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Common-Law Trust Affidavit Public Notice/Public Record The undersigned affiant, being duly sworn on oath, over the age of 18 of sound mind deposes and says: That he/she is an officer of a business that is in business in collecting on promissory notes or loan agreements (bailments) of which we recognize said business as bank financial institution. That, doing business as CEO CFO or as officer of said bank financial institution he/she has the authority to execute this affidavit on behalf of said bank financial institution to bind his/her self and bank financial institution to its provisions and said officer will have this affidavit executed before notary republic. The policies and procedures of the Federal Reserve Bank and its member banks and major banks within America over the past 10 decades have never had a policy regarding loans (deposits) to create new money or credit and lend out the new money or credit and the policies of said banks financial institutions have never created the economics similar to or like stealing, counterfeiting and swindling. The policy of said banks financial institutions is that the party who funded the *loan, pursuant to bookkeeping entries, is to be returned the money. The bank loan (deposit) received with this bank in demand deposit account (DDA) agrees that generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) book entries were followed. I declare under penalties of perjury, fidelity bond (commercial liability) that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed on (date). (Print) Name of Bank Officer____________________________________ Signature of Bank Officer_______________________________________ Name of Bank Financial Institution________________________________________________ Address of Bank________________________________________________ City/State_______________________________________________________

CERTIFICATE OF ACNOWLEDGEMENT Sworn to and subscribed before me this ___day of ______________, 20___. Signature of Notary Public__________________________________________
*LOAN defined: Deposit Of Money By A Customer With Banker; Gimbel Bros. v. White, 10 N.Y.S.2d 666, 667, 256 App.Div. 439 Bailment without reward, consisting of the delivery of an article by the owner to another person, to be used by the latter gratuitously, and returned either in specie or in kind. Black's Law Dictionary Fourth Edition (page 1085) CONTRACTS IMPERFECTLY RECIPROCAL defined: are those in which the obligation of one of the parties only is a principal obligation of the contract; as, mandate, deposit, loan for use, and the like. In all reciprocal contracts the consent of the parties must be expressed. Poth. Obl. n. 9; Civil Code of Louis. art. 1758, 1759. Law Dictionary by: John Bouvier Revised Sixth Edition, 1856