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Mr. Biswas and Mr. Bhowmic Fn3 1. block fabrication? which is d heaviest block? 2. ESP? 3.

Deck foam fire e tin!"ishin! s#stem re!"lation $.%nne 2 ? dischar!e criteria? %&&licabilit# to which shi& '. (ode of intact stabilit# ). 2 #earl# maintenance on co2 total floddin! s#stem *Decider b# mr. biswas +.anne ) latest * EED,...SEEMP....,EE(* Decider b# mr. biswas fn' 1. fre-"enc# of b"sbar maintenance as &er class r"le ? what maintenance will be carried o"t? 2. constr"ctional difference between normal diode and .ener diode....what "s do&in!.....&"r&ise of do&in! 3. circ"it dia!. of me!!ar $. %s 2/E 0 takin! a -"ick ro"nd of e/ " will ens"re all electrical e-"i&ments are ok '. Diesel electric &ro&"lsion ..... how s&eed is controlled fn$ 1. liner bore coolin!.....draw sectional view of bore cooled liner 2. discardin! criteria of &iston rin! 3. %fter facin! ver# ro"!h sea for 2...3 da#s......c/e asks #o" to do crankcase ins&ection in half an hr.....what is the most im&ortant thin! " will check and re&ort one or 2 more -"es. bt i cant recall fn) 1. steerin! !ear h#dra"lic s#stem safeties.....location.....&"r&ose 2. 1 r in dr#dock....." had to carr# o"t h"ll ins&ection....." noticed that at man# locations weld seam has com&letel# to re&air to class satisfaction Mr. Biswas and.Mr.bhowmik. 22.23.2213. F"n.3....1.detail of b"lk carrier safet# code as &er cha&ter 12. 2. 4arba!e new re!"lations. 3. 5ocation of emer!enc# fire &"m& and wh#. $. 6armonised s"rve# and enhance s"rve# &ro!ram.. wh# all cirtificate of '#r validit# dont come "nder harmonised s"rve#. F17 $. 1. Startin! s#stem of 2 stroke en!ine in detail. 2. %ir com&r safet#s and wh#. 6ow the# work. 3. 6ow chain elon!ates and how to ti!hten it.. effects and checks.. $. boiler water test in detail different val"es. F17 '. 1. ,nd"ction motor short circ"it and sin!le &hase &rotections and how the# work. 2. %lternator not started for lon! time and when started volta!e is not showin!. 8h# and "r action. 3. B"sbar ro"tines. $. Droo& . 6ow it works with !ra&h.. F17. ) 1. 6ow to do en!ine room overhead crane load test and checks. 2. %s 2E how " handle tools in en!ine room. 6e want to hear abo"t calibration and cirtificates. 3. 6ow to enter in main sea chest in dr# dock and checks. Some -"estions i for!ot .. , will &ost later.. res"lt. F"n.' &ass.. Biswas and mitra 1+/23/13 F"n 3 1.8ht is lodicator in b"lk carrier ?wht informations its !ive and which t#&e sensor "se and how it9s sense. 2.:e!ardin! ;DS dischar!e and re!"lation 3.shi& has been listed how 2 correct? $.anne 1amendments Biswas ask two more -"es.. 1.:e!ardin! Es& when it is carried .. 2.,SM certificate :es"lt ....&assed

n.) Mr. Biswas and Mr. bha"mik 1< checks on connectin! rod=br!s and bottom end bolts d"rin decarb. 2< checks on stern t"be aft seal in dr# dock.. 3< h#dra"lic &ress"re test on boiler..what checks before startin!..where the h#dra"lic connection do and abo"t the &"m& for &ress"re increase....means all in detal... $< in refer s#stem leaka!e is areas where " will do leaka!e tests.. '< abo"t weldin! e-"i&ments... )< how will " do &late &re&aration before b"tt weldin!...

F"nction * ) Mr. Biswas and Mr. Mitra 1< ME one "nit onl# (#l liner became oval = &robable ca"se = 6w to check in &lace . , told him abt vertical ali!nment . 2< !enerator9s crank &in is !ot oval wat " will do . , told him abt ovalit# limit n then "sin! oilstone for !rindin! = "sin! oversi.e bearin! and reconditionin! . 3< e &ansion tank level !oin! down = reasons = told him coolers and liner crack = then he ask wat to do in case of liner crack . $< how to remove main bearin! lower half of !enerator '< other method of calc"latin! &ower than indicator card = , told him abt >/( :PM = f"el inde = and b# calorific val"e of f"el .

1?* se& 2213 mr. biswas @ mr m"kherAee f"n 3 1< s-"at effect 2< dc& e tin!"isher in details 3< no emmission re!....wh# more in slow s&eed en!ine.. $< &arametric rollin!... '< min no of b"lkheads in a shi&... f"n$ anti &olishin! rin! its fitted in s" and man b@w....dia..... bs&= bis= &s and a few more... critical s&eed how to distin!"ish between 2 stroke and $ stoke en!ine b# lookin! at it e ternall#.....Bwants to hear there will be l.o. de&osits in e ha"st &i&in! of 2 stroke en!ine< f"n ' whats a rela#..... where and wh# it is "sed..... how do " kno if an alkaline batt is char!ed or dischar!ed.......char!e of one cell B he said 1.) C<....... lead acid batter# ........its s& !ravit#......dia of h#drometer........wh# merc"r# at bottom......... t#&es of sin!le &hase motor...... f"n ) com& b"m&in! clearance is ok b"t still &iston strikin! with head.......reasons.... !rease to order........&enetration no....

bottom end bearin! renewal.... how to red"ce the &"rifier startin! &eriod.......

