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HUGE MOVEMENTS Huge Frequency Huge Density

The New 10 sets method The Structure

THe Magic hundred

MAgic Hundred for Athletes

Magic hundred specialization routines Putting it All Together The Huge Lifts Final Thoughts

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Whats up playboy? I want to start off by giving you props for having the huevos to change your body One thing Ive learned over my past 10 years is that most people talk a good game but very few are willing to walk the walk. The fact youve taken some action has earned my respect. Now, I assume you picked up a copy of HUGE because you wanna get HUGE. If thats the case then you are in the right place the program I am about to share with you is the exact program I used to pack on a little less than 20lbs of muscle mass in less than 90 days. Before we get into what makes this program so damn special, I wanna give you a brief little history of how I stumbled upon this technique. Back when I worked the door, me and the rest of the crew would head to the big box gym after each shift. Training together served tow purposes. It helped strengthen the bond to have each others back no matter how bad the situation... and it helped weed out the punks who got hired so our crew stayed strong. In those days everyone trained like a bodybuilder. we had all grown up reading muscle magazines and believed muscle was earned through pain. Our workouts were marathon sessions of long enduring sets for a give body-part. Though we had no idea what a properly structured training program was supposed to look like - we grew like weeds. Unfortunately time started taking its tool on our crew. Some of the guys quit bouncing and moved on to steadier careers, while others moved on to other clubs.


Even I, (one of the last few members of our lifting crew) started getting the itch to try something new. Powerlifting was starting to garner a lot of attention in the strength training circles - so I made the switch over. Seemingly overnight I went from doing bicep curls to focusing solely on improving my three lifts The pace of my workouts changed too, they became higher in intensity and lower in overall volume. Almost immediately I saw huge changes in strength but it came at a price. My once muscular physique started to change for the worse. Something strange happens when you transition from bodybuilding style training to a strength and power-based routine... For one your muscles shrink because the fluid filled sacks (sarcolemma) arent being stressed through a high volume of resistance training Secondly the symmetry and aesthetic component goes outta the window because... who gives a shit when you are just trying to move more weight? The narcissist in me did NOT LIKE THIS. I wanted the best of both worlds. So whats a guy to do if he wants to look jacked, yet perform like a powerhouse? That, my friend is what I am going to show you in this book. Within the next few pages I am going to reveal to you my secret recipe for gaining tons of dense muscle mass without sacrificing strength and or power. If you put the things I am about to show you into practice I can guarantee that you too will transform into a bigger, badder, beast.


Getting huge
When it comes to packing on muscle, its all about simplicity Screw overanalyzing macros, dont worry about which supplements to take Just lift and eat. In terms of the training there are a few principles you must abide by. They are: Adequate volume Choosing the right exercises Training frequency Training density

aiming in the dark.

If you ask me these four- principles are the basis of any good muscle-building program, without them you might as well be

Though most bodybuilders know about these principles, they often misuse them and fuck up any chance of tapping into the high levels of growth that could occur- if the training was on point.

Huge Volume
When it comes to building muscle, volume is king. The ideal number of reps you should be aiming for every single muscle building workout is 100 reps. When you have performed 100 reps with the right percentage of weights, the gates of muscledom will open to you and you will be blessed with the crown of The Magic hundred. I kid, I kid but theres been a ton of research done over the 50+ years indicating that a training density of 100 reps can bring about serious changes in muscle growth- if all other factors of the workout are properly in place. My favorite Magic 100 routines are derivatives of Girondas 10x10 training system and Poliquins GVT. Though both of those programs were solid, I may have discovered an even more effective approach to building muscle - adpated from their frameworks HUGE - PAGE 7

Huge Movements
The second important piece to the muscle-building puzzle, is the exercises you choose. The bodybuilding exercises I did early-on got me big, but the muscle didnt look dense and hard. When I started incorporating the lifts I had picked up through powerlifting I literally exploded overnight. This is when I figured out that volume mixed with big compound movements was key if you wanted to grow bigger- quickly.


The majority of movements you will perform in this manual are gonna be big boy exercises. Sure there will be some pretty boy shit (like curls) but for the most part its gonna be compounds.

