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GSE 7 / 98

APPLICATION INSTRUCTION for online application

Completing your application
To apply 1. Upon created your online application account, kindly proceed to complete the required details as shown at the menu on the left of your online application screen. Any omission of information required in the application or supporting documents will render the application void and should be avoided. Please indicate N.A. or leave the column blank if any section does not apply to you or no information is available. 2. Please complete the entry of required details of your online application in English. 3. If you wish to apply for more than 1 programme, click on Manage Applications from the menu on the left and proceed to Add New Application. 4. You are only required to upload your (1) degree scroll and (2) transcript. If a consolidated transcript is unavailable, you may upload the semesters results slips. The total upload size should not exceed 10MB. To submit your online application(s) 1. After you have completed the required details on the respective menu on the left. 2. Click on Manage Applications. 3. Step 1: Select the application(s) and programme(s) that you want to submit and click on the 'Proceed to Step 2' hyperlink. 4. Step 2: View the instructions/checklist of the selected programme(s). 5. Step 3: The system will perform completeness check of the applied programme(s). 6. Step 4: Once the above steps are completed, you will be prompted to fill up the declaration section. 7. Step 5: Click on the 'Submit' button in the declaration page to complete your submission. 8. Step 6: If you are making an online payment for the application fee(s), please click Payment at the menu on the left. Do remember to print a copy of the receipt and attach it to the Graduate Coursework Application Fee Form when submitting your physical summary form and the required supporting documents to us. To complete the application process after you submitted your application online 1. For each complete application for 1 M.Sc. programme, please print and complete 1 set of each of the following documents : (i) Summary for each of your application(s) and programme(s) which you have submitted online and sign on the printed Summary form to obtain this, please click on Manage Applications and select Summary from your online application for the relevant programme ; & (ii) Acknowledgement slip (click here to download).; & (iii) Graduate Coursework Application Fee Form (click here to download). ; & (iv) Objective of pursuing the course (click here to download). 2. Arrange them in the order as shown in the diagram on page 5. 3. Enclose the required hardcopy supporting documents. All supporting documents submitted in a language other than English must be accompanied by an officially translated and certified copy in the English language. Documents submitted should be A4sized and all envelopes are to be removed (except the Official SEALED transcript if you are submitting it along with this application). Please do NOT file or bind your application documents. Original copies of supporting documents submitted by candidates will not be returned. 4. Arrange to submit/send the physical copies to us not later than 28 August 2013. IMPORTANT NOTES If you are applying for MORE THAN 1 M.Sc. programme The number of forms and supporting documents which you are required to submit :
(Number of M.Sc. programme applied for) x (1 set of your completed Summary form printed from your Online Application) + 1 set of supporting documents)

Acknowledgement Slip (click here to download) Your completed acknowledgement card should be returned to us together with your completed application package. Please print it on A4-sized paper. Once we begin processing your application, the acknowledgement slip will be returned to acknowledge receipt of your application. We will also indicate on the slip for any outstanding documents in support of your admission (if any).

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GSE 7 / 98

Graduate Coursework Application Fee Form (Click here to download the form) Each programme applied for should be accompanied by the payment of an application fee of S$20 (inclusive of 7% GST). Do print a copy of the Graduate Coursework Application Fee form and submit it together with your cheque/bank draft. Cheques and bank drafts must be made payable to National University of Singapore Please refer to the Graduate Coursework Application Fee form for details on payment. Payment by credit card is accepted only for Online applications. If making payment by credit card, please attach your credit card transaction receipt to Graduate Coursework Application Fee Form when submitting your application. TOEFL/IELTS Scoresheets TOEFL/IELTS scores are required for applicants who graduated from universities where English is not the main medium of instruction. For such applicants, a minimum TOEFL score of 600 (paper-based test) or 250 (computer-based test) or 92 (internet-based test) or IELTS result of 6.5 is required in order to be exempted from the Universitys English requirement. Applicants who graduated from English-medium Universities may be required to sit for the TOEFL/IELTS test, at the discretion of the Faculty of Engineering, so as to assess their suitability for university study. Applicants whose TOEFL/IELTS results fall within the following ranges will have to take NUSs Diagnostic English Test upon admission and may be emplaced in English course(s) thereafter: 580 < TOEFL (paper-based test) < 600 237 < TOEFL (computer-based test) < 250 85 < TOEFL (internet-based test) < 92 IELTS = 6.0

IMPORTANT: Applicants who do not submit a satisfactory official TOEFL/IELTS score by the stipulated date will not be considered.

Further Application Requirements & Programme Details Master of Science programmes offered by Faculty of Engineering Applicants are encouraged to also refer to the Application booklet for further details. A copy is available here. Submission of applications Please return the completed forms and supporting documents to: Vice-Dean (Graduate Studies) Graduate Studies Office, Faculty of Engineering Blk EA Level 6 Room 16 National University of Singapore 9 Engineering Drive 1 Singapore 117576

CLOSING DATE (for mailing printout of Summary of online application and supporting documents to NUS) :

28 AUGUST 2013

Please indicate the programme(s) applied, in order of preference, on the bottom left corner of your envelope. If you are sending your application via courier, please state this information in the Description Section of your Consignment Note. Note : We regret that request for change(s) to the application(s) submitted will not be entertained.