3* se&*2213 mr. biswas and mr. bhatta fn 3 1...... what is resid"al resistance in shi&s h"ll? 2.......what is clear !ro"nd with res&ect to PS( and croee -"estions. 3.......co2 fi ed fire fi!htin! s#stem ' #earl# maintenance. $.......what is h#&othermia? what are the items &resent in life raft? fn $ 1 what is radial dimension of the &iston rin!.what is &ermissible wear down dimensions and how m"ch it sho"ld be for ) "nits )2 bore en!ines. 2 what is &ermissible wear down of the &iston crown and &istton constr"ction 3 oros &iston advanta!es. $ wh# 3 inAectors are "sed in modern en!ines.what are the disadvanta!es for sin!le inAectors and two inAectors. ' fn ' 1 how to test diode? 2 what are the disadvanta!es of ind"ction motor?can we control s&eed of ind"ction motor if #es how? rest cant remember... fn ) 1 how to check that refri!erant is leakin! from the s#stem. 2 what are the &ro&erties of l.o for refri!erant and l.o &ro&erties for stern t"be. 3what is clover leafin!. $how to do. boiler acc"m"lation &ress"re test mr biswas @ m"kherAee.. 1*diff between r"le and re!"lation as &er imo. 2*b"lkhead s"bdivision s&eciall# attainable s"bdivision in detail. 3*torsional bo cons..and how torsion acted "&on the vessel. $*determastic method what it state in detail.. '*co2 bottle &r=di& t"be "se=diff between latent heat and sensible heat related to co2 ..res"ltD*B

13*se&t Biswas sir and bhatta sir 1 8hat is channel bar 2 (entre of flotation/ center of b"#anc# are both same? 3 Fitter workin! on deck 6e A"st colla&se d"e to heat stroke "r action as 2E? $ Foam >#&e &lanation and all &res"res ' Diiffrence between 5ead and alkaline t#&eB, !ave him 3*$ diffrence b"t he want some s&ecific diffrence?< ) how to test ca&acitor + 6ow electrical cables enterin! :efer rooom ? 6ot !as defrostin! 3 s&rin! air and sealin! airBwith di!<

12 1nit of strain 11 Mono 8all and membrane wall 12 Shock absorber maintainance 13 Do !enerator maintainance and ever#thin! biswas and s.k.m"kherAee fn $ 1< two materials "sed onboard for low tem&erat"re &"r&ose.their com&osition=and &lace of "se? 2<$*stroke en!ine connectin! rod , *section ...reasons 3<hi!hlift and im&roved hi!hlift safet# valve constr"ctional difference=f"nction of floatin! rin!. $<what is de*.incification? how to red"ce the &rocess?what metal we can "se to &rotect from de .incification '<what is %P:?f"nction of to fit a&r in c#linder liner...draw dia!ram. biswas what is &l"n!er lift ? from which &osition to which &osition &l"n!er moves?

F17(> 3 1. 6;8 >6E 574 C%P;1: P:ESS1:E ,7 >6E >%7E (;7>:;55ED ,7 F;1: CESSE5 B :E5,G1,F,(%>,;7 P5%7> ,7 DE>%,5 < 2.574 B;,5 ;FF 4%S B1:7,74 B 4%S (;MB1S>,;7 17,> ,7 DE>%,5 < 3.F,HED F,:E F,46>,74 SFS>EM ;7 DE(E F;: 4%S (%::,E:S . $.F,HED F,:E F,46>,74 SFS>EM ;7 DE(E F;: ;,5 >%7EE:S = 8;:E,74 ,7 DE>%,5 . '.(;7>%,7ME7> ;: (;7S>:1(>,;7 ;F 574 (%:4; >%7ES 8,>6 M%>E:,%5 %7D ,7S15%>,;7 1SED %7D >6,(E7ESS ;F P:,M%:F @ SE(;7D%:F B%::,E: %7D ,7S15%>,;7 >6,(E7ESS. ). S>:E74>6,74 P:;C,DED ,7 (;7>%,7E:S S6,PS ...%55 %B;1> >;:S,;7%5 B;H %7D (;7S>:1(>,;7 . + SE8%4E >:E%>ME7> P5%7> (;7S>:1(>,;7= 8;:E,74= D,S(6%:4E :E415%>,;7= (;5,F;:M (;17> = (65;:,7E (;7>E7> = B;D E>(. F17(> $ 1.E5E(>:;7,( F1E5 ,7IE(>,;7 ,7 ME E74,7E = %55 %B;1> F,C% C%5CES. 2. 6;8 %5P6% 51B:,(%>;: FEED ,S (;7>:;55ED F:;M 5;8 >; 6,46 5;%D . 3.DES,47 (6%74ES ,7 P,S>;7 :,74S ,7 5%>ES> M%7 E74,7ES . M%>E:,%5 ;F >6E P,S>;7 :,74= B1>> S6%PE = , >;5D P,S>;7 ,S (;%>ED 8,>6 (E:ME> %51 (;%>,74 6E S%,D ;EEF B1> DE7 6E %SEED 86%> ,S >6E M%>E:,%5 ;F 5,7E: >6E7 = , S%,D 4:EF (%S> ,:;7 6E S%,D 7; . $.:E415%>,;7 F;: >8; :%M >8; (F5,7DE: S>EE:,74 4E%: 86,(6 %55 S6,PS ,> (%7 BE F,>>ED . ,F ;7E ;F >6E (F5,7DE: :%P>1:ES ,7 M,D SE% 86%> 8,55 BE F;1: %(>,;7 >; S>EE: >6E S6,P . '.,7 >6:EE S>%4E >%7D%M P,S>;7 >FPE (;MP:ESS;: 6;8 8,55 F;1 :ED1(E B1MP,74 (5E%:%7(E . F17(>,;7 '

