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January-February, 1964
Number 1



Volume XV


by Gertrude Shields
What i.s it like to teach Bible school in None of our Brazilian Bible School teach


so common to us, let alone used it. An un

trained teacher is often worse than no

a foreign country? You might ask, "Isn't

Bible School 'Bible School' no matter where

ers, not even the ones trained in the In-

stitiite, had ever seen material such as this,

it is?" Well, yes and no. The first question that comes up is about lesson m.aterials. Where do you gets yours? Why from the (juarteily, of course. But here in Brazil, for many years, there were no adequate quar terlies. The missionary, it is true, could plan

teacher at all and good material poorly used is certainly of less value than no material at all. So we set about the giant of ac quainting all our church leaders and teachers
with the use of our new children's lessons. We have tried various means, but now in

a Bible lesson without all these helps. But it

is impossible, for example, for the mis.sionaries to teach the ten Bible school classes for

children that are held simultaneously here

Coiania we have started an experiment that seems to be proving out. Each month a class is held on the first Saturday night. This is a practice .se.ssion for all the teach ers from all the four congregations and as many others as want to attend. Here we
examine the material for the month to

in Goiania. Besides, only as the people themselves begin to t.ake responsibilities, can the work grow. Where would they get their lessons, and what would they teach? So, , banding together, all the missionaries of the
Churches of Christ and Christian churches
in Brazil formed an association called

come, study each lesson and its purpose, do

the handwork and receive whatever supplies are necessary. One of our problems in doing the handwork has been supplies as most of
our teachers cannot even afford to buy the

paste necessary. This way we buy it and

APLIC to translate, print and circulate ade quate Sunday Schom and other study ma terials. (See article "Christian Literature").

charge the Bible Schools later. Handwork

can very often be difficult here. There are many supplies called for in the lessons that cannot be bought here, so we have to sub

This removed the first problem but served to

create another.

Daniel and Messias, teachers at the Bairro Universidade Sunday School.

stitute. Even the old favorites of colored

Missionary Becomes Wife of Christian Minister

On Nov. 29, the First Christian Church of
Scottsbluff, Neb. was the scene of a beauti-

"lul ceremony which united in marriage mis sionary nurse Ruth Spurgeon of the Brazil

siioulder-length veil was held by a circlet of

white fur. Elbow length white gloves and lovely crystal necklace and ear rings com pleted her attire. Her arm bouquet of white glads and roses encircled a corsage of deep

bodice, cap sleeves and rounded neckline enhanced by mother-of-pearl sequins. Her

paper and pipe cleaners are unavailable. It is difficult for our teachers to figure out the simplest handwork alone because they have never done anything like it before and so the class is proving a real blessing. While it is possible to teach well without handwork, we believe it adds much to emphasize the lesson taught, but it must be done simply.
There are also studies on "How to Teach."

Christian Mission and Homer L. McKinley, minister of the Christian Church of Ridgeway, Mo. Rev. Charles Livingston officiated. The bride was radiant in a street length .sheath of white faille designed with a lace

Another part of the plan is the visiting of

one class each three months with the mis

red roses which she wore during the recep

sionary doing demonstration teaching. It is

much easier for a new teacher to "Do as I

tion. The groom's boutonniere was a match

ing red rose.

Ruth was given in marriage by her brother, Robert Spurgeon. Matron of honor
was her .sister, Mrs. Francis Ravenscroft of Saratoga, Wyo. Serving as best man was

do" than to "do as I say." This joint plan .seems to be bearing fruit in better lessons
and more coordinated classes.

Still another problem exi.ststhat of the

small church who has no facilities for u.sing the new materials in their entirety and no (Continued on Page 4)

another brother, John Spurgeon. Soloist was Mrs. Harold Sears who sang "Because" and
"Whither Thou Coest."

Rutli and Homer are both graduates of Manhattan (Kan.) Bible College where they were classmates some years ago. They will
make their home in Riageway, Mo.
The entire staff and associates of Brazil

The Jardim Bueno Church Sunday School.

Christian Mission join in wishing Homer and Ruth many years of happiness together.

BrazU Ruth will be greatly missed in mis

sion circles but we know she will be won

After thirteen years af faithful service in

Mr. and Mrs. Homer L. McKinley At Wedding Reception

field of endeavor.

derfully u.sed by the Lord in her new found




January- February BIRTHDA YS

Second Class Postage paid at Denver, Colo.
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subscription to the Brazil Christian Mission.

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Missionaries in Brazil:

Dale and Carol McAfee Merlin and Gertrude Shields

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Carol McAfee


Harry Scates

Caixa Postal 862Asa SulW-S

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Missionaries on Furlough: J. Richard & Carolee Ewing

1070 - 16th Ave. S.E.

Minneapolis, Minn. 55414


Concerning Contributions to:

Wm. A. Cook, 219 No. Lisbon St. Carrollton, Ohio

Concerning B.C.M. Publication and Promo

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Mrs. V. H. Fair. 1664 Poplar,

Denver 20, Colorado

If you are not sure to whom your cor

Mr. Cook and he will be glad to forward It
to the correct address.

respondence should be directed send it to

Ruth and Betty Jeanne Etcing

Timiny Shields and Mark McAfee, "Buddies"

Steven McAfee

The Ruth Spurgeon Fund

The money in the Ruth Spurgeon fund at the time of her marriage will
be used in the work of the Brazil
Christian Mission in Brazil.

Tliis also applies to money received in her account after her resignation from the mission and sub.sequent mar
riage. This is in accordance with the wishes of Ruth.
Wm. A. Cook

Lloyd David Sanders in front of one of the

Gertrude Shields in her teaching training

Mission Agent and Treasurer

Ministry buildings ivhere packages from the States go through customs.

churches and study groups. Cay is busy working full time as Assist
ant Activities Director at the Ebeneezer


The Ewing family is happily located in Minneapolis, and despite the sub - zero weather and snow, enjoyed a very Merry Christmas together. Diclc returned the day
time for all.

in May and the regular mission annual Board of Representatives meeting scheduled for then, but it does appear dubious that they
will be able to return to Brazil when their

Lutheran Home

of the Aged, while keep

ing her free moments occupied as homemaker for three children and one husband.

before Christmas and it was a very happy

furlough is completed the end of June. In any, however, they will continue to be
associated with Brazil Christian Mission in some capacity. Since the Ewings will continue on mission

During Dick's 95 day tour (left Minnesota on Sept. 20th) he traveled 11,377 miles and spoke 160 times. This included 58 different churches in 55 cities andd 11 states

where he spoke 82 times, 11 colleges where

salary until the end of their furlough, your pledges, your offerings and your prayers.

he spoke 21 times, and 4 conventions which found him on the program twice. He re turned to Minneapolis completely exhausted, but happy with the wonderful reception
.sorry that health and time would not allow

continued financial support of this family

is most necessary. continue your

accorded him and the Brazil work, and only

Dick enrolled this month in the Graduate School of Business Administration of the Uni

him to fill the many other invitations he


Dick's spinal disk troubles continue to cast their shadow over future plans and at present it appears that further surgery

wilf be required. No attempt will be made

to plan beyond the end of this school year

versity of Minnesota at Minneapolis to work on a Masters degree in that field. He will con tinue to promote the Brazil work however. by filling speaking engagements within driving distances of Minneapoli.s, and by reviewing and "up-dating" all mission pro motional materials including slide sets, which will be developed to accompany tape re corded narrations to facilitate their use by

In between times she gives talks among the church and civic groups and tries to keep up with mission correspondence. Carol celebrated her 17th birthday study ing as a Junior at Marshall High School. She is also quite active in the local church youth group. Twins Betty and Ruth are both in advanced reading for first graders at nearby Tuttle Grade School and have almost forgotten their Portuguese! During their stay in Minneapolis, the Ewings have placed their church member ship with the University Church of Christ {presently meeting in the Minne.sota Bible College building), and have found a won derful fellowship with the minister, Harold Cabus, and the membership. They have also accepted the Bible College's invitation to act as sponsors for the student missions group, "The Ambassadors", and are finding it quite rewarding.




by Harry D. Scales By the time you receive this paper, Elaine,
Robin and I should be well settled in our

and give that the church building might soon be completed. Remember it is God's desire that none should perish.

Prater Per^uedtd
1. For the Scales family as they move

new home in Brasilia. This house is right

ne.\t door to the Sanders' house and like

from Campinas, Sao Paulo to Brasilia to oegin their work with the church there.
2. For Valdori Pena and his family

The rent is high, but we feel fortunate to even get a house in Brasilia proper, (It took L. David and Ruth six months of hunting to find it). Our furniture came from Campinas by truck transport. We brought some of the most breakable things with xis in our new Volkswagen bus. We graduated from the lan guage and orientation school in Campinas on December 20. The year of language study was a much fuller year than we had expected, but we feel ready to begin plung ing into the work that lies ahead. We are most happy that we will be working this year with David and Ruth
Sanders rather than alone. We know th^t

theirs, it has three small bedrooms.

pinas that he will have ample time to study: that his wife, Adelina will have improved health; and that they both will
remain zealous, joyous workers.

as they begin their third year in Cam

strengthened and encouraged in their

Christian life; and that the new converts will continue steadfast in their new walk
with Christ.

3. For the Yoting People's Camp; that the recruits who attend this year will be

4. For the young people who want to attend the Institute to become evangel

they will help us much as wc continue to learn" the language, learn from them many of the things that they have learned in their

The Scales give Adelina Pena, wife of seminary student Valdori, a birthday dinner
on October 18.

problems that confront them and be able to give full time to study and work in
the Institute and the churches. 5. For the Annual Missionary Conven tion to be held in Belo Horizonte this

ists; that they will find answers to the

fifteen years in Brazil and to receive in spiration from their lives as well as from
the lives of the faithful Brazilian Christians here in Brasilia.

year; that all will have safe trips and

6. For APLIC; that the organization
will continue to be a blessing to those

that the fellowship will prove an ir\spiration to 0,11.

Besides working with the existing pro gram of the church here, we plan to start as soon as feasible to work with the youth

of this city, seeking to bring them to Christ.

The main methods that we intend to use

working in it; and that necessary funds will be available for machinery and other

for this are Bible study groups, a training

class for personal workers, an athletic pro gram and personal witnessing. I am plan
there with the claims of Christ.

begins his new studied and for Cay in her

new job, and the girls as they adjust to
new situations at school.

7. For Dick Ewing as he travels, (or

ning on taking at least on course at the

university in order to confront young people The English speaking worship services will also be my responsibility. Everyday
as more and more embassies move from

entryway to the Brasilia church building.

Mrs. Lesinita Silva is bringing the afternoon message before the lunch prepared by the various ladies. The Christmas project of this group was seven full-size Christmas baskets of food and clothing for the needy.

Christmas meeting of the Women in the

8. For the Shields, Sanders, McAfee's that they will have good health, courage and faith to do the many tasks there are
to he done.

9. For new recruits to come NOW to

Rio to Brasilia, the English speaking Com munity grows.

help with the work there is to be done.

We need twice as many people as we already have.

Elaine is already telling stories in Por tuguese. She will akso have contact with the women both of the church and of the city. Fray with us for all of the work of Christ that is being done in this city of hope. Pray

10. For the churches here in Brazil, and their Christian leaders; that they won't be discouraged by indifference, or the amount of work there is to be done, but will be able to look always to Christ realizing that only in Him is there secur ity and joy.

Thank You!
the project of sending illustrated bible stories
For ten months Harry, Elaine and Robin

As a result of your generous response to

Scales learned how to get along without a

to Brazil, Wm. A. Cook, mission treasurer, reports the following have been sent to
distribution where needed.

Harry drove out of the Volkswaf^en garage

To the left, the Scales new home . . . to the right, the Sanders home . . . Ruth and Daryl Sanders standing at the corner of the Sanders' front yard.

car. On October 28, thanks to your gifts,

in Campinas in a new "Volks bus' or Konwi as they are called in Brazil. The cost in dollars was $2,165.88. It is registered in the name of the mission as are the other cars (each family has a car now) but is designated for the Scales' use. Thanks again
for your part.

Lloyd and Ruth Sanders in Brasilia for

This shipment represents $240.00 in gifts.

On the Home Front

The Brazil Christian Mission, office of publications, acknowledges with deep grati tude the gift of a new stencil cutter and one thousand stencils from Mrs. Everett (Jennie) Ambler, aunt of missionary Cay Ewing. Work always seems less tedious when using good equipment and this addition to our office has really removed a burden from all of us. Thanks, Jennie! Of equal help to the office staff is a set of card index files presented to the Denver office by our able filing clerk, Mrs. Harold (Dee) Hosea. 'To her also, our sincere. Thanks!

10 of the number 1 packets Old Testament pictures in English. 10 of the number 2 packets New Testament pictures in English. 10 sets of 12 booklets "Jesus Friend of Children Everywhere" in English. 10 sets of 12 booklets "Stories Jesus Heard"
in English.

100 sets of 12 booklets "Jesus Friend of

Children Everywhere" in Portuguese.

1(X) sets of 12 booklets "Stories Jesus Heard"

in Portuguese.

These books are greatly appreciated by

all who are fortunate enough to receive them.
Mrs. V. H. F.




{Continued from Page 1) way to participate regularly in training and
practice sessions. These are tlie little Bible Schools in the North and on the farms out

success, much in demand, by many of the churches of the denominations, as well as the "Igrejas de Cristo" (Churches of Christ). Sharp's New Training for Christian Serv ice is translated and will soon be on the press. Phillip's Church of Christ, is also trans

lated and will soon be printed, a chapter at a

time, binding it in book form when all chapters are done. Through the Bible in a
Year, another Standard Publication is about

of Goiania. Often they are taught by some older child or someone who can barely read, We need simple pictures to color that will go with the lesson. Some church might make
a project of sending simple outline pictures

to color that we could mimcograpb, Our

Sunday Schools are also in great need of crayons which are so expensive here. Some plans are being made for D.V.B.S. in these places where trained teachers can take charge and the local workers could learn, again, by example . . . by watching and imitating. This plan has worked very suc cessfully at other times in Goiania and Bra silia, but has yet to be tried in some of these churches in the North. We are hoping that before long this can be carried out so thai all our teachers may do the best job possible in training and teaching our children the truths of the Gospel and the Ghristian life. In this way the church of the future will be much better equipped for .service to

one-fourth printed, the rest all translated. Several other projects arc also at present in process, and of course, many more planned
for the future. Some 24 missionaries are active participating members. All BCM
missionaries are members.

Once in a while a project like this comes

to a crossroads where it demands decisive

Two workers and Sanders' son Daryl. In the

background on the right is the girls' dormi-

action or a dwindling hesitation that eventu ally spells its doom. A crossroads like that came for APLIC in July 1963 when it came to the point of impossibility to get lino typing done commercially. Up to that time it

Christian Camp Grounds

For Youth Orientation
On December 7, 1963 a new shelter was

had been done with great difficulty, always

short of satisfaction because of having to wait and wait, and even then accept an in ferior quality workmanship. So when the

opportunity came to purchase a good used

type composition machine, four of the mem bers, all members of the Directory, bor rowed the necesary $7000 to purchase tlie machine, move it to the APLIC shop at the Ed Knowles home, and buy necessary parts for it to put it in top operational order. In the picture you see it with operator Ed Knowles, who is the head of the Arts and Graphics Dei^artment of the Association. For more
than five months now the machine has been

our Christ than the church of the present.

We need your prayers as do our national


erected on the Christian camp ground for a



area and kitchen. This new area covered is

teachers who are "Studying to show them selves approved unto God, workmen that need not to be ashamed, handling aright the
Word of God."

30x60 feet. Because of tlic rains during camp weeks, this area will be used almost con tinually during the day and if there is an
overflow of students, there will be room to

extend extra hammocks for sleeping. Camp

time is January 20 to 25 in 1964. L. D. S.

Release Time-Public School

beautifully meeting APLIC needs, serving

Christian Literature
by Dale McAfee
The Association for Christian Literature

in Brazil (Associacao Pro-Literatura Crista), commonly known as APLIC, was

created in 1960. Feeling a tremendous need

for good Christian literature in the Portu guese language for Sunday Schools and

Christian day schools especially, Church of

Christ missionaries in Brazil have put in many hours translating, tracing, writing,

drawing, sketching, typing, .skimping, sharing and doing without any material, in their at tempt to satisfy the hunger in the souls of

boys and girls, men and women in their


Ruth in the center with Director Ivonilda

on the right and assistant Yvonne on the left in front of primary school which serves also as a training school for teachers. This is where Starla and Daryl Sander,? study. School meets in the original temporary wooden building constructed when Brasilia was inaugurated, but hopes are to begin

The realization slowly developed, and the certainty of the conviction is still growing, that together we could accomplish what we couldn't "do indfvidually^a pro]ect"~oftremendou.s value and size in providing tracts, books, booklets, bulletins and quarterlies containing the message we teach for thousands, even millions, which we cannot

Ed Knowles at the Linotype machine.

the Lord by furnishing a necessary and vital - link in the chain of productionof
Christian literature.

Not often do we make a special appeal like this, but now we must. You, too, can be a part of this dynamic ministry in Brazil.
About $1000 of the $7000 has been re
ceived as contributions. And of course the

their permanent building this year.

reach with our hands and voices. Mainly un

der the leadership of L. David Sanders, Ed

Brazil has a law that one class hour a

win Knowles, William E. Loft and J. Rich

machine is gradually paying for itself by the

.savings over commercial linotyping. It is cal

week be given over to teaching religion.

