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Enhancing the power of vocabulary

of students in
Grades 7 -B

MR/Ilma college,

2007/ SC/E/ M/05

I A.A Mohamed waseel teaching at MR / Ilma College, Matara as an intern have done a project
under the concept of “enhancing the power of the vocabulary of grade 7-B students. I am honest
enough to say that this project has been done under the direction of our supervising lecturers Mr.
Siripala Gamage and Mrs. Ekanayaka and our school principal and the staff.

I earnestly and honestly state that I have done the project with the pure purpose of fulfilling the
requirement of the student and to completion of the 3 years Diploma in teaching .i am very proud
to declare that all the details given in this report are true and not an extract from any other
I submit this project to my supervising lecturer Mr. Siripala Gamage. For inspection and
improvement and annotations.

∗ President of Nilwala National College of Education,Mr.Dharmasena Rillagodage

∗ Vice presidents and the lecturers of Nilwala National College of Education

∗ Internship supervisors,
 Mr. Siripala Gamage.
 Mrs.Ekanayaka

∗ The principal,

∗ The vice principals and the teachers of the school,

∗ The students of grade 7-B,

∗ My internship colleagues,

∗ Parents of the students,

for the kind co-operation, the guidance & the support they rendered on my project.
My special thanks also go to my friends who helped me in numerous ways.
Finally, would like to thank the non-academic staff of MR/Ilma College for giving their
helping hand to finish my project successfully


1. Declaration of the Project 1

2. Project Proposal 2

3. 1st Chapter 5
4.1 Introducing the problem
4.2 Objectives
4.3 Time Frame

4. 2nd Chapter 7
5.1 Implementation of the project
5.2 Collecting Data
5.3 Problems Aroused
5.4 Minimizing the problems

5. Conclusions and Suggestions 10

6. Annexes 11
Declaration of the Project

I here by declare that this individual project report on Student - Assist

‘Enhancing the power of vocabulary of students in Grades 7 -B’ implemented by the
intern of Nilwala National College of Education, A.A.Mohamed waseel, is an
independent project report and is not an extract from any other source.

Signature of the internee

Introducing the Problem

I was appointed to MR/Ilma College, Matara as an internee on

05th of January in 2009.It is a Muslim school in southern province. I teach Science
for Grades 7-B and 8-C and as for my minor subject I do Information technology
for Grade 11-C.
Soon after I attached to the school I got response for grade 7-B and 8-C. both two
classes are English medium classes and Grade 7-B was brought up as an English
medium class from Grade 1.
For an English medium student there are two major responses rather than a student
learning in his mother tongue. The first one is he /she should be able to understand
the language first and the other one is understanding the lesson taught. Therefore it
is rather clear if any one want to study in English medium he / she should be fairly
good in the language first.
During the first week I starting my teaching I found that the students are lack of
vocabulary power. So I decided to implement the project.

 Constructing a fairly good knowledge in vocabulary.

 Enhancing the ability of writing English words correctly.

 Making English an interesting subject for the students.

 Giving a helping hand for the students to carry on their studies in

English medium stream.
Time Frame


y Februar



1. Identifying the problem

2. Discussing about the problem with the principal

3. Collecting data

4. Arranging a time to hold the class

5. started to perform

6. Evaluating the progress of students

7. Arranging the project report

Implementation of the Project

Soon after arriving to this school, I noticed that the students in the
class 7-B which I teach Science are lack of vocabulary. So I thought for improving
their ability in vocabulary through a special method.
Firstly I discussed the problem with the principal. He agreed with
me at once and gave permission to implement the project. After that I discussed the
problem with the language teachers. They gave me a good support and gave
suggestions on how to perform that proposal successfully. Through that I was able to
collect necessary information about the students.

My first action in implementing the project was instructing the students to maintain
120 pages exercise book to write down the new words they come across in everyday
lessons. And they should arrange their words in the order. And next day they should
find the meaning from dictionaries or asking from parents or their siblings.

Every day I check the knowledge of the vocabulary by asking a student randomly.
So I got the support from students in large level. Because they all paid an interest
on learning the new words. I performed this activity in the same period when I do
science for them. Before starting the lesson or after the lesson I implement the project
everyday. This was rather success one. Because whenever they face new words as soon
as they record the word in the vocabulary book. Then they are searching the word on
the dictionary or next day asking to me. From this activity I decide to hold a weekend
class to assess their vocabulary.
It was easy to evaluate the all students than individual evaluation. Then I got the
permission to hold a weekend vocabulary test to the students. After got the permission
to keep the weekend test I preferred the Friday. Then I informed the students about
the test.
Data collection

I collected necessary information from the principal, vice principal, staff, students and non
academic staff.

Resources used

Human Resource - principal

Language teachers

My internship colleagues

Non-academic staff


Physical Resources -

English exam report registers

Grade 7 - B class room


The Problems aroused when preparing

 Some of the students had some evening classes on Fridays so that it was
difficult to have the assessment test in Fridays
 Most of the parents are uneducated.
 Students are not move friendly with one another.
 Some of the students are very low level in language proficiency.
 Some of the students do not have a dictionary at home.
How I handled the problems.

 At first I allocated Fridays for the evaluation and some of the

students having evening classes so as they could not be attended for the
test. Then I keep the same test in the relief periods in school time.

 Some of the students do not have a dictionary at home (about

4students) so there are no way to replace. So I found an abandoned
dictionary at school and submitted to keep the dictionary in school and
they should use the dictionary in school time.

 Some students are rather below up to the level so they are the
obstacles of the progress. Therefore I gave some extra works so that they
can carry out at his homes.

 Students were not talking in a friendly manner among them. And

always they complained about others seated next to them. This attitude led
another problem. That was if a student unable to find the meaning of a
word other one is not helping to that student. So he/she is desperate to find
the meaning of the word. So I get two students paired together and told to
face the test together. This was successful.

I got a lot of experiences by doing this project, on enhancing the power of

vocabulary. And also I got how to cope up with the problems aroused, and how to
handle them while implementing this type of a task.
I was easily able to decide concept of the project because all the
students are seemed to have same problem and that are desperate. Those students in
the classes in which I teach Science are lack of English vocabulary power. Finally I
gratitude my thanks to the principal to provide necessary information through the
teachers in the English medium section of the school whenever needed. I identified
him as a good principal, who is able to get the maximum support from the teachers of
the school through his patience. It encouraged me to finish up my task successfully.
That is a great example for not only my teaching career but also for my life