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Cyber power for Business
Aarthi Padmanabhan Bsc. Visual Communication (II year)

The document contains different advertising mediums with relative examples in the form of advertisements.

Advertising is a paid, non personal communication of information about the product/service from an identified sponsor using mass media to persuade or influence an audience. The basic purpose which advertising serves is for creating brand awareness in the public. It also promotes a new product, supports to personnel selling, induces immediate buying action, creates the need recognition through motives and need and lastly for maintaining the enduring brand patronage. Advertisers (the sponsor) advertise their product/service in different advertising mediums based on their positioning, targeted market/audience, pricing and standards. The appealing factor is what that makes the advertisement stand out in the vast sea of sameness due to various emerging trends in similar product or service category. The different mediums that are classified upon here are: I. II. III. IV. V. Newspaper advertisements. Journal Magazine advertisements. Pamphlets. Mail advertisements. Outdoor advertisements.

The product/service category is first identified. The message or the idea that the advertisement conveys is further analyzed for better understanding of the products positioning. Later the appealing factor and the kind of appeal that is used are enumerated.

1. Newspaper advertisement Product / Service: Restaurant. Name: Mainland China. Message/Idea: The advertisement is for the ongoing China Sea food Festival which is being celebrated in the restaurant by engaging the customers to relish their Chinese Sea food secret recipes, which started from the 24th of November. Appeal: The color of the ocean denoting Sea food from its home is quite appealing to make sense. The use of a fishing rod with a hooked freshly caught fish (animation) is enchanting and is pleasant rather than creating the relish of the dish in the reader by showing the picture of the real dish and the use of Chinese greeting for Bon Appetit Manman Chi is new out off the stereotypes basically employed for such advertising.

2. Journals - Magazines Product/Service: Mobile phones Name: Sony Ericsson Message/Idea: Sony Ericssons introduction of a mobile phone K750i with introductory features from its kind along with various attributes of the phone with its advantage. Appeal: The use of rectangular elements of pleasing property (Mondrian Layout) effectively sends the message in a customized manner to the reader. A curt description of the features with relative images is gratifying.

3. Pamphlets Product/Service: Unisex Salon Name: Naturals Message/Idea: The advertisement is for the launch of their new showroom for the service that is extended to the residents of Ambatthur. The ad also talks about the various services/facilities being offered for both and women. Appeal: The idea of tabulating the services as packages for both men and women separately is winsoming with pleasant colors.

4. Mail advertisements Product/Service: Film and Television Production House Name: Warner Brothers. Entertainment, Inc. Message/Idea: The advertisement is for Warner Bros. archive award winning film series Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part-1 for its release in November 2010. Appeal: A still from the movie which is sure to encaptivate HP fans is appealing. The Part 1, only in theaters! tries to promote audience to watch the film only in theatres and strictly objecting piracy. message Nowhere is Safe. Don't miss Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -

5. Outdoor advertising Product/Service: Telecommunication services Name: Vodafone Message/Idea: The message is to let the people as well as the customers know about the Vodafone Music Station which contains over 40k songs. Appeal: Associating the conventional radio to attract the customer base takes innovative level above par with its customers. thinking and breaks the barrier in establishing positioning through advertising a