Parents must give written permission for his
child to attend the class of their choice

(either catholic or evangelical) or to study instead in the school library. The director of the public primary school neighboring the Sanders' home in Brasilia, asked missionary David Sanders if he would like to teach the protestant (evangelical) hour. He accepted, but feeling Mrs. Sanders would perhaps fit into the position better he
asked for her substitution and she was

ard Ewing APLIC began. Each missionary interested participates as a member by con tributing a certain amount of money per month, set (and remains) at $10.00. Each

one has equal voice and vote. All areas of the country where missionaries live are repre.sentedBelem, Belo Horizonte, Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Anapolis and Goiania. A directory was elected and statutes (or constitution) were prepared. This organization is now in the process of being incorporated as a

culated that at the rate APLIC is now oper ating, the machine will pay for itself in 6 to 8 years. The machine is constructed to func tion effectively for 50 to 100 years. The bal ance of $6000 is needed NOW to repay the loans that were, taken to piirchase the machine when it was available, and its im perative needs upon us. Will you help? Send
your contribution to Bro. Cook at his ad

dress listed in the masthead. Mark your gift

LINOTYPE. Do it today!

Brazilian non-profit, religious, charitable, etc.,

corporation in order to publish, produce,
di.stribute and sell literature in all of Brazil.

approved. In 1962 Ruth began teaching Biblical sub

jects to children of evangelical parents and others whose parents released them for this
one class hour each week and has continued

teaching throughout 1963. Director and teachers alike have spoken highly of
classes. LDS

Permission was granted by Standard Pub lishing Company to translate any of their material. So far their graded primary course for the Sunday School has been translated and published in much the same format it is

Adult-Literacy Classes
The spoken word is man's communication system. The written word is a development

of that system. Cod spoke first to man. Then

Cod ordered the written Word to communi-

published in English. It is meeting a big

(Continued on Next Page)



'AND HOW SHALL THEY TEACH"... -concluded

cate His message to man. God ordered that

message be made known. The message must be communicated to man through His Word. Today many who should know tlie mes.sage of God and man remain in ignorance because we have not gone out to preaclv and
teach the Word and words. Brazil Christian Mission has attempted to alleviate some of

This school has been open to any and all,

regardless of faith or creed or race or color. Eyes are being opened because many of you process. These people can receive further
communications oecause they can read. In mid-year, representatives of the Lau-

On November 24 representatives of the two congregations were present for a wor ship service and ground breaking ceremony. Work was laegun immediately on the project.
This land area of 60x120 feet was given by

have made it possible for this school to be in

a land company which gives to religious and philanthropic organizations. L. D. S.

this darkness through primary and adult


The Brasilia church has joined in this

task of teaching. Classes have been held for young adults employed in the area during the year of 1963. Twenty-five of these young people and older children were en rolled. One of the ladies of the church com munity has offered her time in this project.

training session for missionaries and inter ested folk. We were able to be present with two evangelists. As a result .several are now reading .small amounts from the Bible and already three have been converted be cause they came under the influence of
someone interested in teaching them to
Christ that "constraineth" to witness.

bach reading system provided a teacher


read, testifying that it was the love of

To Build THE House

by Gertrude Shields

We wish you could go out to Antonio's farm with me next Sunday. We're not able to go every week because of other calls, but we have a regular time each month when
we visit them. Some 40 minutes out of

For a man to build his own house is a

good thing, but to build THE house (meet ing house) is a blessed thing. This is not the end of the story, for as Antonio completed (in spite of a bad growing year) and they are putting a solid wall on their own

Artur Sousa e Silva opens the earth with a hoe while missionary David Sanders looks on after delivering the ground-breaking message. Some 50 of the brethren from Luziana, Vila Guara and Brasilia attended
this ceremony.

the .small chapel, the Lord gave them the in-

Goiania just off the Sao Paulo highway is

Antonio's small farm. He lives here with his

wife and four boys. They have been Chri.s-

Building Progresses in
Brasilia of worship) continues steadily as the
funds come in for this project. With pres Building THE house in Brasilia (the new

tians about two or three years now, having

been members of the Setor Bueno church in

Goiania. Their zeal for the gospel while

members here in town is seldom equalled

The Gospel is being preached, souls are being reached because of this outpouring of faith. Join with us in prayer that the harvest field before us may be gathered in.

anywhere. Because they took a stand and became Christians, they lost their home and job. After some time in casting about looking for something else, they decided to move
out onto the small farm.

sure from inspectors to dismantle our chapel

which is becoming a sore spot in the grow

ing beauty of our area, we rush the

auditorium to completion so that we can move into our new building and remove the wooden chapel. Although we are already us ing our new building for Sunday School and adult primary school, girl scouts, and women's meetings, it is .still far from finished. It is our hope and prayer that in the immediate future we can complete the audi torium and at least one wing of the edu cational plant for the best interest of the neighborhood. This new year 1964 can complete this

From the beginning, we have known

where these folk lived and different mission

aries have .shared in having services in their

home. Missionary Merlin Shields is now serving most of the rural works out of
Goi.ania and is able to be with these folk

the first Lord's day of each month. Preach ing, the Lord's Supper, and hymns along with fellowship are very welcome in these
rural situations.

When these good folk moved out there, the house in which they lived was little more than a roof over their heads, and up

first phase and thus stand as a challenge and

testimony. With open doors to every pas.serby, literally thousands should enter for meditation and prayer. Help now to open these doors in "64." Yes, let this be our challenge, "open the door in '64!" Some of you have completed your three year pledge. If at all possible help fill the gap and continue your gifts until we can complete the minimum part
of the construction and make this edifice

right sticks for walls. In .spite of this situa tion, Antonio began to plan a small chapel, which as the months passed, took shape. It had bricks walls, and a fine roof, in fact the

whole building is much better than his oum We are now holding services here and as others see this building, they have asked about it, and in turn, several have at tended services. We should state, in to Antonio, that when the missionary is not

Missionary Merlin Shields, in charge of rural evangelism, talks to Antonio Rozende, build er of the chapel and owner of the small farm. They are standing in front of the chapel.
Missionary Dale McAfee is conversing with Antonio's brother Joseph, to the right of the chapel.

practical for use. Continue steadfast in your


able to be present, he goes ahead with his own teaching and preaching services. Though this is a difficult area for the Go.spel. many are hearing the message who would
never have heard it otherwise.

Building in Vila Guaro

Vila Guara broke ground for a 15x15 foot

Progress and hope are seen as steel beams are erected for the auditorium of the new church building in Brasilia.

The service held by the youth at the new chapel at Antonio Rezende's farm.

chapel on November 24, 1963. The church in Luziana, through the efforts of evangelist
Artur Sousa c Silva and Miss Selma Borges,

with the cooperation of the young people of

the congregation, has taken the initiative in preaching and holding instruction classes for adults and children in this new area just
outside the federal district of Brasilia. Three

have been baptized and an average Sunday attendance has been around forty-five. The Luziana congregation has pledged the
labor for the construction and the Brasilia

congregation has pledged $100.00 for the materials for construction of the chapel.




At the farm of Dona Diva, the group living there and visitors from Goiania for monthly

found that this Christian couple from Vila

Nova had moved from town to work on a

buy it. Their Christian faith is their most

small farm. Here they had lived several

months during which time, to use her own

life. It is little wonder that they just can't

keep quiet about it.

treasured possession, the focal point of their

words, "a Christian just can't keep his mouth shut." Being somewhat gifted in vocal abil ity, this humble woman (the only one of
the family who could read) used her talents

You Just Can't

Keep Quiet
by Gertrude Shields Several weeks ago when we came home

in the conversion of her neighbors. Since the baptism of these five she brought, needless to say we now know where they live (about one hour out of town) and regular services are marked each month. Besides the services we hold, they have their own Sunday School with 15 enrolled and regular mid-week and Lord's Day services. Besides this, they all went to a town five miles away and passed out tracts and held open air services. Three other men have in
dicated their desire to become Christians

from town and had settled down after sup

per, someone came looking for us saying
one of the former members of the Vila Nova church had come to town and had five of her

and plan to be baptized. These people are poor in a physical sense, (poor is not an adequate word to
describe their situation, but we don't have enough words) but from another standpoint, they have a faith so rich that money cannot

neighbors with her, and they wanted to be baptised. As the story became known, we

Baptism of the five brought by Dona Diva.


A Christmas Project by the Women

bxj Carol McAfee A question that was asked at the women's groups both in Setor Bueno and in Vila Nova was "What are we going to do for Christmas this year?" Being new to the job, so to speak, and not knowing what had been done in years past, I just listened and let the women make their own plans. A a result of their plans I have received a great blessing. First let me tell you a little about the Vila Nova group. Many times we have only
and so testify in this way. Some pieces will

BCM missionaries in Goiania and Bra

be given to needy members of the church. One lady invited her neighbors to Sunday School and they said they couldn't come because they didn't have clothes, and it wa.s true that they had only rags, so she
should pray to receive clothes for Christ masshe has their names on the things she made! I had to laugh when she told me it might not be just the thing to do, but

silia were happy to have had Brother William Thompson of the Christian Missionary Fellowship visit the various
churches and works in these areas and

told them to come anyway and that they

to be in their homes during his recent trip to Brazil in November of 1983. He spoke through a translator in the various churches and was a personal inspiration
to the missionaries visited.

3 or 4 present at out meetings, though there are 6 on the roll. These ladies are very good
about making sick calls and are faithful in attendance at church even though their
husbands are not members and don't attend

the children have been in Sunday School almost every Sunday, and I think they will continue to be there when their "prayers"
are answered. The women at Setor Bueno have a much

All Work and No Ploy . . .

On October 8, the combined churches of Goiania had a picnic. The truck left the Institute at about 7 a.m., passing by various points to pick up others. They first went
to the Antonio Rezende farm to have serv

with them, They have been very eager to have me make calls with them and always use the opportunity to read a passage of scripture and have a prayer before we leave. They seem to have a great concern for to find someone needy to helo. Because of this concern they decided to make clothes to be given as presents at Christmas time. They bought material with what money they, had in the treasury and some donated litUe pieces they had at home. Each lady took some of this material home to cut out and make in whatever way she
wanted and one who doesn't sew took hers

larger group, but have the same concern for their neighbors, and they also came to

the conclusion to have each person make

ers to receive because they have more members who are really in need.

Eresent. There will be more of their mem-

some piece of clothing for a Christmas

those poorer than they and are always able

ices in the new chapel built by Mr. Rezende. The service was in charge of Euripedes Vin

The part most humbling and interesting

to me is that there isn't one of these ladies

cent de Souza and all the National Evange lists of Goiania took part, along with mission
aries Merlin Shields and Dale McAfee. Soon

and found a neighbor who would do it for her. They have made to-date 20 pieces of children's clothing. Now each lacly has the privilege of putting names on the pieces
.she made and will visit that home and tell

them that it is given in the name of Christ

who couldn't say with truth that their own children were needing something and they could not afford to give clothes to some one else when their own family needs them, but because they want to make a special effort to .show God's love at this time of year they are willing to use their time and special offerings to make this project possible. I look around and sec the much, much lower standard of living that exists here and then .see Christians who are generous in spite of their lack of material things, and

farm where there was a Take to picnic and

after the church services, everyone loaded into the truck again to go on to the next

swim. Everyone returned to Goiania, sun burned, tired, and muscle sore but at least

I give thanks every day that we have a

peace not because of the

refreshed. "This was a holiday in Goiania, the 30th birthday of the city. One sad note, however, entered into the day. About two weeks tifter the picnic. Evangelist Herculano Ferreiro was hospitalized with Typhoid Fever, the doctor saying that it was very possibly caused by swimming in the impure

Carol McAfee and Women's group making dolls and children's clothes for Christmas.
These are the Setor Bueno women.

Saviour who fills our lives with the things that are truly important and who gives us
security and

water. We are glad to report that he seems

reported. G. Shields

completely recovered ana has returned to

his responsibilities. We are also grateful

that there were no more cases of Ae disease

amount of money we have, but because of the amount of faith we possess.

Starting out by truck for the church picnic.




COMBINED CONTRIBUTIONS - July-December 1963, Inclusive

In order to minimize space, we have abbreviated wherever possible, using the following contractions: Christian Church, CC; Missionary Society, Miss.- Soc.; Church of Christ, C of C; Daily Vacation Bible School, DVBS; Group, gr; church, ch; Sunday School, SS; Christian Women's Fellowship, CWF; Subscription, sub.
Please check this report with your records and if there are any questions, contact

designated for a certain missionary family or project, you will find it usted under B.C.M. which is the general fimd. Please be sure to designate your gift. Personal gifts to missionaries, such as birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, etc., and also gifts to the Riberio brothers and Valdori Penna are transmittal items sent directly
to the field and are not listed as contributions to BCM.

the Denver office, where the list was compiled for publication. If yovur ^t was not

CofC, 35.00, Mr. & Mrs. S. McDowell. 6.00. IND.: Cedar Lake Christian Astembly, 33.68; Knox, CC Council, 10.00; Kouts, CC, 31.25. IOWA: Council Bluffs. 1st CC, 23.42. KANS.: Belleville, 15.00; Canton, CC, 15.00; Clay Center, CC, 74.79; Downs, CC, 55.51; Edson, Pleasant Home Com. Ch., 272.00; Hill City, CC Ladies SS Class, 59.00; La

Cygne, Olive Gage, 5.00; MackWille, Hazel

We are grateful to all who have contributed to the support of the Lord's work in Brazil and as we look forward to greater victories in 1964 we know you will receive a
blessing knowing you are a part of it. SANDERS IDAHO: Nampa, Mrs. Alfred Edner, 10.00. ILL.: Bellefiower, CC, 47.50; Georgetown, Mrs. Howard Lambert, 12.00; Lincoln, John C. Rolls, 10.00, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hirsch, 25.00. IND.: Anderson, Bethany CC, 600.00; Greentown, Jerome CC, 120.00; Indian apolis, Ben Davis CC, 600.00, Beulah CC, 60.00; Jamestown, CC, 320.65; Kokomo, Macedonia SS, 50.00; Marion, Mr. & Mrs. Fay Evens, 100.00; Wabash, Bachelor Creek Miss. Soc., 29.00. IOWA: Clinton, CofC,

Mrs. V. H. Fair, mailing sec., 1664 Poplar St., Denver 20, Colo. World Evang. Fellowship, 35.00; Mt. Car-

mel, Maud CC, 49.25; Mt. Pulasld, CC,

53.50; Saybrook, Mrs. Gladys Bartley SS Class, 14.00. IND.: Anderson, Bethany CC,
25.00, Chas. Sovems, 10.00; Bedford, Miss. Soc., 104.77; Hebron, CC, 34.71; Indian apolis, Mr. & Mrs. Glen Ewing, 90.00, Warren Hills CC, 196.20. KANS.: Anthony, Homebuilders Class, 65.35; Chanute, Mr. & Mrs. W. E. May, 60.00; Erie, S. Valley

Barsell, 75.00; Manhattan, Bible College, ABX, 39.46; Protection, CC, 50.00; Plainville, Goldie Krabe, 3.00; Wichita, Westside CC, 20.70. MO.: Ridgeway, Wm. McKinley, 2.00. NEB.: Central City, CC Miss. Soc., 32.70; Chester CC Ladies Aid, 26.50; Clay Center, 1st CC Jr. CYF, 5.00, Miss. Circle, 15.00; Elm Creek, Adam A. Wood, 1.00; Gering, Central CofC, 25.00, 1st Meth. Ch. Weslyan Service Guild, 5.00; Lexington, 1st CC, 50.00; Miller, CC, 36.61; Riverdale, CC, 40.37; Scottsbluff, Church at Bryant, 17.75, 1st CC, 300.00, Ruth Spurgeon, 160.00. N. MEX.: Los Alamos, El Parvenia Christian Camp. 100.00. OHIO: Barberton, Sherman CofC, Women's Group, 8.09; Seaman, Louis

Chapel, 50.43; Fredonia, LaFontaine CC, 142.26; Girmd, CC SS, 86.00; Jet. City,
1st CC, 37.70; LaCygne, CC & CWF Group

Walker, 1.00, Joe Baker, LCiO.

