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Good morning everybody.

Yesterday, we received the exciting news that the FDA approved the Allergan Style 41 !ighly "ohesive Silicone #reast $mplants. %e&re very excited abo't this development. $&ve 'sed the implants (or seven years as part o( the st'dy, and we&ve had some really (antastic res'lts (or many o( o'r patients. %e&re already getting a lot o( phone calls, so we tho'ght we&d ma)e a short video abo't what these implants are and the advantages that they have (or certain patients. So, as $ said, the implants are called !ighly "ohesive, and what that means, and some people also 'se the term *G'mmy #ear* to describe them, b't (or the sa)e o( simplicity, let&s +'st call them !ighly "ohesive Silicone Filled $mplants. !ighly cohesive means that there&s a little bit more cross,lin)ing between the silicone strands in the Style 41 implant compared to a silicone -atrelle gel,(illed implant. And beca'se o( it&s higher cohesion, it gives the implants some characteristics that are very (avorable (or some patients. So let&s ta)e a loo) at the two di((erent types o( implants. $n my right hand $ have a silicone Allergan -atrelle gel,(illed implant. Yo' can see that this is the ro'nd implant that&s (illed with gel, and when $ move the implant aro'nd, yo' can see that the gel is (lowing within the implant. Yo' can also see that it has a ro'nd shape, and that there is some rippling on the s'r(ace o( the implant. $n my le(t hand $ am holding the newly,approved Allergan Style 41 $mplant. Yo' can see it has a teardrop shape. $t has less vol'me at the top compared to the bottom, and when $ tip this implant 'pside down, the gel does not (low. $t maintains its shape. .his is beca'se o( the higher level o( cohesion. And there&s also less rippling. So when this implant is placed in the body, it&s placed in this position, and it gives a very smooth transition between the chest wall and the beginning o( the implant, and there&s more ('llness in the lower hal( o( the breast. $ +'st want to show yo' in the catalog that the implant comes in many di((erent heights. So there&s a low height, a medi'm height, and a ('ll height, and then there are more pro+ections. So how m'ch it (lares at the bottom increases as yo' move (rom le(t to right, and then within each style there are many di((erent vol'mes. So there&s a high level o( c'stomi/ation that&s achievable with these implants. -ow let&s go bac) to loo)ing at the implant. #eca'se it maintains a shape, it act'ally also prod'ces a shape. So (or this reason, beca'se o( the characteristics o( this implant, it&s very val'able to 'se in a patient who has a *shape iss'e.* So patients who bene(it (rom this type o( implant are people who have congenital problems, s'ch as t'bero's breasts, where they have a lac) o( breast tiss'e in the lower hal( o( the breast, people who have shape distortions (rom previo's breast s'rgery or caps'lar contract're, people who have serio's breast asymmetries with varying shapes between the two breasts, and o( co'rse patients who have no breast shape beca'se they&ve had a mastectomy (or the treatment o( breast cancer. For patients who have a pleasing breast shape b't +'st desire enhancement in terms o( the si/e, yo' co'ld p't in a shaped implant or a ro'nd implant, and they wo'ld both loo) terri(ic. #'t even in that sit'ation some patients may select the Allergan !ighly "ohesive Silicone $mplant beca'se it has some additional (avorable characteristics. "ompared to a gel implant, it has a lower lea)

rate, a lower caps'lar contract're rate, and probably a less visible rippling compared to a gel, (illed implant. 0atients who will not li)e this implant are those that desire an exaggerated ('llness in the 'pper hal( o( the breast, what we call the 'pper pole. .he shaped implant will give yo' a very straight, nat'ral,loo)ing 'pper pole. So i( yo' want a more ('ll,loo)ing 'pper pole, yo' may chose a ro'nd implant that is gel,(illed. So $ hope this answers some o( yo'r 1'estions. Yo' can (ind more in(ormation on o'r website, Dr0(ei( or #reastS', or (eel (ree to call o'r o((ice at 313,45 , 56 . .han)s, and have a great day. Dr. .racy 0(ei(er 757 0ar) Ave -ew Yor) "ity, -Y