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Winback Call Scenario in Educating the Customers: - Winback focuses on the customers who has expired licenses.

- The agents cover customers with expired licenses within 1 month grace period (Late fee do not apply and 1 year grace period (!1"" dollar additional late fee apply . - The agents in this L#$ are re%uired to inform the customer about the !1"" late fee and explain to them how it will apply to them. Scenario 1 The customer is still on the &" days grace period but not yet sure if they will renew. "I just want to inform you that Autodesk has a $100 late fee if you will be renewing beyond 30 days from expiration date." In !ase you want to renew" you still ha#e until $end of gra!e period% to a#oid paying the late fee of $100.& The !1"" Late 'ee does not apply if the customer is still within the &" day grace period. (gents usually provide the customer options in renewing and as well as the benefits in doing so. The agents do not cite all the benefits in the call but rather 1 or ) would do. This scenario also applies to customers who do not have a reseller on file because the customer purchased the product online since the link on the online renewal shows that *Late fee may or may not apply.+

Scenario 2 The customer is beyond the &" days grace period and not yet decided to renew. *,f ever you decide on renewing you still have a grace period of 1 year to renew the subscription all you need to pay is the renewal fee plus a late fee of !1"" per seat. Autodesk Regular Call Scenario on Benefits: - -egular -enewal focuses in the notification of the customer.s subscription nearing expiration. The agents are not re%uired to renew the contract but rather point the customer to a reseller who is authori/ed to renew the contract of the customer. - They are also instructed not to offer online renewal unless the customer insists in doing so. 0ustomer is hesitant in renewing the subscription. 1ew customer who has ac%uired the position from the previous contact. 0ustomer not interested in renewing the subscription. This is most applicable for 1st year renewal because most of the customers don2t have an idea what the subscription benefits are or why there is a need for them to renew. 3i 4s. 56 ,t is good that the agents will be able to perform customer service skills in their calls by probing on the challenges that the customer encounter with their subscription and have that escalated to (utodesk. 3owever6 if the agents were faced with this scenario challenges will follow7 There are customers who will expect answers if the agent attempts to probe.

,f ever customers vented out their concern and learned that they are wasting their time detailing all this without any resolution6 it will prompt the customer to be irate resulting to communication breakdown. The agents will be prone to providing inaccurate information not unless they go through product and technical training.

-ecommendation7 $efore they entertain concerns8 issues from the customer6 the agents should go through a basic technical course on (utodesk to familiari/e the agents on technical terms used in (utodesk as well as on how they will handle such concerns to make an impression that they understood what the customer says. #r in order for them to practice their skill in customer service they can collect that concern8s provided that the customer is informed that what they can do is make a note on all the concerns presented to them and have it sent to (utodesk.