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A. How many activities do you have to do in this course? Complete the chart. ACTIVITY Recognition Forum Up o!" Acti#it$ Act %& Voc!'u !r$ A((ignment )Unit( 1 to *+ Act ,& Spe!-ing A((ignment Cue(tion!rioAct..& /i(tening Compre0en(ion )Unit( 1 to *+ Act 1& Gr!mm!r A((ignment )Unit( 1 to *+ Act 2& Re!"ing Compre0en(ion Act *& 3riting A((ignment Content 4ui5 6 1 Voc!'u !r$ Content 4ui5 6 % Re!"ing Content 4ui5 6 , /i(tening Content 4ui5 6 . Gr!mm!r GRADE 0,025,0 0,020,0 OPEN ON February 11th 201! 00"00 am #arch 0!th 201! 00"00 am #arch 0!th 201! 00"00 am #arch 0!th 201! 00"00 am

0,0$0,0 0,020,0


#arch 15th am #arch 15th am

201! 00"00

0,020,0 0,0$0,0 0,025,0 0,025,0 0,025,0 0,025,0

201! 00"00

#arch 2%th 201! 00"00 am &pril 12th 201! 00"00 am &pril 12th 201! 00"00 am &pril 2$th 201! 00"00 am &pril 2$th 201! 00"00 am

Content 4ui5 6 1 3riting Content 4ui5 6 2 Gr!mm!r !n" Voc!'u !r$ 7i"term E8!m Fin! E8!m

0,025,0 0,025,0

#ay 12th 201! 00"00 am #ay 12th 201! 00"00 am 'une 0!th 201! 00"00 am 'une 0!th 201! 00"00 am

0,050,0 0,0(5,0

9. )here is an activity where you have to meet with your tutor by *+ype or another media, which one is it? To impro#e m$ Spe!-ing S-i . C. ,our tutor-s name is 9ren"! /icet0 V!rg!(: your course director is /ei"$ Di!n! S;nc0e5 G!rc<! and your .roup is =>>%1?%2%. D. Complete the chart. 3@AT CAN YOU FIND IN A NE3S FORU7 GENERA/ FORU7 / can have a direct communication with my tutor and interact with my classmates in the 0orum. /n this 0orum / can as+ about somethin. that / don-t understand and to answer or .ive and advice to people who need it.

In t0i( Borum I c!n Bin" !cti#itie( re !te" to c !((room in(truction "e i#er$: "!te( re !te" to m!tter: inBorm!tion !n" tutori! ( oB progr!m( t0!t c!n 'e u(eBu Bor t0e t!(-( !n" C0ere to Bin" t0em !n" I c!n "oCn o!" neC(.

E. How many e1ams does the 0inal evaluation have? / have ( 2ui33es and the 0inal e1am.

F. /n this course do you have to present collaborative activities? ,es, / have to present collaborative activities to improve my 4n.lish level .

G. )a+e a screen shot o0 your pro0ile in this course, with all the in0ormation actuali3ed. #y name is 5illiam 6erman 7lvare3. #y cellphone number is 818 299(9%5 / live in Colombia, in :uitama city. #y e mail is willis020;

%ND PART <ow, let-s tal+ about you= @. 5hat-s your name? #y name is 5illiam 6erman 7lvare3. I. How old are you? /-m 29 years old D. 5here do you live? >city and nei.hborhood? / live in :uitama city and my nei.hborhood is @os @ibertadores. E. 5hat are you studyin.? / am studyin. /ndustry 4n.ineerin.. . 5hat do you do in your 0ree time? /n my 0ree time / play soccer. 7. 5ho do you live with? / live with my parents.

,RD PART &nswer the 0ollowin. 2uestions completin. the chart.

I( Eng i(0 import!nt in $our iBeF 30$F Eng i(0 i( import!nt in m$ iBe 'ec!u(e I c!n un"er(t!n" !n" -noC !not0er cu ture '$ Criting: re!"ing: (pe!-ing !n" i(tening: t0i( i( ! !ngu!ge t0!t m!n$ peop e (pe!- !roun" t0e Cor ".

I( Eng i(0 import!nt in $our c!reerF 30$F 4n.lish is very important in my career because / can have relevant opportunities and a better Aob.

MARY: John, why don't we go somewhere exotic for a vacation this year? JOHN: Yeah, how about Miami Beach? MARY: Very funny !o, " mean #et's go to "re#and. JOHN: "re#and? By $#ane? MARY: !o, by canoe, dummy. JOHN: But that's very ex$ensive. %e ought to thin& about ex$enses. %e shou#d $#an how much we are going to s$end, we ought to... MARY: 'ur$rise 'ur$rise JOHN: %hat's that? MARY: (wo round) tri$ tic&ets to *ub#in. " won them in a raff#e at the +merican %omen's ,#ub JOHN: -antastic. %hen shou#d we go, then? MARY: (he tic&ets are for the #ast wee& in Ju#y and the first in +ugust. JOHN: %e##, we shou#d ta&e umbre##as and raincoats. "t's a#ways raining there. MARY: .essimist. (he tic&ets a#so inc#ude a free renta# car and B and B. JOHN: %hat's B and B? MARY: Bed and Brea&fast, dummy JOHN: +nd .+Y -/0 our own #unches? You ought to return those tic&ets

MARY: 1et out of here, chea$s&ate %e##, what do you thin&? JOHN: %e##, what shou#d " do to show you how wonderfu# you are? MARY: %e##, #et's start with a big &iss, you si##y boy