Huge Frequency
Another thing you are gonna do is - jack-up your training frequency. For years I suspected frequency was the ignored variable when it came to building muscle. It just made sense that the more often you trained, the bigger you could become. I mean shit, look at prisoners. If you have a shady uncle you know how much bigger he gets each time he gets locked-up. Its because prisoners aint got shit to do but train- which in turn forces their bodys to grow. [Sidenote:] Yes I am well aware that there is steroid use in jail but I seriously doubt uncle Oscar is getting dibs on the grade-A gear... so lets attribute his newfound size to frequency. The one caveat to increasing training frequency is managing recovery. When you start training more frequently, it becomes very easy to venture into overtraining territory. Ive found lower intensity workouts are the best types of programs for high frequency training. They allow you to pack on tons of muscle without overloading the nervous system.


Huge Density
The fourth and often overlooked variable to muscle-building is density. Few people know this but when Gironda created the original 10 sets method it was meant to improve work capacity and muscular growth. Vince believed that condensing more work in less time, was a huge factor in gaining muscle. His athletes were known to rest as little as 15-30 seconds inbetween his 10 sets workouts and yield incredible results. For some strange reason, later iterations of the program disregarded this component. Luckily for you... Im bringin sexy back

The New 10-Sets Method

So as you can see shits about to change around here.. The new-school vartiation of the 10 sets method is a bigger, badder beast than what youve seen before. The old system though effective had a few holes in it. For one the program wasnt balanced. It had you performing big movements like bench presses and chin-ups with no regard for structural balance and overuse injuries. Damn near everyone I know who has gone through the older variations ended up jacked-up due to the repetitive nature of the workouts. The newer, tighter approach only has you pairing agonist/antagonist movements in the same plane to keep you from developing dangerous muscle imbalances-which will eventually take you out.


A second major difference between the old and the new is a variation specifically for advanced athletes. I always hated the fact that as a seasoned lifter Id walk away weaker when I performed this program The high intensity training is gonna allow you to build-up thicker, dense functional muscle in conjunction with the sarcoplasmic hypertrophy (fluid muscle growth) that occurs with high volume training. This is perfect for the advanced lifters and athletes looking to add serious and skullcrackin strength.

The Structure
The basic structure of the Magic 100 workouts is simple.

An Orangutan dropped at birth couldnt screw this up.

The base workout consists of two main lifts These are always big, compound, agonist/antagonist movements performed as a superset and two minor lifts done in a different plane of movement. For the big lifts we are usually gonna perform 10 sets of 10 reps with a load of 50-65% of our 1RM. I want you to alternate between lift A and lift B for the entire workout with a 60 second rest in-between sets. Then finish off with 3 sets of 12 for the minor lifts using a moderate load. Though the weight stays constant throughout the entire workout, these 10 sets should start off fairly easy but get harder as the workout progresses. If you have selected the right weight you will notice a drop in your ability to complete your reps half way during the workout and then a rebound in strength towards the end. If you can get through all 10 sets and nail 10 reps per set


The next time you repeat that workout add an extra 5% to the bar and get to work. If that werent sadistic enough... we are also gonna add a timed component to our sessions. Every time you perform this workout you are gonna time how long the entire session takes to complete. The goal is to do the same amount of work or more each subsequent workout - in less time.


So, if your first workout for chest and back takes you 57 minutes to complete, try to get through that workout the next time in 55 or 54 minutes. This will force you to start shaving off time inbetween rest intervals while focusing on trying to perform the same amount of work - your body will literally HAVE TO GROW on this program.

When to Use The Magic 100

The best way to structure your training for Magic 100 training is to scope out and look at your entire training year from a birds eye view. Each year I take a calendar and figure out the best times for me to bulk-up or bring up lagging body parts. Certain times of the year arent gonna work with a balls-out training approach so I rule those out. Then I plot out the months where I dont have as much time as my low volume - high intensity months and chill out months as my muscle-building months. This allows me to hit Magic 100s without burning-out. A second alternative would be to alternate month to month between high intensity training programs like 5x5 and Magic 100 training. This works well because you are constantly building muscle and getting stronger.



