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Bus Based Public Transport in Bangalore: Achievements, Initiatives and Vision.

By C.G.Anand
Chief Mechanical Engineer (Production and Transport Planning)


22-0 -20!

Presentation "tructure

Introduction: Transport in Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation BMTC!




"n#going BMTC Initiatives to improve Bus service $ualit% &oing 'or(ard: (hat does Bangalore & BMTC need to maintain and gro( the share o) public transport* &eneral Thoughts : +hat do Indian Cities need to ma,e -ustainable Transport a .ealit%*

Transport in Bangalore & the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation BMTC!

3rd Largest City in India 5th Largest Metropolitan Area

2011 Population: 8.5 Million (Metro Area

Population !ro"th (2001#20011 : $5.2%

Transport in Bangalore

Bangalore Cit% Transport -cenario

Sources: Bangalore Mobility Indicators 2011, Karnataka RTO

&M'C (yste) Indi*ators

$+,-2 &uses ($88 AC+ 5$55 .rdinary

,./ Million Passengers 0aily

2+3/8 1outes

&M'C Per2or)an*e
BMTC Daily Ridership 2004-2012




(in*e 200, 3 .4erall In*rease: $,.-% Annual 1ate o2 !ro"th: $.,%



2,500,000 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

0ra)ati* In*rease in (er4i*e (upply

Bangal re B!s "er#i$e "!pply %ndi$a& rs 2004-2012
1,500,000 1,400,000 1,300,000 1,200,000 1,100,000 5000 1,000,000 900,000 800,000 700,000 600,000 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 4500 4000 3500 3000 7000 6500


Daily "er#i$e 'M


0i22erentiated (er4i*es

%rdinar& ser'ices

(a)ra ser'ices

Pushpa* ser'ices

(ol'o B"-#( ser'ices

Atal "arige ser'ices

"u'arna ser'ices

Grid +oute ser'ices

,ospital "pecial ser'ices

-o.ens ser'ices

Bangalore rounds ser'ices

Traffic and Transit Management Centres (TTMCs) Under JNNURM Scheme BMTC is the first urban transport organization to get
JNNURM funding for a national pilot project for an innovative idea called TTMC

10 TTMCs have been built and are operational in Bangalore

E/a.ples of BMTC E/perienceTraffic and Transit Manage.ent Centres (TTMCs)

0e'elop.ents on BMTC 1and that include Bus "er'ice "upport #nfrastructure as 2ell as Co..ercial Co.ple/es

Concept of TTMC

To .eet so.e of the o3)ecti'es of the 4ational 5r3an Transport Polic&. To Pro'ide an integrated transportation facilit& 2ith ade6uate facilities and a.enities to cater to the re6uire.ents of all user groups. To encourage use of pu3lic transport through pro'ision of par* and ride facilities in the 3us ter.inal.
".ooth flo2 of all t&pes of traffic to and fro. the ter.inal such that there is no congestion7distur3ance caused to traffic along the .ain road.

To create a .i/ed-use de'elop.ent 2ith shopping8 .alls and other co..ercial acti'it&8 to ena3le people to fulfill all these needs through using 3us transport

Facilities at T T M Cs
Bus terminal
Bus bays Platforms Seating & lighting Public conveniences Information systems Safety and security

Bus maintenance depot

Maintenance bays, washing platform Bus parking Services and tilities !uel filling station "menities for crew

Passenger amenities
Bangalore #ne centers #ther citi$en amenity centers "%Ms &aily needs shopping

Park and 'ide facilities


-pace )or Bic%cle in TTMC


-pace accommodated to .egional Commissioner and BM.C0 in TTMC

Bic%cle spacing in TTMC

.eservation room in TTMC Commercial space in TTMC Par,ing )acilities in TTMC

Car Par,ing Place in TTMC

Par,ing space in TTMC

T(o +heeler Par,ing Place in TTMC

Availabilit% o) 0i)t )or the vehicles in TTMC

-pace )or shop in TTMC -pace )or shop in TTMC

-eating )acilities )or commuters in TTMC -pace )or shop in TTMC Bus ba%s )or intercit% Buses in TTMC

