eare in his Midsummer Bight#s &ream calls him 'the $navish s irit that misleads ni!htwanderers& lau!hin! at their harm.( 7=8 "hus& accordin! to Marx& considered the #ather o# Communism& a demon was the author o# the Communist revolution and was his ersonal #riend. In 1r!entina& !rou s o# Communist terrorists $idna ed industrialists& demanded ransom money& and obtained millions. "his money was multi lied in ca italist ban$s by a certain )raiver& who convinced oor eo le as well to entrust him with their savin!s. With the ro#its he #inanced terrorists. "hen he went ban$ru t& ruinin! the oor. 0ormer residents o# 1r!entina and leadin! news a ermen were his accom lices& amon! them a man who had ta$en the name o# Satanovs$y. It is worth rememberin! here that Stalin started writin! under the seudonyms 'Son o# the devil( and 'Son o# the demon.(

Lenins Tomb
In his revelation to St -ohn& -esus said somethin! very mysterious to the church in :er!amos <a city in 1sia Minor@: 'I $now where thou dwellest& even where Satan(s seat is( <3evelation 5:73@. :er!amos must have been a centre o# the Satanist cult in that eriod. *ow the world-#amous Baedec$er tourist !uideboo$s #or Berlin state that the Island Museum contained the :er!amos altar o# Leus until 76??. )erman archaeolo!ists had excavated it& and it had been in the centre o# the *aCi ca ital durin! /itler(s Satanist re!ime. But the sa!a o# the seat o# Satan is not yet over. Svenska &agbladet <Stoc$holm@ #or 58 -anuary 76?=& reveals that:

7@ "he Soviet 1rmy a#ter the con;uest o# Berlin& carried o## the :er!amos altar #rom )ermany to Moscow. "his tremendous structure measures 758 #eet lon! by 759 #eet wide by ?9 #eet hi!h. Sur risin!ly& the altar has not been exhibited in any Soviet museum. 0or what ur ose was it trans orted to Moscow? We have already indicated that men in the to echelons o# the Soviet hierarchy ractice Satanist rituals. /ave they reserved the :er!amos altar #or their rivate use? "here are many unanswered ;uestions. Su##ice it to say that ob%ects o# such hi!h archaeolo!ical value usually do not disa ear but are the ride o# museums. 5@ "he architect St%usev& who built Eenin(s mausoleum& used this altar o# Satan as a model #or the mausoleum in 765?.7== "housands o# Soviet citiCens wait in line every day to visit this sanctuary o# Satan in which Eenin(s mummy lies in state. 3eli!ious leaders o# the whole world ay their homa!e to the Soviets ' atron saint( in this monument erected to Satan. *ot a day !oes by without wreaths o# #lowers bein! brou!ht here& whereas the Christian churches on the same 3ed S;uare in Moscow have lon! since been turned into museums. Satan rules in the Soviet Gnion in a hi!hly visible manner. "he Satanist tem le at :er!amos was only one o# many o# its $ind. Why did -esus sin!le it out? :robably not because o# the minor role it layed at that time. 3ather& his words were ro hetic. /e s o$e about *aCism and Communism by which this altar would be honoured. Since this is the story o# Eenin(s tomb& it is worth notin! with irony that on the !rave o# his #ather there stands a cross with the inscri tion '"he li!ht o# Christ illuminates all( and a multitude o# Bible verses.

Call for ,ction

1ll these thin!s I write in an ex loratory manner. Christian thin$ers& li$e other scholars& o#ten succumb to the tem tation to rove some reconceived ideas. "hey do not necessarily resent only the truth as #ar as they have ascertained it. Sometimes they are rone to stretch the truth or exa!!erate their ar!umentation in order to rove their oint. I do not claim to have rovided indis utable roo# that Marx was a member o# a sect o# devil-worshi ers& but I believe that there are su##icient leads to im ly this stron!ly. "here are certainly enou!h leads to su!!est Satanic in#luence u on his li#e and teachin!s& while concedin! that there are !a s in the chain o# evidence that would lead to a de#initive conclusion in this matter. I have rovided the initial im ulse. Eet others continue this im ortant in;uiry into the relationshi between Marxism and Satanism. Meanwhile& how can the church de#eat Marxism?