61.00; Cedar Rapids, Mr. & Mrs. Emmett Stark, 60.00; Des Moines, Mrs. R. M. Ervin, 20.00; Vinton, CC SS Loyal Workers, 25.00; A friend, 25.00, Oak Grove Miss. Soc.,
100.00. KANS.: Anthony, Mrs. Katherine

2, 150.00, Mrs. Harold Looney, 20.00;

Larkinburg, CC, 18.10; Lawrence, Lawrence Hgts. CC, 20.00, Wesley Keltcher, 15.00; Parsons, Central CC, 62.73, Friendship Class, 21.72; Peru, S. Fischer, 25.00; Savonburg, 59.00; Sharon, CC, 95.00; Sublette, 49.15; Topeka, SW CC, 13.75; Wichita, Broadway Ave., 210.00, Glenn Park CC, 345.32. Woodlawn CC, 40.00, Mr. & Mrs. Ray Parrott, 165.00. CT.: Cave City, CC, 43.30; Jackson, CC Laides Aid, 26.00; Louisville, College of the Scripture (Isaiah Moore) 5.00. MD.: Havre de Grace, 1st CC, 92.75; Kensington, Wheaton CofC, 35.00; Silver Sprgs., Leona Lux, 60.00. MINN.: Miimeapolis, Last Chance Camp, 40.00, Univ. CofC, 54.83. MO.: Bolivar, Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Lenz, 60.00; Kans. City, Fairmount CC, 195.00; St. Louis, Clark Bower,
2.00. MONT.: Havre, CC Zealous Christian

Shaw, 1.00; Eldorado, Calvary Bible'Ch., 20.00; Haversville, CC, 48.30, Dora C. Booth, 10.00; Kans. City, Emerson Park CC,
162.80; LeRoy, Inez Ward, 15.00; Medicine

SHIELDS CALIF.: Bakersfield, Rexland CofC, 146.10; Bell, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Candland, 3.00; Santa Rosa, CC, 50.00, Don & Pat Bean, 50.00. COLO.: Denver, Mary Towne, 25.00. ILL.: Charleston, Frank E. Wood, 179.00. KANS.: Sharon. CC, 30.00; Wichita, Vir

ginia G. Templeton, 9.00. MO.; Bolchow,

CC, 20.00. OKLA.: Shidler, CC, 150.00. ORE.: Canby, Central CC, 150.00; Coburg, CC, 5.00; Corbett, CC, 25.00; Dufur, CC, 30.00; Elgin, CC, Win Some Class, 50.00; Club, 50.00, Guy Shields, 150.00, Norkenzie, CC, 29.00, Fern McLarrin, 50.00; Forest Grove, Mrs. J. Calvin, 2.50; Carabaldi, Janette Drake, 1.00; Jefferson, CC Wee Miss. Class, 82.48; Milwaukee, Edith Richter, 20.00; McKinzie Bridge, CC Homebuilders Class, 83.00; Mollalla, CC, 50.00; Mon-

Lodge, 1st CC CWF, 175.00, Mrs. O. M. Wheat, 100.00, Mrs. J. H. Trice Sr., 20.00; Norton, CC, 100.00; Sharon, CC, 30.00; Wichita, Glenn Park CC, 332.00. KY.: Cross Roads, CC Youth Group, 20.00; Cottonburg, Salem CC Bible S. & Ladies Aid, 12.03; Ethel Collins, 10.00; Culston, Pansy CC, 20.00. LA.: Shreveport, Westview CC Op
portunity Bible Class, 10.00. MICH.:

Eugene, West Side CofC, 30.00, M O M

Owosso, 1st CofC, 55.49. MO.: Dexter, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Smith, 10.00, Elinore Sisler, 50.00; Edgerton, Ridgley SS, 78.18, Mr. & Mrs. Noble Miller, 15.00; Rushville, CC Ladies Aid, 32.00. NEB.: Elm Creek, Mrs. Carl (Fay) Green, 45.00; Wymore, Marshall Produce Co., 50.00. OHIO: Bryan, 1st CofC, 50.00; Cleveland, Mr. & Mrs. Van

Workers, 10.00, Young People, 5.00. NEB.: Wymore, Marshall Produce Co., 50.00.
OHIO: Minerva, 1st CC, 72.81; Morrow-

mouth, CC, 150.00; Smem, Lloyd Sevems, 40.00; Springfield, James V. Serbling, ^.00,
Thurston CC, 60.00, Walterville Comm.

Pelt, 10.00; Hubbard, Jean Brockett, 40.00; Toledo, Central CC, Berean Class, 75.00.
Park CC, l250.00; Miami, 1st CC Women's

5.00; Toledo, Central CC, 35.00, Mr. & Mrs. Robt. Dugan, 25.00. OIGLiA.: Apache, C^
Ewing Bible Study Group & CG, 152.25; Bartlesville, Darwin Widmer, 15.00; Clinton, CC, 65.19; Deer Creek, CC & Women's Coimcil, 136.50; Enid, Davis Park CC, 45.17, Pleasantvale Comm. Ch., SS, 56.32; Hinton, 8.50; Muskogee, 1st CC, 78.56, Blvd. CC, 50.00; Miami, 1st CC, 53.00; Okla. City, Mr. & Mrs. Stanley A. "rruman, 5.00; Putnam, C. L. Smith, 50.00; Tulsa, Highland Park CC, 25.00. PENN.: Irwin, Norwin CC, 30.00, Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur Bunting, 35.00, Mr. & Mrs. Harry Saylor, 35.00, Frank

ville, 1st CC, 10.00; Sandusky, 1st CC, 66.00; Shelby, George W. Van Wagner,

Ch., 24.00; Stayton, Sarah Weddle, 20.00; Sweet Home CofC, 5.00; Tillamook,

Gwendolyn Cassady, 12.00; Turner, CC, 177.00, N. J. Reasoner, 90.00, W. T. Cooper, 5.00; Wasco, CofC, 630.36; Yamhill, CC, 75.59. PENN.: Pittsburgh, Brentwood CC,
50.00. WASH.: Prosser, Central CWF.

"QKLA.; Deer Creek. CCr"80I50:"Enid. Davis

Council, 25.00; Mutual, Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Clovis, 15.00; Okeene, Mrs. Wm. Hill,
10.00; Putnam, C. L. Smith, 50.00; Tulsa, Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Bruner, 5.00; Vici, 1st CC, 102.19. ORE.: Eugene, University St.

CofC, 7.00. PENN.: Lockhaven, 1st CofC, 55.00; Pittsburgh, Hazelwood Miss. Soc., 60.00. TENN.: Kingsport, Oakwood Forest CC, 86.92; Limestone, Mt. Bethel CC, 120.00. TEX.: Amdrillo, Lillian Sue Scott, 2.00; LaMarque, 1st CC (Ainsworth Chapel), 10.00. W. VA.: Martinsburg, Clifford R.
Fries, 50.00.

Circleville, CC, 60.00; Clay Center, CC,

Soc., 50.00; Concordia, CC Young Adult,
30.00; Downs, CWF, 20.00; Grantville, CC, 76.57; Gridley, CC Ladies Aid, 10.00; Harper, CC, Dorcas Soc., 35.00; Kinsley, Mr. & Mrs. Dale E. Rider, 15.00; Manhattan, Crestview CC, 90.00; Miltonvale, CC, 103.00; Nortonville, CC, 5.25, Pleasant 20.00; Colony, CC, 45.00, Northcott Miss.

51.00; Seattle, Mrs. W. Hedge. l.OO. W. VA.: Martinsburg, Shirley R. Keller, 60.00. McAfee CALIF.: Sonora, Mr. & Mrs. James Keady, 30.00. ILL.: Mason City, World Evang. Fellowship, 441.00. KANS.: Alta Vista, Pleasant Ridge CofC, 13.75; Abilene, 1st CC, 25.00, Mrs. Stanley Baines, 10.00; Belle ville, Central CC, 91.35, CWF, 70.00;

ALA.: Huntsville, Virginia B. Teel, 16.00. CALIF.: Carmichael, Town & Country CofC, 154.58; San Bernardino, Central CofC, Primary Youth Evang. Group, 5.00; Nat! City, CC, 25.00. COLO.: Aurora, Mr. &
Mrs. Dale Rea, 28.00; Commerce City, S. Adams Co. CC, 14.03; Denver, Milton Ambler, 35.00, West Side CC, 33.21, A


203.05; Pittsburgh, Central CC, 230.00,

Hazel Frazier, 10.00, Dick Linderman,

haven, 1st CofC, 55.00, Primary Dept. 6.03; Laughlintown, Ligonier CC J-O-Y Miss. Group, 25.00: New Castle, Shenango, CC,
10.00, Mrs. Arthur J. Hanna, 5.00, Brentwood CC, 65.00. TENN.: Concord, Farragut

Coates, 19.00, Dick Phillips, 10.00; Lock-

CC, 15.00; Johnson City, 1st CC, 124.00; Jonesboro, Union CofC, 23.55; Kingsnort, Oakwood Forest C, 10.00. VA.: Cambn'a, Belmont SS, 90.00; Winchester, CofC, 31.06,
Nathan Williamson, 20.00.

friend, 23.00; Englewood, Mr. & Mrs. James Belleville, CofC, 25.00; Havana, CofC, 30.00; Lincoln, CC, 174.00; Mason City,
Vawter, 150.00; Elbert, CC, 190.00; Trini dad, Mrs. Myrtle StromEm, 35.00. ILL.:

Grove CC. 42.65; Perry, CC, 398.12, Willing Workers Class, 17.00; Soldier, CC, 56.05; Topeka, Highland Park CWF, 60.00, Mrs. Clifford Cook, 10.00; Valley Falls, CC, 420.00, CWF, 20.00, H.S. and Progressive 41.50; Wichita, Glenn Park, 300.32; Wilsey, CC, 25.00, Hazel M. Gamer, 10.00, Mr. (Continued Next Page)

SPURGEON COLO.: Denver, Goldie Vohs, 20.00. ILL.: Carterville, Mrs. Lela M. Duncan, 10.00, Lee Miss. Circle, 4.00; Streater, Central

SS Classes (McAfee furlough) 70.13, Five Christian ch. of Jefferson Co., (furlough),



COMBINED CONTRIBUTIONSJuly-December 1963^ InclusiveConcluded

& Mrs. Clyde S. Douglas, 125.00, Mr. & Mrs. Waldo E. Hailey, 60.00; Winchester, CC, Helping Hand Class, 45.12. MD.: Balti
more, Blvd. Ave. CC, 125.00, Glen Bumie, 20.00. MINN.: Minneapolis, Univ. CofC, 12.00. MO.: Adrian, SS Loyal Daughters, 20.00; Agency, CC, 175.00, Mr. & Mrs.
Smith, 75.00.

Kenneth G. Mongan, 165.00, Clifford Fries, East Side CC, 23.00; Douglas, CC, 5.00; Gillette, CC, 60.00; Glenrock, CC, 29.05; Lander, 1st CC, 19.00; Riverton, CC, 65.61; Torrington, CofC, 10.00; Wheatland, CC,

Kenneth McDonald, 75.00. WYO.: Casper,

100.00, Margaret




CALIF.: Carmichael, Town & Country CofC, 90.00; LaHabra, Cypress St. CofC,
105.00; Palo Alto, Mr. & Mrs. Russell Barton (Redwood City CC), 70.00. COLO.: Arvada, CC, 168.00; Clifton, CC, 37.50;

Herbert Ridge, 25.00; Breckin Ridge, Willard C. Ralston, 10.00; Gillman City, Matt Hughes, 19.50; Independence, Hilda Case,
30.00; Kans. City, Mr. & Mrs. Byron Paxton, 25.00; King City, Island City CC, 59.75; St. Joseph, Central CC, 90.00. NEB.: Ches ter, CC, 20.10; Liberty, CC SS, 63.00; Nemehaha, Christian SS, 20.15; Wymore, Marshall Produce Co., 50.00. OHIO: Grove City, CofC, 178.00. OKLA.; Camargo, CWF, 60.00, Mrs. Esther Green, 300.00; Lone Wolf. Mrs. Edna Laver, 50.00. S. DAK.: Belle Fouche, Mr. & Mrs. Marvin A. Smith, 130.00; Hot Sprgs., Merle Collins, 60.00. W. VA.: Martinsbur'g, Winchester Ave. CC, I. C. Bucy Class, 49.00, L. Prince Nicklin, 15.00. Clifford Fries, 25.00, Kenneth Mc Donald, 25.00. BRAZIL: J. R. Ewing,

Denver, Clark Bower, 75.00; Grand Jet., Orchard Mesa, 50.00; Palisade, CC, 450.00;
Rangely, Forest Norman, 181.58. FLA.: Tampa, Palma Ceia CC, 52.00. ILL.: Charleston, Frank E. Wood, 105.00; Mt.


30.00. MO.: Diamond, CC, 100.00.

B.C.M. (General Fund)

ALA.: Huntsville, Virginia B. Teel, 25.00. ARK.: Mt. Home CC, 40.00. CANADA: Saskatchewan, Mrs. W. H. Withrow, 6.00. COLO.: Clifton, CE, 60.00; Denver, West Side, CC, 2nd Yr. Primary ^Children in

Pulaski, CC, 13.00. IND.: Butler, CC, 20.50; Beech Grove, 1st CC, 100.00; Blooming-

SCATES ARIZ.: Mesa, Central CC, 310.00; Phoenix, 1st CC, 151.50, Stevenson Park CC, CWMS, 5.00; Winslow, 1st CC Miss. Soc., 20.00. COLO.: Cheyenne Wells, CC, 148.62; Clifton, CC, 240.00, Miss. Soc. 30.00, CE, 60.00; Commerce City, S. Adams Co. CC, 240.00; DeBeque, Gene Bumgardner, 25.00; Delta, CE, 50.00; Denver, Nona Ohlbert, 30.00, West Side CC, 20.00; Elbert, CC,

ton, Smithville CC, 10.00, Kum Join Us Miss., 15.00; Ft. Wayne, N. Highland CofC, 44.60; Greens Fork, CC, 10.00; Indian apolis, E. 16th St. CC, 106.84, E. 49th St. CC, Women's Guild and 3 Combined Class es, 204.36, Robert A. Bish, 25.00; James town, CC, 35.00; Ladoga, CC, 47.88; Law rence, CC, 41.80; New Market, CofC, 12.00; Plainfield, CC, 400.00; Rushville, Plum Creek CC, 14.00. IOWA: Clinton, CofC Miss., 38.00; Council Bluffs, 1st CC, Women's Council, 25.00; Des Moines, Mrs. R. M. Ervin, 20.00; Fertile, CofC, 26.00; Vinton, Mrs. Claude Sanders, 25.00. KANS.: Bluff City, CC Jr. Dept, 15.00; Freeport,


12.20; Rangley, Forrest Norman,

30.60, FLA.: Daytona Beach, Mrs. W. T.

Thompson,(CWF) 1.00; De Land, Plymouth

Ave. CC, 60.00; Tampa, Palma Ceia CC, 104.00. ILL.: Springfield, Janice Benton, 2.00; Wood River, 1st CofC, Christian,

12.50. IND.: Springport, J. R. Crandall, 5.00.

IOWA.: New London, CofC, 15.00; Scranton, CofC Miss., 60.00. KANS.: Athol, Cedar CC, 25.00; Effingham, CCSS, 205.37; \

Mrs. Hugh D. Ransom, 15.00; Haysville,

Lawrence, N. Lawrence CC, 154.22, Mrs.

Mary L. Arnold, 10.00; Jet. City, 1-st CC, 90.00; Kans. City, Nedra Mayo, 175.00; Leona Bond, 20.00; Norton, CC (Dr.George W. Atkinson) 100.00, Quo Vadis SS Class,

Hope, CC, 10.00; Horton, Ellen Lawrence, 5.00; Council Grove, CWF and Christian Workers, 36.05; Lawrence, Mrs. L. T. Bell inger, 2.00. MD.: Cumberland, 1st CC, 50.00; Riveiera, Mrs. Rena Wilkinson, 10.00. MO.: Richards, SS, 33.00; Rolla, 1st CC,
Women's Miss. Council, 30.00. NEB.: Scotts

90.00; Grand Jet, NE CC, 56.12, Orchard Mesa CC, 39.00, (Transportation fund) 60.00; Grand Valley, Nelly Hayward, 100.00,
Mr. & Mrs. Thad Bailey, 30.00, Cora

Theophilus Class, 84.00. KY.: Culston, Pansy

CC, 112.00; Louisville, Gary Allen Burrell, 10.66. MICH.: Bailey, CofC Miss., 46.77. MINN.: Crookson, CofC Miss. Study Gr, 25.00, T. M. McCall, 12.00; Fairmont, CofC (Clifford Bruce), 16.00; Forest Lake, CofC, 15.00, Mrs. Ethel Larson, 25.00; Minne apolis, 48th St. CC, 10.00; Moorehead, CofC
Christian, 16.40. MO.: Dexter, Elinore C.

12.00; Protection, CC, 15.00; Sharon, CC, 100.00; Wichita, Glenn Park CC, 161.44,

bluff, Mrs. Chas. Snocker, 5.00. OHIO: Lan caster, 5th Ave. CofC Christian, 13.00. OKLA.: Clinton, CC, 170.15; Guymon,

Thelma Ramey, 20.00; Tulsa, Mrs. Myrtle

Woodruff, 10.00; Muskogee, Mr. & Mrs. Ben Blunt, 20.00. PENN.: Glenshaw, N. Hill CC, Friendship Bible Class, 60.00; Pittsburgh, Mrs. D. E. Pusar (postage) 1.00. TEX: Bridge City, 5.00. UTAH: Sunset, Willis W. Taylor, 50.00. WASH.: Benton, Lake Sawyer Bible Study Assoc., 32.18. SUBSCRIPTIONS CALIF.: Lawndale, Mrs. Harriet Anderson, 2.00. IOWA: Vinton, Mr. & Mrs. Henry

Bumgardner, 70.00; Holly, CC, 81.75; Lamar, 1st CC, Crescent SS Class, 30.00; Littleton, CC Women's Council; Longmont,
Debra Newsom, 10.00; Montrose, CC,

10.00, Ropeholders Miss. Group, 22.50; Palisade, CC, 117.65; Paonia, CC, 25.00; Pleasant View, Christian Women's Miss. Group, 30.00; Rangely, Louis and Ann Kenney, 400.00; Trinidad, Mrs. Myrtle Stroman, 46.00; Uravan, Willis Dale, 50.00. KANS.: Copeland, Mr. & Mrs. D. J. Dun ham, 10.00; Dodge City, Wilroads Garden CC, Women's Council, 30.00; Ellis, George & Dolly Glass, 25.00; Ogallah, CC, 150.00,
Christian Aid, 14.00; Protection, 75.00; Utica, Mr. & Mrs. Allan Quenzer, 25.00; Winfield, Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Tweed, 60.00. MONT.: Helena, Mr. & Mrs. Roger Wilson, 130.00. MO.: Benton City, Mr. &; Mrs.

