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ARIES As sign no. 1, Aries gives independence, force, self-expression and a strong personal orientation in life.

Aries types are dynamic, aggressive, competitive and possess much initiative. They often live in their heads and can have a penetrating po er of perception. They have scientific and logical a!ilities and may !e good at research and invention, the development of ne ideas. They are independent, adventurous and s"illful in hat they do. They possess strong emotions and passions !ut usually remain in control of them. They are often illful, impulsive or headstrong and can !e critical or opinionated. #et they can ma"e good psychologists once they learn to examine themselves. $ess evolved Aries types may !e angry, impulsive and manipulative, pushing their ay in life and imposing their ideas and energies on others. They may !e driven !y their impulses and instincts. Though martial, their martial energy is expressed more through the mind than the !ody. They are prone to argument !ut do not often resort to violence. They may !e a vain, self-indulgent or %ust overly preoccupied ith themselves. &hile very good at developing strategies, they may !ecome victims of their o n cunning. They can thin" a!out things too much and can give themselves ulcers. Aries types can !e self-centered and are not al ays sensitive to others. They !enefit from relationship to !alance them out. They are usually initiating a ne phase of manifestation. Their "ey to spiritual gro th is to use their sharp minds to discover truth, not to promote themselves. '-(. E))E*TS +) ,IRT- I. ARIES AS*E./A.T. +ne !orn in Aries Ascendant ill !e highly suscepti!le to fire, !e interested in visiting foreign places, !e miserly in disposition, emaciated, not happy, !e %ealous, stammering in speech, trou!led !y !ilious and indy diseases and complaints of heat, !e s"illful in performance, timid, religious, not very intelligent and ill destroy others0 ealth. -e ill !e fic"le-minded. -e ill en%oy pleasures, !e famous, ill have !ad 1ugly2 nails, !e !ereft of !rothers, !e discarded !y his father, ill al" fast, ill have inactive 1or unluc"y2 children, !e endo ed ith various "inds of ealth and !e, virtuous. -is ife ill !elong to a !ase family, !e virtuous and !e reproached even !y her o n people. The native ill derive happiness and ealth in undesira!le manners. )IRE SI3.S )ire signs sho forte determina45o e vontade, am!ition, discrimination, perception and a critical mind. 6eople ith fiery planets often see" po er and a display- expor- of force and drama. Seu foco 7 mais no seu pr8prio eu e no car9ter do :ue so!re permutar com outros. They li"e to !e popular , mas para dominar, n5o para estar no mesmo n;vel com outros, como 7 usual com signos da agua. They sho :ue o principal campo de atividades na vida 7 o reino da vontade. 3osta de estar certo da sua motiva45o e da nature<a do seu eu :ue pro%eta externamente. Inspira os outros a uma necessidade de real independencia , clare<a, e entendimento, insight, senso de %ulgamento e altos valores da vida , n5o somente para su!%ugar outros. )ire types, those ith strong planets in fire signs, s5o capa<es de penetrar dentro de coisas e entender a energia sutil, a motiva45o e a for4a :ue existe por tra< deles. )ire signs give leadership, the capacity to ma"e alliances, the a!ility to pro%ect armth-:uentura-, light and !eneficence. +n the lo er level, they may ma"e us destructive. +ur ill may clash-chocar- ith those of others and !ring us into argument and conflict. They may cause us to !e vain, proud or self-promoting. &ell-placed planets in fire signs give illumination, freedom and enlightenment. They sho the soul coming forth-adiante- in its manifestation. 1

&rongly placed planets in fire signs can !e !urnt up and sho the ill in turmoil and complication. )ire 1Aries, $eo, Sagittarius2 = vital 6eople ith an emphasis on the fire element tend to !e outgoing, inspirational and 0fiery0. &hen expressed ell these people often are an inspiration to others, are :uite moral and can !e very creative. If the person has difficulty expressing or experiencing the more en%oya!le aspects of the fire element they may !ecome selfish, ris"-ta"ers and>or inclined to give in to their passions too easily. A lac" of representation of this element can indicate a lac" of initiative, inspiration and difficulty in !ecoming inspired. ?ey &ords enthusiastic @ optimistic @ confident @ naAve @ self-centred @ open @ egotistical @ idealist @ confronting @ loyal @ tactless @ over!earing @ intuitive @ has to feel free @ high spirited @ impatient @ physically active @ ingenious @ honest @ trusting @ impersonal @ independent @ arm @ exaggerate @ insensitive @ extroverted @ inspirational @ has to feel important @ *AR/I.A$ T#6ES *ardinal :uality is similar to fireB that is, energi<ing and expressive. *ardinal signs sho the positive, active, dynamic, initial or guiding phase of their respective element. *ardinal :uality corresponds generally ith the :uality of Ra%asB it is the principle of movement, gives impulse, direction and expression !ut may cause distur!ance, agitation and too forceful or too fre:uent action. *ardinal types, those individuals ho have