"he secular anti-Communist world can use the wea ons o# economic sanctions& olitical ressure& military threats& and broad-based ro a!anda. "he church should certainly su ort any actions that conscience can endorse in the battle a!ainst the enemies o# )od. But it also has a wea on o# its own. "he G$rainian Metro olitan o# the Catholic church& ByCantine rite& 1ndrew Count She tyts$y& re;uested that 3ome order rayers o# exorcism a!ainst the Communists& whose 're!ime cannot be ex lained exce t by a massive ossession o# the devil.' -esus did not tell /is disci les to com lain about demons but to cast them out <Matthew 79:=@. I believe this can be e##ectively accom lished. /owever& this boo$ is not the ri!ht #orum #or enterin! into details about such rayer.

3eturn to 5. Souls #or Satan

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3eturn t

67 2eaders9 2eactions
The first editions of this book produced interesting responses. +any greeted it as a new discovery in the understanding of +ar$ism and gave me valuable hints as to where could find new material. On the other hand, a 8utch personality dedicated several columns of his theological maga1ine to minimising the importance of the discovery. D'ell,9 he says, D+ar$ may have indulged in black magic, but this does not count for much. All men are sinners, all men have evil thoughts. *et us not be alarmed at this.9 t is true that all men are sinners, but not all are criminals. All men are sinners, but some are murderers and some are the righteous @udges who pass @udgment on them. The crimes of Communism are une&ualled. 'hat other political system has ever killed si$ty million men in half a century as have the SovietsE 4<; Another si$ty million have been killed in 2ed ChinaBsome estimates run much higher. There are degrees of sinfulness and criminality. The enormity of crime is a measure of the intensity of Satanic influence on the founder of modern Communism. The sins of +ar$ism, like those of ,a1ism, surpass the ordinary. They are satanic indeed. have also had letters from Satanists offering an apology for their religion. One of them writes7
DA defence of Satanism needs only the -ible for documentary evidence. Think of all the

thousands of earthly people, created in #od9s own image, mind you, destroyed by fire and brimstone /Sodom. and #omorrah0, a lethal miscellany of plagues, and, to top everything off, the drowning of the earth9s population, e$cept for ,oah9s family. All of these devastations brought about by a SmercifulT #odX*ordX%ehovah. 'hat could a merciless god have doneE

D-ut in all the -ible there is no record of even one death being brought about by SatanA So,

let9s hear it for Satan.9 This Satanist has not studied the -ible well. 8eath came into the world through Satan9s deceit, his luring Cve into sin. This Satanist has also drawn his condusions too soon. #od has not yet finished with .is creation. nitially, every painting is a senseless, often ugly mi$ture of lines and dots of many colours. t took da "inci twenty years to make of these the beautiful +ona *isa. #od also creates in time. n time he shapes beings and destroys them to give them a new form. The seed which has neither beauty nor fragrance dies as seed in order to become a splendid, perfumed flower. Caterpillars have to die as such in order to become beautiful butterflies. +en are allowed by #od to pass through the refining fires of suffering and death. The apotheosis of creation will be a new heaven and a new earth in which righteousness will triumph. Then those who have followed Satan will have to suffer in eternity of regrets %esus endured floggng and crucifi$ion. -ut whoever wants to know #od must look beyond the tomb to %esus9 resurrection and ascension. n contrast, the enemies of %esus who plotted his death brought their people and their temple to destruction and lost their own souls. Our critic wished to comprehend #od through reason, which is not the right instrument for a creature. #od cannot be comprehended but only apprehended by a believing heart. A %amaican asks if the America that e$ploits his country is not as satanic as +ar$. t is not. Americans are sinners, as are all men. America has a small group of devil worshippers. -ut the American nation as such does not worship the devil. )au$a I 6eligia, the principal atheist maga1ine of +oscow, contains a long article written by two philosophers, -elov and Shilkin. They say that D'urmbrand9s temperament might be envied by the greatest football players. .is shouting is savage. This fighter calls for a crusade against Socialism, which he calls an offspfing of Satan. .e was imprisoned in 2omania for distributing religious literature instigating revolt against the governmentA9 4;I n this article two things are to be noted7 )irst, that am called a Ddevilish pastor9 for my book,as Aarl Mar: a !atanist0 though the authors cannot produce one single fact to refute the documentation supporting +ar$9s links with a Satanist sect. Second, the article congratulates Christian leaders, even anti! Communists, who have taken a stand against me. They might be adversaries of Communism, but as long as they oppose 'urmbrand, chief enemy of Communism, they are approved by +oscow. One remarkable letter came from a ,igerian who had been a labour union leader for twenty years. +y writings helped him to see that he had been led astray by Satan. .e has become a Christian.