Sisler, 25.00; Independence, M. D. McCurdy, 100.00, Vera H. Gate, 18.25; King City, Island City CC, 156.00; Ridgeway, Mr. & Mrs. Merrill Grant, 167.00; Rushville, CC, 26.00. MONT.: Box Elder, N. Star CC, 26.65; Ft. Benton, Mrs. Arthur Stoner, 10.00;
Havre, 6th Ave. CC, 25.00; Glendive, CC, 7.00; Great Falls, Mr. & Mrs. E. D. Cham bers, 5.00; Louistown, 1st CC, 22.00; Malta, CC, 11.80; Ryegate, CC, 5.00, Louise C. Mantor, 10.00; Turner, 24.91. NEB.: Burrell, CC, 25.00; Scottsbluff, Friends of Brasilia, 110.00. N. JERSEY.: E. Orange (ECC) 90.00. N. DAK.: W. Fargo, Valley Christ ian, 18.10. OHIO.: Columbus, Indianola CofC, Win-A-Cuple class, 90.00; Cincin nati, Westwood Sheviot CofC, 50.00; Min erva, 1st CofC, 175.00; Toledo, Central CC Bible School (Bricks for Brasilia) 44.20.

Slaylaaugh, 1.00. KANS.: Dighton, Mrs.

Edna Egbert, 1.00; Norton, Mrs. T. M. Heaton, 25c; LaCygne, Mrs. Mamie Keller, 1.00; Wichita, Mrs. Ernest Palmer, 1.25. OKLA.: Carnegie, Mrs. Neal Lovell, 1.00. S. DAK.: Hot Springs, E. R. Lesher, 2.00.
LA.: New Orleans, Mr.
Stout, 1.00.

& Mrs.


Phillipps, 1.00. TEX.: Dalhart, Mrs. Roy

PROJECTS Bible picture books in Portuguese: CALIF.: San Bernardino, Central CofC, DVBS, 72.86. IND.: Frankton, CC DVBS, 100.00. COLO.: Woodland Park, Lawrence Carty. 15.00. KANS.: Maxville, Mrs. Hazel Barseil, 25.00. OHIO: Carrollton, CofC, 83.12. W. VA.: Hedgesville, Mrs. Frederic Metze, 10.00.

Wesley Paddock, 50.00; Neosha, Mr. & Mrs. James A. Brock, 55.00. MINN.: Chisago City, CofC, 33.00. N. MEX.: Clovis, Cen tral CC, 15.00; Deming, CC (James E. Morgan), 48.00, Women s Council, 40.00,
Kenneth E. Bricker, 10.00; Farmington,

CC Women's Group, 70.00; Los Alamos, CC, 20.43. OKLA.: Dewey, CC, Friendly Neighbor's Miss. Group, 4.00; Tulsa, E. Tulsa CC, 73.94; Texhoma, Mr. & Mrs. Ira Oldaker, 60.00. TEX.: Amarillo, Fairmount Terrace, CC, 960.00, Mr. & Mrs.

OKLA.: Arapahoe, B. B. Strong, 100.00;

Ardmore, Memorial CC, 90.00; Carnegie,

CC, 100.00; Clinton, L. M. Mitchell, 25.00, Henry J. Hayes, 50.00; Enid, Davis Park (Ind. off.) 2.00 DVBS, 28.19; Guymon, Mr.

Food transportation: KANS.: LaCygne, Olive Gage, 5.00; Topeka, Highland Park CC, Jr. Hi Group, 25.00. Camp site improve
ment: MO.: Independence, Fairmont SS,

& Mrs. Theodore Yarbrough, 25.00; Okla.

Sidney Maxwell, 40.00, Lillian Sue Scott,

7.00; Bridge City, CC, 5:00; Dumas, North

Plains CC, Women's Council, 30.00; Kilgore, 1st CC, 25.00. BRAZIL: Dale McAfee,
60.00, PUERTO RICO: Muriel Herson 6.00.

Highland Park CC, 98.00; Tuttle, 1st CC,

84.00; Vici, CC, 84.00. ORE.: Eugene, West

City, Mr. & Mrs. S. A. Truman, 6.00; Tulsa,

Sr. Hi Group, 25.00. NEB.: Scottsbluff, Mrs. P. O. Baker, 5.00; Chester, CC, 20.35. DVBS and Jr. Camp: OHIO: Round Lake
Christian Assembly, 220.00. Litertype: CALIF.: Sacramento, Irma E. Harlan, 20.00. COLO.: Denver, West Side CC, 30.00.

SCHOLARSHIPS COLO.: Arvada, Mr. & Mrs. Melvin J. Groves, 25.00: Denver, West Side CC, Women's Council, 50.00. KAN.: Goodland,

Mrs. John Glasco, 30.00; Russell, 1st CC, Miss. Soc., 50.00 NEB.: Scottsbluff, Mr.
& Mrs. Chas. Snocker, 5.00. OHIO: Toronto,

Side CofC, 70.00. PENN.: Blanchard, CofC, 77.72; Lockhaven, CofC, 25.00, Martha B. Zeigler, 100.00; Mill Hall, CofC Miss. Soc., 90.00; Monroeville, CC, 70.00; Munhall, Homestead Park CC, 30.00; Pittsburgh, Central CC, 80.00. TENN.: Jonesboro, Cen tral CC, 67.20; Milligan College (c/o Mrs. Donald Davidson) 68.25, Beauford Bryant,
200.00. TEX.: Houston, Memorial CC, 100.00. WASH.: W. Seattle, CC, 12.00. Wise.: Beloit, Central CC, 30.36; Foot-

FLA.: DeLand, Plymouth Ave. CC, 50.00. ILL.: Browning, C. C. Bader, 60.25. KANS.: Wichita, Lorene Morgan, 2.00. ORE.: Turner, N. J. Reasoner, 5.00. Institute: CALIF.: Palo Alto, Mr. & Mrs. Russell Barton, 20.00; San Diego, Mrs. John Miller (Memorial to Buel C & Ruth G. Ambler),

150.00. IND.: Indianapolis, Robert Bish,

25.00. KANS.: Wilsey, CC, 23.00. OHIO: Canton, Greenwood CC (Christ vs. Commu
nism) 25.00.






S. DAK.: Belle Fouche, Mr. & Mrs. Marvin

ville. Anon., 1.00. W. VA.: Martinsburg,

Second Class Postage Paid at Denver, Colorado


Mission Services Assn

Box 968






Joliet, 111.
March-April, 1964
Number 2


Volume XV

Open Doors at Goiania Christian Institute

By Merlin Shields . . but don't you have someone who could preach for us?" has been the ques tion the past few months. The only true ans wer we can give them is, that we will do the best we can, but there is no trained person to send. The past three years the
Goiania Christian Institute has been closed

while the new building was in construction. Now the hour has arrived that we must open our doors again. The very orogress of the

Church demands that trained young people

go out and reach their own people for


Prospects The prospects for the coming year are very

promising as several have enrolled and an

These young people, most of them at high school age (some slightly above) may or may not be committed to full time service, but
they are all Christians who have indicated that they wish to serve the Lord in what ever capacity He calls them. Our Goal is

equal number have indicated deep interest.

that every young person of this age will take advantage of this Bible training that they ers, deacons, elders, but most of all, soulwinners. The infant church in Brazil cannot

The very beautiful new building of the Goiania Christian Institute. The old building is in the background.
zeal of all who have confessed His Name as

may go out as trained Sunday School work

or lack of educational standards cannot at

Open Doors
With this one goal, the Goiania Christian Institute opened its doors on March 2, 1964

tend the a. m. school. In this way we hope to reach some of the older men, who are in

is too great. The task of buildingthe Church,

winning souls, gathering Christians into meet ings (churches) must become the burning

afford a clergv cast, because the task ahead

reality, our leaders today.

as its first day of school this year. In reality part of the opening began the day before, with special services on Simday afternoon. The first two days were set aside for regis tration, spiritual and academic orientation as well as special preaching services.
Past Results
Past results have shown us that Brazilians

Emphasis on Evangelism
The whole curriculum at the Institute is

centered on the aimthat the Church might multiply and grow. Along with the Biblical

subjects studied, evangelism in all of its forms will be shown as means of winning Brazil for Christ. Along with this, Religious Edu cation will be strongly emphasized as a (Continued on Page 2)
Missionaries from central Brazil area meet in Nova Florida to discuss the opening of Goi ania Christian Institute. They are shown left to rightMerlin Shields, David Sanders, Lew Cass, Wm. Loft, Dale McAfee and in right foreground, Wm. Metz.

can be trained to reach their own people. Of course we are not without disappointments
as some have even left the Church, but this ouly serves to renew our zeal to train more

and better leaders. One of the pictures with this article shows one of our students (now
on leave to minister to the church in Luzi-

ania) in action, preaching the Word. Others are at work also, carrying the Word. TTiese leaders can be trained, out we need your prayers, your tithes and offerings.

Total Program
One of the newer features of the total

Director of the Institute, Merlin Shields, as

he presents his studies on "How Churches

Grow" as a part of the All-BTazil Missionary

conference in Belo Horizonte.

Institute program will be that we will try to make it as inclusive as pos.sible. TTiat is, there will be a regular program for the academically qualified in the morning hours, and in the evening, two days a week, we will have classes for those who, because of work,

Open Doors at Goiania Christian institute

Second Class Postage paid at Denver, Colo.
Office of Publication

1664 Poplar, Denver, Colorado Published bi-monthly

(Continued from Page 1) practical means of follow-up in the Evange as well as his progress reports. You who are listic patterns. sending funds now for scholarships, are al

Subscription rate25c per year

Scholarships Needed
Several students will be coming from out
of town where other Church of Christ mis

ready Included and will be assiraed students

Twenty-five cents of the regular annual offering shall be considered payment of one year's
subscription to the Brazil Christian Mission.
Field Editor, Ruth Sanders
Send all contributions to:

in the near future. If the Lord lays a burden on vour heart for the training of Brazilian

sionaries have work. Already students have

share in this training program with your

prayers, and your support, write to me here at the Institute, Merlin Shields, Caixa Postal 201, Goiania, Goias, BrazU, South America.
Brazil needs Christ NOWl Leaders must be trained and sent out.

leadership, as He has mine, and you want to

Wm. A. Cook. 219 No. Lisbon St.

indicated their desire to attend from Taguatinga and Downtown Brasilia, Anapolis,
Matao, and Goiania. Some will need scholar

Carrollton, Ohio
Missionaries in Brazil:
Dale and Carol McAfee

ship aid as they study. Can you or your

class help? This aid from you would be in the form of $15.00 per month, sent to our mission treasurer, Wm. A. Cook, 219 N. Lis bon, Carrollton, Ohio. You, in turn, would receive a picture and history of your student

Merlin and Gertrude Shields

Caixa Postal 201

Goiania, Goias, Brazil

L. David and Ruth Sanders Harry and Elaine Scates
Caixa Postal 862Asa SulW-3

Brasilia D.F., Brazil, S.A.

Missionaries on Furlough:
J. Richard & Carotee Ewing
1070 - 16th Ave. S.E,

Minneapolis, Minn. 55414


Concerning Contributions to: Wm. A. Cook, 219 No. Lisbon St. Carrollton, Ohio

Concerning B.C.M. Publication and

Promotional Materials:

Mrs. V. H. Fair, 1664 Poplar,

Denver 20, Colorado

If you are not sure to whom your cor Mr. Cook and he will be glad to forward it
to the correct address.








Herculano Ferreiro, Institute student and evangelist at the church in Setor Bueno

(meeting in the Institute buildirtg), leading

move to Luziania to minister to the church

March-April Birthdays
Remember to Pray for Them!
March 7 Dale McAfee

Leonardos and Waldir, two of the young men planning to study at the Institute.

a "culto' of church service. Herculano is to

there during this coming year.

March 14 March 15 April 26

Ruth Spurgeon( McKinley) Starla Joy Sanders Linda McAfee

The Greatest Story Ever Told

This year the Christmas program for the
Goiania churches was a bit different. Each

enough they know it must be time for services to start. Of course, it maY actually

church really had two, one of their own

and one presented in their church by the Goiania all-church youth choir under the

be 8:30 by the clock as happened at prac

direction of Lula Knowles. Coordinating the

music with the Christmas drama was the

task of Gertrude Shields who practiced with those taking part in the drama and was in charge of costuming and stage arrangements.

tically all the services this year. It is diffi cult to present anything when people are arriving until it is over. It also caused many a confusion with the cast arriving late, or not getting there at all. At the end of the
Christmas season each of us breathed a breath of relief and at the same time felt

On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and

sadness that this season was past for another

Dale Henry McAfee (goes j.

Sunday before Christmas this program was transported from church to church, requir

year. It had really been a blessing to present

once again, The Greatest Story Ever Told.
Gertruda Shields

(Association for Christian J

Literature) minutes. '
Christian In^itute in the background. Ruth Spurgeon (McKinley)

holds the hook of APLIC I

by the name Senhor Hen- rique to the Brazilians) I

ing three cars to take everyone and all the

settings. It was well received in each area,

the largest crowd being in Setor Bueno. Each church had its own program at an other time. The program at Balrro Universitario, under the direction of Dale McAfee, was held during the Bible School hour on Sunday morning. Carol McAfee directed the activities of the Sunday School and church at Vila Nova and their program was pre sented on Christmas night at special serv ices. Vila Fama, the only church which really did not have its own program had a special "birthday party for Jesus" on Christmas Sunday. This was in charge of
Gertrude Shields with the women of the

Pta^er Pee^uedid
1. For Valdori and Adelina Pena as they return to Campinas after their vacation in Goiania where he will again take up his studies in the seminary there. During vacation he helped in the APLIC print shop, as well as preached and taught in
the local churches.

Setor Bueno church providing the candy. In Setor Bueno the program was held on

Monday night with a drama "The Little

Shepherd's Offering" directed by Gertrude Shields. After this program the Women's group revealed their secret pals and every one enjoyed candy brought by the women. There were many interesting sidelights to the Christmas programs this year. The one causing the most problems was Brazil's new Daylight Savings Time. Here people, even knowing what time the clock indicates, still go by the sun anyhow. If it looks dark

2. For natiorud evangelist, Herculano Ferreiro and his wife Ester as they begin their ministry to the church in Luziania. 3. For the young people attending the
Christian Institute in Goiania.

Starla Joy and friend clean the Sanders' front Linda McAfee yard. Starla is the one on waits out front of ground. school bus.

4. For each missionary family that they may have the necessary spiritual and phtjsical strength, patience, and love needed to carry on the work here for Jesus Christ.
5. For the Christians in each church that

the right in the back- her house for the

they may grow to be faithful, victorious




January Camp and Conference Time in Brazil

Thirty Missionaries Gather for Conference
"We ought to see how each of us may
best arouse others to love and active good ness, not staying away from our meetings, as some do, but rather encouraging one an other, ail the more because you see the Day Bible institutes, and the Christian Literature

Each evening closed with a worship and

drawing near." (Heb. 10:25 New English Bible) One of the essential ingredients of Chris tianity is fellowship, that is to say, oneness together, sharing together, having things in
common with one another or as the above scripture says, "Arousing others to love and

ning speakers were Karl Ketcherside, (by

way of a tape recording) and Jack Hill
missionary from Sao Paulo of the Churches

preaching service. Included among the eve

active goodness . . . encouraging one an


This and even more was involved in the

wonderful fellowship conference of Christian

missionaries of the Churches of Christ-Chris tian Churches here in Braztl. This was the

of Christ (non-instrumental). It is hoped that as our understanding of fellowship and our love for all the brethren increases, these doors might be swung open even more. God did indeed bless as hearts were open ed, God's Word was diligently studied and the Holy Spirit moved in our midst giving each a greater desire to do his part in build ing the Kingdom of God here in Brazil. All of us are looking forward to the next con ference scheduled for January 1965 in An-

country of Brazil and her people. Brother Jim Moreland (Macapa) led two study ses sions in which personal sharing and discus sion was encouraged on Spiritism in Brazil. This is the religion with the largest following other than Catholocism here in Brazil (per haps as much as 1/5 of the population), and we need to know more about its pat terns, strengths and weaknesses, what hold it has on the people and why people adhere to its teachings and practices so that we can

tempt to keep abreast of the material growth

of the country, the political and social situ ation, how best to leam the Portuguese lan guage and be proficient in its use. And we
have found our missionaries conference the

better witness to them of Christ. We at

propitious place to share our findings and

Another horizon to which we turned our
attention was the evaluation of our work in

third of these annual meetings and all of the missionary families were represented
with thirty adults in attendance. The con

apolis, Brazil under the leadership of David

Sanders, President; Stan Wohlenhaus (Belem), Vice President; Audry Dodson

order to understand the growth factors at work in our respective fields and how to apply ourselves to those which are successful.
We do want above all the Lord's church to

ference was held in the growing city of

Belo Horizonte (pop. 800,000) with mission ary Art Carter doing a "bang up" job of taking care of local arrangaments. Gene Smith was the able president of the con

(Sao Paulo), Secretaryj^ Vida Cass (Anapolis), Treasurer; Gerald Holmquist and Lew Cass (Anapolis), local arrangements.
Harry D. Scales

The meeting which was held on January

8-15 was built around the needs of 4ie mis
sionaries as they seek to become more effec

grow here in Brazil, in numbers, as well as in richness of spiritual life. Merlin Shields (Goiania) and Audry Dodson (Sao Paulo) presented six hour-long sessions presenting the latest techniques and approaches toward understanding a culture, finding out how Christ's message can taxe root, grow and blossom in it. Both Merlin and Audry have

had the advantage of studying at the Insti

tute of Church Growth in Eugene, Ore., with Dr. Donald A. McGavran, the foremost

were: The Holy Spirit, How Churches Grow, Spiritism, Ordination, Recruitment, and Church Problems. Added to this were busi ness meetings of the conference, missions,

tive for Christ here in Brazil. Areas of study

Church scholar in the world in this field, and they did a wonderful job in leading us
in this study.
Still another horizon toward which we

look with expectant anticipation is more

missionaries for Brazil. More workers are

needed to join their hands in the harvest

aries and Brazilians worshipped together.