planets predominately in cardinal signs, are people of action. They are positive, expressive, outgoing, and have a high sense of achievement and accomplishment. They are illful, aggressive, impulsive, dynamic and often !ecome successful or leaders. Cost high achievers or executive types are of this :uality. &hile they can accomplish a great deal and often get hat they ant, they may !e lac"ing in sensitivity or una!le to reflect upon themselves or their goals properly. They may impose themselves on others or harm others along the ay, or, at least, may not !e sensitive to the feelings of others. They can overextend themselves or !urn themselves out through excess activity, movement and stimulation. As souls they may !e !eginning a ne phase of manifestation. Codern culture li"es this type. They have self-confidence, see" advancement and direct their energy to ards their goals in a po erful ay. Cany of our leaders, !osses and entertainers are of this type. *ardinal types need to cultivate more sensitivity, dou!t, hesitation, introversion and develop more consistency and sta!ility. They need to ma"e sure that hat they are directing their energy to ards reflects their deepest ill and aspiration and not get caught in action for its o n sa"e. If they do this their capacity for inner development in life can also !e very high. DATA> AIR---SATER., RA-E, CER*ER# 6ITTA> )IRE---SE., CARS, ?ETE ?A6-A> &ATER--C++., DE.ES, FE6ITER The !iological fire-humor is called G6ittaG, hich means G hat coo"sG. The fire-humor governs all transformations in the !ody from its primary location in the small intestine as the digestive fire. It is responsi!le for heat and light, including all chemical reactions and also governs perception, %udgement and discrimination. The fire-humor accumulates in the small intestine as hyperacidity or excess !ile. H

)rom there it enters the !lood and spreads through out the !ody as toxic heat, causing various inflammatory and infectious disorders. 6itta-types, those in hom the !iological fire-humor predominates, are usually of average height or !uild. They have ell developed muscles and good s"in color, hich may !e flushed or red. Their s"in is prone to acne, rashes and other such inflammatory s"in disorders, and is usually oily. Their eyes are red, they are sensitive to the sunlight and often have to ear glasses. Their hair is thin, and they tend to ards early greying or !alding. The hair color is often red or !lond. Their gums tend to !e soft and may !leed easily. They are sensitive to heat and prefer all things hich are cooling. )iery types usually posses an appetite that is good, sharp or excessive. Their dischargesB feces, urine or mucus, tend to !e of yello color and tend to !e large in :uantity. They possess an excess of !ile hich often colors these discharges. They more commonly have loose stool or diarrhea. They s eat easily and their s eat and other discharges may !e malodorous. They often !ruise easily and !leed more easily than the other types. Their sleep is moderate in duration !ut not al ays good. They have many dreams, hich may !e violent or distur!ing. In short, their nature is dominated !y Cars. )ire-types are prone to anger and may !e aggressive or domineering. They have a strong ill and can !e overly impulsive or self- illed in their actions 1o ing to strong Sun and Cars influences2. They li"e to !e leaders !ut can !e fanatic or insensitive. They li"e the use of force and may !e prone to ards argument or violence. They li"e color, drama and passion. They may !e orators, singers, painters or dancers. )ire-types are often very intelligent, perceptive and discriminating. They ma"e good scientists and often have a good understanding of mechanics and mathematics. +ften they li"e to or" ith tools, eapons or chemistry. They have pro!ing minds, good at research and invention. They may !e good psychologists. They may have the deep insight that goes ith ?etu, the south node of the Coon. Cost military persons or policemen are fire-types, as Cars for them is a strong planet for all aspects of their nature. They are good at la and punishment. Cost la yers are of this type, including most politicians. #et fire-types may lac" compassion and have a hard time seeing another0s point of vie . )ire-types must !e approached ith tact and sensitivity, as they don0t li"e to !e given directions or told hat to do. +ne must appeal to their native intelligence, discrimination and logic. +pposing them ill only encourage their !asic aggression and ill not help them learn. They li"e to or" in friendship or in common alliance to ards a particular goal. It is !y the commonality of goal that e can guide them. $agna Cesha, plato, 1I !hava-po er, head, short ascension, ?riya, !ilious 6ode-se acreditar em voce )a< crueldades .ormalmente 7 frio Intenso :uando interessado no assunto, animado :uando excitado 3osta de discutir 3osta de novas ami<ades e rela4Jes '