The Magic 100 Program

The first Magic 100 workout I am gonna share with you is a remixed version of the OG 10-reps method - except this time we are gonna add that timed component. The structure is as follows:

Magic 100 - Classic 10 reps Method

Day 1: Chest & Back

Exercise 1a: Incline Db Press 1b: Neutral grip Pullups 2a: Neutral grip Db Flyes 2b: Wide grip seated rows

Reps 10 10 12 12

Sets 10 10 3 3

Rest 15-30 seconds 15-30 seconds 15-30 seconds 15-30 seconds

Load 50- 65% 1RM 50- 65% 1RM 50- 65% 1RM 50- 65% 1RM

Day 2: Quads & Hamstrings

Exercise 1a: Barbell back squats 1b: Romanian deadlifts 2a: Leg extensions 2b: Seated leg curls

Reps 10 10 12 12

Sets 10 10 3 3

Rest 15-30 seconds 15-30 seconds 15-30 seconds 15-30 seconds

Load 50- 65% 1RM 50- 65% 1RM 50- 65% 1RM 50- 65% 1RM


Day 3: Shoulders & Arms

Exercise 1a: V-bar Dips 1b: Cambered Biceps Curls 2a: Cambered bar skull crushers 2b: Incline Hammer Biceps curl

Reps 10 10 12 12

Sets 10 10 3 3

Rest 15-30 seconds 15-30 seconds 15-30 seconds 15-30 seconds

Load 50- 65% 1RM 50- 65% 1RM 50- 65% 1RM 50- 65% 1RM

Notes: - Superset a & b exercises - Time the length of overall workout - Time rest inbetween sets - Use the same weight for the entire workout


Advanced Magic 100 workout for Athletes

This advanced variation of The Magic 100 program is best described as a hybrid training program. It is better suited for experienced lifters and athletes because it focuses on high intensity training to strengthen the nervous system early in the workout and concludes with repetition work to bring about structural changes.
Day 1: Chest & Back

Exercise 1a: Incline Barbell chest press 1b: Weighted Chinups 2a: Db neutral grip chest press 2b: Barbell rows 3a: Neutral grip flyes 3b: X-cable wide outs

Reps 5 5 5 5 2 2

Sets 5 5 10 10 12 12

Rest 3 mins 3 mins 15-30 seconds 15-30 seconds 15-30 seconds 15-30 seconds

Load 75% 1RM 75% 1RM 50- 65% 1RM 50- 65% 1RM 50- 65% 1RM 50- 65% 1RM

Day 2: Quads & Hamstrings

Exercise 1a: Barbell back squats 1b: Glute ham raise 2a: Dumbbells split squats 2b: Unilateral deadlifts 3a: 3b: Glute extension

Reps 5 5 5 5 2 2

Sets 5 5 10 10 12 12

Rest 3 mins 3 mins 15-30 seconds 15-30 seconds 15-30 seconds 15-30 seconds

Load 75% 1RM 75% 1RM 50- 65% 1RM 50- 65% 1RM 50- 65% 1RM 50- 65% 1RM


Day 3: Shoulders & Arms

Exercise 1a: Overhead press 1b: Barbell curls 2a: V-bar dips 2b: Seated biceps curls 3a: Bent lateral raises 3b: Decline triceps extension

Reps 5 5 5 5 2 2

Sets 5 5 10 10 12 12


3 mins 3 mins 15-30 seconds 15-30 seconds 15-30 seconds 15-30 seconds

Load 75% 1RM 75% 1RM 50- 65% 1RM 50- 65% 1RM 50- 65% 1RM 50- 65% 1RM


The Magic 100 Specialization Program

This variation of the Magic 100 workout was created by Vince Gironda to bring up lagging body-parts. The big difference between this variation and Poliquins GVT method is rather than performing multiple movements each workout... you only performed one. Gironda was also big fan of increasing training density to build muscle so he shortened the rest intervals during his program. Trainees were expected to repeat a set after resting for 15-30 seconds. To perform the program select a lagging body-part and perform 10 sets of 10 reps each workout with a 30 seconds rest interval This is arguably the toughest variation of 10 reps training. The short rest intervals coupled with the focus on one muscle group makes this routine out right sadistic. If you can get through this one without missing a beat, you are probably using aqua coloured dumbbells.