+aiting lounge and In)ormation o) buses to commuters in TTMC

Toilet )acilities )or the Public in TTMC

Bus ba%s )or intercit% Buses in TTMC

Toilet )acilities )or the di))erentl% abled in TTMC

Tic,et reservation counter in TTMC

Police in TTMC

Passenger in)ormation cit% bus map in TTMC

.eservation counter o) AP-.TC in TTMC

Cit% bus ba%s in TTMC

1rin,ing (ater )acilities in TTMC

Pass Counter in TTMC

A2c 0ounge in TTMC )or Airport Passengers A2c 0ounge in TTMC )or Airport Passengers

A2c 0ounge in TTMC )or Airport Passengers

Cit% Bus entr% in TTMC

1eparture time o) airport buses in TTMC

TTMC Jayanagar 4th BLOCK Project Cost : Rs. 12.90 Crore Date of Commission:31.8.2009.

TTMC8 9engeri8 Pro)ect Cost $ +s. 0.:; Crore Co.pleted on !0th <ul 20!0

TTMC Banneraghatta
Pro)ect Cost $ +s. =.=0 Crore Co.pleted on 2>th8 Aug 20!0

TTMC "hantinagar
Pro)ect Cost $ +s. !0?.=0 Crore Co.pleted on 2 rd "ep 20!0

TTMC -hitefield
Project Cost : Rs. 37.30 Crore, Completed in January-2011.

TTMC Koramangala

Project Cost : Rs. 66.20 Crore Completed in Feb-2011.

TTMC Domlur
Project Cost : Rs. 17.55 Crore Completed in March-2010.

TTMC Yeshwanthpur Project Cost : Rs. 92.00 Crore Completed in May-2011.

Project Cost : Rs. 91.50 Crore

TTMC, Banashankari Project Cost : Rs. 33.10 Crore Completed on 04-12-2011

TTMC (i)a&anagar Pro)ect Cost $ +s.=?.!0 Crore Co.pleted in March-20!!

Public .esponse# Commuters )eedbac,

Ver% good )acilit%, &reat )acilit% &ood service Ver% good -ri &urumalla, TC (as ver% courteous and prompt to recover m% lost mobile phone he is ver% good intellectual and respected person It is ver% clean maintained (ith ver% good )acilit%

'acilities are e3cellent neat and clean services are ver% good and even the inspector Incharge e$uall% co#operating 44444 )acilit% 5lovinsh Agar(al, 6789:6;87<=

Ver% good service 1rivers and Conductors are (ell behaved people I stop using m% car 5?. man@unath, Cell n".66AA9;<BB<= Than, %ou ver% much it (as great e3perience 5o)irandlital (endersman, I-.A>0=

>3cellent )acilities &ood Co#operations b% Inspectors &ood -ervice arrangements

-hantinagar TTMC
C >conomic Value o) Time -aved per Passenger
>conomic Value o) Travel Time -aved Bus Trips Through TTMC Minutes saved per Bus Trip
Total ?ours -aved Per 1a% b% Buses

7D69 trips 9 min

:;6.;D hours

Total 'ull 1a%s >$uivalent per Eear! Total ?ours -aved Per Annum b% Buses Average Passengers Per Bus Trip through TTMC Total Time -aved per Annum b% Passengers Average +age per ?our Total Value o) Time -aved

DAA da%s 7D,69A hours 7A Passengers 9<,6<,AAA hours BA .s.2hour .s. :A,;8,BA,AAA

-hantinagar TTMC
C >conomic Value o) 'uel -aved b% BMTC
1iesel -aved Bus Trips Through TTMC Minutes saved per Bus Trip Total ?ours -aved Per 1a% b% Buses Total 'ull 1a%s >$uivalent per Eear! Total ?ours -aved Per Annum b% Buses 1iesel burned per idle hour Total 1iesel -aved Average Cost o) 1iesel Total Value o) 1iesel -aved

7D69 trips 9 min :;6.;D hours DAA da%s 7D,69A hours :.A6 litres2hour 78,;;D litres 79.<B .s.2litre .s. DA,6D,8:A.;9

"n F going BMTC Initiatives to improve Bus service Gualit%

%n-going #nitiati'es
#ntelligent Transport "&ste.s for BMTC GP" 3ased 3us trac*ing and perfor.ance .onitoring Passenger #nfor.ation "&ste.s at 3us shelters Additional in'est.ents in TTMCs and Ter.inals
+oute +ationalisation @ "er'ice Aualit&'e.ent

Ethanol Blended 2ith 0iesel for reducing E.ission. Passenger #nfor.ation s&ste. PC Based interacti'e touch screen B 9#%"9" Machine for TTMCs and Bus "tations. C4G Buses B Preparedness of BMTC. CC Ca.era "ur'eillance "&ste..