Tem movimentos ro!ustos Cuito %ovial e parece sempre estar feli< Sempre meticuloso nos seus planos .unca di< :ue eu fa4o isto, mas di< sempre vamos fa<er isto, mesmo sem as pessoas consentirem )or4a a situa45o e fa< as pessoas di<erem sim para seus planos 3osta de comer pratos :uentes mas pouca comida Sua marca 7 sua forma de vestir Sempre usa as tendKncias da moda Luando re%eita ou aprova, guinda o :ueixo )ran<e os olhos e curva o pesco4o e d9 a impress5o :ue est9 interessado na conversa .5o fala muito so!re si pr8prio .5o gosta de adular outros Se algu7m te elogia, vocK n5o fala imediatamente, mas espera at7 :ue toda a hist8ria se%a contada DocK 7 uma pessoa :ue pode-se confiar segredos, pois vocK vai manter o assunto fechado Tem muitos amigos e conhecidos, mas n5o divide os seus segredos .5o gosta de falar so!re seus pro!lemas e evita olhar nos olhos, :uando fala so!re seus pro!lemas mas n5o detalha demais S8 fala seus segredos se considerar a pessoa confi9vel demais I "no an orthodox Roman *atholic ho never confided in the church. The very thought gives him depression. #ou should listen to him and that0s all. -e is capa!le of solving his pro!lems and he does not need your guidance. -e only mentioned his pro!lems !ecause the load as very heavy to carryM ,eing very aggressive and fast, he finishes off the day0s or" ell !efore closing hours. In his hurry, he does not chec" minute details. -e is very am!itious and plans in greater detail. In the late NIs cassette players ere very costly. +ne mesha decided to purchase a record player ith his limited income. In anticipation, he purchased so many cassettes of his favorite singer. Cy 3od, hen Cesha 1Aries2 man purchased the record player, he ould not let anyone touch itM -e has a territorial feeling and disli"es sharing his des" ith others. Ender any circumstances, you should not as" for his car. A mesha girl in Cargao had to give her gold ring to a "no n friend as this friend anted to sho the pattern to her goldsmith in 6ana%i. The ring as not returned to mesha girl that evening. She gre panic"y and told this to every!ody in the office. +f course, the ring as returned next morning. These t o friends did not tal" to each other then on. Cesha !orn suddenly %umps to such hasty conclusions. At times he creates a " ard situations in the office, unmindful of hat others feel. Cesha 1Aries2 man is medium !uilt and attractive !ut not imposing. -e ta"es you along ith his plans. Cesha is hard to please. -e ill not praise you very easily. Also, Aries man proposes last hen he thin"s he may miss the !us. -is love is sta!le and he is a familial man. -is sense of !eauty is good. +ften he selects a !eautiful girl ith some specialty. -e is a sports enthusiast. -e ould !e in the field playing cric"et or as a supporter of his team. -e could not "eep in form for long due to fre:uent changes in his life style. -e is a lover of convention as ell. -e does not have much analytical po er and !elieves if the topic is vehemently presented ith great oratory. -e should !e careful - he may !e tempted this ay. O

Though he is fran" and outspo"en person, he li"es to "eep himself a!reast ith information and is a good receiver of gossip. ,ut he ill not spread or originate any !is!ilhotar -e reads only ne s section and s"ips editorial. Cesha 1Aries2 man is a religious person and ould ta"e up vratas ith hard rules li"e fasting. -e intends that such vratas should !e !rief so that they ould not hamper on his regular activities. -e ould select a guide !oo" on the ,haga ad 3eeta instead of going through the original. Similarly, he ould go for a crash course on religion and yoga conducted !y a modern guru. -e anticipates appreciations or at least nods. -e al ays prefers to learn from a guru in human form, physically there to o!serve and nod in affirmation at his progress. The professions most suita!le for mesha !orn areP teaching, rail ays, mathematics, chemistry or physics 1the exact sciences2, policing, fire !rigade, military, construction engineering and martial arts. -e is e:ually good in accounting organi<ations. Cesha employee over reacts to the situation and is the cause of heart !urns to his !oss. -e is hard or"ing, ta"es the responsi!ility. -e can not !e relied hen or" load is more. -e crac"s under pressure unless some ca%olery and sycophancy are used. Cesha person changes his stance for a !enefit. +ne mesha !oss lashed out at the company in front of his su!ordinates. The su!ordinates found a messiah in him ho ould improve the or"ing conditions. Cesha !oss met the C/ and conveyed his progressive ideas :uite softly and came !ac" ith assurance that C/ ould loo" into this next yearM Since he found that C/ may recommend him for next promotion, he changed sides and got a ay ith thatM There as one engineer advisor to the government. -e as a very learned man, !ut he ould not go into details of the file. &hen the Cinister calls him to explain an intricate point, he ould meet the Cinister even ithout thro ing a glance at the fileM -is motto asP 0*onvinceB if it is not possi!le, confuse0. Cesha 1Aries2 man has good understanding ith his children though he is very strict. -is talent, value ill come to light late in life. -e is prone to diseases in middle stomach and feet. If the ascendant is very ea", he is prone to the nervous tensions. In such a condition, he !ecomes %ealous and :uarrelsome. .egative Aries is over optimistic and gives into chance games, gam!ling and du!ious investments. -e looses his temper ith his children easily. -e allo s his relatives to interfere