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March 15, 2014

TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR LOCAL VANCOUVER COMPASSION CLUBS in law, nonfeasance means compliance o !ose new p"o#isions of s$%% of !e C&SA

1. The City simply refuses to talk to our Quadra EDA, because our offer contains things they will not address 2. ur solution was to form !an"#outh EDA, $!#%&' and it has a (ery good lawyer that will represent this new )legal offer) to pay a sales ta*es to the City, and that means $before April 1st'' this City should be duly announcing that dispensaries and growers need to comply with paying a City #ales Ta* thru this !#%& offer. 3. !#%& is the legal name for 'Vancouver South Electoral District of the Marijuana Party', and a well"known local acti(ist called Don +riere is the new CE and a C&A will administer these City Ta* &ool transfers. ,. -n !ancou(er)s case, all dispensaries and all growers, in !ancou(er should comply to register with !#%& asap, and comply with its re.uirements on how to collect and when to remit funds to this EDA " City Ta* &ool. %' B( simpl( compl(in) wi ! collec in) an* "emi in) !is a+ means, i ,s impossi-le fo" an( mem-e", an( s aff, o" an( )"owe" o -e -.s e* .n*e" !e C&SA o" !ose new Fe*e"al Co." s$%% "e).la ions /O0 TO COMPL1 0IT/ T/E PROVINCE, AN& AN1 CIT1 OR TO0NS/IP2 3for that matter on this issue4 6. /irst 0 a #ociety needs to register a name"change from. This form will ask 1AT23E / +2#-1E##, and you say4 5 onvertin! "name of# Society to "name of# o$o%, in or&er to 'enefit the mem'ers' nee&s for a 'etter le!al %latform(. +ecause of the nature of this form, the old #ociety can take a month $maybe up to 6 months' to merge into being a Co"op and start collecting and remitting a sales ta* $under a necessity defence' before this co"op is fully registered " $to you it's ne), 'ut this chan!e$over is common to them, an& actually easy to &o' 7. 2nder the Co"op Act, no one can $or )ill )ant to' force anyone to 7oin our !#%&, because in law, you don)t need to be a %ari7uana &arty member to 7oin a pro(incial $mari7uana' Co"op. +2T this non"politically moti(ated $and 8or' ordinary resident will simply not ha(e the same benefits as an EDA agent does in this same Co"op. 8. T/AT SAI&2 9ust being a Co"op member, who pays this #ales Ta* is far better than any old legal status.

9. Now we come o s aff of *ispensa"ies an* )"owe"s $especially during the transition to being a co"op'
1:. -n order to touch cash that staff"member must become an EDA agent, because the one who holds the float $aka "responsible for the cash register' needs to be an EDA agent in order to (alidate the receipts, pay the dispensary for that shift)s ser(ices, and remit 8sign off on the sales ta* that then transfer to the City Ta* &ool. -t sounds complicated but all this agent is doing is signing off that on their shift their float balanced, and the computer software registers and properly stores mountains of electronic paper"work in a nano"second. 11. To .uote s";;41a, anyone who is in the4 *%ro&uction, %ac+a!in!, sen&in!, trans%ortation, &elivery, sale, %rovision, a&ministration, %ossession or o'tainin! of or other &ealin! in any controlle& su'stances or %recursor or any class( " really needs to be an EDA agent because otherwise you are in a )class) of being 'those classes of %ersons' that are going to fall under those new Anne*ed %%&3 rules and regulations. 16. The members of dispensaries are not the target of s";;, the staff and growers are being targeted. A1D frankly the only way )anyone in the trade) can e(er shake off this liability is to be a registered EDA agent 13. ON )"owe"s, conce"ns4 +y becoming an EDA agent, means you can do what thousands of %%A3 members do 1A%E<=4 follow basic safety rules, in order to grow your own, $without needing a sales ta* >'. 14. Anyone can grow commercially, as long as you)re a registered financial EDA agent, and sign an Affida(it that confirms that this )agency) will only sell their crops to an EDA member 'in !oo& stan&in!', or an EDA agent 'in !oo& stan&in!). A1D will honour a commitment $with a standard commercial bond' to always collect a 1:? sales ta* and remit it to the City 8Township that this grower or )greenhouse) is operating in. 15. This farmer can operate under a (ariety of co"op models, like a growers guild or a weed"pool, and market it as 'this ,slan&'s -est' or 'that Mountain Valley.s /inest', by being a basic )pri(ate indi(idual farmer), who maintains books and records, and makes a profit, 7ust like any speciali@ed niche farmer does. $like wine'

16. BOTTOM LINE2 it's just a plant " that )always) was the >1 crop in the world, $and 8or' the >1 cash"crop in
the world. The medicines in potent cannabis are Essential Elements in healing most dis)eases) naturally . 1. Aashish was the backbone of the 'S%ice 0ra&e', then +anksters built this 1oman Em%ire from its profits 1B. The nutrients in hemp seed can feed 8restore a much better world. The blending of hemp"fibre with plastics would clean up most of the plastics industry, and open a &andora)s +o* for this new CD printer technology. 1. Everyone thinks 60-70% unemployment is an economic disaster i call that Paradise on earth. 6. De hold new tools that eliminate the need for the sweat 8toil 8grunt"labour of (irtually all human beings, 18. The choice will ine(itably be by authority, which will soon lead to #tar Trek or 3oad Darriors 0it's a choice We all must serve some ' ody'! it may e the devil! or it may e the "ord... +ob Dylan " -loo& on the 0rac+s

