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Curriculum Unit Plan Title: China Grade: 9 Topics: Ancient China, geography of East Asia, Nationalist China, Communist

China, population, progress vs. persecution, China as a power in the global context Designer: Garrett ones Stage 1 - Desired Results Content Standards (Wisconsin Model Academic Standards)
Geography A.!".# Analy$e the short%term an& long%term effects that ma'or changes in population in various parts of the worl& have ha& or might have on the environment A.!".!( Analy$e the effect of cultural ethics an& values in various parts of the worl& on scientific an& technological &evelopment )istory *.!".! Explain &ifferent points of view on the same historical event, using &ata gathere& from various sources, such as letters, 'ournals, &iaries, newspapers, government &ocuments, an& speeches *.!"." Analy$e primary an& secon&ary sources relate& to a historical +uestion to evaluate their relevance, ma,e comparisons, integrate new information with prior ,nowle&ge, an& come to a reasone& conclusion *.!".# Assess the vali&ity of &ifferent interpretations of significant historical events *.!".!( -elect instances of scientific, intellectual, an& religious change in various regions of the worl& at &ifferent times in history an& &iscuss the impact those changes ha& on beliefs an& values

Common Core State Standards or !iterac"

.ea&ing !. Cite specific textual evi&ence to support analysis of primary an& secon&ary sources, atten&ing to such features as the &ate an& origin of the information. /multiple%gist, &ocument analysis0 ". 1etermine the central i&eas or information of a primary or secon&ary source2 provi&e an accurate summary of how ,ey events or i&eas &evelop over the course of the text./&ocument analysis0 3. Compare the point of view of two or more authors for how they treat the same or similar topics, inclu&ing which &etails they inclu&e an& emphasi$e in their respective accounts. /multiple%gist0 9. Compare an& contrast treatments of the same topic in several primary an& secon&ary sources. /multiple%gist0 4riting !. 4rite arguments focuse& on discipline-specific content. /textboo, account0 ". 4rite informative5explanatory texts, inclu&ing the narration of historical events, scientific proce&ures5 experiments, or technical processes. /textboo, account0 9. 1raw evi&ence from informational texts to support analysis, reflection, an& research. /textboo, account0

#nduring Understandings Students will understand that... China6s early negative interactions with 4estern powers le& to anti%foreign sentiment an& the rise of Communism in China. 7ao 8e&ong6s 9Great :eap ;orwar&< was a ra&ical experiment in collectivi$ation that ha& &isastrous short% an& long%term conse+uences throughout China. =he Cultural .evolution was inten&e& to bring China together un&er 7ao6s policies but ultimately create& &ivisions between the e&ucate& an& illiterate an& the rural an& urban populations.

#ssential $uestions )ow have the physical features of China6s geography impacte& regional government an& culture> )ow has the 9man&ate of heaven< an& the &ynastic cycle shape& Chinese history> )ow have Chinese belief systems, inclu&ing Confucianism, =aoism, an& *u&&hism shape& Chinese history an& culture> ;rom an historical perspective, was 7ao6s 9Great :eap ;orwar&< really a leap forwar& for China> 4hy woul& 7ao have calle& for a .evolution that attac,e& the revolutionaries of his first ma'or program> Stage % - Assessment #&idence Core Assessment =extboo, Article % -tu&ents write a textboo, entry towar&s the en& of the unit that covers 7aoist era in Chinese history. =he textboo, entry will focus on the Great :eap ;orwar& an& the Cultural .evolution. =his summative assessment will integrate both ,nowle&ge an& s,ills from multiple%gist an& &ocument analysis strategies. /rubric0 't(er Assessment #&idence 7ultiple%Gist summary /Great :eap emphasis0 1ocument analysis graphic organi$ers /Cultural .evolution emphasis0 *elief -ystems of China character collages /formative performance assessment0 *elief -ystems of China impact reflection /essential +uestion: how have Confucianism, =aoism, an& *u&&hism impacte& mo&ern Chinese history>0 Chinese physical geography +ui$ ;ormative assessments to inclu&e exit passes, write%aroun&s, primary source reactions, an& informal observation 9=an, 7an< vi&eo write aroun& ?i&eo gui&es, rea&ing comprehension +uestions /with content%area excerpts0