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Annual Horoscopy of Jyotish By Sanjay Rath and P.V.R.

Narasimha Rao
Annual Horoscopy
The Tajika System of annual horoscopy employs a chart cast for every year of life based on the solar return (i.e. sun s return to its natal sidereal position). Many scholars of history and Vedic Studies have held a view that this system is primarily not Vedic Astrolo y and mi ht be a borrowed feature from !avanas or Tajikas" who interacted with #ndian scholars. $otwithstandin the peculiar yo a s like #%%as&la" 'asar&pha etc nor divisional charts like A(%&msa ()*+) etc" which are not a part of ,arasaras available teachin s" outstandin scholars like $eelakantha and )r. -aman set a precedent by acceptin the Tajaka system as a branch of Vedic astrolo y. .owever" the solar calendar has been widely followed in #ndia only since Varahamihira started Vikrama Saka. #ndia had been followin the Vedic luni*solar calendar for millennia. /hen Maharshis like Valmiki and Vyasa mentioned the timin of events in epics like -amayana and Mahabharata" they identified events only by the tithis. #t maybe interestin to note that traditional .indus celebrate their birth days (called 0ayanti or 0anma tithi) on the Vedic date (Tithi) of the luni*solar calendar instead of the date of Suns return. All festivals (e1cept for Sankrantis) commemoratin the birthdays of deities" 2urus etc are also based on the luni*solar calendar of Tithi. 3or e1ample" .indus celebrate 4ord -ama s birthday on the Sukla $avami Tithi of 5haitra month every year and 4ord 6rishnas birthday on the 6rishna Ashtami Tithi of Sravana month. #f birthday as per the luni*solar calendar is more important than birthday as per the solar calendar" why do we cast a chart for Varsha pravesha (commencement of a new year) based on birthday as per the solar calendar7 )oes it not make sense to cast a chart for the commencement of a new year based on birthday as per the luni*solar calendar of tithis7 #n fact" not only does it make sense" but the techni8ue of annual horoscopy usin the luni*solar calendar is one of the most reliable techni8ues and hence a uarded secret tau ht by tradition for fine predictions.

Tithi is the Vedic date of the luni*solar calendar and is a measure of the an ular displacement of Moon from Sun. #t is known that the period between two consecutive full moons (i.e. e1act 9+:: displacement of the Moon from the Sun) is about ;<.= civil days. The total movement of >?:: of the an le between the 4uminaries in transit in a month was divided by >: to obtain a measure of 9;: called Tithi (luni*solar day). Tithi is the period in which the an ular displacement of Moon from Sun increases by e1actly 9;@. There are fifteen tithis (9= 1 9;: A9+::) in the wa1in phase (Sukla paksha) and fifteen tithis is the wanin phase (6rishna paksha). The displacement an le A 4on itude of Moon lon itude of sun. /hen this an le is divided by 9;@" we et an inde1 to the tithi" startin from Sukla ,ratipat.

The Luminaries
A child is a product of both parents and the importance of the Moon" even over the Sun in the determination of fortune is a well established aspect of Vedic Astrolo y. The tripod of life is the ascendant (body)" Sun (soul) and Moon (mind). #n another sense" these are self (4a na)" 3ather (Sun) and Mother (Moon). #t is but natural that a better definition of the moment of birth would be the an ular displacement of the Moon from Sun" instead of just the natal Sun position. This is the 0anma Tithi. /e should be e8ually careful to ensure that such a definition does not dilute the importance of the sun as it is the representative of the real selfBthe soul. 3or this purpose Maharshis have defined the twelve sunsi ns (or simply si ns of the Codiac) called )wadasa Aditya. These define the boundaries within which the Suns placement causes it to have the specific form of a deva and a 0yotirlin a. Thus the lon itude of Sun in a si n is not as relevant as its placement in the very si n itself and this fact is taken as an anchor for drawin the annual charts. As the soul is the anchor of our e1istence" Suns transit in its natal si n si nifies the fi urative re*establishment of this anchor" i.e. a new be innin (#n fact" it is because of this re*establishment of anchor that marria e is prohibited in the solar month of birth). Such an anchora e would be meanin less without a consideration of the Mind the emotions" sustenance and fruits of e1istence. Thus includin the Moons an ular return alon with the annual solar natal si n anchora e defines the astrolo ical 0anma Tithi return. Thou h birthday as per the luni*solar calendar is traditionally celebrated when janma tithi returns in the same lunar month (which is identified based on the si ns occupied by Sun and Moon at the be innin of the month)" this definition was probably adopted for ease in civil usa e. The most astrolo ically acceptable definition is based on janma tithi and sunsi n (sunsi n at janma tithi return and not sunsi n at the be innin of the month). This is the most perfect method for definin the moment that is the closest in emulatin the moment of birth. .ence" this is the truest astrolo ical birthday or rather birth moment.

