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Suggested Template for Paper: Case Study 2




855.716: Contemporary Approaches To Educational Problems


Group Members (list)


1-2 sentences about the NGOs efforts to address its focus area (equity and access, public health, or emergency education), the population served, and the challenge it faces (1) a very brief description of the NGOs mission, vision, and years of operation, along with a brief description of the NGOs existing programs, activities, and strategies; (2) a brief summary of your teams research approach, and (3) a summary of research conducted by the team, in consultation with the NGO, (4) new perspectives, recommendations, or considerations reached and communicated to the NGO in the process of addressing the challenge and its potential for the development of a viable theory of change.


Section 1. The NGO Mission, Vision, and Programs Provide more background and context of the NGOs mission, vision, and programs from the NGO profile, its website, the NGO itself, and from other sources in order to establish the context for your discussion. Include appropriate citations (APA style) for source material accessed (1.5 pages maximum). Section 2. Research Focus

Describe the teams research focus and approach. That research may include empirical, theoretical, and contextual approaches to the NGOs challenge. In order to ground the reader, discuss the central research questions upon which your exploration will take place. This involves close collaboration with the NGO and an agreement on the area of study (2

pages maximum)
Section 3. Current Approach, Challenge, The Research, and a Theory of Change Describe the NGOs current approach or program for which they seek collaborative research support. Provide a research summary of the NGOs challenge in greater detail, based upon explorations of the global and regional context, conversations with the NGO itself, and relevant components of the Theory of Change model (Advocacy Progress Planner), where

appropriate. Identify research reports, regional needs assessments, pilot studies, or other
evidence-based analyses or community assets that provide evidence of perspectives or insights into the challenge (3-4 pages maximum) Section 4. Perspectives, Recommendations and Considerations Explore in greater detail Identify and articulate strategies and interventions that could be considered and adapted to meet the NGOs needs, along with he challenges and opportunities such strategies and interventions might pose (3 pages maximum). Section 5. Individual Contributions (of Team Members) and the NGO Perspective Provide a summary of roles and contributions of individual group members - one paragraph

per person. Include a short statement from the NGO describing her/his perception of this collaboration. (1.5 pages maximum)

REFERENCES and ATTACHMENTS or ARTIFACTS Required (APA Format) Include required reading Include targeted reading for your specific theme Include all references identified and cited by the team, including those by the NGO Optional: The group can decide what additional attachments (images, artifacts, organizational documents, interviews, websites) can support the paper