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REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES METROPOLITAN TRIAL COURT Cainta, Rizal PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES -versus__________________# Accused. x- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -x Crim.

Case No. _________________ For: Reckless Impr !e"ce Res l$i"% i" &ama%e $o Proper$'


()ITH: AFFI&A*IT OF UN&ERTA+IN,The accused, by and through the undersigned and unto this Honorable Court, most respectfully states that !. The accused is charged for the crime of Rec"less #mprudence Resulting in

$amage to %roperty& '. Although bail is a matter of right in this case, the financial capacity of the

accused prevents him from paying the full sum of the bail amounting to Thirteen Thousand %esos (%hp !),***.**+. Thus, so as not to render nugatory the Constitutional right of the accused, he humbly beseeches this Honorable Court to allo, him to post CA-H ./0$ of -ix Thousand 1ive Hundred %esos (%hp 2,3**.**+. The accused is ,illing to immediately deposit the said amount together ,ith this 4otion& ). hearing. 6. This 4otion is not intended to delay nor give less importance to the 1inally, as a condition of the posting of a bail, the accused underta"es to be

present ,hen re5uired by the Honorable Court provided, that he is properly notified of such

proceedings of this Honorable Court but solely for the reason stated above&

)HEREFORE# premises considered, it is hereby respectfully prayed that the accused be allo,ed to post a CA-H ./0$ in the reduced amount of -ix Thousand 1ive Hundred %esos (%hp 2,3**.**+. /ther remedies 7ust and e5uitable in the premises are li"e,ise prayed for.

Taytay, Rizal for Cainta, Rizal, 6 8une '*!'.


T0e Clerk o1 Co r$ 4unicipal Trial Court Cainta, Rizal T0e Ho"ora2le Pro3i"cial Prosec $or %rovincial %rosecutors /ffice Cainta, Rizal 9reetings #n vie, of the nature and urgency of this 4otion, "indly submit the foregoing 4otion for consideration and approval of the Honorable Court immediately upon receipt hereof. 1or lac" of messenger ,ho could effect personal service upon the Complainant, undersigned had to resort to service by registered mail for being a more practical and convenient alternative means of service.

Cop' 1 r"is0e! 2' Re%is$ere! mail $o: T0e Ho"ora2le Pro3i"cial Prosec $or %rovincial %rosecutors /ffice Cainta, Rizal