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EXTERNAL RECRUITMENT External recruitment is a strategy which is human resources department will systematically search the new employee

pool from outside to fill the position. Carry the external recruitment have their own advantages of getting the right s like a wider audience can be easily reached. This will increase chances of getting the right candidate for the job and ones with skills that the organization requires. It also can motivate old employees to work hard and sources of encouragement. Externa recruiting may lead to team stability, as team may remain intact when hiring externally. Most of the organization use these way to attract the employee join their company. 1. Advertisement -advertisement of the vacancy in newspapers and journal are widely used sources of recruitment. The main advantage of this method is that it has wide reach. It is an most important place in recruitment process. 2. Employment exchanges -there are certain employment exchanges which are run by government. Most of the government undertakings and concern employ people through such exchanges. Now a day recruitment in government agencies has become compulsory through employment exchange. 3. Educational Institution -various management institutes, engineering colleges and medical colleges are o good sources of recruiting well qualified executives, engineers or medical staff. It a good for the company to get a new and fresh staff because they have special recruitment cells which help providing jobs. 4. Recommendations -there are certain people who have experience in a certain jobs. They enjoy goodwill and a stand in the company. There are certain vacancies which are filled by recommendations of such people. The biggest drawback of source is that the company has to relay totally on such people which can later on prove to be inefficient. 5. Internship -special form of recruitment that involves placing a student in a temporary job with no obligation either by the company to hire the student permanent position with the firm following graduation. 6. Job Fair -recruiting method engaged in by a single employer or group of employers to attract a large number of application to one location for interviewrs.