I'(: !P( 5ased 5us tra*6ing

1oute 1ationalisation

-h& Ethanol- 0iesel Blend -hat is Ethanol 0iesel 3lend E.ission reductions using Ethanol 7Bio 0iesel Ad'antages C 0 M Benefits

I70IA7 '1A7(P.1' 8MI((I.7 (C87A1I.

%ransport sector accounts for () ()* * energy consumption

+( +(, ,+) +)* * of -.- emission

"part from /#( /#( substantial amounts of other pollutants such as SPM, ./, 0#1 and /# are also emitted

21pected growth in the sector poses a serious climate change

threat to

What is Ethanol Diesel? A premium ethanol diesel fuel blend with: 9 -.- 4ol% :uel 8thanol 9 0.5 4ol% Multi Patented Proprietary Additi4e 9 /1.8 4ol% 1egular 0iesel 9 8nhan*ed Lu5ri*ity 9 I)pro4ed Cetane 9 I)pro4ed Corrosion 1esistan*e 9 .utstanding (tati* Properties 9 Co)pati5le "ith ;igh (ulphur 0iesel+ Lo" (ulphur 0iesel+ &iodiesel and <L(0 9 Less polluting 9 8=*ellent response 9 7o Po"er>'or?ue loss

On site diesel ethanol blending facility

Co.puterised 3lending e6uip.ent offers high accurac& and ho.ogenous 3lending of all co.ponents B full& auto.atic. 4o need for inter'ention

Cheaper+ rene" a5le en4iron)entall y *leaner 2uel

1edu*es 2ossil 2uel dependen*e and i)port 5ill

1edu*tion o2 pollutants

In*reased 0e)and 2or 8thanol

0ire*t *orrelation "ith oil pri*es

(ugar*ane: Cheapest sour*e o2 )anu2a*turing

Visibly cleaner air > Ethanol Diesel substantially reduces: 3 @hite s)o6e *aused 5y in*o)plete *o)5ustion during ignition o2 *old engines 3 &la*6 s)o6e *o)posed o2 *ar5on parti*les *ontaining oil

B !" Ethanol Diesel E#aluation Co.puterised Blending E6uip.ent and ethanol storage tan* installed Ethanol diesel 3lend is e/tre.el& clear and sta3le #nstant effect on reducing 3lac* @ 2hite s.o*e e.issions 4o .aterial co.pati3ilit& issues Engines are o3ser'ed to 3e running as "tage ! of a "tage e.ission reduction progra..e 3& Energenics

Latest Cost of Ethanol Diesel

Diesel 52.64



Ethanol Solubliser

33.95 200

0.077 0.005

2.61 1.00 51.93 0.71 per lts

Rate of Mixture Savings in Rs

Passenger #nfor.ation 9#%"9"

Ad4antages .2 AI.(A(:#
+oute Maps B 9#"%9" sho2s on screen route .aps so that user can see the route the 3us 2ill ta*e. +oute Planner# Passenger .a*es enter& a3out )ourne& starting and end infor.ation the touch screen suggests the +oute nos8 ti.ings8 platfor. no8 etc.8
Cares8 distance8 ti.e for )ourne&8 Area 2ise sorting8 Bus stop location-displa&$ 9#%"9 allo2s the Passengers to 'ie2 the displa&s

C (pressed )a&!ral *as +C)*,

C %nd!$&i n - C)* B!ses:#

C CH& is dispensed to vehicles at ma3imum 9AA ,g2cm9g pressure. C CH& is colourless, odourless, Hon# Hon#to3ic and lighter than air, the dead (eight
o) ?-1 )illed in buses could be reduced considerabl% thereb% the load on the buses is reduced.