#o All of 1ou Marxists 2 2 2

,ow address myself to the rank!and!file +ar$ist7 Jou are not animated by the spirit that controlled .ess, +ar$, Cngels. Jou really love mankind3 you respect it and are confident you are enrolled in an army fighting for universal good. t is not your desire to be a tool of some weird Satanist sect. )or you this book might be useful. Satanic +ar$ism has a materialistic philosophy that blinds its followers to spiritual realities. -ut there e$ists more than matter. There is a reality of the spirit, of truth, beauty and ideals. There is also a world of evil spirits, whose head is Satan. .e fell from heaven through pride and drew down with him a host of angels. Then he seduced the progenitors of the race. Since the )all his deceit has been perpetuated and increased through every conceivable device, until today we see #od9s beautiful creation ravaged by world wars, bloody revolutions and counter revolutions, dictatorships, e$ploitation, racism of many kinds, false religions, agnosticism and atheism, crimes and crooked dealings, infidelities in love and friendship, broken marriages, rebellious children. +ankind has lost the vision of #od. -ut what has taken the place of this visionE s it something betterE +an must and will have some religion. t is his nature to worship. f he has not a #od fearing religion, he will have the religion of Satan and will persecute those who do not worship his Dgod.9 Presumably only a very few top leaders of Communism have been and are Satanists consciously, but there is also an unconscious Satanism, @ust as some people are basically Christian without knowing that their religion is that of Christ. A man can be a Satanist unconsciously without being aware that such a religion e$ists. .e is so if he hates the notion of #od and the name of Christ, if he lives as though he were only matter, if he denies religious and moral principles. Those who delve into the occult are in the same class. n )rankfurt, 'est #ermany, more people go on Sunday to spiritualist meetings, where the dead are called up, than to church services. There are known Satanist churches in +unich and 8usseldorf, for instance.4;4 There are many such churches in )rance, -ritain, the :.S.A., and other countries. n #reat -ritain there are >H,III practising witches. American universities and even high schools offer courses in witchcraft, astrolory, voodoo, magic, and CSP. n )rance 6I,III black masses are conducted annually. .uman beings may forsake #od, but #od has never forsaken his creatures. .e sent into the

world .is only Son %esus Christ to save the race of man. ncarnate love and compassion lived on earth in the life of a poor %ewish child, then of a humble carpenter, and eventually of a teacher of righteousness. 8owntrodden man cannot save himself, any more than a drowning man can fetch himself out of the water. So %esus, full of understanding for our inner conflicts, took upon himself all our sins, including the sins of +ar$ and his followers, and bore the punishment for what we have done. .e e$piated our guilt by dying on a cross on #olgotha, after suffering the most terrible humiliation and agonising pain. 'e have his word that whoever puts his faith in him is forgiven and will live with him in eternal paradise. Cven notorious +ar$ists can be saved. t is worth noting that two Soviet ,obel pri1e winners, Pasternak and Sol1henitsyn, both former Communists, after describing the e$tremities of crime to which satanic +ar$ism leads, have confessed their faith in Christ. Svetlana Alliluyeva, the daughter of Stalin the worst of the +ar$ist mass murderers, also became a Christian. *et us remember that +ar$9s ideal was to descend into the abyss of hell himself and draw all mankind in after him. *et us not follow him on this vicious path, but rather follow Christ who lead upward to peaks of light, wisdom and love, toward a heaven of unspeakable glory.