1. S%FE>,ES P:;C,DED F;: F,E5D EH(,>%>,;7 (;,5 ;F %5>E:7%>;:. 2.F;1 6%CE >; ;:DE: % 6;:,J;7>%5 M;>;: = 86%> %55 >6,74S F;1 8,55 ME7>,;7 86,5E ;:DE:,74 B EH(EP> P6%SE=C;5>%4E=P;8E: :%>,74= P6FS,(%5 D,ME7>,;7S = ,74:ESS P:;>E(>,;7 = ,7S15%>,;7 = >FPE = M%EE: < 6E 8%7> $ M;:E >6,74S %P%:> F:;M >6ESE 86,(6 ,S ME7>,;7 ;7 7%MEP5%>E. 3.B%>>E:F >ES>,74 >; (6E(E ,>S P:;PE: F17(>,;7 1S,74 B%>>E:F D,S(6%:4E >ES>. %7D PE:(E7>%4E C;5>%4E D:;P 5,M,> 86,(6 ,S %55;8ED 86,5E D;,74 >6E >ES> . $. 6;8 >; >:F;1> ;CE:(1::E7> >:,P ;7 4E7E:%>;: B:E%EE: . D;ES 7;> 8%7> S,M15%>,;7 >ES> ;: (6%74,74 >6E SE>P;,7> . 6E 4%CE 6,7> ;F (1::E7> >:%7SF;:ME: F:;M 86E:E (1::E7> ,S >%PPED F;: %(>,C%>,;7 ;F ;CE:(1::E7> >:,P (;,5.6;8 >; ,7(:E%SE 6E 8%7>ED >; E7;8? '.86E:E SF7(6:;7;1S M;>;: 1SED ;7 B;%:D %P%:> F:;M 1SED F;: P:;P15S,;7. F17(>,;7 ) 1.8E5D,74 ;F BEDP5%>E (:%(E M%DE ;F (%S> ,:;7 = 86,(6 ME>6;D 1SED? 86%> ,S >6E M%>E:,%5 ;F E5E(>:;DE 1SED? 6E 4%CE 6,7> %B;1> P5%SM% 8E5D,74 >6E7 %SEED 86E:E %55 1SED ;7 B;%:D. 2.6;8 8,55 F;1 ,7(:E%SE >6E >,ME PE:,;D BE>8EE7 >%,5S6%F> S1:CEF B D:FD;(E < 86%> 8,55 F;1 D; ;7B;%:D >; S%>,SFF >6E (5%SS ;: S1:CEF;: >; %55;8 >6,S . 3. F;1: %F> SE%5 5E%E,74 . ;,5 4;,74 >; SE% . F;1 %(>,;7 . $.86%> ,S >6E 5%>ES> ME>6;D >; ME%S1:E >6E S6%F> %5,47ME7>. 6;8 >6E S6%F> ,S %5,47ED? 6E 8%7>ED >; E7;8 %B;1> S6%F> %5,47ME7> C%51E ? '.%F>E: >%E,74 (:%7ES6%F> DEF5E(>,;7 . BF 5;;E,74 %> >6E C%51E 6;8 8,55 F;1 (;7F,:M F;1 6%CE >%EE7 (;::E(> :E%D,74.6E D;ES 7;> 8%7> (:%7ES6%F> DEF5E(>,;7 (1:CE . :ES15> * F17(> 3 P%SS . 2).23.2213 B,S8%S S,: %7D M1EE:IEE S,:= F"ntion $B 1.what is difference between hi!her calorific val"e and lower calorific val"e. %ns. D"rin! comb"stion= h#dro!en from the f"el will reacts with o #!en in air will &rod"ce water alon! with heat= when this water takes heat it becomes steam. ,f it recovers the heat from the steam then it is called hi!her calorific val"e. ,f it not recovers the heat from the steam then it is called lower calorific val"e. 2. what is the f"nction of servo &iston in mechanical*h#dra"lic !overnor? %ns= ,t am&lifies as more &ower from fl#wei!hts movement to o&erate the f"el 3.E ha"st !ases havin! considerabl# less &ress"re than the scaven!e &ress"re even tho"!h how it drives the t"rbine and blower to &rod"ce scaven!e ? %ns= E ha"st !as havin! &ress"re ener!#= kinetic ener!# and enthal&#= these three ener!ies will converts into mechanical ener!#. $. ;ne factor will decide the &ower in the c#linder? %ns. Mass of air= if we send more air into the c#linder we can b"rn more f"el hence more &ower develo&ed. '. 8hat is case*hardenin! and how it is done? %ns. (ase hardenin! is the method to increase the hardness of case. >he &rocess are carb"risin!= nitridin! and c#nidin!= e &lained abo"t carb"risin! and tem&erat"re ?22*322.