Tithi Pravesha Chakra

As outlined above" the definition of the annual birth moment is the moment when Sun transits its natal si n and the Moon is at the e1act displacement an le from Sun (de rees" minutes D seconds) as at birth. ,ravesha means entry or return and Tithi ,ravesha 5hakra is the chart drawn for the birth moment of Tithi return every year. #f the an le from Sun to Moon matches that in the natal chart" it means that the Tithi runnin is the same as birth Tithi and also the fraction of Tithi remainin is the same as at birth. #f someone was born with Sun in Aries on 5haitra Sukla $avami with ;=E of the Tithi remainin " the natives astrolo ical luni*solar new year will commence every year when Sun is in Aries and Sukla $avami is runnin with ;=E of the Tithi remainin . A chart cast for this moment for the lon itude and latitude of the birthplace irrespective of where the native is currently livin will throw li ht on the events durin the comin year. This chart is called FTithi ,raveshaF (T,) chart.

Example of Casting Example 1: Let us consider the chart of ndias Late Prime !inister !rs" ndira #andhi"
Girth dataH 9<th $ovember 9<9I" ;>H:>H:: (#ST)" +9 ' =;J" ;= $ ;+J

#t may be noticed that natal Sun is in Scorpio. At the time of her birth" 6artika Sukla Shashthi Tithi was runnin and ++.9=E of the Tithi was left. 4et us consider the annual T, chart of 9<I?*II. .er luni*solar birthday came on ;?th $ovember 9<I?. Sun was in Scorpio on that day and 6artika Sukla Shashthi Tithi was runnin . At <H>KH:I am" ++.9=E of the Tithi was left. #n other words" the displacement an le from Sun to Moon at that time matched that at Mrs. 2andhi s birth. #n her natal chart" Sun was at KL IJ ><.K=J in Scorpio and Moon was at =L >;J =I.+?J in 5apricorn. The displacement an le from Sun to Moon was ?9L ;=J 9+.K9J. At the time of Tithi pravesha in 9<I?" Sun was at 9:L >:J 99.=+J in Scorpio and Moon was at 99L ==J ;<.<<J in 5apricorn. The displacement an le from Sun to Moon was a ain ?9L ;=J 9+.K9J. This matches the displacement an le at birth. Annual T, )ataH ;?th $ovember 9<I?" <H>KH:I (#ST)" +9 ' =;J" ;= $ ;+J Mne can cast a chart for the above data and draw conclusions about the events in the year. Nse of /eekday" 4a na and .ora The annual chart is interpreted just like the natal chart" but there are some special considerationsH (9) /eekdayH Take the ruler of the weekday runnin at the commencement of $ew !ear. #f he is a benefic with respect to natal 4a na" it will be a favorable year. #f he is a malefic with respect to natal 4a na" it will be an unfavorable year. (;) 4a naH Take the si n occupied by 4a na in the annual chart. #f it is a 8uadrant or a trine from natal 4a na" the year will brin the fruits of ood actions of the past" i.e. it will be a favorable year. #f it is a )usthana from natal 4a na" the year will brin the results of evil actions of the past" i.e. it will be a year of obstacles. (>) .oraH Take the ruler of the .ora (hour) runnin at the commencement of $ew !ear. This planet will be the most important planet durin the year" even more important than 4a na lord. The houses owned and occupied by this planet will set the tone for the main events of the year. The stren th" placement and yo as of this planet will have a tremendous impact on the main events of the year. #n addition" all the principles applicable in natal horoscopy will apply in annual horoscopy.

Example $: Let us examine the 1%&'(&& annual chart found in Example 1 )Chart 1*"
The weekday on ;?th $ovember 9<I? was 3riday. #ts lord Venus is a functional malefic for Mrs. 2andhis natal 4a na (5ancer). So it indicates an unfavorable year. 4a na in the annual chart is in Sa ittarius" which is a )usthana from natal 4a na. #t shows stru le durin the year. Saturn .ora was runnin at <H>KH:? am on ;?th $ovember 9<I?. So Saturn is the most important planet durin the year. .e is a functional malefic with respect to Sa ittarius 4a na and occupies the +th house. This shows that the main theme of the year will be disappointments and fall (+th). Mrs. 2andhi indeed e1perienced misfortune durin the year and her party was ousted from power in the 2eneral 'lections of 9<II. #n addition to the above points" one may note that 4a na lord is in a )usthana. A functional malefic afflicts 4a na. The <th and 9:th lords are in the 9;th house of losses" showin a loss of fortune. Mne may contrast this annual chart with the annual charts of 9<??*?I and 9<I:*I9" when her party won elections emphatically.

Example +: Annual chart of 1%''('&, -hen !rs" #andhi -on an election

The weekday was Thursday. 0upiter owns ?th and <th from natal 5ancer 4a na and is considered a functional benefic. 4a na of the annual chart is in the 99th house from natal 4a na and shows ains durin the year. 4a na lord" Kth lord and =th lord form unblemished raja yo a within a ;*de ree arc in the Ith house and aspect 4a na to ether. This e1cellent raja yo a promises much success durin the year. Mercury is a functional beneficO he owns the =th house of powerO and" he takes part in this raja yo a. .is .ora was runnin at 9IH:+H;9 on 9Ith $ovember 9<??. Thus the year is likely to brin power and authority (=th" Ith and raja yo a).