Sunday morning service in which mission

field of the Master which has ripened across the vast hills, valleys and plains of Brazil.
Having been in Brazil now some 15 years (L. D. Sanders since 1948, the W. E. Lofts
since 1950) we look toward the horizon of

Beautiful Horizons"
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, was the Special music brought by quartet Stan Wohlocation of the 1964 all-Brazil Mi.ssionaries conference of the Christian ChurchesChurches of Christ missionaries. Art Carter

growing towards maturity. A few of the churches established have grown to the abil
ity to support a full time national worker.

We pray that soon they will all be able to

do this and more. Indigenous ideals is very

of churches according to the Gospel that will

much a part of our efforts - the founding

lenhaus, James Moreland, Harry Scales and

Dale McAfee.

Opening hymn sing just before the session

concerning "Ordination" led by Dale McAfee. From left to right Carol McAfee, C. Eugene Smith (president of this year's conference) and L. David Sanders and Harry Scales checking the tape recorder used dur
ing the meeting.

we agree that the city was well named, for its name means literally "beautiful hor
izons". (See pictures). On the morning "horizon" of our con

season, and hence many cloudy, drippy days,

Although our visit there came in the rainy

(Bela Horizonte) was the host missionary and in charge of all local arrangements.

Along this line we already have founded

APLIC (the Association of Christian Lit

be missionary and not iust mission churches.

year become a registered Brazilian non

erature), which, the Lord willing, will this

profit corporation. At our conference many special sessions were held by various groups
(Continued Next Page)

other. All places where we have work were

ference we saw 30 missionaries present in attendance at the meeting, and we were able to get better acquainted with each

Looking into the city of'Beautiful Horizons."

(Sao Paulo) president of our conference, called the meeting to begin Wednesday
morning January 8 in the beautiful new

represented, but four (one family and two wives) were unable to attend, and two fam ilies were home on furlough. Gene Smith

building of the Igreja de Cristo (Church of

Christ) in Belo.

value in looking at the horizons of the future growth and development of our work.
One horizon that we looked toward is a

This meeting together of the missionaries, planned to be annually, is of particular

better knowledge and understanding of the



"Beautiful Horizons" -Concluded

planning ahead for the Bible Institutes (training centers for a Brazilian Ministry) at Belem and Goiania, for the camp associa tions, for the development and use of audio visual materials, for the development of a hymn book more appropriate for the use
of the Brazilian churches.

DVBSCamp for Mission Chiidren

While the parents from central Brazil and Belem area were attending Missionary Con ference in Belo Horizonte, some of their

children attended daily Vacation Bible School-Camp in Taguatinga. Ginny Loft (Taguatinga) and Ruth San

This is the second year for having the DVBS-Camp and all the parents were glad to have a place in which to leave their children with only a minimum of worry and

where the children looked forward to going.

The children who attended the conference

The horizon of Scriptural study was an other to complete the picture at Belo. Bro ther Art Carter was in charge of study and discussion of the doctrine concerning the Holy Spirit, and Dale McAfee (Goiania) of
ordination. A need is felt here to understand

ders planned the school, which was taught

in Enghsh. When the material didn't arrive

in Belo Horizonte with their parents had a

DVBS also. It met in the church basement

from the States, they had to mimeograph all

the hand work and the lessons. Meals and

better the Bible teaching concerning these points especially in face of the tremendous size and growth of Pentecostalism in Brazil, and from the other point of the fact we are now in the beginning stages of developing a national ministry. Beautiful horizons! The city, nearly 900, 000 population now, has some beauty spots. As we traveled by car from Goiania to Belo
and back we crossed some horizons, made

sleeping arrangements were planned at the primary school in Taguatinga. The boys slept dormitory style in one room and the girls in another. Reports are that it was late at night before the boys got quiet, and every
one returned home witli a new stock of

had learned. The music was exceptional for

such a small group of such small children.

and at the end of the conference they pre sented a program of music and stories tliey

There were about 15 children in all, but

those old enough to sing were nine in num

ber. They also had a good time and appre

ciated the two girls who taught them. Carol McAfee

ghost stories.

Sarah, Bill, Mara and Jimmy Loft (Ta

guatinga ); Susan and David Smith (Belem); Tim Shields, Steve, Phil, Linda and Mark McAfee (Goiania); Starla and Daryl San ders (Brasilia City); and Mary Beth Metz (Gama) were those who attended. The three older girls, Sarah, Susan and

a little side trip from Belo to see some of

the art work in the form of statues of the

life and ministry of Christ done by the "little cripple," a Brazilian artist of the 18th

century, at the town of Congonas not far

from Ouro Preto. (Perhaps you read in the Readers Digest in 1962 about it.) We remember there are always horizons beyond; as we reach one we have but gained a new vantage point to see others. And
where we are is a horizon for others at

Starla were teachers and helped with the smaller children. Selma Borges da Silva, fos ter daughter of the Art Carters, also taught and acted as house "mother." Irene Martin, a missionary wife and nurse from Brasilia City came out each day to see if anyone was hurt and patch the new cuts and bruises. We are glad to report that she didn't have a lot to do and no one was even sick! All the
children had a wonderful time and were

another point. May it ever be that God will grant us the wisdom and the grace to

thrilled to have a whole yard full of "Amer

press on, and at the same time holding out

our hands beckoning to those who are still in the world of sin but who are wanting to reach the point where we are of knowing and serving Christ as the only Saviour and

ican" children with whom to play and talk English all week long.

The McAfee children and Tim Shields wear ing crowns showing scripture texts learned during the week of DVBS-Camp in

Pictorial Report on Brasilia

Lord of life.

^ McAfee

Share in Training Leaders

If the lord lays a burden on your heart for the training of Brazilian leadership and you want to share in this training program with your prayers and your support write to
Merlin Shields, Caixa Postal 201, Goiania, Goias, Brazil, South

America. Send gifts designated "Scholarship" to Wm. A. Cook, 219

Harry Scates helpins unload Gospels for

N. Lisbon, Carrollton, Ohio.

Marble siding has been placed and steel girders are up for new auditorium.
David Sanders drinking from the fountain in Ouro Preto (black gold) where the water is said to make the one drinking, more beloved. This picture was taken during a side-trip
while in Belo Horizonte. Ouro Preto is one

of the older cities of Brazil where an early pioneer was beheaded for his efforts to bring
freedom to Brazil.


Hymn Sing before preaching at

the missionaries conference.



First year camp students with teachers Gertrude Shields and Herculano Ferreira.

^^Our Overwhelming Victory'

(see the~New English Bible and J. B. Phillip translation, Rom. 8:37)
. . . was the theme of the 1964 Senior

Christian Service Camp held on the central Brazil Camp Grounds at the mission farm in
Arriving from the four churches in Co-

Campers wait up on Highway for bus to Anapolis and Goiania. so although Anabor has been at Senior Camp only three years, he was graduated because or being older, more mature, and having marriage plans), Sebastiana Rosa de Jesus, Daisy de Alves Faria, and Euripedes
Vicente de Souza.

iania (Belo Jardim, Vila Nova, Vila Operario and Bairro Universitario), the three churches of the Federal District (Brasilia City, Taguatinga, and Gama) and the churches in

Anapolis, Matao, Nova Gloria and Luiziania, the campers were served their first meal

Monday noon. Because of the heavy rains that began that afternoon and continued althe 65 registered campers took it in stride. This is the rainy season and they expect rain.
most night and day the rest of the week, camp activities were made a bit difficult, but
Teenagers the world around are interested


Up to now there have been few young

people in the third and fourth year at any


one camp, so these two years are grouped in the same classes, alternating every other year on the respective courses. In the pic
ture where Merlin Shields is the teaimer

in sporfe these days, and playing to win the

winners) . It was well developed in the sports and competition activities which were

phrase is_ literally more than victors (or

directed by Harry Scates (Brasilia City).

game, hence the theme. In Portuguese the

of the team flags. Osorio begins his studies

in Christian Institute this year.

First year camper Osorio Goncalves with one

with the group, you see the 1964-third and

fourth year campers, Selma and Anabor the 2nd and 3rd from the left. The group pic ture lacks one camper, Loyde Morais of Vila Operaria, Goiania, who had to leave on

Thursday to to go eo back to to her nursing nursinii iob, job,

In preparing for camp this year, I bought some new grass mattresses, paid approxi mately 95 cents apiece for them. Merlin Shields and I slept on them in my Kombi Volkswagen. (See picture). The cooks slept in the kitchen storeroom. Harry Scates and James Moreland slept in the Scates' Kombi. Lew and Vida Cass (the camp dietician) slept in a tent. Even then the dorms were

Lew Cass (Anapolis) was general camp di

rector and David Sanders was again camp manager. James Moreland, missionary from Macapa in the Territory north of the Ama zon called Amapa, was the preacher for the
vesper services. Jose Nascimento, national preacher and missionary resident at Nova Gloria was the camp chaplain. Camp teach ers were Merlin and Gertrude Shields (Go-

iania), Jenny Lee Titus (Taguatinga), Wm.

Dale McAfee and Jenny Lee Titus discuss camp program by the Kombi in which Dale atid Merlin Shields slept on straw mattresses. E. Loft (Taguatinga), Florisvaldo Santos

Because of the rain the camp opening circle was delayed imtil Tuesday morning. The rain stopped in the night Friday, and Saturday provided a beautiful morning for the baptismal service (for two boys) and the closing circle. Around the council tree, letters from selected campers were read, and buried in a jar at the foot of the tree to be (Continued on Next Page)
Third and Fourth year campers with Merlin Shields, teacher.

(Matao), and and Herculano Ferreira (Goiania).

The Camp Association over the years, es pecially due to the fine planning of Carolee Ewing, has developed a four year course of studies. Each camper has four cla.sses, about

an hour per each day, studying such

We Received our Bible, Problems of Youth, Health and Hygiene, etc. After completing four year.s at camp, the camper receives a diploma attesting to this spiritual develop ment emphasis and Christian leadership training he has received. This year five were graduated. They were: Selma Borges da Silva and Anabor Macedo (these two are engaged to be married in July this year, and

subjects as: Life of Christ, Old and New Testament Heroes (separate classes). How

Teachers Florisvaldo Santos, Dale McAfee, Dorvalina Santos, Bill Loft, Jenny Lee Titus,
Harry Scates, Herctdano Ferreira, Merlin and
Gertrude Shields and Director Lew Cass.

Not in picture. Camp Chaplain Jose Nasci mento, Camp Manager L. David Sanders

and kitchen ^upercfsors Vida Cass and Ruth





At Home With The Lord"

Friends of your missionary L. David

Sanders will be saddened to leam of the

death of David's mother, Mrs.

Claud (Fanny) Sanders of Vinton, Iowa on January 1. I am home in heaven, dear ones; All's so happy, all so bright! There's perfect joy and beauty In this everlasting light. There is work still waiting for you. So tjou must not idle stand; Do your tvork while life remaineth
You shall rest in Jesus' land. When that work is all completed.

Closing circle, Senior camp.

'Our Overwhelming Victory"-concluded

dug up at the next camp. Those selected as model campers were introducedtwo boys and two girls. Those getting first place (one boy, Leonidas; one girl, Maria da Paz) re ceive full scholarships for the next camp. Of ficers of the camp student council were pre sented and installed. They are: President
Eudamides Vincent de Souza who also re

He will gently call you home; Oh, the rapture of the meeting! Oh, the joy to see you come!
Author Unknown

ceives a scholarship, and Vice President-

Maria da Paz. Gifts were given to the cooks, compliments were given the teachers by rep resentatives of the campers, good-byes were said, and the closing circle ended the camp in prayer, all sorry to leave, but unanimous in declaring it a "victorious" camp. Dale H. McAfee

Flag-Bearers and Explorers for Christ Junior Camp"

boys and girls gathered at the Goiania
Christian Institute for Junior Camp. For three days and four nights the children studied, played and worshipped using the theme "Banderantes (Flag-bearers and Ex plorers) for Christ." The dining room and sleeping space were full to overaowing and it was decided that the camp might have to be moved in another year if many more
showed their interest. There were several

On the night of December 30, thirty-two

Closing friendship circle Junior camp fust before leaving for home.

children from the immediate area surround

ing the Institute who spent much time watch ing with longing eyes the activities of the

9th birthdays.

campers because they had not yet had their

The campers represented all four churches in Goiania, the new church in Nova Abadiana where Maurice Pierce works, the church in Brasilia City where David Sanders

Lining up by table groups to see which can he first and best before entering the dining hall for lunch.

and Harry Scates work, and the church in

Taguatinga where Wm. Loft is pastor. Of the professors and leaders of the camp, two represented even different churches, Florisvaldo Santos, pastor of the church at Matao and Lew Cass, now in charge of the church in Anapolis. This fellowship at camp with children of other cities is very profitable.

especially here in Brazil where each church is small and new and feels completely alone.

Each child left feeling that they had Chris

tian friends in other places, helping stimulate the fellowship that will develop and enlarge in Senior camp and for some of them later at the Institute as, continuing to develop, they may come to study. This overall fellow ship of our Christians in all central Brazil, not just in Goiania, is new during the last few years, but is something we all strive to help grow. One of the most interesting features of the camp was that the children got to sleep in
"redes" or Brazilian hammocks. For the few

The Lost Coin, one of the Bible dramatiza tions of the children during the camp.

competitive "table groups" which heightened

interest and discipline. Pattemed much after the Junior camps in

the U.S., this camp was, of necessity, much more loosely organized because of the age

who had to sleep on straw mattresses there was a great weeping and wailing. In north
Goiaz and on the farms near here "redes"

range of the children and their backgrounds.

The classes were for those from 9-10 and

Herculano Ferreiro ond the boys and girls

who made their confessiorw of faith at camp.

are much used but are quite a novelty to the children of the city. For handwork, they painted plaques of plaster of paris. "The Praying Hands" was the favorite. Highlight of the sports activities was the swimming period at a nearby pool and the football championship match oetween Goiania and Brasilia. All activities were conducted by

from 11-13. The singing was greatly aided by Ester Ferreiro and her accordion and Herculano (her husband) was in charge of .sports as well as supervisor for the boys, teacher and speaker for the morning chapels.
Other teachers were Dorvalina Santos,

Ozorio Gonzalves, and Carol McAfee. Ger

trude Shields was the director. Gertrude Shields

Second Class Postage Paid at Denver, Colorado

4 .





Mission Services Assn BOX 968





Joliet, 111May-June, 1964

Number 3

Volume XV

bij L. David Sanders

for you

Pray and give with us on this day July 7, and thi,s year. Help us go over the top and open these doors in 1964. Churches on this clay could form clubs so that by six months giving, this project could indeed declare doors open in '64. 10 clubs of 10 members giving $20.00 a
month for 6 months would total $1200.00. 20 clubs of 10 members giving $10.00 a month for 6 months would total $1200.00.

25 clubs of 15 members giving $5.00 a

month for 6 months would total $11,250.00.

50 clubs of 20 members giving $1.00 a




month for 6 months would total $6000.00. Present giving has averaged over $1000.00 a month, but an average of $5000.00 a month

Air view of Brasilia showing location of church in the midst of the super-block apartments
and Sanders' ana Scates' homes in lower left.

is needed to speed this work to completion. Rally to the need, brethren! With these pledges we could contract our construction even though pledges might not be paid out until after the end of the year. Celebrate with a special offering and ask for club leaders to challenge members to complete this project. The opportunity is now! The need is now! Time is drawing to a close. Pray and give now to represent your
self in Brasilia's witness for Christ. Write

Will you celebrate with the Brasilia Church her third anniversary of worship and preaching? On July 7, 1961, J. Richard Ewing invited Christians from Goiania, Anapolis and the federal district to the first regular services in the new temporary chapel
in Brasilia at which time the cornerstone for

congregation; 15 have been baptized. Total present membership in 1964 is 34 of which

13 are men of laboring and middle class

and 16 women who are teachers, housewives and .servants; the other five are teen-agers.
Another 16 have transferred to other loca

your name on the golden book of names who have .shared in building this church. Send your name and pledge now! Pray and give for Victory on Brasilia Birthday, July 7, 19641

the main building was dedicated. Now three years later, the church is begun and becoming known for its most prominent location in the new capital city of Brasilia. This location, which is in the center of the present total population of the city is also the center of an immediate population of
10,000 persons within

tions or left the church. Attendance at gen eral services is gradually increasing and
95 are enrolled in the Bible School.

