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Cite a situation where your integrity or honesty was tested. 2. Tell us an experience in dealing with a person with no or low integrity level. How did you deal with the person? 3. What things have you done in the past to show that you are a person with integrity? 4. What actions have you done in the past to project the value of integrity? II. DELIVERING SERVICE EXCELLENCE 1. Could you cite any change in office systems, procedure, or practice that you have personally thought of or introduced to improve services? 2. Could you cite techniques/behaviors that you have practiced in your work to ensure client satisfaction? 3. What changes in your past assignments or work have you planned and made it happen. 4. What innovations or changes have you thought to improve services of the office? III. SOLVING PROBLEMS AND MAKING DECISIONS 1. Tell us a problem in the office/workplace which you successfully resolved/addressed. How did you resolve it? 2. Cite a work-related problem/issue that you have encountered and relate to us how you contributed in solving it. B. ORGANIZATIONAL COMPETENCIES I. PLANNING AND DELIVERING 1. What techniques have you employed in your past assignments to ensure success/ getting good results? 2. Describe a time when you were given so many assignments at the same time. What procedures and strategies did you do? 3. How would you handle a situation where there are so many things to be done yet there is lack in manpower or time? II. CHAMPIONING AND APPLYING INNOVATION 1. How would you rate the level of your innovativeness in your past assignments? Could you cite an example of an innovation or idea that originated from you?

2. Tell us your reaction to a co-workers who introduce ideas or innovations. III. PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS 1. What personal goals have you set for yourself which you have successfully achieved? 2. Tell us your strengths as a worker in your past and present assignments. 3. Cite a situation when you encountered difficulty in dealing with your supervisor, peer, or subordinate. How did you handle the situation?

C. TECHNICAL/LEADERSHIP COMPETENCIES I. THINKING STRATEGICALLY 1. One of the leadership competency requirements for leaders is thinking strategically. Could you tell us a situation where you have applied this competency or skill? II. STRATEGIC AND CORPORATE PLANNING III. Policy interpretation and implementation 1. Cite a situation when a client referred to you an issue about a policy. What was it about and what did you say/do? IV. PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT 1. What have you done to improve your performance in your past or present position or the performance of your team? 2. Tell us about your work performance ratings and why were you rated such. V. BUILDING COMMITMENT 1. Tell us an instance when your commitment or dedication to service was tested. 2. What have you done in the past to show that you are committed to your work more than personal concerns/interest. VI. DEVELOPING PEOPLE 1. Could you tell us some of the things you did to develop the knowledge, skills, attitude of a staff or co-worker? Something you did to show commitment in developing people or a person in the workplace. 2. Cite a situation or experience of letting a staff or co-worker improve himself/herself personally and professionally. 3. What changes in yourself have you planned before and would say it already happened? VII. EMPLOYEE ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT

VII. PARTNERING AND NETWORKING 1. Tell us an experience where you accomplished something through networking. What was the task and how did you pursue it? 2. Could you cite a situation in the workplace wherein things were done successfully through partnership or networking? What is the importance of networking to a worker?