mr. biswas @ mr m"kherAee 1.wh# cal val"e is re-"ired?what is cal. val"e?difference between hcv @ lcv? 2. a.c &iston and a.e &iston and it9s rin! &osition differ. wh#? 3.8h# boss and str"t arran!ement tem&. in $*stroke en!ine not allowed to e ceed 222K(? $.wh# v/v lift is d/$ for an# v/v?wh# not d/' or d/3 '.what is com&. ratio ?wh# for 12D1 for lar!e slow s&eed en!ine?the dia&hr ).detail abo"t red"cin! v/v?draw and e &lain it9s workin! &rinci&le?what ha&&ened if r"&t"re dia&hrm +.safet# v/v settin! is ? bar=if v/v o&en at ?bar it remain o&en still ) bar &r. dro&=how it9s &ossible? ?..ero settin! of f.o &/&?wh# it re-d?*********biswas sir.

me& and mek motor !eneral few -"estions were ver# to"!h $ me or i had not heard abt them so there was no disc"ssion so i for!ot few of them rest all Knod"lar cast iron "sed where and how it is made Kknockin! so"nd in crankcase reason and action Kformation of tin o ide K 2 ram 2 c#linder s! o&eration and red"ndanc# how 2 !et =o&eration in eme!c#=r"les for it. K&lasma weldin! done where hi!h &ress"re &i&e to be order =all s&ecification to be !iven for h#dra"lic "se. Khow &ro&eller made =o.21L&roof stress in blades wh#

1?/23/13 Biswas and behra m"kherAee 1. E ha"st &rees"re is less than scaven!emanifold &ress"re b"t how it mana!es to drive t"rbine and &rod"ce more scaven!e &ress"re? 2.Bed&lateconstr"ction and their material? 3.what determines the ht of &iston rin!s from &iston crown? $.viscotherm &rinci&le and its dia!ram? '.wh# 3 inAectors in modern en!ine? ).$ &ro&erties re-"ired for h#drod#namic l"brication? res"lt &ass

Fn3 1.86%> is interim doc. 2.E.s.& 3.vcb lcb=trim $.safet# of navi!ation f"ll cha&ter in details '.re!"lation for 2 ram s/!ear where it is fitted. Fn $ Desi!n factor of * head ber! of b@w n s"!n factor for ali!nment of &ro&eller=tail end shaft=intermediate shaft 3.hi!h &ress &i&e man"fact"rin! &rocess n desi!n factor $.how to avoid cantilever deflection of &ro&eller shaft.what r the desi!n factor Fn ' 1.avr showin! .ero volta!e reason 2.safet# of hi!h volta!e s#stem d"rin! workin! 3.reverse &ower rela# how to o&erate .

$.e citation s#stem for alternator '.m.s.b safet# n re!"lation )..enior diode Fn*) 1.&re&ration before blr safet# valve settin!. 2.r"dder dro& how " check.if dro& increased what " will do.overha"lin! of r"dder carrier ber!. 3.m.e bottom end ber! dama!ed how " r"n the r"n en!ine .no s&are " isloate the en!ine. Biswas sir -"s f"ll details re!ardin! es& r Biswas @ Mr M,>:%% F17 3 1*M,7 71MBE: ;F B/6 :EG1,:ED ,7 S6,P=F;S=;7 86%> %55 F%(>;: F;S DEPE7D. 2*6;8 8,55 1 :ED1(E >6E 5,46>8> ;F % S6,P %> (;7S>:1(>,;7 S>%4E? 3*6;8 >; DE>E(> 7;7 C,S,B5E SM;EE F:M (%:4; 6;5D. $*6;8 >; (;::E(> >6E 6EE5 ;F % S6,P 5,S>ED >; P;:> 12 DE4:EE? F17 $ 1*>:,B;P%( ,7 F155 DE>%,5?S15JE: 8,>6 5;>S ;F (/G 2*86%> ,S S3?BSM%:> S15F1: S8,>(6,74< 8,>6 DE>%,5S? 3*6;8 8,55 1 :ED1(E 7;H=S;H EM,SS,;7 ,7 S15JE: E74,7E 8,>6;1> %DD,74 %7F EH>:% EG1,PME7>M $*6;8 8,55 1 :EP%,: SF7(6:; ,7 >E5EM;>;:? '*%5F% 51B:,(%>;: ,7 DE>%,5 8,>6 5;>S ;F (/G F17' 1*%S %7 27D E74,7EE: 6;8 8,55 1 ;:DE: E5E(>:,(%5 (%B5E (;77E(>,74 %5>E:7%>;: >; B1SB%:.. 2*86%> ,S ;P%M?,>S F17(>,;7 %7D 86E:E ,> ,S 1SED ;7*B;%:D. 3*EHP5%,7 >6E F17(>,;7 ;F P,D (;7>:;5S ,7 E5E(>:;7,( 4;CE:7;:=EHP5%,7 >6E F17(>,;7 ;F 9D9BDE:,C%>,CE< $.6;8 8,55 F;1 ,7(:E%SE >6E P;8E: F%(>;: ;>6E: >6%7 BF 1S,74 (%P%(,>;: B%7E ;: (%P%(,>;:? '*??? F17 ) 1*P:,;: (6E(ES BEF;:E (%::F,74 ;1> B;,5E: S%FE>F C%5CE P:ESS1:E SE>>,74? 2*86%> 8,55 BE 1: %(>,;7 ,F >6E:E ,S % (:%(E N8E5D,74 I;,7> ;F 5;74,>1D,7%5 %7D F%B:,(%>ED BEDP5%>E? 3*S(:E8 P/P (5E%:%7(ES ,7(:E%SE=:E%S;7S=:E(>,F,(%>,;7=;CE:6%15.8,>6 5;>S ;F (/G... :ES> (%7> :E(%55.....

