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Introduction to Business Grade 10 BBI2O

Adam Maingot email address ext. This course introduces students to the world of business. Students will develop an understanding of the functions of business, including accounting, marketing, information and communication technology, human resources, and production, and of the importance of ethics and social responsibility. This course builds a foundation for further studies in business and helps students develop the business knowledge and skills they will need in their everyday lives. Prerequisite: None. Needs/Wants and Society Students need to understand the world of business as it relates to needs and wants in society. This understanding will be explored from the perspective of both a consumer and a producer with regard to use of valuable resources. It is important for students to be financially literate and able to ma e informed !udgments and effective decisions as consumers. "ow does business impact your life and the world in which you live# Business Fundamentals $. demonstrate an understanding of how businesses respond to needs% wants% supply% and demand& '. compare types of businesses& (. demonstrate an understanding of ethics and social responsibility in business& ). demonstrate an understanding of the benefits and challenges for *anada in the field of international business. Functions of a Business +. explain the role of production in business& ,. explain the role of human resources in business& -. demonstrate an understanding of sound management practices in business& .. demonstrate an understanding of the importance and role of mar eting in business& /. demonstrate an understanding of the importance and role of accounting in business& $0. demonstrate an understanding of the importance and role of information and communication technology in business. Finance $$. demonstrate an understanding of income and spending issues facing individuals and businesses& $'. demonstrate an understanding of how ban s and other financial institutions operate& $(. demonstrate an understanding of effective investment practices& $). analyse the role and importance of credit in personal and business finance. Entrepreneurship $+. describe characteristics and s ills associated with successful entrepreneurs and demonstrate an understanding of the contributions to *anadian business of selected entrepreneurs& $,. analyse the importance of invention and innovation in entrepreneurship. 1nit $ 2usiness 2asics

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Units of !tudy and

3rade $0 Introduction to 2usiness 4 22I'5

Unit Essential Questions

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1nit ( 1nit )

1nit +

What decisions have to be made in running a business in a competitive mar etplace# What factors does a businessperson have to consider to be successful# "ow do businesses find mar ets where they can sell their products and services# 6ntrepreneurship What is entrepreneurship# What ma es an entrepreneur successful# 7inancial 8iteracy What is financial literacy and why is it important# Supply 9 :emand "ow does society allocate resources according to the laws of supply and demand# ;ar eting What is mar eting# "ow are the concepts of mar eting related to the creation and implementation of a mar eting plan# "ow is branding important to the success of a business# "ow does mar eting affect our daily lives& especially in the light of the advent of social media#

Course "ssessment and Evaluation

-0< of the final grade for each course will be based on assessment conducted throughout the course. (0< of the final grade will be based on final evaluation=s> in the form of an examination% performance% essay% and/or other method of evaluation suitable to the course content and administered towards the end of the course. In all of their courses% students will be provided with numerous and varied opportunities to demonstrate the full extent of their achievement of the curriculum expectations. The teacher will consider all evidence collected through observations% conversations and student products =tests/exams% labs% assignments% etc.> with a focus on signature assessment results. :etermining a report card grade will involve teachers? professional !udgment and interpretation of evidence and will reflect the student?s most consistent level of achievement% with special consideration given to more recent evidence. To the greatest extent possible% the evaluation of learning s ills% apart from any that may be included as part of a curriculum expectation in a course% will not be considered in the determination of a percentage grade. Students? will be assessed in a balanced manner across the 5ntario ;inistry of 6ducation categories of @nowledge% Thin ing% *ommunication and Application.