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Republic of the Philippines CARAGA STATE UNIVERSITY Cabadbaran Campus T. Curato St., Cabadbaran, Agusan del Norte Tel.

Nos. (085)343-1020/281-2032 DEPARTMENT OF ENGINEERING AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Course Syllabus in IT12 Interactive Multimedia Authoring Par! I" Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives #ision A premier institution of higher learning in Caraga Region committed to global excellence in science and technology, and humanities to ards sustainable development! Mission Caraga "tate #niversity is committed to the four$fold functions %&uality instruction, research, extension, and production' of higher education by( )roviding &uality and relevant education in science and technology, and humanities* +eveloping competent individuals ho are scientifically trained, technologically s,illed, and morally upright* Contributing in the creation of an eco$friendly and healthy environment* )articipating actively in transnational collaboration, industry lin,ages and global net or,s! Goals -o provide a dynamic and &uality education in thru efficient delivery of instruction in all curricular programs! -o expand relevant curricular program, hich are in line ith the current re&uirements to complements the needs of industries! -o enhance scholarly activities and research capability of faculty and students! -o produce degree and ladderi.ed program graduates ho are technologically s,illful and globally competitive! -o develop lin,ages and partnership ith the local and national communities, lin,ages, of Research and /xtension 0 /xternal Affairs and university alumni!

-o create a culture of environmental consciousness, strong sense of values and responsiveness! -o adopt an attractive admission and retention policies to effect enrollment increase! -o support in the promotion of production of goods and services!

Ob$e%!i&es" -o facilitate and ongoing faculty development and close monitoring system of faculty performance! -o revie 0 offer programs focusing on the needs of the region and global mar,et! -o expose the faculty and students to seminar and mentoring in research in "cience, -echnology and other disciplines to increase their s,ills! -o e&uip the faculty ith ade&uate ,no ledge, s,ills thru trainings, scholarships and seminars and ac&uired modern facilities to ensure high percentage of 1/- and -/"+A competency passers! -o establish lin,ages in 2ndustries, 1G#, /ducational 2nstitution and other establishment to support in the implementation of programs li,e 2nformation -echnology, -ourism 0 3otel and Restaurant Management and /ngineering! -o promote a clean, green and bloom premises and eco$friendly environment! -o expand students scholarship opportunities by allocating appropriate funds and generate grants4supports from lin,ages! -o encourage livelihood activities for socio$economic development of the community! Par! II"
CO#R"/ CO#R"/ -2-1/ CO#R"/ +/"CR2)-2O8 8O! O9 #82-" )R/$R/;#2"2-/ G/8/RA1 O<=/C-2V/" 2-567 2nteractive Multimedia Authoring 2t provides an overvie of the integrated media that extends from a basic computer animation to more advanced interactive multimedia design %text, sound, graphics, animation and video integration'! : #nits At the end of the course, the students ill be able to(

familiar with the basic multimedia applications familiar with the basic multimedia concepts familiar with the processes involved in creating multimedia applications and interactive products be familiar with basic multimedia tools plan and design presentations using storyboards exhibit efficient work techniques to maximize the use of time for project completion

To'i% 2! Orientation Mission and Vision of the 2nstitute Class )olicies 2nstitute )olicies +istribution of Grades

Ti(e Fra(e )Hours* 5

S'e%i+i% Ob$e%!i&es Memori.e -he 2nstitute Mission and Vision Announce Classroom and 1aboratory )olicies! Announce the 2nstitute )olicies! Announce the Grading "ystem and the distribution of it!

Mo,e o+ Ins!ru%!ion 1ecture4 +iscuss ion using "lides )resentation

Ins!ru%!ional Ma!erials an, Resour%es <illboards of Vision and Mission of the 2nstitute! Copy of 1aboratory )olicies! Copy of the 2nstitute )olicies Copy of the +epartment

E&alua!i&e Measures


Oral recitation in the classroom!

)ersonal +rive 3ard or,

Multimedia +efinition of Multimedia 3istory of Multimedia Application of Multimedia Authoring


A! >no the 3istory and Application of Multimedia

A! 1ecture4 +iscussion <! +emonstration lecture

A! -extboo, <! /$boo, C! Researched materials from internet A! -extboo, <! /$boo, C! Researched materials from internet

Oral Recitation ;

)erseverance 3ard or,

lements of Multimedia lements !vervie" of Adobe Photoshop CS#


A! #nderstand the elements of multimedia <! 9amiliari.e Adobe )hotoshop C"?

A! 1ecture4 +iscussion <! +emonstration lecture

Oral Recitation ; 1aboratory /xercises )R/12M /@AM Oral

)erseverance 3ard or,

Introduction to $lash


A! #nderstand multimedia

A! 1ecture4+iscussion

A! -extboo,


!rigins and %ses of $lash o $lash Authoring nvironment Multimedia Process o &ra"ing !b'ects in Adobe $lash (or)ing "ith S*mbols and Interactivit* Creating Animations o Traditional Animation Multimedia Storage o Media and Storage Re+uirements o &igital video o ,ideo compression o Image $ormat Animation Techni+ue o The -asic o &irect. !b'ect o Techni+ues of Animation 6:hrs


<! +emonstration lecture

<! /$boo, C! Researched materials from internet

Recitation ; 1aboratory /xercises

3ard or,

A! >no ho to ma,e animation using Adobe 9lash

C! 1ecture4+iscussion +! +emonstration lecture

+! -extboo, /! /$boo, 9! Researched materials from internet

Oral Recitation ; 1aboratory /xercises M2+-/RM /@AM

)erseverance 3ard or,


A! #nderstand storage


A! 1ecture4+iscussion <! +emonstration lecture

A! -extboo, <! /$boo, C! Researched materials from internet

Oral Recitation ; 1aboratory /xercises

)erseverance 3ard or,


A! ,no the basic animation techni&ue

A! 1ecture4+iscussion <! +emonstration lecture

A! -extboo, <! /$boo, C! Researched materials from internet

Oral Recitation ; 1aboratory /xercises 928A1 /@AM

)erseverance 3ard or,

E-ui'(en! an, Ma!erials .se," Re+eren%es" In!erne!

III/ A,,i!ional Resour%es 1/ In!erne!

2/ Co('u!er 0/ Pro$e%!or I#/ Cri!eria +or Gra,in1 Ma$or E2a(ina!ions )relim /xam Midterm /xam 9inal /xam Activity4)roblem "ets

Ma$or E2a(ina!ion )relim /xam Midterm /xam 9inal /xam Activity4)roblem "ets Activity4; -he final grade corresponding to the studentDs general average is given in the table belo ( 6BC 6BC 6BC ?BC General A&era1e EA$5BB E?$EF E5$E: GG$EB G7$GA G6$G? AE$G5 AF$AG A7 conditional 2ncomplete 9ailed +ropped 2n )rogress )repared by( RYAN O/ C.ARE4 1ecturer Chec,ed by( MARILYN 5/ CASTILLO6 E,/D Chairman, +/2Final Gra,e 5!B 5!67 5!7B 5!A7 6!B 6!67 6!7B 6!A7 :!BB ?!BB 28C 7!BB +R) 2n prog! Recommending Approval ARACELI R/ MANDIN6 E,/D/

A%a,e(i% sub$e%!s

S3o' Labora!ory Sub$e%!s 57C 57C :BC :BC 5BC

Approved( LOLITA P/ MARAGA7AS6 E,/D/

3ead, Academic Affairs

Campus +ean