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HAL-Pravara Aviation Institute 2013


1.)The privileges of issuing or extending ARC by DGCA or CAMO 1. !"#ART G $. !"#ART % &. !"#ART ' (.'O') $.) *)+ Model is1. O%T,AR)-*ARD,AR)-+./),AR)-)'/.RO'M)'T $. OC.)T0*ARD,AR)-+./),AR)-)'/.RO'M)'T &.) %or 1o2ponent 3ithout CR - it is per2issible to fit for 24x. 1.56 hrs $.&6 hrs &.166 hrs (.'one (.) The diffi1ulty in sleeping -the 1ondition is ter2ed 4s1.#ri24ry inso2ni4 $. 7et l4g &..nso2ni4 (.%4tigue 5.) .f 4ny person is 4ggrieved by 4n order p4ssed by 4n offi1er in exer1ise of 4 po3er 1onferred on hi2 by These rules or deleg4ted to hi2 under 1.Rule &A $.Rule &" &.Rule &C (.All 8.) Do1u2ents to be 14rried on 4ir1r4ft 1.Rule 9 $.Rule 9" &.Rule 9C (.Rule $: 9.) The CAR 1(5 issued under 1.Rule 1&& $.Rule 1&&" &.Rule 1&&A (.'one :.) .n 14se of 1o2pletion of 3or; entry is 24de in logboo;1.,ithin (:*rs $.At the under (:hrs 4<1 434y fro2 b4se in su1h 14se 3or;ing 1opies &. 3ithin $( hrs (. "oth $ 4nd & =.) Certifying st4ff>s re1ord ;ept for1.$yrs $.5yrs &.&yrs (.1yrs 16.) As per CAR 1(5 -A$ Aeropl4nes 1.+ine<b4se piston engine 5966 ;g $."4se turbine belo3 5966;g &.'o li2its (.Above &95;g 11.) ,hi1h type of f4ilure redu1es hu24n error 1.A1tive f4ilure r4ther th4n l4tent $.A1tive f4ilure does not 2ini2i?e &.+4tent f4ilure r4ther th4n 41tive f4ilure (."oth 4@ b 1$.)4ll the re1ord pert4ining to independent Au4lity syste2 4nd Au4lity 4udit 1.$yrs $.1yrs &.5yrs (.16yrs 1&.)CAT A is 1."y not 1iti?en of indi4 $."y 1o2p4ny or 1orpor4tion registered else3here th4n in indi4 4nd 14rrying on business in indi4 &."y the 1entr4l govern2ent or 4ny st4te govern2ent or 4ny 1o2p4ny or 1orpor4tion o3ned or 1ontrolled by either of the s4id govern2ent (.'one 1(.)M)+ Does not in1lude 1.A#! $.G4lley eAuip2ent &.+4nding ge4r (.$ @& 15.) The te1hni1i4n infor2s th4t he 34s not 434re of no of s1re3s @1ould not see the re2oved fro2 pri24ry stru1ture p4rts due to d4r; h4nger is 1.2is24t1h of live34re @ soft34re $.2is24t1h of h4rd34re @ environ2ent &.2is24t1h of live 34re @ environ2ent (.2is24t1h of live 34re 18)dropping of sep4r4te sheets of p4per 1ont4ining printed 24tters or sep4r4te pet4ls of flo3er on 4 religious pl41es 3ith 4 per2ission of 1.1o22issioner of poli1e $.1onst4ble &.distri1t 24gistr4te 19)fueling of 4<1 is under 3hi1h rule 1.$54 $.$5 &.$( 1:)14rri4ge of birds @ 4ni24l reptiles 1.$(1 $.$(4 &. $(b (.'one 1=) 4pprov4l of org is under 1.1&&b $.11& &.1&&4 $6)in rel4tion to 2i1rolight 4<1 2e4ns 4 do1u2ent issued by dg14 4uthori?ing the flight 1.#er2it to fly $.C of R &.Cof A $1) during independent 4udit of 4 14r1(5 4pproved org - s42ple 1he1; of 4 produ1t 2e4ns 1.dis4sse2bly on testing of produ1ts $.To 4ny 3itness 4ny rel4v4nt testing of produ1t@ visu4lly inspe1t the produ1t &.Dis4sse2bly- 4sse2bly 4nd testing of produ1t $$)gr4nt @rene34l of ' O# 1.1&(1 $.1&&4 &.1&( $&)se1tion of engine<4pu 24inten4n1e @ rep4ir 24nu4l- 'D. 24nu4l- p4rts 14t4log - TCD

