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mHealth: general overview in Africa

Presented by Dr. Peter Breitenbach Presented on 19th February 2013

Part of Vodafone Global Enterprise propositions:

Help me operate more effectively Keep me ahead of the game

Industry Solutions: mHealth

Journey to business growth

Look beyond the discrete sale
Business Growth Personal Productivity Vodafone Communication Services

Business Management

Work on any device

Email, Fixed Network, Mobile, Collaboration

Help me manage my comms Help me operate globally

Help me operate more effectively Keep me ahead of the game

Work the way you want




Industry Solutions: mHealth

The Big Picture or why mHealth is so compelling

Chronic Disease Epidemic Enable information management Optimise system efficiencies

Ageing Demographic

Cost pressures on providers

Increase patient compliance

Patients Empowered

Increase access to medicines

System Inefficiencies

Increase quality of care

Industry Solutions: mHealth

Where could we take clients?

From A trusted supplier to the healthcare industry To A trusted collaborator to the healthcare industry

"My business requires me to adapt to a drastically changing healthcare environment."

From Medical & Pharma products

To Delivering a patient outcomes service

To Multi-channel, multi-stakeholder on demand model

From Physician focused push model

From Limited direct patient engagement

To Patient at the heart of product and service design

Industry Solutions: mHealth

How our story fits into healthcare





Optimising prevention and compliance keeps patients out of more expensive curative loops

Increasing detection and diagnostic rates through connected interfaces, reducing the demand on providers

Increasing access to quality medicines and treatment and enabling higher quality of care

Improving system management and efficiencies (data veracity, speed of capture, transparency).

Industry Solutions: mHealth

We can help you take advantage

Help me operate more effectively Keep me ahead of the game

Improve patient engagement in clinical trials

Beyond the pill for added value and service transformation

Improve medication supply chain management in the developing world

Beyond direct detailing, marketing engagement transformation

Empower field workforce

Industry Solutions: mHealth

How we deliver it

Machine to Machine Solution

Connecting machines and operations to digitize processes Remotely monitor and manage via central systems A single global solution

Mobile Relationship Manager/Mezzanine

Vodafone Product Authentication

A solution platform that enables patients to validate the authenticity of medications at the point of sale through legacy mobile technology Authenticate medications through the use of unique PIN codes printed on each saleable unit of medication (blister pack, bottle, packet etc.)

Vodafone Patient Reported Outcomes

Collect high-quality patient reported data in a timely and efficient way Friendly and intuitive design on familiar platforms Diary compliance can be measured and monitored in real-time

Cloud solution integrated into existing processes Analyze and manage existing processes communication Event driven communication platforms Device and network agnostic service Software as a service Quick set-up

Industry Solutions: mHealth

Finding the business model

Case Report: sms4Life in Tanzania SMS for Life, successful pilot completed February 2010 Significant reduction in drug stock-outs, improved availability of critical medicines.. Quick, easy deployment based on Vodafones managed service capability Full commercial roll-out to 5100 public health facilities in Tanzania in 2011 Added TB, anti-Leprosy RX and Rapid Diagnostic Tests in 280 facilities in 2011. Funded by MMV until very recently; Global Fund likely to step in.

Industry Solutions: mHealth

Finding the business model

Case Report: mVaccination

GSK + VF demonstrator project in Mozambique

E0.5m pilot to assess impact of using mHealth to increase immunisation coverage in the public sector Multiple partners: NDOH, UNICEF, WHO, SAVE, GAVI etc. 3 pillars: Replace paper with a mobile vaccination record Register and message caregivers to attend Optimise supply chain

$3m VF & GAVI Matched Fund

Support deployment or scale up of mVaccination platform in other GAVI eligible SSA countries over next 3 years

GAVI HSS Funding: $100m per annum globally

10 Industry Solutions: mHealth

Finding the business model

Case Report: diabetes patient support platform

Sanofi Aventis (SA) have 4 000 patients enrolled in their existing PSP (education, compliance, direct support). Enable Sanofi-Aventis to increase their market share in the private sector in South Africa for their range of diabetes products:
Increase patient compliance and client retention Increase workforce efficiency Increase access for all stakeholders to decision support and risk management functions

SaaS model across three revenue lines:

Enterprise fee, Diabetic Nurse Educators, Patients

11 Industry Solutions: mHealth

Perspective on commercial success in Africa

Measurable Impact
Demonstrably improve healthcare outcomes and quality of life

Cost effective
Huge pressure on healthcare funders globally

Scale beyond borders & numbers: cross cutting platforms

Spans the continuum: Mobile for Good

Vital in the Public Health Arena and increasingly so in Private

Point solutions are not strategic; idea is to own the provider patient channel end to end.

12 Industry Solutions: mHealth

Personal perspective
mHealth is not as sexy as it seems?
Well intentioned NGOs, Entrepreneurs etc. have created high expectations but have largely failed Industry is either unaware or nave about the benefits: sales cycles are extended We have not proven, conclusively that it works (anecdotal data prevails) There is very little conclusive cost benefit data This is not a selling job (we dont yet have all the products the markets need (at the moment), its still at the artistry stage

The pay off from mHealth and other VF verticals demands a long term view

Critical we look at expanding our propositions to include mFinance, M2M etc

13 Industry Solutions: mHealth

Were already helping customers transform

Real-time reporting of medication stocks across all health facilities in Tanzania

Patient-reported treatment outcome system for users of their immunoglobulin treatments in the UK

Automated remote monitoring of cardiac patients globally