Mr. Ciswas and Mr. B7D f"n. $ 1. S" rta reversin! and draw reversin! linka!e. what ha&&en when tele!ra&h !iven from ahead to astern. 2.wh# to two rin! are thick in S" and not in man b@w. c#linder l"brication s#stem and load de&endent l"brication s#stem.workin! and diff. 3. ,f relief valve in air com&ressor liftin! and closin! ver# soon ca"se and #o"r action. $.last motion cl"tch an!le s" :>%.

'. wh# man!anese =silicon and s"l&h"r are added in iron. f"n ) 1. com&lete blow*down of boiler for s"rve#. draw line dia!ram incl"din! all valve and t#&es. location of manhole. 2. if moister and air in car!o reffer s#stem. how to identif# and remed#. $. wh# crankshaft deflection are taken and how will " know condition of bearin! on deflection data and !iven data for ) "nit. '. holdin! down bolt loose #o"r action.

fn3. 1. what are the new shi&b"ildin! &rocess.. told him. satisfied. asked abo"t advanta!es.. 2. smart s"lf"r switch. answered. satisfied b"t a!ain asked what is the S; emmission limit in e&a.. not satisfied. 3. asked abo"t the anne vi re!"lation. which came in force on 1*1*13 . told him ener!# efficienc# desi!n inde for all new shi&s. how to calc"late. t#&e of file.. satisfied b"t said missin! somethin!.. $. ,4 tri&s onboard. told him 1+ t#&es of tri&s and alarms.. said me one is missin!.. no idea which one. '. seem& satisfied.. fn $. 1. s"!!est an# new idea to increase the efficienc# of main air com&.. "nder seem&. told him abo"t "se of co"nter flow coolers. increase flow. asked abo"t cooler efficienc# told him said ok.. not satisfied. 2. t#&e of l"brication in c#linder liner. &ro&erties of l"bricant.. as soon as i started he told me no ... 3. new t#&e of shi& constr"ction &rocess which eliminates the "se of stiffener in transverse !irder.. what is it.. no cl"e $. didnt remember. fn'. 1. what is differential control. where "sed.. offset. satisfied 2. which electrical com&onent "sed as relief valve . said .ener.. asked me to e &lain.. ok 3. motor !ot wet in sea water how to &"t back in "se. satisfied. $. reactive droo&.. satisfied. '. didn9t remember. fn) 1. bed&late noticed in &ort.. actions. satisfied 2. arc blow. in weldin!. 3.&lasma weldin!. didnt remember the others

iswas and Mitra. F"nction)D 1.(hecks to be carried o"t after a" . en!ine overs&eed? 2.Io"rnal shiftin! in semi b"ilt crankshaft.:eason=effects and remedies. 3.6#dra"lic bracin! constr"ction=workin! and maintenance. $.8indlass brake o&eration and maintenance.

'.Movements of car!o winch and its h#dra"lic lines. ).(#linder 5iner cracked.6ow to &roceed ashore? 3 se& Biswas and bhattachar#a Fn 3 1. Portable co2 fire e tin!"isher bottle &ress"re test interval 2. B"lkhead stiffeninf in dee& 3. 7e!ative a&& sli& $. ,f a small mass and a bi! mass is added to the vcb what will ha&&en to the vcb and wh#9 not satisfied '. ?? Fn $ 1. Mc and mcc diff. 2 anealin! and! 3. % il dam&er workin! $. 4"a!e !lass black an silver# wh# '. (at fins where from it comes and how to remove Fn ) 1. 6ow to know f"el && shock absorber workin! or not 2. :etfer leak test= wh# halide torch not "sed 3. Main bearin! removal $. 6& in refer s#stem '. 8ater mist catcher. 8orkin! (an9t satisf# him "& to the mark so !ot onl# fn $ Fn$ 1. ,ntelli!ent en!ines defination..rtfle en!ine feat"res in details. 2.c#linder l"brication in rtfle ..rnd and man b@w en! l"bricator 3.reasons for aircom&ressor takin! more time in fillin! airbottle. $.reasons for frostin! in crankcase of refer com&ressor. '. 5"brication of all bearin!s in man b@w en!ines. :es"lt..&ass...