Example .: Annual chart of 1%&/(&1, -hen !rs" #andhi -on another election
The weekday was Thursday a ain. 4a na in the annual chart is the same as in natal 4a na. This shows favorable developments and a fresh and powerful new be innin . .ora at the commencement of the $ew !ear belon ed to Mars. .e is a !o akaraka for 5ancer 4a na and takes part in a raja yo a that involves Kth" =th" <th and 9:th lords. A ain" the stren th and !o as of the most important planet of the year su ests power and authority in the $ew !ear. As Mars owns =th and 9:th" power and career are the main theme of the year. Moons aspect on 4a na indicates mass support.

Example 0: Annual chart of $//1(/$ for the nation of Pakistan 1 2irth data: August 1%.&, /://:/1 ) 3T*, '& E +4, $. 5 0$4
Annual T, )ataH 9?th Au ust ;::9" 9=H;IH:: (#ST)" ?I ' >J" ;K $ =;J Scorpio rises in the annual chart and it is the +th house from ,akistans natal 4a na (Aries). This shows that results of the evil actions of the past will have to be e1perienced" i.e. it shows a year of obstacles. #n addition" one may note that that the +th house of the annual chart is occupied by K planets" includin two key marakas ;nd and Ith lords. Moon and -ahu are also in the +th house. This also confirms a year of obstacles" tension" frustration" sudden chan es and reversals. .owever" 4a na lord Mars is in 4a na and hence 4a na is powerful. Moreover" Mars .ora was runnin at the time of the chart and hence Mars is the most important planet of the chart. .e sets the theme of the year. As Mars owns and occupies 4a na" this is a year of a fresh and bold new be innin . Mverall" this is a year in which ,akistan has to o throu h the pain of payin for past mistakes and make a fresh and bold new be innin amid turmoil and frustration. )urin this year" the nation of ,akistan had to desert their friends in Af hanistan and unwillin ly support the international war a ainst terrorism" in the backdrop of unrest and revolt within the militant reli ious circles of ,akistan. ,akistan s laudable

attempts to curb e1tremism and return to the mainstream international polity as a pro ressive society are takin shape very slowly. Gecause of the stren th of Mars" 2eneral Musharraf s position has only improved despite speculations about challen es to his leadership. /hile the stren th of la na and hora lord shows an auspicious new be innin " the stren th of the +th house and the placement of T, la na from natal la na clearly show that this happens in the backdrop of past mistakes that brin immense sufferin .

Example ': A native -ho stood first in his state )AP* in intermediate )higher secondary school* examinations -ith a record score in !ay 1%6&1 2irth data: .th April 1%&/, 1&:.& ) 3T*, 61 E 64, 1' 5 1/4
Annual T, )ata (9<+I*++)H ;+th March 9<+I" :H>9H9= (#ST)" +9 ' +J" 9? $ 9:J /eekday was 3riday (noteH weekday of 0yotish chan es at sunrise and not at midni ht). Venus is a functional benefic with respect to the natal 4a na (Vir o). This shows favorable events. Sa ittarius rises in the annual chart and it is the Kth house from natal 4a na. This bein a 8uadrant" favorable results are indicated. The fruits of the native s past learnin (Kth) will be e1perienced in the year. 4a na lord 0upiter also happens to be the .ora lord. Thus 0upiter is the most important planet durin the year and he sets the tone and tenor for the year. As he owns 4a na and Kth and occupies Kth" ood results related to education are to be e1pected. As 0upiter conjoins <th lord Sun within >= arc*min" there is a powerful raja yo a between 0upiter and Sun. This raja yo a brin s fortune in education and e1plains why academic success was the main theme of the year. Nsually" whenever the .ora lord or the 4a na lord is involved in a ood yo a in a Tithi ,ravesha chart" very favorable results related to the houses involved will be e1perienced in the year. Mn the contrary" whenever the .ora lord or the 4a na lord is badly placed in a Tithi ,ravesha chart" the year will be disappointin .

A 7ine 3ystem
As these e1amples may have demonstrated" Tithi ,ravesha is a very sophisticated" and yet simple" techni8ue of 0yotish that enables us to 8uickly see the main events of a year without much ado. Mne can et an accurate bi picture without hairsplittin with complicated techni8ues. #t is simply an amaCin techni8ue. .owever" Tithi ,ravesha is not just about ettin the bi picture easily. There is much more to it than what has been seen so far. As mentioned earlier" all the techni8ues applicable in natal horoscopy are applicable in Tithi ,ravesha. Several techni8ues like divisional charts and Ashtakavar a can be considered for finer readin s of Tithi ,ravesha charts. 3or fine timin of events within a iven year" we even have a special dasa that oes to ether with Tithi ,ravesha charts. /ith the blessin s of Maharshis" more aspects of the Tithi ,ravesha system tau ht by our tradition are planned to be covered in the comin few issues of 0yotish )i est.