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Write a report on two English language programmes implemented in your school. Write an approximately 1500 word report for each programme.

Introduction English language is an essential subject that need to be mastered by learners. Currently it is made compulsory , candidates sitting for major examination both in the primary and secondary levels need to pass this subject throughout the country. The subject consist of four skills namely listening, speaking, reading and writing. As educators, we must instil in learners the importance of the language and prepare them to use the language both in and out of learning institution. Each educator must stress the correct usage of the language as an ultimate tool in mastering the language. With this in mind, the English Panel of SJK(T) Jalan Tajul, Kota Tinggi implemented the English Week.

Aims There are two major aims of the English Week. First, to strengthen and instil the correct usage of the English Language. Secondly, to encourage the pupils to use English Language in their daily communication. It is also the intention of the English Panel to create interest and liking among the pupils towards the English Language. Objectives Four activities had been outlined by the English Panel. Each activity is in implemented with the intention of fulfilling the following objectives: Spelling Bee
The objectives of the Spelling Bee are to: Encourage students to explore and study the English language and its roots; Help students to learn to spell quickly, accurately and with comprehension; Promote students knowledge of proper word usage; encourage students to strive for excellence in spelling skills and other educational pursuits; and Provide an opportunity for students to meet and compete with their peers in an atmosphere of fun and friendship.

A) to increase the vocabulary knowledge of the pupils - to construct words, phrases and sentences with correct spelling. B) Drama - to encourage public speaking, - to build confidence when using the English Language
C) Story Telling Competition to increase pupils ability to practise correct pronounciation stress and intonation. D) Essay Writing Competition to promote pupils to use correct sentence structure and able to Expand words correctly to appreciate literature.

Duration of the Programme

The English Week was conducted for a duration of a week starting from 13th April to 17th April, 2011. All the activities were carried out within the school hours. Table below show the details of the implementation of the programmes.

No 1 2 3 4

Activities Spelling Bee Drama Story Telling Competition Essay Writing Competition

Date/Time/Place 13/4/2011, 10.00am, Library 14/4/2011, 12.00pm, School Hall 15/4/2011, 10.30am,Science Lab 16/4/2011, 10.30am, school Library

Year 4,5,6 5,6 Phase1 & Phase 2 4,5,6

Report on Implementation of programme Spelling Bee Spelling Bee was the first activity carried out during the English Week. The Spelling Bee competition was carried out in the main hall in the school. Each participant in the group had to spell at least three words correctly to entitle them for the next round. In the second round each participant was given forty five seconds to spell the correctly. Three teachers were given the responsibility to oversee to the progress of the activity. They were Madam Sumathi Vengadesan, Miss Suganti Accutan and Miss Santhy Vijin. About 27 pupils participated in this activity. They were divided into 9 groups with each group consisting of 3 pupils. Winner were selected according to the highest number of words spelt correctly. Neighbouring school English Language teachers Madame Intaerani, Madame Thilagavathy and Madame Rajaselvi were invited to judge this competition. Out of 9 group, there were only 5 group who managed to continue for the second Round. The second round was a tough round. However there was a participant in group 2 Navin Murugan who managed to spell all word correctly and gave his group winning style. The outcome of the Spelling Bee competition were as follow. 1st Placing Group 2 Navin s/o Murugan Preetha d/o Ragawan Kanaga d/o Ravi 2nd Placing Group 6

Rani d/o Ravin Anish s/o Ragu Loga Priya d/o Vanan

3rd Placing Group 9 Theva Kumar s/o Aragennan Rashika d/o Tamil selvam Janaki d/o Suppaiya


Drama competition was carried out on the second day of the English Week. It involved upper primary students and they made up of four groups and each group will be five members. Pupils were given prior notice to help them prepare adequately for the competition. Marks were awarded based on relevance of props and costumes to the title of drama originality and the effectiveness of presentation. The title of the drama chosen were according to the suitability and familiarity to primary school level. All the members of the English Panel played their role to train the groups for the competition. Below are the results of the competition: 1st Placing 2nd Placing 3rd Placing Group 2 G roup1 Group4 Title Cinderella Title Robin Hood and friends Title Ali Baba and the forty thieves

Story Telling Competition Story Telling Competition were carried out for both lower and upper primary pupils. Three participants were selected from each level. The selection was based on inter class competition which was carried out prior to this. Judgement was based on how creatively each participant convey his or her storyline. In addition to this, facial expressions, gestures, and voice projection were among other criterias taken into account. All the English Language teachers played vital roles in the training the participants for this competition. The following pupils were selected as winners. Phase 1

1st Placing 2nd Placing 3rd Placing Phase 2 1st Placing 2nd Placing 3rd Placing

Yuken s/o Periasamy Rishi varma s/o Tamil Selvan Tarani d/o Arun Kumar

Title The Tiger and the mouse Title The Rabbit and the lion Title The lion and the snake

Vinod Kumar s/o Siloraju Janani d/o Sivalinggam Tarani d/o Krishnan

Title The big boy and his friends Title Red apple in the Jungle Title Little rat Moly go town

Essay Writing Competition To conclude the English Week, an essay writing competition was held for the upper level students. Topics given for the essay writing were based on the KBSR syllabus. Mock competition was held continuously to prepare the participants. Criterias of judgment were based on: Criteria Content Grammar Spelling Punctuation Sentence structure Creativity % ( Marks ) 40% 10% 10% 10% 15% 15%

There were twelve participants ranging from year 4 to year 6. The participants were given 1 hour to write an essay with 120 words. The papers were then collected and marked by judges from SJK(T) Masai, johor Bahru Madame Tamil Selvi and Madame Tana Bakiyam. All the participants write an good essay The results are stated below: 1st Placing Ramiyah d/o Palani velan 2nd Placing Theeban Raj s/o Krishnan 3rd Placing Kavineswary d/o Raveen title My Malaysia title Proud to be a Malaysian title My class teacher

Strengths and Weaknesses of the programme Overall, the implementation English week was carried out successfully and smoothly without any major setbacks. Findings however shows that there were some strengths as well as weaknesses found when carrying out this programme. Strengths a) Basically, all the teachers especially the English Panel of SJK(T) Jalan Tajul forwarded without fail their outmost co-operation to enable this event to take place. b) Pupils, especially participants co-operated with their respective trainers and exhibited their talents. c) The Parents Teacher Association (PTA) also did its part such as preparing food and drinks for all the members. d) The local NGO also sponsored prizes for winners. Thus their role fulfilled theobjectives of the English Week.

Suggestions and Recommendation In order to make English Week more successfully in the future, the English panel would like to give some suggestions and recommendations. First, it is suggested that the duration of English week to be extended to two week. The English Week should be made into a yearly event under the English Language Panel so pupils talents and skills can be further polished and exhibited to the public. The English Language would also like to recommendation school administration to allow activities to be carried outside the formal school time table so that more pupils can watch all the activities at different time and place. School administration also must improve electrical equipment such as P.A system should be in workable condition throughout the event. Any short coming during this period prevented announcement which is supposed to be addressed to all could not be conveyed successfully. Moreover, English Language Panel would like ideas and support from all quarters ( staffs ) to enable the objectives of future events to succeed or achieved.

Conclusion It is the sincere belief of the English Panel that the programme English week benefitted all the students and exposed them to the importance as well as correct usage of English Language. As for the future, It is hoped that the English Panel will be more prepared and learned to carry out better and more quality programmes to help promote the growth of the English Language

Reported by,

25 March 2011

(DEEBEN FONSEKA S/O PHILIP) Secretary, English Language Panel, SJK(T) Jalan Tajul, Kota Tinggi,Johor.