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We hereby regard our sincere thanks to Mr. Amar Patel, Project guide under whose guidance this project was undertaken. I would like to thank our Centre Head Mr. Manish Amin of NIS ACADEMY for his guidance and kind support as well as our project guide Mrs. Nisha Kurup for their valuable guidance and experience. Finally I am glad to thank our all faculties who have provided me substantial guidance & support in preparation of this project. This successful completion of this project could not have been possible without their co-operation and support. I would also like give some share of thanks to my friends for their support. We would like to thank our friends for their generous support and the respondents who gave their valuable piece of time for participating in the survey to complete the study.

The main objective behind this project is to get the knowledge and experience about the real business world and I am glad to know the business tactics and was happy to learn that how business runs and how to expand it. Such a project is very useful to increase the ability and development of students. It was a great experience for preparing this report.

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Project Synopsis Introduction What is Viral Marketing? History Behind Viral Marketing 7 free Viral Marketing Strategy Building a Successful Viral Marketing Campaign Six Key Element Of a Viral Marketing Campaign How Does Viral Marketing Work? Advantages Of Viral Marketing When Viral Marketing Not Suitable? Principle Of Viral Marketing 21 Common Viral Marketing Mistakes About Nestle Nestle Corporate Business Principle Legislation and International Recommendation Important Notice Nestles Position on gene Technology Introduction Introduction Of Maggi Maggies Story Product Line Maggi Brand In India Brand Story Maggi Brand Extension BCG Matrix of Maggi Brand Product Variant Battle of The Brand In Seasoning market STPD Analysis Of Maggi Brand SWOT Analysis Of Maggi Brand Major Factor Influencing Consumer Behaviour Changing Scenario Of Advertising Global Advertising Summary Time VS Frequency Media Literacy Children And TV Advertisement

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Influencer And Non Influencer Of Media Ad Effectiveness Of Different Viral Materials Word Of Mouth Advertisement Analysis of Yhe Study Key Findings Limitation Recommendation Conclusion Bibliography Annexure Questionnaire

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