C CH& is environmental )riendl%, compared to conventional t%pe o) )uel and

hence a better alternate and sa)er )uel.

C CH& is cheaper )or automobile application. C CH& improves )uel e))icienc%. C CH& has high auto ignition temperature 7BAI 7BAIC!

)a&!ral *as
C Mi3ture o) h%drocarbons predominantl% methane! C -peci)ic gravit% : A.<7 F A.;: (.r.t air. C &ross Calori)ic value : 67AA F :AAAA Jcal2-CM C 'lammabilit% 0imit : B F :B K b% volume in air. C Auto ignition temperature : 7BA degree Centigrade. C 'lame temperature : :;6A degree Centigrade
Based on the re$uest )rom M2s. &AI0 to provide land along the outer ring road o) Bangalore )or setting up the sectionaliLed valve and tap o)) points, BMTC has provided 997 s$ mts. ") land at 1epot#97 Agara! and the (or, o) setting up the sectionaliLed valve and tap o)) points has been completed.

Tata C4G Bus

(ol'o C4G Bus.

(ol'o Cit& Bus C4G

Cl sed Cir$!i& Ca(era.

C "$ pe C >ach bus (ill have 9 Closed Circuit Camera. C "ne mobile digital video recorder and other accessories. C The s%stem (ill cover the bus saloon area and (ill have B8 hrs continuous
recording video!)acilit%.

A0BA7'A!8( .: CC CAM81A
'ra*6s all reported in*idents and e4iden*e in *ase o2 in*idents reported. 0ata stored at )ultiple lo*ations 2or reported in*idents. A*ts as a )aCor deterrent 2or *ri)inals. In*reases sa2ety o2 sta22 and passengers
At the )ini)u) pro4ides a per*eption 2 sa2ety

Monitoring other routing a*ti4ity .**upan*y+ Closing and opening o2 doors+ Par6ing at &us 5ay. 'he ad4antages o2 CC'B *a)eras is+ i2 a *ri)e is *o))itted the *ulprit "ill 5e e4entually *aught. +ecording is another ad'antage in future for 3ac* up of i.ages. "ecurit& personnel can easil& .onitor all acti'ities 2ithin range of the ca.eras8 and clearl& note an& suspicious or unauthoriDed 3eha'iour8 2hile getting a clear i.age of the person engaged in the acti'ities.

Going Cor2ard$
-hat does Bangalore @ BMTC need to .aintain and gro2 the share of pu3lic transportE

!oing :or"ard
#n'est.ents re6uired can 3e categorised as$ 1. :leet: Bus fleet 2ill re6uire continued replace.ent and e/pansion8 to ensure an ade6uate nu.3er of 3uses are a'aila3le 3ut also that the& are of high enough 6ualit& 2. (upport In2rastru*ture: This includes passenger ter.inals and 3us shelters8 3ut also depots8 2or*shops and other Foperator-sideG infrastructure

3. I'( 2or 5us ser4i*es: Ad'ance.ents in technolog& need to 3e le'eraged to'e pu3lic transport$ F+egularG #T" s&ste.s .ust 3e i.ple.ented i..ediatel&8 3ut also soft2are for 3us scheduling8 internal processes etc

!oing :or"ard
#n the long run8 ho2e'er8 pri'ate 'ehicle o2nership is li*el& to continue to increase and congestion 2ill increasingl& negati'el& affect 3us ser'ices

#t is clear that 5us priority 2ill need to 3e de'eloped to .aintain high ser'ice 6ualit& and standards

This can ta*e .an& for.s - 3us lanes8 signal priorit&8 dedicated corridors8 B+T and so on - and the FrightG solution for an& gi'en area 2ill depend on local conte/t

But the concept of 3us priorit& itself needs to .o'e to the top of the Pu3lic Transport #n'est.ent agenda

!eneral 'houghts:
@hat do Indian *ities need to )a6e (ustaina5le 'ransport a realityD

1. Multi)odal Mo5ility
Co..uter options in 1ondon

2. Inter)odal Conne*ti4ity

3. Integration o2 Land <se and 'ransport

,. 0isin*enti4es 2or Pri4ate Behi*le <se