#he "reat "ulf

t is manifestly impossible to compare %esus with +ar$. %esus is not greater or better than +ar$. .e belongs to an entirely different realm altogether. +ar$ was human and probably a worshipper of the Cvil One. %esus is #od, who reduced himself to the level of mankind with the desire to save it. +ar$ proposed a human paradise. 'hen the Soviets tried to implement it, the result was an inferno. %esus9 kingdom is not of this world. t is a kingdom of love, righteousness and truth. .e calls to everyone, including +ar$ists and Satanists7 DCome unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and will give you rest.9 /+atthew 447?<0. -elieve in him, and you will have life etemal in his heavenly paradise. There is no possibility of agreement between Christiantiy and +ar$ism, @ust as there can be no agree ment between #od and the devil. %esus came to destroy the works of the Cvil One / %ohn >7<0. As Christians follow him, they strive to destroy +ar$ism while retaining love for the individual +ar$ist and tying to win him to Christ. Some proclaim that they are +ar$ist Christians. They either deceive or are deceived. One cannot be a +ar$ist Christian any more than one can be a devil worshipping Christian.

Over the years, the Satanist aims of +ar$ism have not changed one bit. The +ar$ist philosopher Crnst -loch writes in his book &theis" in Christianit# that Dthe seduction of the first human couple by the serpent opens the way of salvation for mankind. So man starts to become a god3 it is the way of rebellion. Priestcraft and the possessors of goods repressed this truth. The original sin consists in the fact that man does not wish to be like #od. +an must con&uer the power. The theology of revolution wills it that man should con&uer the power of #od. The world must be changed in the image of man. There should be no heaven at all. The belief in a personal #od is the fall into sin. This fall must be repaired.9 There is a gulf between Chrisitanity and Communism that can be bridged only in one sense7 +ar$ists must abandon their devil!inspired teacher, repent of their sins, and become followers of Christ. To help them cross over this bridge was the main purpose of this present work. +ar$ists are concerned with social and political problems. These will have to be solved outside the tenets of +ar$ism. )or +ar$, Socialism was only a pretence. .is aim was the diabolical plan to ruin mankind for eternity. -y way of contrast, Christ desires our eternal salvation. n the fight between Christianity and Communism, believers Dwrestle not against flesh and blood, but against prncipalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places9 /Cphesians =74?0. 'e have to choose not only between abstract good and abstract evil, but between #od and Satan. Marx (elieved in "od and hated him . Cven in his old age he worshipped Satan as indicated earlier. The average +ar$ist and the sympathiser of +ar$ism should not follow +ar$ in his spiritual aberration. *et us re@ect the bourgeois +ar$, bearer of darkness, and Cngels, factory owner and therefore, according to +ar$ist dogma, an e$ploiter. *et us rather choose the *ight of the world and mankind9s prime -enefactor, %esus the working man, the Carpenter.

3*roletarians of the World/ orgive Me4

That +ar$ist Satanism has ravaged the world is terrible. That it has penetrated high places in the church is unthinkable. Jet such is the case. To give @ust one e$ample7 the late Pope %ohn Paul praised #iuseppe Carducci, an talian university professor, as an e$ample of a good youth teacher. 4;? 'ho is the man recommended by no less than the PopeE