Looking at the present progress of constructtion from the hack of the entry-way and

1800 feet of the

Although getting a hearing is difficult when breaking down the barrier of a strange "religion", we are happy in the progress of the work. It is not a rapid victory, but in the steady prolonged tasK we have set our
faces to the front.

The present program is moving forward with services held regularly, Tuesday, Wed nesday and Sunday. Saturday is visitation training class and visitation by the men of the church. One Saturday afternoon a month, the women have their meeting and every Saturday night is choir practice. 1984 is a critical year as already shown by immense strikes and revolution in Brazil. We feel the work continues to be urgent and vital. The Gospel is the "power of God
unto Salvation" and this location merits our

balcony. Will you help put the roof on?

best. Our theme for the year is "Open doors

in '64". Inflation and other factors have made

Average attendance in Bible School for 1961 was 12; for 1962 was 42; and for '63

additional funds necessary to complete this

was 82. Thirty-five have transferred to the

project. We are looking to you who are in the States to accept this challenge.

Second Class Postage paid at Denver, Colo.

Office of Publication

1664 Poplar, Denver, Colorado Published bi-monthly

Subscription rate25c per year Twenty-five cents of the regular annual offering shall be considered payment of one year's
subscription to the Brazil Christian Mission. Field Editor, Ruth Sanders
Send all contributions to:

Wm. A. Cook, 219 No. Lisbon St.

Carrollton, Ohio
Missionaries in Brazil: Dale and Carol McAfee

Merlin and Gertnide Shields

Cnixa Postal 201

Goiania, Goias, Brazil

L. David and Ruth Sanders

Harry and Elaine Scates

Caixa Postal 862Asa SulW-3

Brasilia D.F., Brazil, S.A. Missionaries on Furlough: J. Richard & Carolee Ewing
1070 - 16th Ave. S.E.

Minneapolis, Minn. 55414


Bible School group on Sunday morning at Bairro Universitario church.

Concerning Contributions to: Wm. A. Cook, 219 No. Lisbon St. Carrollton, Ohio

Concerning B.C.M. Publication and

Promotional Materials:

Trial and Struggle

by Dale McAfee
The Church of Christ of Bairro Universi

Mrs. V. H. Fair, 1664 Poplar,

Denver 20, Colorado


you are not sure to

should be

whom your cor

send it to

These of course, are not all, nor the greatest, of the trials and struggles of this



tario, Goiania has its problems as all churches

church . . . infidelity of members (some

have gone back to the world and are in a

Mr. Cook and he will be glad to forward it

to the correct address.

do. Founded in 1949 by missionary L. David Sanders and a group from the Vila Nova
church, the pathway has been strewn with

worse condition than before they became Christians), and the biting criticisms of Ae

Brasilia Church Holds Retreat

On February 8-11, the congregation in Bra.silia held an inspirational conference on the camp grounds at the mission farm which is located twenty miles from Brasilia. Most of the members of the congregation partici pated in at least one of the four days of

many thorns. The meetings were conducted in homes until late 1962. Through the ef forts of the brethren, led by their mis
sionary pastor, the church received one

worldly neighbors. But there are still many

who have not bowed the knee to Baal, who
remember Jesus' words "If the world hate

Bible study and preaching. Highest attend

ance was registered on Sunday with about thirty in attendance. The entire book of Revelation was the
material which was studied. All those who

whole city block as a gift from the govern ment. But things drifted as they often do here in Brazil; the area happened to be an inva.sion area with the invaders having strong squatter rights according to Brazilian law; the man entrusted with the legal work of clearing up the title and setding with the .squatters evidendy made some pretty good deals for himself and the folk living on the
land; but finally the tide was cleared and

hated you. If ye were of the world the

world would love its own; but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you." (John 15:18,19.)

vou, ye know that it hated me before it

In March, Sebastiao Domingues Moreno

accepted the call to be the gospel worker leading this work. Sebastiao is continuing his secular studies at night (finishing the primary course) and studying the Bible
course in Goiania Christian Institute in the

the church received three of the original 25 lots. By this time missionary Dick Ewing
and Florivaldo Moreira Santos were in

mornings. A willing worker and an enthu

took part received a deepening understand ing of the Christian life and our hope in a living and returning Christ. The theme "Hold fast that which thou hast, that no
one take thy crown" was taken from Rev.

leadership of the work. Undaunted, the folk continued fervent in prayer and consistent
with their Bible School.

siastic preacher, the people are learning to love and trust him. Please keep a place in
your prayers for this little flock of God.

Another struggle the church con

next^ year with a planning session for the

years work of the church being included.

Plans are being laid to have another retreat

tend with i.s illiteracy. Only about half of the adult members of the church and Bible

literate people in our whole lives before,

flock. Florisvaldo was teaching a very suc cessful adult literacy class last year.

School can read and write. It is difficult for us who have never seen more than two il



to realize the limitations imposd by this condition. But fervent in spirit and dedicated to the truth are the sheep of this little

1. For each individual missionary that they might meet each trial and each victory with the nec essary spiritual and physical strength.
2. For the Brasilia church, ma terially and spiritually, as it

Then came the trial to the Bairro Univer sitario church of Florisvaldo s move to the

church in Matao, near Anapolis. They lost


looks forward to celebrating

its third birthday this year.
For Goiania Christian Insti tute, its students who still need

a tnisted and faithful leader who under stood their needs and ministered to them with compassion. Another struggle was the erection of their

first building. With the tithes and gifts of the church and money from some of you
dedicated folk stateside, they were able to

scholarship support, and its

teachers and director.

washing their plates under a light rain. in Brazil will not usually have arufthing to do with housework so this was quite an adventure for them.

Everyone at Family Retreat washed his own dishes. Here we see some of the men

have a building of their own. It has just recently been finished, plastered and painted with cement floor and platform for pulpit, and electricity. But even now it is only one
room and there are four classes of the Bible

4. For national evangelist, Her-

culano Ferreiro and his wife.

Ester who were unable to take

up the ministry to the church

in Luziania as announced in

School. Where do they meet? Two meet in the one room and two in the little house
live. Both are crowded.

where the family who does the janitoring

our last bulletin due to finan cial and personal problems.



Planting and Reaping in Brasilia

by Harry The congregation located in the heart of Brasilia has been busy in evangelistic ac tivities the past few weeks. Under the leader
D. Scates

our temporary building. The Sunday School

averaged seventy-five with a high or eightyfour during the same month. Four rooms in the new building are now being used for Sunday school space. There were five con fessions of faith, two baptisms and three transfers during March. Three federal congressmen who are preachers of the gospel first of all and congressmen second spoke to us during March. In light of all the political turmou that has been taking place here, it is good

ship of pastor David Sanders and evangelist

Harry Scates, the congregation has launched out on a program of visitation and preaching evangelism. The men of the church meet every Saturday at 2:00 p.m. for a class on visitation evangelism, followed by two hours of visitation in the nearby homes of the people. Between March 27 and April 4, two thousand illustrated gospels of John were given to those living in the four super-blocks that surround the church building. Each super-block contains eleven apartment build ings with thirty-six apartments in each build ing. A total of 1,584 bells were rung by the twenty-two church members who partici

Children with teachers, Elaine Scates, Starla Sanders and Lezenita Silva singing the Bible School theme song.

to know that there are a few outstanding

Christian men in places of government. Three other outside speakers added to the variety of our services during the month. A total of twelve evening services were held in the temporary building during March. We are looking forward to the eight day evangelistic service planned for May 3-10 with David Hostetler, Christian missionary from Campinas, Sao Paulo, serving as speaker. And plans are already laid to have an evangelistic meeting in October with missionary Jerry Holmquist listed as the speaker. There is a great harvest field here and we are sowing with expectation of reaping a harvest of precious people for our Lx)rd Jesus Christ. We ask for your prayerful
concern for this task.

Vacation Bible School In Brasilia

by Elaine Scales
Vacation Bible School of the Church of

pated. Besides the illustrated gospels a post card picture of the church building and schedule of services were given to the people.
Our church building is in the best church

location in this city and we are trying to take advantage of this fact. About 10,000
people live within one-fourth of a mile of

Christ in Piano Piloto, Brasilia was held in February. Children came from the many apartments near our church and most were "everyday" attenders. It was held after noons only and the initial purpose was to train teahcers so that our Sunday School and next V.B.S. can be much bigger and
more successful. The need in all our churches

our front steps. The purpose of our Sunday and Wednes day night services is now chiefly evangelistic. During the month of March we averaged sixty-five for these evening services with a high of ninety which is the capacity of

Workers in Brasilia

is for trained, prepared teachers to reach into the hearts of these young, interested souls, as yet mellow and easy to reach for Jesus Christ. Classes were held for all children, ages 3 to 14, and our days con sisted of main flannelgraph Bible story, choruses, classwork and study, missionary story, handcraft and refreshments. To some it may seem rather strange to tell the children missionary stories on the mission field, but we try to impress the responsi bility of reaching the entire world for Christ upon our children just as we would at home. The greatest majority of our children came from non-Christian homes, therefore we tried to send something home with the

children each day to show the parents. The experience of teaching was very good
for me and now I feel much more at ease

with the language in front of groups of

children. Brazilians, and children are no

exception, usually show no sign of surprise or

confusion when we as missionaries and for

eigners "murder" their language, even though many times the wrong word used
NationalsAnahor Macedo

can be very funny. The first day the children were given paper flags to color for attend ance; without realizing it until the day was

and Daniel Freitas distribut-

L. David and Ruth Sanders.

Harry D. and Elaine Scates.

ing gospels.

over, I had been calling the flags "bandejas" which are trays instead of "Bandeiras," the word for flags. It seemed wrong to me at the time but not a child laughed or even
changed expression that I know of. Needless to say, this happens a lot, especially wiA us
who are new on the field.

We know God's word never returns to

Him void and feel our school proved to be a profitable five days for everyone involved.


Some of the national women with Ruth Sanders, Elaine Scates and Harry Scates with young Christian, Raimundo . . . all helped in the distribution of gospels. The marble siding on the

month of March closed on Easter Sunday with the immersion of a young mother of three in the beautiful Brasilia lake. Coming from a catholic and spiritist back ground, Dirce de Sa testified of a great appreciation that Christ has pardoned her for so many great sins. Another baptism in the chapel that night and three trans fers from the church in Anapolis added five to the local church on this Easter

new church building is shown in the background.



Victory and Challenge with the Goiania

Christian Institute
by Merlin and Gertrude Shields



Sunday, March 1st was a very important day in the life and work of the Brazil Christian Mission. It marked the inauguration of the Goiania Christian Institute after it had been closed for more than two years for construction. A large crowd gathered to hear the messages and the address delivered by Dr. Divino, a Christian lawyer in Goiania. During the following week, classes and orientation periods were held during the morning and each evening the students and members of the churches gathered to attend special preaching services by different missionary and national pastors.

The subject studied during the first five weeks was Christian Doctrine. The students also study about 3 hours of English each week and three hours of Christian Education. During their first week of practical work they will be calling and helping with the evangelistic meeting in Vila Nova. There are 10 regular students during this first semester.

Three nights a week classes are being held for students who cannot meet educational or time requirements
to be regular students. We have 6 enrolled for these classes.

In this paper we want to present our students, each and every one. Because almost all our students are studying Bible subjects all morning and in high school each night, they have little time to work. Each one who meets the educational qualifications is offered a scholarship of $15.00 a month to pay his board and tuition at high school. Anything else they need they must work to earn. They are all very busy young people, studying hard and full of the love of God, church and country. We want you to meet them.

Meet the Institute Students

Araci Conceicao de Souza, age 15

One of the two girl students, Araci is a sister of Euripides also a student at the Institute. This fine family have all been dependable / helpers in the Setor Bueno church for several years. Araci is active in the youth group and is 1$ a Sunday School teacher. She holds great

IEHasVieira daSilva, age 16

This young man comes from the church in Taguatinga where Bill Loft is missionary and is the son of Christian parents. Elias is the school musician, playing the accordion and the guitar and singing very well. He is

^ teaching Sunday School at Vila Fama. His \ .scholarship has already been accepted by
friends in the U. S. He and Gilberto help Ed Knowles in the APLIC print shop.

Daniel Oliveira dos Santos, age 17

Middle son of a large Christian family who

have worked in the Bairro Universitario

Euripides Vincente de Sousa, age 20

Euripides comes from a large family which

have nearly all become Christian. He works

church since its beginning, Daniel is blessed with a beautiful bass voice. He is a Sunday
School teacher and leader in the church where

"'' he grew up. He is living at home and besides

I m his Bible subjects is studying the first year of

,, high school in the afternoons. We are glad

U that his scholarship has already been taken JbB by friends.

each afternoon to help support his twicewidowed mother and many younger brothers and sisters. Euripides is a deacon in the Setor Bueno church and a Sunday School teacher and outstanding leader. Calm, easy going, intelligenthe is already a very profit
able servant of the Lord.




Osorio Rodrigues Goncalves, age 20

Gilberto Vieira da Silva, age I6

This new Christian is also the middle child

Osorio has the nickname "esforcado" (putting forth effort) because he is always so
enthusiastic and inspires others to work. He is the product of our farm school in Brasilia.

of a large family. His brother is a business man in Taguatinga, Brasilia. Gilberto is the only Christian in his family, having been an altar boy in the Catholic church before his conversion. He is learning to sing and has a good voice. He also plays the harmonica.


> H Coming from a Catholic family deserted by

its father, his mother (now a Christian) sent " AH him to the farm school to study. While there

he became a Christian. While studying at

the Institute he is serving as Institute librarian.

He comes from the church in Piano Piloto in

|HU|H|||||I^H Leonidas Oliveira Silva, age 20

From Anapolis, Goiaz where Gerald Holmquist is missionary, Leonidas is the only one of our students not eligible for a scholarship because he is not in high school. He certainly merits our prayers and encouragements.

Brasilia (David Sanders, pastor) and this church is providing most of his scholarship. He is now working very hard in the church in Vila Nova where he was baptized.

Mb vV

Sebastiao Domingues Moreino, age 24

Having stopped his studies with the second

grade several years ago, he is now making

school along with his Bible courses. He is


studying the last year of grade

Married about six months, Sebastiao served as evangelist at the church in Vila Fama for about a year and is now helping in the church in Bairro Universitario. He has great fluency

". working afternoons at a downtown photo shop. It is a difficult role he has cho.sen. Although a new Christian, he is a natural leader and has been

in speakmg and a great j^sire to serve the


helping Merlin Shields in rural evangelism. This young man is working very hard and is going to be a blessing to the work of

Messias Souza Ramos, age 21

Waldir Pires Garcia, age 17 This handsome young man of Spanish des
cent became a Christian about four months

The other regular girl student enrolled in the Institute, this beautiful young lady is also
the most advanced of all the students. She is

studying in the second year of Jr. College. Since she was about 13, Messias, the youngest
in her family, has lived with her mother . . .

ago under the ministry of Gerald Holmquist

who serves in Anapolis, Goiaz. Waldir, the oldest of four children, has much aptitude

her father being in the leper colony. She is the only Christian in her family, the rest being
spiritists. Mes,sia.s is a very excellent and

and leams very rapidly. He is studying in the second year of high .school at night. His ability is equalled only by his con.secration. He is helping at the church in Vila Nova.

. '

dedicated Sunday School teacher in the Bairro

Universitario church where .she was converted

and from which church she enrolled in school here. She is the
Institute secretary.

The choice is yours

These are our students. They have already become our family. Would you like to choose one of them as your student? With 60% of Brazilian youth infiltrated with Communism, the ONLY hope of Brazil is the training of Christian young people to serve Christ and their country. Those with by their names are still in need of scholarship help.

What is It like to live through a Revolution?

March-April Brazilian revolution. Its been very quiet and peaceful here in Coianial We
Well, let me tell you a little about the

part of the army supporting him was quickly put under command of the stronger revolt ing part and a provisional president (noncommunist ) appointed by the military. Elec tions to be held for a new president within 30 days. Almost no shots fired, no blood

learned here on March 31 that the whole state of Minas Cerais was clo.sed offno

Since the anniversary of the Brasilia Church of Christ, July 7, happens to be the opening day of the North American Christian Convention at St. Louis, we
recommend that all "Brasilia Boosters"

travel in or out being permitted. But only a few seemed to know of it, and almost no one (no one that I talked to at least) knew

why. Some were a little jittery, and hurried

to the bank to withdraw money to be sure to have a little in their pocket should the banks close. The first thing to close here are
the banks.