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GSE 7 / 98

Enquiries If you need further information, you may browse a copy of our Application Booklet from or contact the following office / staff : APPLICATION / GENERAL INFORMATION Ms S C Cheng Graduate Studies Office Miss Tan Siyun Graduate Studies Office 6516 8301 6516 4488

PROGRAMME DETAILS Prof E T Kang Chemical Engrg Prof K H Tan Civil Engrg / Geotec Prof C C Ko Elect Engrg A/Prof J Z He Environmental Engrg A/Prof Obbard, Hydraulic Engrg & Water Jeffrey Philip Resources Mgt A/Prof K M Ng Industrial & Sys Engrg Dr J S Chen Materials Sci & Engrg A/Prof Kumar A Mechanical Engrg Senthil A/Prof K H Chai Intellectual Property Mgt / Mgt of Tech A/Prof S P Lim Mechatronics Dr W Bai Offshore Tech A/Prof S C Foo Safety, Health & Env Tech A/Prof W T Chan Sys Design & Mgt A/Prof D H Lee Transp Sys & Mgt

6516 2189 6516 2260 65165156 6516 3385 6516 2884 6516 2895 6516 7574 6516 6800 6516 2555 6516 2235 6516 2288 6516 8721 6516 2576 6516 2131 Tel. No.: 6516 5031 6516 4315 6516 4314 6601 2681 6516 5922 6516 2109 6516 5497 6516 8502 6516 5192 6516 5122 6221 8622 Location E5 02-09 E1A 07-03

General Office Contacts for Programmes in : Chem Engrg / Safety, Health & Env Tech Civil Engrg / Geotec Offshore Tech / Transp Sys & Mgt Hydraulic Engrg & Water Resources Mgt Env Engrg Elect Engrg Ind & Sys Engrg Mgt of Tech / Sys Design & Mgt Mat Sci & Engrg Mech Engrg / Mechatronics Intellectual Property Mgt Url:

E1A 02-19 E4 05-45 E1A 06-25 EA 05-34 EA 03-09 EA 07-04 IP Academy

51 Bras Basah Road #06-04, Manulife Centre Spore 189554

Only offered once a year in August.

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GSE 7 / 98

APPLICATION CHECKLIST for online application

Do Remember that for EACH programme you apply, you MUST enclose the following:
(Please tick for documents submitted)
completed Acknowledgement Card (affixed with Spore stamp of 50 cents for local addresses) bank draft / cheque (S$20 for each M.Sc. programme applied for submitted via online application) to be made payable to National University of Singapore / Receipt for online payment of application fee completed Graduate Coursework Application Fee Form completed and signed Summary form printed from your Online Application (1 set required for each M.Sc. programme which you are applying for) to obtain this, please click on Manage Applications and select Summary from your online application for the relevant programme. completed Objective of Pursuing Course (Please print 1 copy for each M.Sc. programme which you are applying for )
Supporting Documents (ONE set in A4 size to be arranged in the following order)

Singapore NRIC or citizenship certificate ( for Singaporeans ) photocopy of the page of your passport bearing the passport number ( for all non Singaporeans) Entry permit ( for Singaporean PRs ) Employment Pass / Work Permit ( for International applicants working in Singapore ) documentary proof of change in name (if you had your name changed and your name in NRIC /Passport is not identical to the name printed in your degree scroll /certificate /university transcript) GCE O level ( for Singaporeans ) or Middle School results or equivalent ( final year ) GCE A level ( for Singaporeans ) or High School results or equivalent ( final year ) Polytechnic results and certificate ( if applicable ) Photocopy of University Transcript / Results Slips ( from 1st year to final / honours year ).
(One original / certified true copy of the transcript of candidates with qualifications other than those from NUS would be requested at the point when the offer of admission is made. This must also be enclosed in an official SEALED envelope with its flap bearing the security seal of the university and the signature of the Registrar or representative and sent DIRECTLY from the issuing University to NUS. )

Degree scroll / Degree certificate (if you are a current student, expected date of completion of degree:___________) a financial statement indicating a total of at least S$15,000 or equivalent ( for International applicants applying for full-time course ) TOEFL scoresheet indicating a min. score of 600 (paper-based test) or 250 (computer-based test) or 92 (internet-based test) or IELTS result of 6.5. Only the internet-based TOEFL and IELTS Academic scores are accepted for NUS-TUD DDP. GRE scoresheet (optional)
For each programme that you apply, please help us to arrange your documents in the following order (by removing all the envelopes for supporting documents) as shown pictorially. Please do not file or bind your application. Thank you for assisting.

Ascending Order

Photocopy of University transcript/results and other supporting documents Acknowledgement Slip Bank Draft / Cheque / Receipt of online payment Graduate Coursework Application Fee Form Objective of Pursuing Course Printout of Summary form of your Online Application

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