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What is life? his is the main question to all the human being what life is. We the human
souls are blessed with this beautiful life made up of five elements. What is the basic reason
behind our birth? After reading this book I think you will come too know the answer of the
above question.

Well in my life I have meet with many individuals and all of them asked a simple question
that have you seen GOD? At that time I was blank as I don’t know about god. I simply
know the full form of GOD which is GENERATOR, OPERATOR and DESTROYER. This
also I had crammed from my Moral Science book when I was in my school. My teachers
described GOD as that he is every where. But as I don’t have complete knowledge I only
think that GOD is in only Temples, Gurudwaras, Mosques, and Churches. But again this
contradicts too my knowledge i.e. according too that book I have came too know that GOD
IS ONE. Then how one god can be every place. I find this question very difficult. Thinking
harder and harder I came with no answer.

My parents are attached with SANT NIRANKARI MISSION from many years. They have
the knowledge of this almighty NIRANKAR. And they use to say me that I should always
do SIMRAN given to us by our NIRANKARI BABA JI. Which is as




They said by doing SIMRAM we can tackle every difficulty of our life. And we will be
satisfied with the outcome because it only depends on our ability to input in that situation.
I use to do SIMRAN but actually I was not aware of the actual meaning of it. They also
taught me the five main principles of our NIRANKARI MISSION.

1. All worthy asserts physical, mental and material, ultimately belong to god and one
should treat them as such and not be proud of the same.
2. One should not be proud of one’s caste, creed and color and discriminate against
others on this account.
3. One should not hate or criticize others on account of their diet and dress, declaring
one’s own as superior and being proud of it.
4. God can be realized while performing normal duties of domestic life. One must not
leave one’s hearth and home and become a recluse or ascetic and thus be a burden
on society.
5. One must not divulge to others the divine knowledge as revealed by the True
Master, without his permission.

These above five principles are the pledges of NIRANKARI MISSION. While applying
these five pledges in your life are the first steps to have the introduction to GOD. If we will
go on these five pledges given to us by SATGURU BABA HARDEV SINGH JI
MAHARAJ then we will attain a good and peaceful life. After that Baba ji has given the
knowledge of this almighty known as GYAN which shows the presence of GOD. This can
be achieved if we have self realization. As it is said that God realization is Self Realization.
Having the knowledge of GYAN does not complete a human goal but to work on that i.e. to
implementing GYAN in our life and do what Satguru wants will lead to self realization.

As stated earlier main motto of LIFE is to attain GOD knowledge and to do sewa, satsang
and simran. These are the three prospectus of human to work with full enthusiasm and
with out any needs. Along with GOD realization we should also do those things which give
us external gratification like money, having parties but in limits and not doing wrong to

As we look around us what we see. Corruption, hatred for each other, jealousy, selfishness
etc which makes our thinking like that and we also start acting like that. What happens
around us we also get indulged in that culture? Lets us take a simple example. Suppose a
baby takes birth in Hindu family and another takes birth in Sikh family. Their inbuilt soul
is same as they both are image of same father who is this almighty. Having birth in
different cultures make their thinking different. Their outer dress up will change. Like a
Sikh boy will have a turban while a Hindu boy will not.

Life does not mean only to live. Actually, life means to life for other. Basically to live a
complete life it includes every thing like money, time for a partner, expectations for their
loved ones and most importantly too know your inner capabilities. These inner capabilities
can only be felled if we know this almighty Nirankar (god). And to know this supreme
power a star is broken from the universe and in the form of angel it comes to this earth
that is called SATGURU.

If I narrate my personal experience, in my life I have got every thing. I got a very good
parents in my life and they always encouraged me too try my best in every sort of
situation. When I get disappointed or find something difficult my father always give a lap
on my back and says never too give up and have trust on this almighty because in all your
works he is in the front for you. Always try your level best to get something in your like.
My mothers hug is the greatest hug and that’s too encouraging hug for me. Because it
always gives me an strength to work. Her blessings are always with me. Most importantly I
got the knowledge of this almighty nirankar