Day 1: Back

Exercise 1a: Pull-ups

Reps 10

Sets 10

Rest 15-30 seconds

Load 50- 65% 1RM

Day 2: Hamstrings

Exercise 1a: Bent knee deadlifts

Reps 10

Sets 10

Rest 15-30 seconds

Load 50- 65% 1RM


Day 3: Biceps

Exercise 1a: Scott Curls

Day 4: Traps

Reps 10

Sets 10

Rest 15-30 seconds

Load 50- 65% 1RM

Exercise 1a: Power shrugs

Reps 10

Sets 10

Rest 15-30 seconds

Load 50- 65% 1RM


Putting it All Together

So you may be thinking all of this info is good and dandy Teiko but how do I put this shit together Ok, ok... I get it. You wanna get HUGE, if you slow your damn roll - Ill show you how. First figure out if you have time over the next 4 weeks to go balls-out in the gym... If so we are good. Now that we have determined your ability to train with enough frequency lets figure out the days you can actually do this shit. Pull out a planner and jot the days you can train for at least 5 days outta the week. In terms of time slot in a hour each day and see where that works. Once we have those pieces in place we can move forward. The thrid and final thing I want you to do is figure out a low volume trainining program you can do after this phase of your training is done. What we want to do is alternate between periods of high intensity and low intensity so you reap the benefits of increased size and strength. My personal favourite low volume programs are either the 5x5 wokout or Big Man Strong Now that we have made that decision, its time to do this shit. Print out the variation of The Magic 100 workout you are going to do starting this week and follow it for the next 4 weeks. Once you have completed that... switch to a low volume training protocol like Big Man Strong. After you have completed those two training cycles return to another variation of The Magic 100 program to complete this phase of your training. If you follow the outline I have laid out for you... I guarantee you will be at least 15-20lbs bigger and much, much stronger.



The Huge Lifts

Incline Neutral Grip Dumbbell Press

Lay supine on bench with 30* or 45* incline Keep feet flat on the floor Start with dumbbells at shoulders, palms facing Extend arms straight up, then slowly lower weights

Incline Dumbbell Chest Press

Lay supine on bench with 30* or 45* incline Keep feet flat on the floor Start with dumbbells at shoulders, hands pronated Extend arms straight up, then slowly lower weights


Flat Dumbbell Press

Lay supine on flat bench Keep feet flat on the floor Start with dumbbells at shoulders, hands pronated Extend arms straight up, then slowly lower weights

Neutral Grip Dumbbells flyes

Lay supine on bench Keep feet flat on the floor, arms extended Slowly lower arms down and out in semi-arc pattern Reverse movement until arms are completely extended to finish


Incline Barbell Press

Lay supine on bench with 30* or 45* incline Keep feet flat on the floor Start with arms extended, barbell over upper chest Slowly lower bar to upper chest, explosively push arms back to full extension

Flat Barbell Press

Lay supine on flat bench Tuck feet as close to butt with toes on floor Start with arms extended, barbell over mid chest Slowly lower bar to mid chest, exlosively push arms to full extension


Barbell Back Squat

Start barbell sitting high on upper back (traps) Push hips backwards, bend knees and keep back flat Descend into deep squat with hips below thighs Slowly reverse movement by standing back up

Close Grip Barbell Press

Lay supine on bench flat bench Keep feet flat on the floor Start with arms extended, hands 14 apart on barbell Lower barbell to sternum, explosively push arms to full extension


Romanian Deadlift (RDL)

Hold barbell with hands slightly wider than shoulder width Push hips back, with a soft bend in knees and back flat Explosively stand up driving hips forward

Dumbbells Split Squat

Start with one foot forward, and other foot back Lift heel of back foot Bend, both knees and lowly lower back knee towards the floor Reverse movement and stand back up in split squat stance


Bent Over Barbell Row

Start with shoulders over bar and a wide grip Push hips back and keep back flat Explosively pull barbell towards sternum Slowly lower bar to ground

