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Tim Taylor-Blake District Manager Greater Wessex Complaints Resolution Wynnstay House 121 High Street Cosham Portsmouth

Hampshire PO6 3DR 8TH March 2014 Dear Tim On Tuesday 25th February I took a phone call from a lady at the DWP I am assuming it came from your department anyway she phoned to apologise for the mess coursed in my request to anytime revision and said that a Special Payment would be made, that Special Payment has not materialised and we are a further 2 weeks down the line. I am not sure if that Special Payment was admittance of maladministration or just a payment in light of the length of time the DWP has taken to resolve my just request for an anytime revision, however this has got worse instead of better a lot worse bordering criminality by those who have had a hand in this lawful request as I believe what I am about to say was a wilful act and scandalous of the highest order. I am sure you are well aware of the rules, regulation and law regarding such a request of which I made within the law set by our ministers in public office and made with the upmost integrity however that is not the case of the DWP and its civil servants. I was expecting a decision notice on that request and if it was not a decision I agreed with was at liberty to appeal via a GL24 within time of one month as my request to anytime revision resets the clock to appeal as I am allowed with law to appeal that decision alone and not my claim to ESA your department took away that right by sidestepping due process. What you did do was allow my request to fester on someones desk for a few weeks before sending it straight to HM Courts & Tribunals Service knowing full well it was likely to fail as it was not submitted with the revision notice I should have got as a revision was not undertaken. I really should have had a revision notice before a letter from HMCTS as I had nothing for me to decide my next step to take and HMCTS had nothing on which to decide if an appeal could be allowed and you knew the probability is an appeal would not be allowed because as it stood was out of time and thus the result your department wanted and not what I either wanted or entitled too. Now I have the direct dial phone number for Yvonne Moore as you gave it to me and I could have phoned her to find out what the hell was going on however that is not my style to embarrass her on the phone and goes against my morality so I write to you giving her the opportunity to make amends. I have I am sure you can appreciate I have suffered enough with this abuse it would be mentally draining for the able bodied let alone myself with clinical mental health that causes executive dysfunction indeed I was up all night the day I got that letter from HMCTS pacing the front room in pure frustration and came close to tears that is shameful.

If I had not sought legal opinion on this matter you would have got away with it no doubt and I would be none the wiser. The question now is what urgent steps will you now take to bring this to a swift end? I do not want heads to roll as that would sort nothing but I think the best course of action is to now put me in the Support Group of ESA were I honestly belong pay me the back money I am due from time of award and pay compensation for the maladministration caused. I have however stated in my letter to HMCTS that an appeal should be allowed in light of the facts above however if that is not need you should liaise with HMCTS to see your submittance is cancelled, If an appeal goes ahead what has happened here will be included in my evidence as you have errored in law which would also stand in an upper tier tribunal. I hope a Tribunal in light of the facts will not be needed. Finally please now liaise with Yvonne Moore with a matter of urgency to bring this to a swift conclusion so my suffering ends and that I can get on with my life which I cannot do at the moment with this hanging over my head. Yours Sincerely

Leon Carter