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Father Damian Abbaticchio

Vocation Fund
The Father Damian Abbaticchio Vocation Fund is intended to assist faithful Catholic men and women who have financial need
pursue a traditional Catholic vocation. Selection will be based upon review by the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary-
Treasurer of Una Voce of Chesapeake. While grants will be directed almost entirely toward those in financial need, Una Voce of
Chesapeake will endeavor to support all applicants who meet the eligibility requirements as best possible.

All qualified applicants, upon acceptance, will be eligible for targeted grants, by which donors can direct funding to a specific
individual, as well as general grants in increments of $500 using a rolling schedule to cover all active recipients receiving aid.
Eligibility is limited to Catholics in good standing with the Church who are enrolled in a traditional Catholic seminary or monastic
order. Recipients must remain in good standing with the Church and enrolled with the seminary or monastic program of record.

1. Complete the application below.
2. Provide proof of enrollment or acceptance into a traditional Catholic seminary/convent/etc from the gaining institution. This
documentation should be forwarded directly to Una Voce of Chesapeake from the institution and document associated costs.
3. Obtain a letter of recommendation from your parish priest commenting on your general character, fittingness for this award and
financial need. This letter should be forwarded directly to Una Voce of Chesapeake and on parish letterhead.

Recipients will be required to provide documentation to Una Voce of Chesapeake on a quarterly basis in order to verify continuing
enrollment. The norm for disbursement of funds shall be directly to the institution in the name of the recipient. In the event that a
recipient is no longer enrolled in the program of record, all grants from Una Voce of Chesapeake shall cease with targeted donations
made in the name of that individual returned to the original donors.

Personal Information Seminary/Convent/Program Information

Name: Name:

Address: Address:

Phone: Phone:

Email: Advisor:

Parish Information
Diocese: Please provide a one page letter to the
Board explaining why you desire to pursue
Parish/City: a vocation and your need for assistance in
doing so. Include any other programs you
Parish Priest: are utilizing to offset associated costs.


100 Burr Court Chesapeake, Virginia 23320 ● 757-842-6385