Up to now, and it has been a consistent history, the Brazilian revolutions have sound ed a lot worse on the radio than they really

This of course, doesn't mean that doesn't have strength here. The

observe the following Sunday July 12 with special concern and prayer. The Denver office will have special
promotional material for this occasion in

The next day we learned that airlines

were all stopped and the military were keeping a strict control on all travel. The
sale of all firearms or ammunition was

stopped and the arms ordered readied for

confiscation by the military . . . and sure enough the banks closed! But still everyone here just wondering what was happening. Then one day later we learned that President (now ex-president) John Goulart had resigned and flown to Uruguay. The

communists are powerful and are growing in power. Materialism is a great sweeping tide. The populace of Brazil is like a storm tossed sea, wave beating against wave and only Christ can stop the storm and still the waves. The door is still open to Gospel work. For how long we don't know. Read again II Timothy 4:1-5, brother, and come to Brazil; join with us in this tremendously large field for the Lord. Dale H. McAfee

the form of new slide and tape sets, church bulletin covers, posters, mission studies and a late message from the field.
Visit the B.C.M. booth at St. Louis or

write c/o Mrs. V. H, Fair, 1664 Poplar St., Denver, Colorado, 80220.




in tLe J^ufueit ^^ieid

FOUR RESPONSIBLEAfter the dedication service of the new Institute Building, Direc tor Merlin Shields, Speaker Dr. Divino, Con
structor Joventinho, and Caretaker Sr. Alcides

pose in front of the completed building.


Edras and his son Edras. /> have moved to the

Farm School to renew the

H who are now studying in

the Christian Institute. The

primary school from which graduated two young men

NEW LEADERS~The Women's Society of the Setor Bueno church in Goiania recently held a service of dedication for their new officers. Gertrude Shields delivered the charges fn the absence of Carol McAfee. Each woman received a rose as the symbol of her office. Officers are the followingDna. Eny, Treasurer; Dna. Mariquinha, Vice President; Dna. Ester, Social Chairman; Dna. Dolores, Evangelism Chairman; Dna, Teula, Secretary.
In front is Dna. Raimunda, President.

first purpose of this school is for training of farm boys arid others interested in serving the church who

have not had opportunity

This school will also serve the community

of the many farm families who have no

for primary school training.

schools. His wife, Eunice, is a registered


Praise the Lord

by Joao Batista Neves translated by Gertrude Shields "I am the resurrection and the Life, he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live."
I am Joao Batista Neves. I am 19 years

I knew my condition was serious, I had come

to Christ and had left the hospital long

enough to be baptized. The Sunday after my baptism I was awak ened by singing. "Christ the Lord is Risen

Toda^^ Hallelujah! Up from the Grave He

Arose' . . . it was the Youth Choir from the

Churches of Christ in Goiania outside my

window. It was the most beautiful music I

have ever heard. Later when missionary Ger

old. The child of a large poor family, I have spent many wears working on a "Chacara"
or tenant farm where life is hard and the


trude Shields explained that it was Ea.ster

and that Easter was the celebration of the resurrection of Christ and that because of

most of the work is done by hand. I have

learned to read many words, but I never
have been to school.

this, all Christians have hope of life after

death, my heart became full. I had not heard
this before.

Two years ago I began to be sick. Finally 1 went to a large public hospital in Goiania where they finally resolved to cut off my leg because of cancer. Things don't get me down too much, so soon I was walking on an artificial leg and back at my work. Life seemed back to normal for quite awhile and then about the first of this year I began

Later that day I left the hospital to return

home and await God's will for me. There was a church service in my home and I

to have pains in my chest, cou^h and feel

\ \\ \ m Joao Batista Neves

feverish. I got so thin I couldnt wear my artificial leg. The pains in my chest got worse and everyone thought it was from hoeing while leaning on my crutch. About this time my family met Dna. Diva

received the Lord's supper for the first time. I remembered that not only did He die for me but He arose so that I might live. That same night my two brothers and my little sister were baptized. Without hope? NO. I know now that "Though I die, yet shall I live" because of
Easter. Christ the Lord is Risen . . .

and Sr. Ceraldo, a christian family living on

our "chacara" and from them we, as others

same day. The Dr. thought it was a simple case of pneumonia and began to treat me. At first I got better and then worse. Finally an X-Ray revealed a large tumor in my lungs. Upon consultation with the other Doctors who had operated on me before
our fears were confirmedCancer. Within



extended to


before us, heard about Christ and His way

of life. We became very interested. I kept getting worse and finally my friends took me to Goiania again and asked the Shields who had been visiting our "chacara" to help me find a place in a nospital where I could
be treated.

medicine I am without hope.

Without hope?While in Goiania the

students of the Institute were always with me, singing, praying, reading the Bible,

bringing me notice of my family. We talked

about Eternal Life and peace,, obedience to

Christ and His hope for the world. I heard

Near the Institute is the Evangelical Hos pital and I entered there as a patient the

sionary Carol McAfee and her family in the death of her mother, Mrs. Eva Skow of Loveland, Colo. Carol re turned to Brazil after spending a month with her mother and sister, hav ing been called here by the critical illness of Mrs. Skow.

words of comfort and strength. Even before

Second Class Postage Paid at Denver, Colorado


Mission Services Assn

Box 968


Joliet, 111.

Volume XV


Number 4


The Fife's have four children ranging

from infancy to six years of age. Their three

as soon as possible. Interest shown by the churches in .speeding the Fife's on their way,

boys are Robert, Richard and Jackson, and

ported the Ewings and who are interested

their girl, Elena. Mr. Fife is currently traveling with Mr. Ewing, visiting churches who have sup

is truly encouraging. However, much of their pledged support and outgoing expenses re main to be raised and we ask your prayers
in their behalf. Six months remain for raising this support.

capable leadership. The McAfee and Shields

families are particularly intere.sted in getting
the Fife's to Brazil in time to enter the

in seeing the work in Coiania continue under

The need for a couple to replace outgoing missionaries J. Richard and Carolee E\ving, on the Brazilian mission iield in Goiania,
has been met with the recruitment of Tom

January session of language school in Cam pinas, Sao Paulo, and thus prepare them for taking part of the load of tne Coiania work

If you are interested in contacting the Fife's for a speaking engagement, write to them at 517 Altimont Drive,, Tenn., 37663. Funds and pledges for the Fife family should be so designated and
sent to the treasurer of the Brazil Christian

Mission, 219 No. Lisbon. Carrollton, Ohio.

and Libby Fife. This dedicated and well qualified couple





have long considered the cafl to Brazil, out

J. Richard Ewing resigned from the Brazil Christian Mission at the annual meeting of
the Board of Representatives in Denver, Colorado in MarcJi due to his little im

have been enthusiastically approved by the

missionaries on the field and oy the members
of the Board of Representatives and are being well received in the churches who have pledged themselves to the on going of
the Lord's work in Brazil.

it did not seem definite until now. They

They come with the finest of recommen

dations from their former professors, fellow
ministers and Elders of the churches where

proved condition following spinal surgery three years ago. In April he was called to the position of Administrative Assistant to President James Earl Ladd II of Puget Sound College of the Bible in Seattle, Washington, where he will assist in the
business admini-stration of the school and

teach in the missions department.

they have served. Both are graduates of Milligan College and Tom has the M.A. degree plus one year of work toward the Ph.D. from Louisiana State University. Libby has experience teaching fourth grade in the

Mr. Ewing has been enrolled in the Uni versity of Minnesota for the past six months where he has been working on a graduate degree in business administration and taught
a course in missions at the Mirmesota Bible

fmblic schools and has taught private piano

e.ssons for fourteen years. Tom is the son of a prominent minister, Earl H. Fife of Kingsport, Tennessee, and brother to Robert O. Fife, Associate Pro fessor of History and Philosophy at Milligan
time pastorates with the Community Chris tian Church, Schertz, Texas, and the North-

College. Tom's preaching experience includes partside Christian Church in San Antonio. He

served full time pastorates with the Central Church of Christ in Baton Rouge, La., and with the First Christian Church (English

.speaking) in Maracaibo, Venezuela. The lat ter pastorate introduced them to South American culture and climate and has given them excellent training for the mission field in Brazil. They have some knowledge of the Spanish language, which will also assist
them in mastering Portuguese.

College. Dick plans to complete his graduate work at the University of Washington. He is currently traveling with missionary recruit Tom Fife to help speed the Fife family on its way to Brazil where an urgent need awaits their arrival. The Ewing family will move to Seattle the latter part of August. For the past year Mrs. Ewing has been employed as an activities director in a home for the aged in Minneapolis. Their oldest daughter, Carol, completed her junior year in high school and their twin daughters, Ruth and Betty, finished first grade. The entire family has enjoyed the year spent in Minneapolis and the wonderful fellowship of the University Church of Christ. It is with great regrets that the Ewings leave the work in Coiania, Brazil, where they have lived and worked since 1950, but they rejoice that the Lord has provided such capable replacements in the Tom Fife fam

their labors for the mission in the United

States, and their recruiting efforts and train ing of young missionaries may prove more
valuable to the work in Brazil than their

ministry on the foreign field hampered by physical disabilities. In leaving their association with the Brazil
Christian Mission as missionaries, the Ewing family wish to express their appreciation to

the many wonderful churches and individ uals who have supported them in their work, to the missionaries with whom they have been associated and to the Board of Repre sentatives and volunteer workers, all pf whom have played substantial roles in tlie important venture'of taking Christ to Brazil. They are further indebted to other Christian
missionaries outside of the Brazil Christian

Mission who have worked with them through

the missionary conference, APLIC (Christian

Literature Association), Youth Association and other fellow.ship activities and projects of the churches or Christ in Brazil. The Brazilian brethren with whom they worked in the various areas of service will always hold very special places in their hearts.

He has also had two full years experience teaching at Southern Christian College, San Antonio, Texas, and it is felt that this will be invaluable experience as he joins the staff of
Coiania Christian Institute.

ily. Dick and Cay look forward to a fruitful

ministry widi the Puget Sound College of the Bible, and they have already accepted volunteer, homefront responsibilities for the Brazil Christian Mission. They hope that





Engineer-Architect Withdraws
From Work of Brasilia Church
by L. David Sanders Dr. Walfredo Thome, architect-engineer
of the Brasilia church, ha.s returned to Sao

Second Class Postage paid at Denver, Colo.

Office of Publication

1664 Poplar, Denver, Colorado

Published bi-monthly

Subscription rate25e per year

Twenty-five cents of the regular annual offering

shell be

Paulo to oversee work there before leaving for Austin, Texas, and a special course in
architecture for which he has received a

subscription to the Brazil Christian Mission.

Field Editor, Ruth Sanders
Send all contributions to;

considered payment of



scholarship. Dr. Walfredo has directed the

Wm. A. Cook, 219 No. Lisbon St.

Carrollton, Ohio
Missionaries in Brazil: Dale and Carol McAfee

work of the church building since the cor nerstone-laying in July 1961. Always ready

to consult with J, Richard Ewing when he

wa.s in charge and then with L. David San ders in these last few years, he has carried on his work in a very business-like and effi

Merlin and Gertrude Shields

Caixa Postal 201

Goiania, Goias, Brazil L. David and Ruth Sanders

Harry and Elaine Scates

Caixa Postal 862Asa SulW-S

Brasilia D.F., Brazil, S.A. Missionaries on Furlough:

Cod and fiscalizcd the house of worship for

the Episcopal church. Besides these works in

cient way. He built the $300,000.00 Me morial Baptist church, directed work on the educational plant and church for the World Temples, drew the design for the Church of

J. Richard 5c Cnrolee Ewing

Pugef Sound College of the Bible
101 N.W. 58th St.

Brasilia, he has designed and built churches

in various parts of Brazil, as well as other Anyone wishing to is a member of the Paulo, will find him and singer and able contact this man, who Baptist church in Sao an interesting speaker to inform firsthand on

Seattle, Wash. Missionary Recniits;

Tom and LIhby Fife

.517 Altimont Drive

Kingsport, Tenn. Concerning Contributions to:



Brasilia and the church of Christ.

Dr. Walfredo Thome, engineer-architect.

the federal district as well as some bank

Wm. A. Cook, 319 No. Lisbon St. Carrollton, Ohio

Concerning B.C.M. Publication and

Promotional Materials:

Our New Engineer

We present to our readers, our new engi neer. A young man who, with his brother,
came from Belo Horizonte to establish an

Mrs. V. H. Fair, 1664 Poplar,

Denver 20, Colorado


you are not sure to

whom your cor

respondence should be directed send it to Mr. Cook and he will be glad to forward it
to the correct address.

engineering and construction company in Brasilia. They are building eleven schools in

buildings and homes. They are members of the Presbyterian church and live close by our construction area. This new engineer, Dr. Francisco Rodrigucs da Silva is ready to speed the work on the church as soon as
funds are available.

July-August Birthdays
July 11 Carolee Joy Ewing

An Open Letter to the Fifes

Dear Brother Fife,

Sitting here at the typewriter finishing

some translating by the light of a candle (Yes, even here in Brasilia we are sometimes without light), I wanted to send you a letter of our urgent need for your coming to help. How can we explain the need except in millions of souls waiting for your arrival ... do not be disillusioned; there are many working at evangelism, many working at

Brazilian life, hut we have great hopes for

a glorious victory in Christ. We are happy to welcome you to share

Aug. 21
Aug. 28

Merlin L. Shields Phillip McAfee


^ ^


in our labors of love. We are happy you are ready to face the dangerous darkness of the powers of evil which seek to destroy the very saints, hut again we are thankful



that our God and His church are inde-


winning souls . . . but the load is growing

and intensifying. The need of the world is on us at every turn. This part of the world


weighs upon our hearts as we realize op portunity is here now, hut for how long is undetermined. The doors are wide open. Many will listen to the WORD. Almost

prater l^ee^uedid
1. For the J. Richard Ewtng family 'as

they leave the mission to take up con' tiriued Christian service at the Pugef Sound Bible College. 2. For the Thomas Fife family in their

everyone will welcome you into his home.

We need speed in evangelism, in teaching, in training. The growing numbers over whelm us and even though you are only one and two, it is adding new power to our
testimony. We need more and more families each

preparations for going to the field, that

their support and travel might he



c -#


year to meet the growing need here in

central Brazil. Here in Brasilia alone we

raised in time for them to enter lan guage school in January. 3. For each missionary family on the field that they might be renewed in strength
and spirit for the daily tasks.



can use more evangelists and Goiania's need

is growing tremendously with forming and training four young congregations and with

the Christian Institute growing by leaps

4. For the Brasilia church, materially and spiritually, as it begins this fourth year


and hounds. The rural areas are continually expanding and appealing for teachers and preachers. Again this year, as I made a trip into the northlands, family after family pleaded for teachers for their children. Christian teachers could open doors as
well as establish churches in these areas.

of testimony and building. For the new

engineer who has taken over supervi

1-^ * Ewing Top: Merlin Shields preaches by lamplight during northern evangelistic trip. Bottom: Dale McAfee accepting his son Phil

Words cannot express how you encourage us to hear of your coming. We hope you will be able to interest others in these days of urgent need, before it is too late! Brazil
could well he on the brink of disaster.

sion of the building project. For you who, with your prayers and support, are helping bring this project to com pletion. 5. For Goiania Christian Institute, each of its students, especially- those who still need scholarship support, and its
teachers and director.

lip's confession of faith at the Vila Nova church. Phillip was baptized by his father

6. For each local congregation, its leaders and members, that each might receive the necessary spiritual and physical

of hope, and you will he no doubt entering

into one of the most precarious phases of

Thankfully, right now there are glimmers

strength to be full-grown obedient be







Brasilia Farm and School


B-Day Plus Three Years (1095 Days)

by L. David Sanders If you went back to before B-Day when

the church of Christ had not yet dedicated her chapel and preaching center, you would find only ideas in the hearts of men. As a
famous Brazilian author wrote, "Ideas can have 'arms' md Tegs'." The "idea" of a new capital became an action. The "idea" of new
roads became an action. The "idea" of a new church became an action.

Many have thrilled at the great opportu

nity to present the cause of Christ in the

newest federal capital in the world. The Bra

zil Christian Mission has received from the

Brazilian government a choice plot of ground

in a zoned area for churches. This area

valued at $100,000.00 is unquestionably spoken of by all as the most ideal location in the city of Brasilia today. The "idea" was put into action. The "idea" still exists, but we cannot allow this "idea" for the preaching of the Gospel to sleep or become as the Brazil ian author said, "Ideas without legs" . . . "ideas without arms." (Machado). We need
men and women across our nation that will

pray and give and, with us, put this "idea"

of evangelism into full action by completing

this preaching and educational center in the

by Harry D. Scales
Fifteen miles from Brasilia on the federal

Pictured above is Harry Scales and mission

highway to Goiania lies approximately one

hundred acres of land that is dedicated to the service of Christ and His church. Cha-

ary friend David Hostetler in front of one of the buildings of the University of Brasilia.
David Sanders has taken classes at the Uni

heart of Bra.silia. Constniction on the new building has progrc.ssed to the point of some usable rooms,

but time is coming to an end and we have a possible ten months to complete the .sanc

versity and Harry is presently enrolled.

cara (farm) number 29 was leased to Brazil Christian Mission in 1958 for thirty years

_W(? build only as you command us with

your prayers and gifts. What are your orders? What is your will? Would you have us aban don this project? Do you believe it foolish? Nowhere in the world today is our testimony

at a very low cost and the mission has been developing it since that time. A .school for rural boys was conducted at the farm from 1958 to 1960, but was discontinued because of lack of personnel. During the past five years, both Dick Ewing and Davia Sanders have been responsible for the direction of the farm and school along with their many other responsibilities. Since November 1960, Sr. Eurides and his wife, Adelia, both former
members of the Vila Fama church in Goi

more important. Revolutions may come and go, as they have, but the NEED IS AL

Many, many of you have been loyal and

given over and beyond. Many are still giving,

ania, have lived at the farm as caretakers.