2/23/2213 sarkar sir @ Biswas sir f"n ) *after t/c o/h how will #o" ins"re that it is &ro&erl# bo "& in detail abt thr"st bearin! how thr"st is taken *rotar# vane s/! dia!ram @ show all clr *c/c ins& in detail *fo db tk sw in!ress reasons clr cl*2 than to all !ro"& member who &osted there -"

3/3/13 bhattachar#a

1= >railin! ed!e and leadin! ed!e of &ro&eller what r the#? 2= what will" do if shi& is heavil# list on one side? 3= &"r&ose of ,SM. f"n $ 1= tie rod tension checkin! &rced"re? 2= location of chocke? 3=E h tem& of all "nit hi!h wat action will " take and wat r the reasons? $= workin! of "nloader in refri!eration? '=&roced"re of l"be oil char!in! in ac com&? f"n' 1= how cable &asses in ref room? 2= &"r&ose of &rovidin! f"se and over c"rrent tri& on same circ"it? 3= &"r&ose of no volta!e coil? $=diffrence between lead acid and alkaline batter# '=s"l&ration in lead acid batter# all the -"estion was eas# b"t co"ldn9t answer "& to the mark so i don9t !et an# f"nction r.B7D @ Biswas. 1.>ierod ti!htenin! &roced"re.*M%7 B@8 and S15JE: =check ti!htenin! &roced"re= conse-"ences of ti!htenin!. 6ow can " find tierod loose or ti!ht in o&eration 2. ME >/( overha"lin! and all clearences of inboard t/c. 3. boiler com&lete blowdown &roced"re. and all blowdown valves s&ecification. $. %E f"el &"m& timin! and adA"stment. '. Pro&eller fittin! &roced"re and &"sh"& chart. :es"ltD Pass. (lass*2 all cleared.>hank#o" all !"#s for "&loadin! -"estions re!"larl#. i have &assed beca"se of #o" !"#s onl#.facebook .indabad

r. Biswas sir and B 7 D sir f"n 3 1. life raft arran!ement.wh# life raft is not stored vertical or arthwart direction... 2. water doors no. and its re!"lation . water ti!ht door in ro ro shi&... 3. &rod"ct tanker tk coatin! = method of &rotectin! the tk.... $. !arba!e mana!ement &lan= what is new in new !arba!e mana!ement &lan.... '. (;2 2='=12= #ear maintenance.... res"lt &ass

3/23 Mr bhattachar#a and Mr biswas f"n $ and ) 1. to&land &iston advanta!e 2. mc and mcc en!ine difference 3. wh# ref va& enter crankcase first. $. li& clr in boiler .if less or more an# related &roblem.draw v/v '. nitridin! and c#anidin!. ). o # anal#ser calibration. +. e ha"st v/v leakin! .action &ilot on board. ?. hot !as deforstin! in refr

3. l"brication in steerin! !ear two more -"estion , will &ost later res"lt cleared both f"nc and class 2 thanks !ro"& member for &ostin! -"es .

13/3 Mr bhattachar#a and mr biswas. Fn $b. 1.diff btwn mcc/mc en!n atlst 12&oints 2.Sft# hd in ref com& 3.:eleif vlve in st! !ear $.Pr&se of orifice in scaven!e vent '.P"nct"re velve f"nctn wrkn! &rnc&l ).4ra&hatisation 3th se&. Biswas nd bhattachar#a. F"nc. 3=$='@). 3D 1 8hat is statical stabilit#.. draw the c"rve.. all details.. 2 ,nclinin! e &eriment.. ever#thin! 3 Port state control.. clear !ro"nds.. $ 8hat is b"lb &late.. where fitted in shi&.. ' (o2 installation.. ' #earl# maintenance.. ) ;d&= !w&.. ever#thin!.. od& of which cfc is 1.. wh#.. re!"lation 12 of anne ).. etc.. $D 1 ;vers&eed tri& of mc en!ine.. o&eration.. set N what val"e.. 2 Mean &iston s&eed.. how to calc"late.. 3 (hain elon!ation.. when condemned.. chain &itch.. val"e.. ti!htenin! &roced"re.. $ 8ater cooled f"rnace.. wh# "sed in recent boilers.. ' Dr#ness fraction of refri!erant.. form"la nd how calc"lated.. ) 8h# t/c fitted with diff"ser bt not sw &/& altho"!h both are centrif"!al machines.. 'D 1 8h# ac &ass thr" ca&acitor bt not dc.. 2 8hat is a reactor.. 3 :everse &ower tri&.. sim"lation.. volta!e nd c"rrent coil.. what are the#.. $ 6ow to test a diode.. .ener diode.. ever#thin!.. ' 6ow to distin!"ish between alternators for diesel en!ine &rime movers nd t"rbines.. )D 1 6ow to reset overs&eed tri&.. what is act"all# ha&&enin!.. 2 Micrometer lc calc"lation.. 3 D"ctilit# nd malleabilit#.. s&ecific e am&les of each.. $ :eamer.. t#&es nd how to distin!"ish.. ' (annot remember.. will &ost if i do..