ON A PRACTICAL APPLICATION OF OUR E&A SALES TA5 VENTURE $3on !ow i ,s locall( implemen e*4 I can *o !is -( o. linin) w!a o." new E&A is *oin), wi ! !ei" new C!illiwac6 $ /ope E&A &ecla"a ion

19. BAC7GROUN&ER" the CE is a designated grower, who supplies local clubs with the e*cess crop of his
%%A3 benefactors, who is getting screwed. Ae knows lots of growers, $in practice' -t can take 6 to , weeks for Elections Canada to confirm and register an EDA. " A1D in the mean time, i)m immediately empowering him to be a Quadra financial agent between now and when he gets his own EDA confirmed. 6:. $since under the %%A3, authority already knows who and where he is' Ae is going to City Aall, the &olice Chief and the /ire Chief and show them the status of being a registered Quadra EDA agent, $preferably with a local lawyer' and this form that makes him a 3e(enue Canada agent under the Elections Act. 1. 1 TA-#E this is not a form to make a re(enue agent under the CD#A $for e*ample' =ou $as this new re(enue agent' are empowered to respect our EDA)s right to /reedom of Contract. $at least in theory' 6. This EDA Agent 8 fficer will then ser(e them an Affida(it to the effect that they will ne(er sell their crops to anyone who is not an EDA member in good standing, and we will always collect a 1:? sales ta* and remit it to the City of Chilliwack, in order to benefit from a remuneration in their %unicipality. 21. FOR E5AMPLE our !#%& offer $!ancou(er #outh EDA of the %ari7uana &arty' says ")Don +riere as EDA" CE for !#%& is needing to file a letter of introduction, $by his lawyer' stating that the members of se(eral participating Dispensaries and their growers would like to remit a 1:? City #ales Ta* in order to get some &eace of mind, from the looming threat of o(ert federal acti(itiesE this offer is done with the intent to present a remuneration in order to contribute to the City for the costs that it already endures, by remitting this #ales Ta*. This #ales Ta* is being offered to empower a &eaceful ci(il solution to a federal mess. 22. NO0 BAC7 TO C/ILLI0AC72 -n this way $with the number of growers in Chilliwack " Aope District', we will easily triple its local ta* base. As i see it ) i know this is a case of double ta*ation, when 8if they sell to a !ancou(er dispensary who then charges a 1:? sales ta* and sends this to the City of !ancou(er. and the only way around this double"ta*"dip is to grow in the same city as you sell and then there is only 1"ta*. 1. - simply refuse to accept that Chilliwack or Aope will protect its growers, if it does not benefit from a ta* on the entire crop. therwise, these %unicipalities would only get a pittance of the total sale of the crop 6C. As i see it, we need to make an offer that any City will accept, because we $as agents of a federal minority party' ha(e no option but to cater to the needs of the City, where the grow"op $or dispensary' operate in " in order for that City $and e(entually its) ta* court' to protect us. Ta* Court rulings trump all other courts. 1. As my (ideos point out " it)s an impossible to loose a ta* ruling, because the City will gladly accept the #ales Ta*, and in so doing under a remuneration the City and the Courts are obliged to protect us.

24. ON OT/ER MATTERS " i am negotiating a contract with +iotrack "
" They really ha(e about the same all encompassing software as <ogenics was going to do for us last fall. They are an official appro(ed software for California, Colorado and Dashington. The Dashington package has a C"layer deep ta* structure embedded into it. and it will adapt to our ta* tabulation needs, 7ust by changing the titles. $on security' the City can track this user)s acti(ity thru a secure back door. it)s a theft proof protection that the ta* collector $the City in our case' has built in, in order to audit the ta* layer only, and it)s why authority likes it. +y design, it limits City access to the ta* layers, due to American 2CC ci(il codesE they must treat e(eryone who pays ta*es under the same rules, which only helps our legal defence 1 TA-#4 get o(er it, that)s business, all business software programs ha(e )unsecured) back doors De actually can e*pect respect by paying this sales ta* " our defence is bulletproof " regrettably we)re not. 1. 1 TA-# " this software is for participating pro(incial co"ops 0 -t will ne(er be used by any EDA, we use standard Elections Canada appro(ed software to administer our acti(ities and financial affairs. 6;. De $our EDAs' are fully aware that the &ro(ince will shortly thereafter take control of this re(enue stream by creating a +C +ud +oard, under the <i.uor +oard $for e*ample' A1D we will re7oice when that happens, because that means the medical cannabis industry is now legal. A1D we remain open, after this shuffle, because federal grand father clauses apply, and we)ll be a legitimate local competition to the <i.uor #tores 6F. MOST IMPORTANT2 An( p"esen MMAR #ic im can IMME&IATEL1 c"ea e a new le)al en i ( calle* 88 p"i#a e in*i#i*.al 99 -( -ecomin) an E&A a)en 0 This means you cannot be defined as 'those classes of %ersons' un&er s$55 of the DS2', " The only way any %%A3 person can escape the liability of this straw"man created under this new s";;, is to become a Quadra $or' a !ancou(er #outh EDA agent The ne*t logical thing to do, is form a local EDA and, start a real grassroots mo(ement in your District, anywhere in Canada, by ci(illy standing under #ec 1 of the Charter, under ')hat's %rescri'e& 'y la))