Carducci became famous through his D.ymn to Satan,9 which begins7 D+y ardent verse is for thee. invoke you, Satan, king of the feast.9 t ends7 D n holiness, incense and vows should ascend to thee, Satan. Jou have defeated %ehovah, the god of the priests.9 4;> t would have been wrong for me to remain silent about these matters. n 4;6;, a Soviet general said to a Catholic priest, 'erenfried van Straaten, D'e are Satan9s elite, but you, are you #od9s eliteE9 'e have seen in this book to what length devil worshippers are willing to go. +ay their dedication to evil be an incentive for us to behave like #od9s electA 8uring the troubles in Poland in 4;<?, one could see mocking inscriptions on the walls7 D+ar$ said, Proletarians of the world, forgive meA9 instead of the usual DProletarians of the world, uniteA9 shuddered when read these words. t is said about Cngels that he repented before his death. There is no such record about +ar$, which means that he consigned himself to hell. n 4;<>, many commemorated the centenary of his death. +ight he have held this same commemoration in hellE 'hile writing this book, have passed many a sleepless night, thinking of what +ar$ must endure viewing in hell the rivers of tears and blood that he has caused to flow. %esus told a story about a rich man in the eternal fire who e$pressed one ardent desire7 his brethren should be warned not to end up in the same place of torment. 8oes +ar$ also have the same desireBthat his followers should be warned not to walk in his foot steps leading to perditionE Are the Polish people right when they have +ar$ say, D ... forgive me9E 8oes he indeed cry out from the fireBas truly believe in my heart of heartsBDSend someone to my house, for have many comrades, that he may testify to them, lest they also come to this place of torment9 /*uke 4=7?5,?<0. The Soviet Communists did an enormous wrong to their cause by disowning Stalin, who had become a popular idol. One can only speculate why they permitted such a reversal of policy, since it was certainly not in their best interest to remove Stalin9s corpse from the mausoleum. *ikewise, the Chinese Communists harmed their own cause by disowning +ao and @ailing his wife. Perhaps in the hidden depths of their souls, Soviet and Chinese Communist leaders have felt what is now the burning desire of their former idols, who too late are remorseful about what

they have done and taught. As for me, love every man, induding +ar$ists and Satanists. f +ar$ and Cngels and +oses .ess were alive today, my most ardent wish would be to bring them to %esus Christ, who alone has the answer to man9s ills and the remedy for his sins. This is my wish for you, the reader. Jou have walked with me through the terrible pages of this book. ,ow urge you to consider carefully your loyalties before it is too late. Abandon Satan and his evil cohorts. .istory proves he is never true to his own. Therefore, choose life and love, and hope, and heaven. +ar$ists and proletarians of the world, unite around %esus ChristA

Marxist 3Christian #heolog%
Crnesto Cardenal is a Catholic priest who is at once a self!avowed Communist and a member of the Communist government of ,icaragua. .e is one of the most prominent e$ponents of so called *iberation Theology, which e$ists within both Catholicism and Protestantism and seeks to blend Christianity with Communism. .ere are a few e$cerpts from his book The >ero Hour7
DA world of perfect Communism is the kingdom of #od on earth. They are the same thing

for me . . . Through the #ospel have arrived at revolution3 not through (arl +ar$, but through Christ. The #ospel caused me to become a +ar$ist . . . have the calling of a poet and prophet . . .9
DCastro told me that the &ualities of a good revolutionist are also the &ualities of a good

priest . . . *et us not forget that the first Christians were the best Christians, i.e., revolutionary and subversive, Christians . . .9 +ar$ism is a fruit of Christianity3 without Christianity, +ar$ism would be impossible3 +ar$ would be unthinkable without the prophets of the Old Testament. Changing the system of production, we can create the new man of the #ospel . . .9
DThe +e$ican %esuit %ose +iranda says in his book Mar: and the 3i'le that the Ten

Commandments are +ar$ist, even the first commandment, to love #od. )or him, to love %ehovah above all means to love @ustice. f the church ever asserted anything else, it was a monstrosity.9
D believe that the Communists, too, belong to the church. believe the true church includes

many who don9t perceive themselves as Christians, even those who consider themselves

atheists. +any of these belong more to the church than some who sit in the 2oman Curia.9
DSince Constantine, the church has always gone to bed with the capital. f Christians and

