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A Teachers Realization: Pure Wisdom in Difficult Times

by Liza Astrologio Sannadan Teachers are often portrayed to be the earliest examplary figures that children look up to. This is not surprising because the moment the school children enter their classroom for the very first time, they immediately face someone who shifts from one mode to the next, as uickly as possible. This hour, the teacher may sound strict and untouchable as she gives instructions to her pupils. The next hour, she may be very considerate with her soft voice as she tries to comfort a child who may be crying. And yet the next hour, she may appear auhtoritative as she pacifies two uarreling pupils and instill in them the value of peace!keeping. And so school children have this rather fixed image of their teachers. "ut teachers, like all other employees, are human too # and as such, we also go through the same difficulties that affect workers. The predicament, however, lies not in the crisis itself, but on our capacity to competently handle our $ob as educators while undergoing stress from external troubles. Some teachers can handle stress well, but how about those who can not% There are simple but effective methods that teachers can use as part of their line of defense against the effects of anxiety, so that teaching proficiency is somehow maintained. 1. Having a Su ort !rou at Wor". &t is a fact that in any working environment, there will always be groups of friends scattered within the work place. The presence of friends will assure having listeners and advisers as one breaths out her troubles. The act of confiding is healthy itself. 'ow much more if the listeners are even in the position to help out% The value of reaching out and extending a helping hand to a fellow teacher is something that must be treasured. (hether the predicament may be $ob!related or financial in nature, or about relationship issues # there are always fellows who have the initiative to help out. "ut, first and foremost, some level of friendship must be established, so that one may be seen as a member of a support group. #. $eing Aggressive in the Solution of a Pro%lem. &f one is rather soft!hearted inside the classroom, there must be a complete reversal when it comes to attacking problems affecting the teacher. &t must be noted that the problems will eventually have an effect on the teacher)s management of her young learners # thus a determined attitude must be applied in going to the roots of the trouble itself. *onse uently, the learners will benefit from the stress!free disposition of their teacher.

&. 'radicating Hatred and Re lacing it (ith !ood Human Relations. &f everybody gets along well without the tendency to entertain anger or resentment towards fellow workers and other people, then the workplace will always be hassle!free. This is easy to attain if one simply accepts the realizion that people are not created with the same manner of thinking and deciding. There shall always be co!employees who will commit mistakes or who will go astray in his or her career. +bviously, what he or she needs is a helping hand and an understanding attitude. &f you find yourself in a situation where you can actually ease the burden of that person, then do so. The rewards are indeed uplifting emotionally, and you shall even have a loyal supporter who will always feel indebted to you. The goal, again, is to cast out pressure and strain from the workplace so that the teacher will instead focus on raising his or her competence # all for the good of the school and the educational system as a whole. The above!mentioned steps are very practical and they simply involve our willingness to perform them. &f we all do, there is no doubt that the teaching!learning environment will thrive, where the teacher is as happy as her young learners.