Barbell Hip Extension

Start with upper back perpendicular on bench Place barbell at the hips, with feet flat Explosively drive hips upwards and squeeze glutes Slowly lower glutes to ground


Glute Ham Raise

Place ankles between roller pads with feet platform, put knees on pad with lower thighs against large padded hump From lower position, raise torso by extending hips until fully extended Continue to raise body by flexing knees until body is upright Lower body by straightening knees until body is horizontal

Weighted Pull-up
Load body with weighted vest or weighted belt Grab Chin-bar with hands wide From a dead-hang, pull yourself upwards with chest towards the bar Slowly lower yourself to starting position


Barbell Biceps Curl

Grab barbell with hands slightly wider than shoulder width Curl barbell upwards towards chest Slowly lower barbell down towards thighs

EZ Bar Biceps Curl

Grab EZ barbell with hands slightly wider than shoulder width Curl barbell upwards towards chest Slowly lower barbell down towards thighs


Bent Over Lateral Raise

Start with feet slightly wider than shoulder width Push hips back and keep back flat With head downwards, raise the dumbbells out to your sides Slowly lower dumbbells down to starting position

EZ Barbell Triceps Extension

Start barbell extended over chest Slowly lower barbell towards forehead by bending at elbows Explosively extend barbell back over your chest


Seated Biceps Curls

Sit on edge of the bench with arms extended, palms supinated Curl dumbbells upwards towards shoulders Slowly lower dumbbells back to starting position

Incline Dumbbells Hammer Curls

Lay on bench with 45-70* angle With arms fully extended and palms neutral grip curl dumbbells upwards Slowly lower dumbbells back to starting position


Cable Lateral Extension

Grab a cable handle in each hand Start with arms fully extended in front of your body Pull arms backwards until you feel tension in the back of your shoulders Slowly return back to starting position

Wide Grip Seated Row

Grab a cable handle in each hand Sit on your butt, with legs extended forward Pull handles towards body by bending your arms Slowly return cables to starting position


Bodyweight Dips
Grap dip handles and hoist yourself into start position Bend elbows and slowly lower yourself untill arms are 90* Pause for a count Explosively extend your arms and lift to starting position

Neutral Grip Pull-up

Grab Chin-bar with hands wide From a dead-hang, pull yourself upwards with chest towards the bar Slowly lower yourself to starting position


Final Thoughts
So there you have it... 3 of the best variations of the 10-sets method on the planet. These workouts are undoubtedly the best workouts I have ever done for packing on the mass in a flash. Choose any one of the workouts outlined in this manual relative to your training goals and prepare to grow like a muthafucker. I will warn you that a month on this sort of training can be very demanding and well... boring but the shit works. Once again I wanna thank you for stepping up to the plate and getting this shit done. Hit me up on the Ol Facebook once you are done and let me know how well the workouts have worked for you.


If youve been following my work for any period of time you know that I am very skeptical of most mainstream supplements on the market. Most of the products lining up your local Health food store isles are nothing but low quality placebos that rarely deliver on their overhyped promises. With that said there are a handful of supplements I do reccomend to my clients. These are the few supplements worth taking during a high volume program like HUGE. These supplements can be found in the next few pages. Though none of them are mandatory to achieve the final outcome of a bigger, stronger body, they will aid in recovery and keep you coming into the gym feeling ready to throw around some big weight.

Branch Chain Amino ACi ds One of my go to supplements during a bout of heavy training. Studies indicate that supplementing with BCAAs during your workout will help reduce the incidence of delayed on-set muscle soreness. This is a good thing, itll help you come back to train the next day without feeling like youve been run over by a truck CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO >>

OMEGA 3 FISH OILS A second high quality supplement, I swear by. Fish oils have literally saved my lfiting career. After that back injury the thought of getting under a bar was the furthest thing from my mind. All of the pain meds I had taken and crappy food I started eating threw my whole body outta balance. Thanks to fish oil I was able to restore balance to my body and reduce the inflammation from the injury. EVERY SINGLE LIFTER SHOULD TAKE THESE CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO >>


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