Mr biswas @ mithra $b 1. ME E ha"st !as sensor how to check/ calibrated 2. ME bed&late crack near main bearin! .in &ort what action #o" take

3. B@8 crosshead l"b and s" %nd diffic"lties in l"brication $. Screw or centrif"!al &"m& for Main l"b oil? 8hich one #o" &riffer '. S/4 h#d telemotor b#&ass valve o&eration

Mr. Biswas @ Mr. Sarkar 12/23/2213 Fn 3 1. 8hat is mana!ement review with res&ect to ,SM ? ,n details 2. 8hat is ha"se &i&e? 6ow it is constr"cted ? 3. Man overboard * #o"r action B %s &er conti!enc# &lan <? 8hat is M;B ? 6ow it f"nctions ? $. Fo"r im&ortant doc"ments re-"ired dr#dock . 8h# dockin! &lan and shell e &ansion &lan re-"ired . '.8hat is C;( and all re!"lations as &er Mar&ol re!ardin! it ). 8hat is 5:,> and its &"r&ose ? 8h# re-"ired if other e-"i&ment like 4MDSS alread# &resent ? Fn $ 1. 8hat is defrostin! ? 6ow electric heaters &laced ? 8hat ha&&ens d"rin! defrostin! * ste& wise . 2. 8hat is chocks ? 6ow it dam&ens vibration ? 3. (#linder l"b oil &ro&erties * in details $. 8hat is tie rod ? in details '.M%7 ME en!ines in details . %ll abo"t it Fn ) 1.8hat checks #o" will carr# o"t in %/E crank &in?8here are chances of crack in crank &in ? 6ow crank shaft is made ? 2.Press"re settin! of boiler safet# valve. ,n details . 6ow m"ch is s&rin! com&ressed while !a!!in! ? 3.6ow >/( t"rbine blades attached to rotor ? 6ow to take o"t one defective t"rbine blade ? $. ????? :es"lt D (leared Fn 3 @ Fn $ Mr Biswas @ Mr Sarkar Fn*3 1. E>% in tankers? E-"i&ments of E>% @ how the# are stren!thened? 2. (;2 all checks. ,f one bottle wei!ht lost b# $2L= what to do? can we "se the (;2 s#stem? 3. 8ho carr# o"t internal safet# a"dit= fre-"enc#? 8hat all thin!s to kee& read# for internal a"dit? 8hat all thin!s a"ditor ma# check? $. 6ow to increase &ro&eller efficienc#? '. %ll abo"t shi& shore drill? * this one b# mr biswas S&ecial thanks to %llah= finall# clrd cl*2

1.(;2 SFS>EM %55 S%FE>F F,>>,74S @ %5%:MS. 2.86%> ,S B;8S,74 >%(E5E @ >:,(,74 PE7DE7> ,7 5,FE B;%>? B;%>

5;8E:,74 P:;(ESS? 3. %55 DE>%,5S ;F (;8 SFS>EM. 86F ,> ,S D;7E? $. 86%> (;7>,71;1S FEED SFS>EM @ B%>(6 SFS>EM ,7 ,7(,7E:%>;:? 86%> M%>E:,%5S %:E %55;8ED @ 86%> 7;> %55;8ED? '. 86E7 P:E8%S6 ;F (%>E4;:F * J ,S (%::,ED ;1> @ 6;8 (%::,ED ;1>? 86%> ,S >6E D,S(6%:4E (:,>E:,% %F>E: P:E8%S6?

orals 3/3/13 mr. biswas and mr. mitra fn 3. 1. ,;PP certificate and E,;PP certificate %nne 1 dischar!e criteria. 2. so emission. what is the limit on so not s"l&h"r content in the f"el b"t limit for the so that is emitted. how to control. 3. fire &"m& re!"lation. $. fire detection in the car!o hold of b"lk carrier.

Mr Biswas @ Mr sarkar 12/23/13 Fn $ 1. &rovisions in e ha"st valve of main en!ine to avoid overheatin! 2. how will " take o"t main bearin! of main en!ine for ins& &roced"re. 3. #o" o&ened "& !enerator en!ine for ins&ection.." fo"nd dee& scorin! on crank & to re&air..he asked what has to be done to rectif#.." ma# !et shore assistance also.. $. how do " classif# refri!erants as their effect on environment..he wanted to listen abo"t cfc=hcfc=and hfc...and their order for de&letin! &otential and !lobal warmin! &otential '.what is cree&..&art of main en!ine "nder!oin! cree&...other than t"rbine blade. res"lt*&ass Mr Biswas n Mr Sarkar Fn 3 1< Fittn! arn!mnt of strnt"be liner. 2< 6w s"&&er str"ct"re Aoinin! with iron b"lkhead? claddin! material and no. of la#er in it.? 3< a&art co2 s#s= latest fire fi!htin! s#s introd"ce. 8orkin! of h#&ermist s#tem? 6ow it &rod"ce fine s&ra#? 8h# not s&rinkler s#s "sed in E/:? $< for!et sr# '< >ell abt ,SM Mana!mnt carried o"t onboard. B Biswas< )< ,nterim %"dit= time &eriod n related book. B Biswas< he didnot satisfied with m# ans. Fn $ 1< # do we need fo"ndation chock in a" en! n M/E othr dn vibration related ans. (hocks material. 2< %fter finishin! crankshaft deflection= what will #o" do? B crankshaft deflection c"rve draw? ,s for vertical deflection n hori.ontal deflection se&rate c"rve?< 3< 6w man# clearnces #o" take in cross head bearin!? Draw? Show !"ide shoe n !"ide clearnce in se&arate draw clearl#? B aftr three clearnces n ovalit# he asked for one more clearnce< $< 6w man# fa"lts occ"rin! in bearin!s? 8hat is &ittin! n hw does occ"r related to bearin!? :easn for fatti!"e fail"re.? Fn ' 1< D.;.5 draw n &lain? 2< hw do " come to kno abt earth fa"lt in "r shi&? 6w do " rectif# it?