1.C4t 4 $.C4t b &.C4t 1 $() MTC 1.+ine f41ility lo14ted 24in b4se f41ility reAuired line 24inten4n1e 4pprov4l $.b4se f41ility lo14ted 24in line f41ility reAuired line 24inten4n1e 4pprov4l &.+ine f41ility lo14ted tr4nsit b4se f41ility reAuired line 24inten4n1e 4pprov4l $5)r43 @ 1onsu2e 24teri4l is spe1ified in 1.1(5.4.($ $.1(5.4.86 &.1(5.b.($ $8)1(5.4.96 1.MO) $.A11ept4n1e of 1o2ponent &.M4int4n41e d4t4 $9)org4ni?4tion sh4ll respon1ible for Continuous 4<3 sh4ll report 4ny identified 1ondition of 4n 4<1 @1o2ponent ,hi1h end4nger flight 1.Dg14 $.Org. responsible for type design &.4<3 4uthority st4te of registry (.4ll $:)4ero2obile li1en1e issued by 1.2inistry of 1o22uni14tion $.2inistry of 1ivil 4vi4tion &.dg14 $=)RA# is for 1.for 3hi1h design e1ono2i14l life $.e1ono2i1 life &.servi1e life &6)411ept4n1e of post holder 1.CA-& $.CA-$ &.CA-( &1).n M)+ - re1tifi14tion interv4l of defe1t in 14t " 3ithin 1.& d4ys $.1$6 d4ys &.16 d4ys &$)4ltern4tive pro1edure for DOA 1.C4:$4 $.C4:14 &.C4:1 &&)4ppli14tion for DOA Bsubp4rt-C4) 1.C4:64 $.C4:6b &.C4:$ &()#ro1ess for lo14ting @ resolving proble2 4re4s trough 4n4lyti14l study of 24lfun1tion not 4ffe1ting s4fety of 4<1 1.*4rdti2e $.Condition Monitoring &.On 1ondition &5)42e li1en1ing ex42 fees 4s per 1.A.C $.A<1 rule &.publi1 noti1e (.4ll &8)independent 4udit should ensure th4t 4ll 4spe1t of 14r1(5 1.every 1$ 2onth or subdivided over 1$ 2onth $.every$( 2onth or subdivided over 1$ 2onth &.every 1$ 2onth or subdivided over 8 2onth (. none &:)the24xi2u2 period b<3 p4rti1ul4r line st4tion not ex1eed 1.$(2onth $.(:2onth &.1$2onth &=)the dg14 24y 4gree to in1re4se 4ny of 4udit period 1.!p to 166 D $.!p to 96 D &.!p to 16 D (.!p to (6 D (6)14r 1(5 revision 1 is b4sed on 1urrent intern4tion4l reAuire2ent of 1.)4s4p4rt 1(5 @ li1ensing reAuire2ent $.74r1(5 &.C4r1(5 (1)light 4<1 eng4ged in 1o22er1i4l 4ir tr4nsport 24int4ined in 1.C4r1(5 org. $. CAR-M &.CAR-$1 ($)4ny person Au4lified in 411ord4n1e dg14 li1ensing reAuire2ent 24y 14rryout@EEEEEE 1.1olour 1ontr4st -die penetr4nt test $.M#. &.fluro1ent test (&) 1o2ponent identified @ stored in 4 se1ure lo14tion under 1ontrol of 42o 1.unservi1e4ble $.uns4lv4g4ble &.2util4ted (() 4<1 is grounded 4t lo14tion other th4n 24in b4se one of 1ertifi14tion 4uthori?4tion is issued 411ord4n1e 14r1(5 4ny person not F5 yrs exp. $.to 4ny person not G5 yrs exp. &.to 4ny person not F& yrs exp. (5)4ble to interpreted 24inten4n1e reAuire2ents into 24inten4n1e t4s; 1.pl4nner $.2e1h4ni1s &.supervise (8)42p 4pproved by indire1t 4pprov4l pro1edure 1.DGCA $.RAO &. ub-RAO (9)d4t4 being 24de 4v4il4ble person 24int4ining 4<1 2e4ns 1.D4t4 should be 4v4il4ble B1lose proxi2ity) $.A Hto 24int4in 4<1 &.%or upervising 2e1h4ni1 @ 1ertifying st4ff to study (.All (:)A<1 2issing 2e4ns 1.The 3re1;4ge of 4<1 h4s been lo14ted 3hen the offi1i4l se4r1h h4s been ter2in4ted $.The 3re1;4ge of 4<1 h4s not been lo14ted 3hen the offi1i4l se4r1h h4s been ter2in4ted

