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International Journal of Recent Development in Engineering and Technology

Website: www.i !I""# $%&'()&%*!+nline, -olume $. Issue %. /arch $01&,

International Journal of Recent Development in Engineering and Technology Paper Template Format
First Author1, econd Author!, Third Author"

First Author Affiliation & Address Second Author Affiliation & Address " Third Author Affiliation & Address

Abstract2 This document gives formatting guidelines for authors preparing papers for publication in the International Journal of Recent Development in Engineering and Technology The authors must follow the instructions given in the document for the papers to be published. Keywords#3eyword are your own designated 4eyword which can be used for easy location of the manuscript using any search engines. It includes at least * 4eywords or phrases in alphabetical order separated by comma.


All paragraphs must 4e indented( All paragraphs must 4e 9ustified, i(e( 4oth left.9ustified and right.9ustified( A. Text Font of Entire Document The entire document should 4e in Times $e+ Roman or Times font( Type " fonts must not 4e used( %ther font types may 4e used if needed for special purposes( Recommended font si:es are sho+n in Ta4le 1( . Title and Author Details Title must 4e in !; pt Times $e+ Roman font( Author name must 4e in 11 pt Regular font( Author affiliation must 4e in 1; pt Italic( Email address must 4e in < pt 'ourier Regular font(

I$TR%D&'TI%$ This document is template( )e as* that authors follo+ some simple guidelines( In essence, +e as* you to ma*e your paper loo* e,actly li*e this document( The easiest +ay to do this is simply to do+nload the template, and replace-copy.paste/ the content +ith your o+n material( PA0E 1A2%&T An easy +ay to comply +ith the conference paper formatting re3uirements is to use this document as a template and simply type your te,t into it( Page Layout The margins must 4e set as follo+s5 Top 6 1(7cm 8ottom 6 1(7cm 1eft 6 1(7cm Right 6 1(7cm 2our paper must 4e in t+o column format +ith a space of 1(!7 cm 4et+een columns(

5ont "i6e >


7ppearance !in Time #ew Roman or Times, 8old Italic reference item -partial/

Regular ta4le caption -in mall 'aps/, figure caption, reference item author email address -in 'ourier/, cell in a ta4le


a4stract 4ody

a4stract heading -also in 8old/

International Journal of Recent Development in Engineering and Technology


11 !;

Website: www.i !I""# $%&'()&%*!+nline, -olume $. Issue %. /arch $01&, level.! Ta'le !a(tions heading, Ta4les must 4e num4ered using uppercase Roman level." numerals( Ta4le captions must 4e centred and in > pt heading, Regular font +ith mall 'aps( Every +ord in a ta4le author caption must 4e capitali:ed e,cept for short minor +ords as affiliation listed in ection III.8( 'aptions +ith ta4le num4ers must 4e placed 4efore their associated ta4les, as sho+n in Ta4le author name 1( title
level.1 heading -in mall 'aps/, paragraph

All title and author details must 4e in single.column format and must 4e centered( Every +ord in a title must 4e capitali:ed( Email address is compulsory for the corresponding author( !. Section "eadings $o more than " levels of headings should 4e used( All headings must 4e in 1;pt font( Every +ord in a heading must 4e capitali:ed e,cept for short minor +ords as listed in ection III.8( Le#el$1 "eading5 A level.1 heading must 4e in mall 'aps, centered and num4ered using uppercase Roman numerals( For e,ample, see heading ?III( Page tyle@ of this document( The t+o level.1 headings +hich must not 4e num4ered are ?Ac*no+ledgment@ and ?References@( Le#el$2 "eading% A level.! heading must 4e in Italic, left.9ustified and num4ered using an uppercase alpha4etic letter follo+ed 4y a period( For e,ample, see heading ?'( ection Aeadings@ a4ove( Le#el$& "eading% A level." heading must 4e indented, in Italic and num4ered +ith an Ara4ic numeral follo+ed 4y a right parenthesis( The level." heading must end +ith a colon( The 4ody of the level." section immediately follo+s the level." heading in the same paragraph( For e,ample, this paragraph 4egins +ith a level." heading( Figures and Ta'les Figures and ta4les must 4e centered in the column( 1arge figures and ta4les may span across 4oth columns( Any ta4le or figure that ta*es up more than 1 column +idth must 4e positioned either at the top or at the 4ottom of the page( Figure !a(tions Figures must 4e num4ered using Ara4ic numerals( Figure captions must 4e in > pt Regular font( 'aptions of a single line must 4e centered +hereas multi.line captions must 4e 9ustified( 'aptions +ith figure num4ers must 4e placed after their associated figures 2

Page )um'ers* "eaders and Footers Page num4ers, headers and footers must not 4e used( Lin+s and oo+mar+s All hyperte,t lin*s and section 4oo*mar*s +ill 4e removed from papers during the processing of papers for pu4lication( If you need to refer to an Internet email address or &R1 in your paper, you must type out the address or &R1 fully in Regular font( ,eferences The heading of the References section must not 4e num4ered( All reference items must 4e in > pt font( Please use Regular and Italic styles to distinguish different fields as sho+n in the References section( $um4er the reference items consecutively in s3uare 4rac*ets -e(g( B1C/(
8o+man, D(, De4ray, ( E(, and Peterson, 1( 1( 1<<"( Reasoning a4out naming systems( ( Ding, )( and Darchionini, 0( 1<<7 A tudy on Fideo 8ro+sing trategies( Technical Report( &niversity of Daryland at 'ollege Par*( FrGhlich, 8( and Plate, J( !;;;( The cu4ic mouse5 a ne+ device for three. dimensional input( In Proceedings of the I0'AI 'onference on Auman Factors in 'omputing ystems Tavel, P( !;;7 Dodeling and imulation Design( AE Peters 1td( annella, D( J( 1<<H 'onstraint atisfaction and De4ugging for Interactive &ser Interfaces( Doctoral Thesis( &DI %rder $um4er5 &DI %rder $o( 0AI<J.;<"<>(, &niversity of )ashington( Forman, 0( !;;"( An e,tensive empirical study of feature selection metrics for te,t classification( J( Dach( 1earn( Res( " -Dar( !;;"/, 1!><. 1";J( 8ro+n, 1( D(, Aua, A(, and 0ao, '( !;;"( A +idget frame+or* for augmented interaction in 'APE( 2(T( 2u, D(F( 1au, KA comparison of D'LD', D&D'&T and several other coverage criteria for logical decisionsK, Journal of ystems and oft+are, !;;J, in press( pector, A( =( 1<><( Achieving application re3uirements( In Distri4uted ystems, ( Dullende