3< what do " "nderstnd b# dead front switch board? ,s all switch board dead front t#&e? $< wh# &.f im&rtnt for com&n#? 6w can " im&rove &.f? '< as 2/E cm&n# send #o" to check battr# s#s on shi&. 6w will #o" check? B askin! abt batter# life< on volt!e dro& test cross -snd. Fn ) 1< e &lain abt shaft seal arn!mnt s#s? F com&ress air s#s !iven in strn t"be seal arn!mnt? ,f seal leakin! what ste&s will " take? ,f leak!e not arsted= whthr " want to sea water come inside or oil leak to sea? 6w man# seal headr tk? 8h# this arn!mnt? B on two "&r lower seal headr tank< 2< S#s for h"ll crosion &rotection? (ross -stn on ,((P s#s= hw will " kno that ,((P wrkin! &ro&erl#? 6w m"ch volt it &rod"ce? 3< 4as c"ttin! for iron = thn what will " "se al"mini"m sheet c"ttin!? $< &ro&eller c"rve

mr.biswas @ mr.sarkar 12/23/13 fn$ 1.C,>=how barrel is movin! "& and down=arran!ement for same=how it red"ces sfoc? advanta!es of it. thermod#namic &ro&erties of a refri!erant.Bmoderate condensin! &ress"re and hi!h latent heat of va&orisation he wants to hear< 3.after &iston and c#linder head removal=what all to check on liner? $.#o" have Aoined an old vessel where !enerator is "nable to take more than '22kw load=he sa# there ma#be inn"merable reasons=tell me the first chek.Bdroo& settin!< fn) 1.s" f"el &"m& 2 settin! 2.&ro&eller fittin!=how to ens"re Aob done is satisfactor#?B&"sh "& distance/tem&erat"re correction/!ra&h of &ress"re a!ainst friction coefficient< 3.e ha"st valve !rindin!=what is the limit when " will scra& the valve? Fn.$ 1< what is the &"r&ose of C,>= s"&er C,>= difference= what is their ran!e? wh# onl# above )'LM(:? 2< Difference in :> Fle and other S" en!ines. what are intelli!ent en!ines? 3< c#linder l"brication in S" en!ines. $< 6ow a shi&s steerin! ca&abilit# s&eedil# re!ained= if one of its :%M9s c#linder develo&s a crack? '< &"r&ose of e-"alisin! line in refri!eration. Fn.) 1< what action to take if transverse !irder of main en!ine is fo"nd cracked d"rin! ins&ection? 2< material of l"b oil &i&in! of steerin! !ear. 3< what is the material of &iston rin!= if liner is chrome &lated? $< where is m"ltista!e centrif"!al &"m& "sed in en!ine room? and what is arran!ement to take a ial thr"st? '< there are e cessive vibrations in en!ine= chief en!ine asks #o" to check= what all thin!s will #o" check? and how? ................... failed both= &l.. dont ask $ answersO

oral 23 Se&t 2213 mitra fn..) dr#dock leaka!e from aft seal and no s&are seal avaible from shore also..wat is done to sto& leaka!e. 2.liner is worn o"t in fwd*aft direction wat will be the effect and wat will #o" do? 3.steerin! !ear leaka!e of oil from !land &ackin! of rams to sto& leaka!e at sea? $.r"dder carrier bearin! worn o"t ?what will #o" do to rectif# it ? '. main en!ine bottom end bearin! worn o"t badl# and it cant be "se and no s&are bearin! available =what will #o" do ? res"ltD&ass cleared class 2

M.E bottom end bearin! worn o"t badl# and no s&are? %ns...c"t o"t the "nit.first lift the f"el &"m& &l"n!er roller from the cam with tool rotatin! 1?2de!ree .check clearance 2.' mm..then lock the crosshead with bars or tool.then remove bottom end bearin! assembl# and sl"n! the connectin! rod to the side &late .r"n en!ine on low load.he sto&&ed me and &"t tick mark and said "r oral is finished. Devi Prasad Das biswas and M"kherAee sir fn $ and ) 1.difference between im&roved hi!h lift and hi!h lift safet# valve 2.what is featherin! 3.fati!"e what are the what chan!es are made in crankshaft to red"ce fati!"e he was satisfied with half other half he was nt answer is in lamb $.what is brown smoke ans colo"r of no emission when it is hi!h L '.what is cree& ans from saif tole he was satisfied ).what is critical s&eed ans.when when am&lit"de of vibration d"e to firin! resembles the tortional vibration am&lit"de resonance occ"r the s&eed is critical s&eed +.details abo"t liner ribs bendin! stress and bore coolin! satisfied ?.wh# we don9t "se waste lo alnon! with fo for comb"stion he was not satisfied with m# answer , !ave '*) reason b"t he said the main &oint is missin! 3.what is the reason for the wear rin! to wear down ans was satisfied 12.what does a com&ensatin! needle in h#dra"lic !overnor do ans it controls the flow of h#dra"lic oil 11.what is hcv/lcv will #o" come to know that !"ide and needle valve clearance has increased 13.wh# the cross section of $ stroke con rod is , and 2 stoke is o 1$.wh# the eff of med s&eed tc is hi!her than hi!h s&eed and low s&eed f"n $ cleared

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