+ar$ists would read each other9s writings, there would be no conflicts any more between Christians and Socialism . . . t seems to me that worker!priests and revolutionistsBthe most progressive part of the churchBare inspired directly by the .oly #host.9
D)or me the #od of the -ible is also the #od of +ar$ism!*eninism . . . The apostle %ohn

says, S,o one has seen #od.T 'hat the atheist +ar$ists say is very much akin to what Saint %ohn says7 S,o one has seen #od.T9 Another writer &uotes Cardenal as follows7 D am above all a revolutionist and as such fight for a Socialist country which is in the course of passing through a dictatorship of the proletariat, in which surely it cannot show itself feeble toward the enemies of its fatherland, not even in moments when one comes to the point of having to e$ecute men for this purposs.94;6 t is self!evident that a man who thinks like this has no trouble praising the regime in Cuba as a model of liberty. *iberation Theology is not an isolated phenomenon. t is the by!product of a general tendency to synthesise +ar$ism and Christianity3 it is also seen in various forms of compromise in politics, art, econ omics, and so on. Two %ews, -ernstein and Schwart1, composed the musical The Mass for the inauguration of the %ohn (ennedy Centre for the Performing Arts in 'ashington in 4;54. n it, during the singing of the (yrie Cleison, the #loria, and the Credo, a band of singers and dancers howl their doubts7

<od "ade us the 'oss= <od gave us the cross% ,e turned it into a sword To spread the word of the Lord% ,e use his hol# decrees To do whatever we please% Yeah % % % <ive us peace that we don4t $eep on 'rea$ing% <ive us so"ething or we4ll ;ust start ta$ing* ,e4re fed up with #our heavenl# silence* &nd we onl# get action with violence%
The DChristian9 multi!millionaires present at the concert cheered. Their wives, apparelled in slit skirts and decollete bodices, be@ewelled and befurred, @oined in the applause. The music

is now standard repertoire. can understand men like the priest Cardenal. There is a ring of truth in the feeling he e$presses of solidarity with the Communists, who appear to him as champions of the cause of the poorBalways near to the heart of Christians. n the -ible %ob is called a righteous man. .e describes to his dubious friends the programme of his life7 D delivered the poor that cried, and the fatherless, and him that had none to help him . . . was a father to the poor7 and the cause which knew not searched out. And broke the @aws of the wicked, and plucked the spoil out of his teeth9 /%ob ?;74?, 4=, 450. These words could be uttered by any revolutionist. %ob continues7 D8id not weep for him that was in troubleE 'as not my soul grieved for the poorE9 />I7?H0. D f did despise the cause of my manservant or of my maidservan when they contended with me, what then shall do when #od rises upE9 />474>, 460. True believers have always reacted like this. Cardenal9s assertion that Dthe church has always gone to bed with the state9 is untrue. The war of secession in the :.S.A. which led to the abolition of slavery was influenced by the book of a Christian lady, .arriet -eecher Stowe, author of Uncle To"4s Ca'in. She said simply DThe *ord wrote it.9 8uring a Communion service she had a vision of an old slave being beaten to death by a white ruffian. This became the story of :ncle Tom9s flogging. The book was a stick of dynamite driven into the foundations of slavery, which had to disappear. Charles Spurgeon, the greatest -aptist preacher of the last century, was also an ardent fighter against slavery. .e 'rote, D f slavery is not wrong, nothing is wrong.9 'ilberforce, a Christian and a capitalist, caused slavery to be abolished in the -ritish Cmpire long before America9s Civil 'ar. *incoln, also a Christian, issued the Cmancipation Proclamation that freed the slaves in his own country. The Theology of *iberation, which ignores these facts, is widely urged in the Third 'orld. ts theoreticians can call themselves Christian only because of the chaotic thinking prevalent in the church at this moment. According to the Catholic rules, these theo logians should long since have been e$pelled from the church. According to the decree of ?< %uly 4;6;, of the .oly Office, the following categories of Catholics are e$communicated7 'hosoever belongs to the Communist Party3