in his family matters, damaging peace and hormone in his household. A negative mesha !orn is prone to accidents due to rash driving. !ilious in !odily humor, austere and sullied in appearance, rises from the hind part. Its a!ode is the surface of the earth containing precious stones and gemsB it rules over minerals. The sign represents the first stirrings of cosmic ideation. It stands for the !eginning of every creative impulse. In Dedantic philosophy, Aries stands for initial action, or Avarana Sha"ti, the veiling process. Its impulse is unsullied, noumenal in its original innocence containing ithin it all forms of evolutionary potential. Aries is primordial dynamic energy, the eternal fire inherent in every form of creation in its latency. It is capa!le of acting in destructive as ell as constructive manner. It sho s the primeval polari<ation of cosmic unity. The 6uranic stories descri!e ,rahma, the cosmic creator, !orn under this sign. Aries imparts activity, eagerness to venture in ne directions and underta"e ne explorations, experience happiness in creative activities and ta"e greater interest in action than in results. The sign is supremely suited for asceticism, yogic practices and austerities. Q

It arouses great urge for renunciation of material ealth. It exerts strong spiritual influence and often inspires the persons !orn under the sign to enter into religious discipleship. These persons are ell meaning in their intentions, yet are extremely difficult to live ith. Their social relationships are !oorish, their married life strained, and professional career rough. Aries-!orn individuals are never satisfied. They desire to reach insurmounta!le pea"s and feel independent. The sign produces radical changes and ma"es social !ehavior unpredicta!le. Aries produces too many contradictions in life. 6eople !orn in this sign are am!itious and forceful in their character. Costly they are of independent disposition. They have physical and mental energy to face any difficult situation. /ynamism is the catch ord for these people. They en%oy personal glory and tend to dominate others. They have the ea"ness of exaggerating things. +ften short-sighted in their approach, they are inclined to lose patience too fast. They may spea" falsehood for the sa"e of selfish motives. $ac" of self control and headstrong tendencies are li"ely. )or people !orn under the sign of Cesha, the dasa periods of Coon, Saturn, Cercury, Denus and Rahu are !ad. 3ood planets are Fupiter and Sun. Their mutual aspect or con%unction are very good. In Aries, this !ecomes very evident. The exalted Aries can !ecome the ultimate egocentric. &hile they can express themselves freely, and have incredi!le vitality and initiative, they can overshado others ithout intending to, and sometimes forget that other people exist. The tas"s for Aries include staying conscious of their effect upon others 1not %ust their intent2 and to cooperate instead of %ust follo ing their o n promptings. Cesha 1Aries2, the 0Ram0 is full of energy, impulse and action. Cars ith fire in a moving state produces one ho is commanding, courageous, independent and pioneering. -e may !e overly am!itious and al ays ants to !e out in front.... good instinct and a tremendous capacity for simultaneous action. -e or"s ith great impulse and ill cause sudden changes. -e cannot ta"e to gradual methods. .. ants drastic action and dynamic results... does not sense the need for support or assistance. -is mode of operation is to move on to greater pastures !efore the tas" is finished, leaving others to press on or clean up... -e possesses a avering mind and "eeps going !ac" upon his faults. -e is so impulsive that he ill plunge into things ithout ma"ing a thorough evaluation of the opposition or o!stacles. So, he is often left lic"ing his ounds. ,ut that rarely discourages him from !eginning again. -e ill listen to other0s suggestion !ut go !ac" and carry out things in his o n dogged and o!stinate ay. -e loves independence and ill not easily share his secret or reveal his plans. -e prefers to demonstrate in activity rather than to tal" a!out hat he intends to do. ,eing very dictatorial !y nature he li"es to assume responsi!ility of others.... easy to please and generous to friends and flatterers... optimistic, fran" and generous nature helps him in attracting companions ho have something out of the ordinary to offer. ,ut hereas he can act li"e a god he can stoop li"e a demon. &hen lusty he !ecomes a de!auchB hen selfish he is ruthlessB his expansion is limitless !ut his direction of gro th is ill-defined. Denus and Saturn provide him ith great trails. Saturn, lord of 1I and 11, does not favor fame or royal favor, and also gives less than normal monetary returns. Thus he may rise through many o!stacles, toil hard, !ut he ill not get proportionate results. Denus, lord of H and N, has a 0mara"a0 disposition, giving him little family or marital happiness. Coon, the Oth lord, ma"es him very sentimental a!out his homeB his mother or another close elder ill often have a special place in his heart. Cercury, lord of ' and (, does not give him popularity, and even as a leader he ill not !e popular. Sun, the Qth house lord, ma"es him proud of his children. (