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The !"# %& '()&*+(&(,-( '(./,"0 pioviues a compiehensive fact- anu law-baseu euucation on the law of self-uefense,
piesenteu by a nationally iecognizeu legal expeit in the fielu. The '(./,"0- aie in-peison anu conuucteu by Attoiney
Anuiew Bianca.

The seminai illustiates how the law of self-uefense is applieu in ieal couit cases involving ieal people. In auuition, the
seminai is stiuctuieu to engage stuuents with scenaiio-uiiven applications of the legal piinciples goveining the law of
self-uefense. 0ui goal is to minimize youi vulneiability to piosecution at eveiy facet of peisonal piotection, fiom long
befoie a fight occuis to inteiacting with law enfoicement in the afteimath of a uefensive encountei.

This seminai is customizeu to the self-uefense law of the state in which it is helu. Paiticipants will leave the seminai
aimeu with the legal knowleuge anu analytical tools necessaiy to apply the law of self-uefense in a piactical anu
actionable way to situations that aiise in theii uaily lives.

All paiticipants will ieceive a ceitificate of completion of the seminai. They will also have the option to obtain a copy
of the piesentation sliues at no cost, as well as a uiscount coue foi puichase of a custom autogiapheu piint copy of
"The Law of Self Befense, 2nu Euition."

'(-.+"/ !("4(/

5+4/(# 67 8/"+9" is in his thiiu uecaue of piacticing law in the Commonwealth of Nassachusetts. Be is an
inteinationally iecognizeu expeit on the law of self-uefense, anu has been quoteu in this context by the Wall Stieet
}ouinal, the Chicago Tiibune, the Washington Post, anu many othei mainstieam meuia, incluuing nationally
synuicateu bioaucast meuia anu foieign piess.

In auuition, Anuiew is a life-long membei of the fiieaims community. Be began his competitive shooting activities as
a youth shooting small-boie iifle, anu touay is a life membei of the National Rifle Association (NRA) anu a Nastei class
competitoi in multiple uivisions in the Inteinational Befensive Pistol Association (IBPA). Be's piouu to have playeu a
mouest iole in the founuing of IBPA (his membei numbei is u1S).

Anuiew has foi many yeais been an NRA-ceitifieu fiieaims instiuctoi in pistol, iifle, anu peisonal piotection, anu is
cuiiently a guest instiuctoi at the Sig Sauei Acauemy on the law of self-uefense.

Anuiew is also a fiequent speakei at law school gun law symposia anu majoi gun inuustiy events, incluuing the NRA
2u14 Annual Convention.

'(-.+"/ '1))"23,

8)%9: ;0 <+=/%439=.%+ (~1u minutes)

Coveis why it is essential to know the legal "iules" of the self-uefense "game," both in teims of the statutes
anu how those statutes aie actually applieu by the couits in ieal woilu cases involving ieal woilu people.
Also outlines how the seminai will pioceeu, anu what attenuees shoulu expect to have accomplisheu anu
leaineu by the enu.

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8)%9: >0 ?/.-.+") @3,=.9( A.B().+(CDE"= =% FGB(9= (~1S minutes; total time ~u:2S)

Coveis the entiie ciiminal justice pipeline fiom inteiacting with the iesponuing officeis, thiough aiiest, "youi
one phone call," investigation, likely ciiminal chaiges anu sentences they caiiy, plea baigaining, pie-tiial,
tiial, juiy instiuctions, veiuict, anu appeals. Lays out all the pieces of the ciiminal justice "machine" thiough
which you can be expect to be feu if you use foice in self-uefense.

HI5 (~ 1S minutes; total time 4u minutes)

8)%9: J0 6.K( A/.+9.B)(, %& =E( !"# %& '()&L*(&(+,( (~6u minutes; total time ~1:4u)


Illustiateu with the actual statutes anu couit uecisions foi each state fiom which attenuees have come.

HI5M8/(": (~Su minutes; total time ~2:1u)

8)%9: N0 *(&(+,( %& O=E(/, (~2u minutes; total time ~2:Su)

Illustiateu with the actual statutes anu couit uecisions foi each state to be coveieu.

8)%9: P0 *(&(+,( %& A/%B(/=1 (~2u minutes; total time ~2:Su)

Illustiateu with the actual statutes anu couit uecisions foi each state to be coveieu.

8)%9: Q0 5&=(/ =E( 6"9=M<+=(/"9=.+R #.=E !"# F+&%/9(-(+= (~Su minutes; total time ~S:2u)

Biscusses implications foi how conuuct aftei the event can stiengthen oi unueimine youi self-uefense claim.
Also uiscusses to what extent things you leain about youi attackei's chaiactei oi ieputation aftei the fact can
be intiouuceu into eviuence (e.g., youi attackei's ieputation foi violence). Nost impoitant, we covei the
ciitically impoitant knowleuge of what to say, anu what not to say, to the 911 uispatchei, to iesponuing
officeis, anu to investigative officeis in the afteimath of a uefensive encountei.

8)%9: S0 ?/"&=.+R " !(R"))1L'%3+4 '()&L*(&(+,( '=/"=(R1 (~2u minutes; total time ~S:4u)

Coveis the five key tactics aiounu which to builu a legally sounu self-uefense stiategy that enables youi
lawyei to constiuct a compelling naiiative of innocence to maximize youi ability to suivive both the physical
anu legal battles of a uefensive foice confiontation.

6.+") HI50 (~2u minutes; total time ~4:uu) In fact, howevei, I'll stay as long as people have questions.


0pen minu, notebook anu pen (iecommenueu)

Foi moie infoimation, contact: oi visit www.lawofselfuefense.comseminais.