whosoever makes propaganda for it in any way3 whosoever votes for it and its candidates3 whosoever writes for the Communist press, reads and spreads it3 whosoever remains a member in a Communist organisation3 whosoever confesses the materialistic and anti!Christian teaching of atheist Communism3 whosoever defends and spreads it. This punishment applies also to parties that make common cause with Communism. The revolutionist theologians belong only formally to the Catholic Church, but they have a great influence among believers. n the Orthodo$ churches too, there e$ists a tendency to e$ploit, for the benefit of Communism, the spiritual energies that religion awakens and channels. This will be the purpose of an ecumenical council /the eighth0 for which the Soviet and 2omanian official Orthodo$ churches are preparing. ts principal aim will be to proclaim an earthly paradise. Communism is this paradise, Capitalism its foe. The church no longer waits for the coming of %esus in the clouds of heaven. The triumph of Communism will be e&uated with his coming. This concept e$plains why in 2omania, C1echoslovakia, and other Communist countries the #od hating Communist government pays the clergy. t needs to be said that among both Catholics and Orthodo$, there also e$ist contrary tendencies7 fortunately, there are bishops who fear absorption into earthly pursuits and seek rather a deeper spiritual life. As for Protestants, in hearings before the :.S.A. .ouse Committee on :n!American Activities on ?= )ebruary 4;==, 2ichard Arens, general counsel to the Committee, declared7
DThus far, in the leadership of the ,ational Council of Churches, we have found over 4II

persons in leadership capacity with either Communist!front records or records of services in Communist causes. The aggregate affiliations oof the leadership is in the thousands.9 The 'orld Council of Churches for years has subsidised Communist guerrillas in Africa. The Catholic #ustavo #utierre1 wrote in The Theolog# of Li'eration7 DThe church must place itself s&uarely within the process of revolution.9 The *utheran theologian 8orothee Solle, founder of DChristians for Socialism,9 wrote7 D'e are at the begin ning of a new chapter in Christian history. t will not be written without (arl +ar$.9

These are the facts, open and uncontested, about what is happening in the church universal.

*erfect Communism: 5ingdom of "od on Earth6

Cardenal says, DCommunism and the kingdom of #od are the same thing for me.9 The word DCommunism9 in itself is vague. t is taken to mean only an economic system in which everyone will work according to his abilities and will receive according to his needs. There will be no state, no division of the world into countries, and no social classes, because the means of production will belong to all mankind. Suppose this could be attained7 where is #od in the pictureE 'hy should this be e&uated with the kingdom of #odE A society of unbelievers, even of men who hate and scorn #od, could choose or be forced to live in such a state. Scripture says that when the kingdom is the *ord9s, DAll the ends of the world shall remember and turn unto the *ord7 and all the kindreds of the nations shall worship before him9 /Psalm ??7?50. The kingdom of #od will not be a stateless society. The people of the saints of the +ost .igh will have dominion over it /8aniel 57?50. t is not a kingdom brought about by a political party, but %esus, the Son of +an, shall come into his kingdom /+atthew 4=7?<0. Obviously, there will be none of the evils that plague society now, such as war, famine, pestilence, pollution, social in@ustice, e$ploitation, racism, etc. The kingdom of #od will be one of righteousness, peace, love, @oy, and the right to possess one9s own mansion and garden /%ohn 467?0. )ather Cardenal, who asserts that he is a prophet, must know what his -iblical predecessor +icah said7 D n the last days they shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree.9 /674, 60 The prophet saiah reinforces this idea definitively7 DThey shall not build, and another inhabit3 they shall not plant, and another eat /=H7??0. Thus, Scripture endorses the notion of private ownership. 'hat would perfect Communism look like in realityE Perfection as we humans e$perience it is the ultimate achievement of years of practiceBin the field of sports, music, typing, or skills of any sort. A violinist perfects his performance of a -eethoven concerto by practising his violin. A baseball pitcher achieves success by throwing the ball and refining his techni&ue in intensive effort. A flautist who prac tises his craft does not automatically become a foot ball hero. Perfect Communism, described as economic liber ation, freedom, peace, and @ustice can be attained only through the practice of such policies in the society it hopes to benefit.

Communists have @ailed, tortured, and terrorised hundreds of millions of men for almost seventy years. .ow could such practice result in a @ust, mild, and loving societyE Christian Communism is a utopian nightmare. The theology of revolution is a patent absurdity, a contra diction in terms.
D'hat fellowship has righteousness with unrighteousnessE And what communion has light

with darknessE And what concord has Christ with -elialE Or what part has he that believes with an infidelE9 / Corinthians H74.6, *H0. DJou cannot serve #od and mammon,9 said %esus. Choose you this day whom you will serve.

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