&.The 3re1;4ge of 4<1 h4s been lo14ted 3ithin 1 2onth (.The 3re1;4ge of 4<1 h4s been lo14ted 3ithin & 2onth (=) the fees issu4n1e of te2por4ry C of R of 4<1 of A!, 8$5(6 is 1.86666 $.85666 &.1$666 56) An indi14tion given to flight 1re3 th4t 1ert4in intruder is potenti4l the4t is 1. TA $.RA &. R (..'TR!D)R 51)series produ1tion of h4ng gliders 24nuf41turer provides 1.)OM $.#ro1edure .nspe1tion 24nu4l &.Design 24nu4l (.All 5$)po3ered h4ng glider of 1.+ight 4<1 ingle se4ter A!, notF $95 ;g $.+ight 4<1 ingle se4ter A!, notF &95 ;g &.he4vy 4<1 ingle se4ter A!, notF $95 ;g 5&)4<1 h4ve 2ore th4n $666;g. sh4ll be re3eighted 1.every 5 yrs $.AH extension 24y be 4greed by r4o &.)xtension beyond & 2onth gr4nted by dg14 inti24tion 1on1erned region (.All 5() ACA $ provides 1. ee@ 4void $. urvilli4n1e of ne4r by R tr4nsponder eAuipped 4<1 &.Thre4t dete1tion (.All 55)the height of registr4tion 24r;s in he4vier th4n 4n 4<1 sh4ll be 4t le4st 56 12 1.,ings $.%usel4ge &.)lev4tor 58)engine shut do3n during flight due to fl42eout is under 1.Group1 $.Group$ &. "oth 59)un24n 4<1 sh4ll in1lude 1.!n24nned free b4lloon $.Re2otely piloted 4<1 &."oth 5:)14r$1.T O under 3hi1h subp4rt 1. ubp4rtO $.subp4rt 7 &.subp4rt" 5=)14r M e2bodi2ent of rep4ir 4sper 1.subp4rt G $.subp4rt A &.subp4rt" 86)subp4rt G 14rM is for 1.CAMO $.CAM) &.AMO 81)4<3 revie3 st4ff should h4ve Au4lified for 1.5yrs $.$yrs &.&yrs 8$)4pprov4l for 2inor 42end2ent of MOM dire1tly by 1..ndire1t 4pprov4l pro1edure $.DGCA lo14l offi1e &."oth 8&)C of A of 4<1 l4ps in 4 foreign 1ountry to issue or rene3 of C of A 1.'or24l pro1edure to be follo3ed $.C of A 3ill not be issued &.DGCA prohibited of 4<1 8()the use of 24gneti1 t4pe @ 3ire 3ill be dis1ontinue fro2 1.1C4n-$618 $.1C4n-$61: &.1C4n-$61& 85) 1ontinuing 4<3 of org. is responsibility 1.O3ner $.M4n4ger &.DGCA (.Iu4lity 24n4ger 88)C/R 14p4ble of re1ording 1.4t le4st &6 2in. oper4tion $.Ret4ining 4tle4st $hrs. oper4tion &."oth 89)14t J issues CR for propeller 1..CAO 1 $..CAO$ &.'one 8:)3hi1h 14t 4utopilot -ele1tri14l 1.C4tAB*A) $.C4t" &.C4t AB+A) 8=)CA -& 4pprov4l 1ertifi14te li2it4tion gives 1.A<1 type $.type of engine &.24nuf41turer (.4ll 96)'DT 4pprov4l not reAuired 1.14tA org. $.14t" org. &.both 1@$ 4re 3rong for spe1ified t4s; 4pprov4l 91) M 2e4ns 1.syste24ti1 4ppro41h to 24n4ge the s4fety $. in1lude ne1ess4ry org. stru1ture &.A11ount4bility poli1y pro1edure (.All 9$)infor24tion 4n4lysis @ re2edi4l 2e4sure t4;en 1.As per 4t4-166 1ode 3ise $.4<1 defe1t report &.pilot report 9&)o11urren1e reporting of initi4l infor24tion of defe1t for non s1hedule oper4tor 1.3ithin $( hrs. $.3ithin & d4ys. &.3ithin 16d4ys. 9()p4r42eters of h4ng glider 1.4lti2eter $.rp2 g4uge &.A . (."oth 1@& 95) oper4tor 24inten4n1e pro1edure 1.#4rt8 $.#4rt$ &.#4rt& (.#4rt(

98) MO) dire1tly 4pprov4l by 1.Dg14 $.Dg14 region4l offi1e &."oth 1 @$ 99) 24inten4n1e under 14r1(5 org. 1. ingle engine 4<1 used in 1o22er1i4l 4<1 $.+ight 4<1 MTOM5966 ;g @ 4bove $.Mil-915 heli1opter (.All 9:) 411ount4ble 24n4ger should held 2eeting 3ith senior st4ff @ re1eiving 4t le4st h4lf ye4rly su22ury report 1.T3i1e per ye4r $.On1e 4 ye4r &.)41h t3o ye4r 9=) leep disorder refers to diffi1ulty in sleeping in p4rti1ul4r situ4tion 3here biologi14l rhyth2s 4re disturbed 1.Cir14di4n rhyth2 $.7et l4g &.#ri24ry inso24ni4 :6) respon1ibility for se1urity 1le4r4n1e of foreign students 1.C... $.RAO &.DGCA (.'one