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Chukwu, Nneka Helen 124072059 Editorial Writing 30/1/2014


The alarming cases of in Nigeria are on the increase; many of them the victims, family members and well-meaning Nigeria will not forget in a hurry. Virtually all the 36 (thirty-six) states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is represented in the list of States where young girls are reportedly raped. A case in point is in Kano where the dreaded Sharia Law is in operation.

According to Daily Times Newspaper of January 21, 2014, Kano State Commissioner for Justice, Alhaji Malik Kuliya disclosed to newsmen that no fewer than 100 rape cases were recorded in the state between November and December, 2013. By any Standard, this is rather alarming. Malik added that 40 persons were convicted of the offence last year.

Numerous reports have also shown that most of the suspects are people that were known to the victims. Parents and guardians should do the needful; they should solely take-up the responsibility to watch where their children and wards go or whom they relate with.












wordpress:com/2013/10/21 the-unedited-shocking-rape-story-of-ether-joan-nwadike-in-beninnigeria-photos). On October 9, 2013, a friend of Joan Nwadike, Moses Idahosa allegedly raped her several times after an event the latter had invited her to from Lagos to Benin. She was raped in Alice Hotel in GRA, Benin unknown to the hotel workers one of who eventually rescued

her after days of torture and rape. The victim said Idahosa told her that she was the perfect candidate for his rituals and his upcoming election to take place the following year.

Rape is perhaps an under-reported crime in all schools across the country and our society. But for report brought to the attention of the public in Tempo Magazine, a rape case in Queens College, Lagos involving a 12-year old JSS (Junior Secondary School) girl and a technician in the school's laboratory would have gone unnoticed. The girl was said to have gone to the physics laboratory to check with the technician who normally brought messages from her parents, whether she had any message. The technician tricked her into a corner, over-powered her and defiled her. Some students were attracted by her screams. The school principal reportedly wept profusely. Meanwhile, the rapist who was a husband of two wives and father of four kids was handed over to the police. Rape of innocence one may call this one.

This case may not have been reported if it had happened in a village or a remote area where no one is likely to hear the cries of the victims. To make matters worse, it could have been in a bush where only animals such as bird and crippling creatures are the likely spectators. One would almost wish these animals could report such cases or even rescue the victims.

But alas, many of these cases have been reportedly carried out by suspects close, known or related to the victims, such as; father, step-father, uncle, teacher, boyfriend etc. Nevertheless, just like the anti-gay marriage bill recently signed into law by the number-one citizen of the country, President Goodluck Jonathan, would an anti-rape law not suffice? Probably, the twolettered words screamed by rape victims is: No...No...No! Should No not mean No?

It is widely believed in many climes that sex should be mutually enjoyed by both partners involved. But, reverse is the case in rape cases. Often times, victims are left emotionally and socially wounded for the rest of their lives. Some ladies eventually develop phobia for sex and hatred for men. Parents, government as well as non-governmental organisations should sternly look into the numerous cases of rape and nip it before it becomes too late.