In May of this year the school was again opened to give a primary education to the neighborhood children and also

but more givers are needed and NOW. Wliat can be done to really put "arms" and "legs" to work? Each reader of these words giving SIO.OO or more would bring this total project to completion. We ask each reader to express himself in this way and if this is not possible from your own funds, then challenge a friend to realize with you this opportunity to preach
the Gospel in Brasilia! Let us leave our mark, our testimony in this great city. Sit right
down and write a check and send to BCM

(marked BRASILIA) now. This is your work. This is your life and concern. This is your cause. We pray you will make this one
GREAT EFFORT with us now. We beseech

you brethren, by the mercies of God, to pre At left is farm school teacher Sr. Esdras and to his right is farm caretaker Sr. Eurides, their children are also in the picture. teenage boys from the interior who have no education. The professor of the school, Sr. Esdras, is a young man from Goiania who with his wife and young child are living in one of the buildings on the adjacent camp association grounds (BCM has given a portion of the farm to the camp association
of the churches of Christ of Central Brazil).

sent your "gift" as your living sacrifice for the glory of God here with us in Brazil.

The new Brasilia Church Building

in Construction.


Rohin Scales visils ihe farm quite often with her father and mother. Here she is posing

At present eleven children and two teenage boys are enrolled in the school and also six adults, including Sr. Eurides and Dona
Adelia, are taking night school. The two (Continued on Page Eight)

with Eunice, daughter of Sr. Ettrides.




The Goiania Christian Institute is dedicated to the task of training Christian young people in Bible and Bible-related

subjects, to the end that they may evangelize their own people by word of mouth, the printed word, radio, music,
or whatever other means is available. In a true sense, we believe that all Christians are ministers and our aim is to train them to be of the greatest service to the Kingdom.

MERLIN SHIELDS, Director of the Institute at his desk in the Institute office, has said that the whole course of study and all out side activities are geared to evangelism and church growth.

PRE-PLANNING. BCM missionaries Harry Scates, David Sanders, Dale McAfee and Merlin Shields, in a pre-planning session to study variotis aspects of the work in which they and their families


INSTITUTE STUDENTS prepare to make house to house calls during the Vila Nova evangelistic meeting. Merlin Shields in front and Dale McAfee in back give orientation instructions and hana out
materials to be distributed. David Sanders gave instructions on how to do calling.

MORE PLANNING. Missionaries Carol and Dale McAfee, David and Ruth Sanders, Harry and Elaine Scates and Merlin and Gertrude Shields meeting at the youth camp ground situated at the Farm
School to discuss, report, study and plan for an effective witness.

Where are the people of Brazil? According to facts and figures we have, somewhere be tween 70 and 80 per cent of all Brazilians live in rural areas and villages. For the greater part, the rural people are ignored by the Roman Catholic Church and a majority of evangelical efforts as well. This does not mean that there have been no efforts in this way, it only means that there has not been

enough wonKEns. Rural areas are often a bit more difficult to break into as the people are by nature a bit more reserved, hut as entry is gained, we often find them our more rapidly growing areas for the Gospel. In the picture a large group have gathered on the dedica tion day of the new chapel on the Antonio Rezende farm close to Goiania. Missionary Merlin Shields in left background is in charge of rural evangelism. Missionary Dale McAfee is in right background.





^lie oC, <2). ^andefd Jamitu

^Le Jdufry- Seated Zdamit^

\ \}.




3L IbJe WUfee 3uU^




At a recent meeting of the Brazil Christian Mission it was decided to offer living expenses on the field to any students who care to come to Brazil during the summer vacations, arranging their own transportation to and from the field. These students will be required to have a written recommendation from their missions professor. Write to Recruit
Secretary Harry Scates, Caixa Postal 862, Brasilia, D. F. Thirteen new missionary families are needed urgently in the immediate future. Consider this work and this field

for your life. Decide now while this door is still open . . . Conditions too unsettled? PerhapsI But your life may be
given for such a time as this!


AboveHarry and David meet with some of the young men of the church for visitation training.
Top ZeffBrasilia. Harry and Elaine Scates and David and Ruth Sanders classify names of visitors at the Brasilia church for "Visita tion Teams." Special emphasis is given to personal evangelism, visita tion training and soul winning. Over 1000 such visitors from nearly every state in Brazil have entered the chapel and present a distinctive opportunity for follow-up witnessing.

Bottom leftSunday morning after services during the recent evan gelistic meeting, theme "Christ Calls Us" as seen in the banner above the door of the temporary wooden chapel in Brasilia.




by Dale H. McAfee
Smallest of the Churches of Christ in

called FAMA) is not often in the spot

Goiania, the church in Vila Operaria (now

piece. The church yard has become a ball field and part of the street, due to the fact

light of the news. Being a difficult place to work, where small results are seen, doesn't help this any.

that it is on the comer and all bicycles and

foot traffic make a short cut across it.

'J- r


Windows have been broken, plaster knocked off the walls and the well completely ruined
thrown into it.

by dirt, boards, bricks and trash being Spiritist Influence

Many people in the area are spiritists, and

Beginnings and Development

Work in this area was begun by L. David
Sanders in the home of a Christian in

October 1952. The present property was transferred to the mission by the New
Tribes Mission who closed a work in this

all are quite .superstitious. One of the women, regular in attendance, is apparently

area and offered their property to BCM as a gift. (Incidently, the legal matters are still uncompleted, and the property is still
in the name of the New Tribes Mission.

J. Richard Ewing, with Institute students,

an epileptic and very emotionally unstable. Many is the time she has gone into a faint and fallen off her bench on the floor during the service. With each fainting spell, there would be a prayer meeting. All of this has
added to the natural restlessness of children

developed this work into a fair sized con gregation. A nice Uttle chapel building

Dale McAfee and the two Institute students helping in the Vila Fama church, Gilberto Vieira da Silca on the left and Elias Vieira da Silva on the right.

(built by Institute students) and a three

room house with well and toilet facilities

unaccompanied by their parents. Curiosity seekers and passersby often crowd the door.

have been built on the property.

A Fight Breaks Up Church Service

This Sunday night it finally happened. It was Dale's night to preach at Vila Fama (he divides his time as equally as possible be tween the churches), and Gilberto was as signed to seat those who wished to enter and send away the others. Elias was leading the singing when some three-fourths of the con gregation got up and walked out as a teen age girl brought word "Gilberto is fighting."

After the Outside Sermon, the Police

The only sermon preached that night was
out there in the yard. But it probably reached
more ears and fit the situation better than if it had been delivered inside from the formal

Dwindlings, then New Hope

Over the years, because of weak national and an unstable surrounding community, the church has dwindled to a
faithful few. Now with the Goiania Chris

pulpit. The mother of the boy came by and

there was further discussion on what the re

tian Institute functioning again, we have

sponsibilities of parenthood are. Finally the boy came sort of limping up, a big, tall boy
who said he was 16. It seems he is the leader

more helpers and a tremendously larger potential, to say nothing of our improved
outlook to the future. Gilberto and Elias

Though this was a bit unusual, Gilberto is only 16 and, as you know boys will be

(see picture), Institute students from the

church of Christ, Taguatinga, Brasilia where

Bill Loft ministers, are both working in

boys. Dale went out to settle what he thought was a boy meets boy misunderstanding only to find the yard overflowing with people, not
shadow heatedly discussing the situation

of the gang who has been doing most of the damage to the church. Now tlie people crowded in more closely to the center of at
tention and Dale was able to continue his

Vila Fama. Since the resignation of Sebastiao Domingues Moreno last October,

ing especi^ly one knot of men over in a

Eudamidas Vicente, one of the older boys of

the Setor Bueno Church, has been working more or less bv himself as youth sponsor,

Sunday School teacher, and



Juvenile Delinquency
In May, we had an interesting experience,

seen. For a long time the juvenile delin

the effects of which we have not vet fully

quents of the sector have played havoc with the property, even disrupting services. Everyone complains that the children of
Fama are the most misbehaved children

with waving arms and harsh words. Dale immediately stepped forward and brought the crowd to attention by demanding the reason for the disturbance in place of the quiet and respect which should be given during a worship service to God. The response was that the "ruffian Christian boy" had kicked and chased a little boy from the church yard, so that the "little" boy ran for his life! Dale asked that the boy be brought to him so Aat any care he needed might be arranged. One of the neighbor men into

testimony. It turned out Gilberto was going to usher the boy home as he had been mak ing a disturbance and using dirty, uncouth language to heckle the worshipers, but the boy had lied about where he lived, leading Gilberto into the fellow's house whom he knew would make the biggest ruckus. Dale
said he did not want to have to call the

police in on the invasion and damages, but to everyone's surprise a police car drove up
in the midst of this oration and two rather

burly officers stepped out to investigate. yard the boy had run, obviously un

The Police Station, Home and Forgiveness

The upshot of it was that the boys and Dale went to the police station, were treated with respect when the agent heard both sides, and the boy from the street was given the choice of apologizing to Gilberto or spending some time in the lock-up. The boy apologized and was forgiven. Dale and Gil berto took him home in the car, making it clear to him that they were forgiving him and that he was welcome at any and all the activities at the church, participating accord ing to the rules of decency and order.

you can find anywhere! There are a goodly number of deliquent parents in the neighbor
hood also. In fact, it is about what one
slum area. The fence would consider a

der the effects of alcohol, continued to la ment the fact that it was despicable conduct

on the part of that "bmtal Christian boy"

and that he, himself was an atheist and

would never permit his children to set foot

on the church lot. Dale placed his hand upon

around the church property has been com pletely torn down and carried off piece by

the man's shoulder and pointed out to him

the damages to the church property and how the little house on the property had been turned into a garbage dump by the people

of the community, asking the man, "Who has suffered more, you, sir, or the church?" The church has suffered quietly, complaining to no one, and with the defiinite knowledge

that to return good for evil is only what the

Lord would have us do. This the church is

trying to do in their small, poor way, by pro viding Bible School, wholesome activities for the youth, and a place where all, regard
less of social, financial or racial class may

gather in worship of God, our Creator, who has provided out of His divine and magnani
mous love a way through His Son Jesus

Gilberto's words remain to give us thought, "It's my church and I'm not going to have these mean kids tearing it up!" There are always plenty of people who will destroy and search for anything to defame the name Christian, and ridicule those who wear the name. It is a challenge to us to do some selfexamination. We must not give opportunity to the world.

The Vila Fama church building.

Christ for our salvation.



Pictorial Highlights in the Harvest Fields

T.B. patient, Joao Marim da Costa, was baptized into Christ by Dale McAfee in May. Three more converts will soon he baptized at the Sanitarium. For several years, Goiania churches and missionaries, have provided Stinday afternoon worship services for these patients, calling on the bedridden and in general furnishing an outside con tact for them. Dick Ewing was formerly chaplain here. Ruth Spurgeon McKinletj was especially faithful in seeing that services were


Five young teenagers in Sunday School class in Brasilia. These hoys hope soon to have a classroom for their class which they have
named "Israel."

held. Dale McAfee is presently in charge of this special project.




n. *



Mark and Linda McAfee standing by their school bus. They didn't get on this time because the axle broke down just before it got to their house. All the children changed to the Sanders' Komhi Volks wagen and were thus delivered to school in time for class.

HEIFER PRO/Cr. Last year the children of the Broadway Chris tian Church of Council Bluffs, Iowa, sent a gift for the self-help pro gram for farmers in interior Brazil, beginning with our own farm school in Brasilia. The gift was for one heifer, but with the money three cows and a heifer were purchased. The first calf was born last month. Christian farmer, Lazaro, is to direct this project on shares. Three families of the rural church will qualify for this distribution this year. Perhaps some of our readers would like to designate $20.00 for a calf, $30.00 for a heifer, or $50.00 for a cow to increase this project. If so, send gift to mission marked "Heifer Project."

Save This Paper

There is no better mission study
material available from B.C.M. than

BRASILIA FARM AND SCHOOL (Continued from Page Three) teenage boys go to school half a day and
work on the farm the other half.

With the news of the Ewing family's retirement from active service in Brazil, many congregations as well as personal friends have expressed a desire to create a "Love Gift" fund to present to Dick and Cay as they leave Minneapolis in August to take up their new found field
of endeavor for the Lord at the Bible

the articles published in this bi monthly paper. We have tried to make this issue rich in pictorial in formation fresh from the field. Keep
these for future reference.

For additional study or promo tional material be sure to direct your requests to the Denver B.C.M. office of publications, c/o Mrs. V. H. Fair, 1664 Poplar St., and allow at least two weeks for your request to be mailed to you.
Mrs. V. H. Fair

Since April of this year, Harry Scates has been director of the entire farm program. He spend.s one day a week at the farm, giving direction and counsel. It is hoped that the farm will begin to pay for itself by increas ing the pineapple acreage and the raising of frying chickens and eggs. At present there are a total of 550 chickens on the farm, including chicks, fryers and hens. Still desperately needed is a couple that will dedicate themselves to working full-time at this task of education and training Bra
zilians at the farm school.

College in Seattle. Since it is physical restrictions, not lack

of dedication or interest in the work of Brazil Christian Mission which forbids

their return to the field, this expression of appreciation seems to me to be well in

order. Let's make it a real morale booster

to this devoted couple who have given so

Write to Recruit Secretary, Caixa Postal 862, Brasilia, D.F., Brazil if the Lord is laying it upon your heart to come and help.

much of themselves to so many. Send contributions marked "Ewing Love Gift" to Mission Treasurer, 219 No.
Lisbon, Carrollton, Ohio. (Signed) Wm. Cook


Second Class Postage Paid at Denver, Colorado





Volume XV


Number 5

Situated in the center of a communitu area of JO,000 people, the

Church of Christ building is already a landmark in the new

capital city.

David Sanders speaks with church leader, Daniel Freitas in front of the to-he-complcted church building in Brasilia. Daniel is help ing Harry Scates carry the work load while Mr. Sanders is in
the States.

Yes, your missionary arrived in the U.S. the first of September. In concurrence with the
other missionaries on the field and with the

NEVERTHELESS, we sense the victory of the completed project and the impact of the preaching and teaching center touching the hearts of thousands in this growing mag

board of representatives, Sanders returned

to the U.S. for a short final fund drive for the Brasilia church. THE CITY OF HOPE

What Is Done July 1964

The present area in process of completion includes entryway, foyer, two nursery rooms, balcony, and sanitary rooms. This unfinished area i.s presently being used for Sunday School Assembly hall for Beginners, Primary, Junior and Intermediate departments. This includes temporary divisions for classrooms,
four classes inside and two classes in former

(Brasilia) moves forward. The church move forward. We know many are awaiting opportunity to join with the forward march of this project. Build in Brasilia Now
Goal: Final Fund DriveComplete Bra
silia Church in 1965. NOW IS THE TIME. NOW IS THE TIME TO LABOR.

wooden storage room and dormitory for workers. Sunday night youth, including from primary to senior groups, meet in this same area. Weekday literacy and primary school for youth and adults is held in the same area. (This is in cooperation with the Brazilian government in eradicating illiteracy), Two small areas below the balcony serve as of fices. The forty to fifty older youth and adults meet in the wooden chapel for Bible study and worship in the morning. In the evening, a workshop or adult training pro gram is followed by evening worship and an evangelistic program. The girl scout troop meets weekly in one of the worker's sheds which was vacated to provide a room for
this purpose.

Thus expansion for growing evangelism

and the 100 member Sunday School has



taken place. Approximately 40 are membered in the church ... a one hundred percent in crease over last year.

Many of our friends deserve the honor of

having helped put the BRASILIA PROJECT INTO ACTION. Through your dedicated ef

New Expansion is Continually


fort and interest a new building greets Bra

silia on the choice of lots in the heart of the

residential-apartment area of this capital



Various times the project has been brought

to a stop because of transportation difficul ties, strikes, revolutions and various construc tion complications.

A group of the church men talk over plans for carrying on the church's program for
David Sanders while he is absent on the




Because we believe you, our brethren, want to complete this project and bring (Continued on Page 2)

Brasilia Continues to Chaiienge...

{Continued from Page 1)
Second Class Postage paid at Denver, Colo.
Office of Publication

Christ to this city, we appeal to you for IM


1664 Poplar, Denver, Colorado

Published bi-monthly

Subscription rate25c per year

ACTION . . . We offer our lives to carry out

the Lord's will in this area.

To You Who Are Interested Brother Sanders plans to be in the U.S. only three months at this time with the one specific aim of a FINAL FUND DRIVE TO

shall be considered payment of one year's

subscription- to
Field Editor, Ruth Sanders
Send all contributions to:

Twenty-6ve cents of the regular annual offering

the Brazil Christian Mission.

Wm. A. Cook, 219 No. Lisbon St. Carrollton, Ohio

Missionaries in Brazil: Dale and Carol McAfee

Merlin and Gertrude Shields

Caixa Postal 201

Goiania, Golns, Brazil

L. David and Ruth Sanders

Harry and Elaine Scates

Caiza Postal 862Asa SulW-3

Brasilia D.F., Brazil, S.A.

Missionary Recruits:

The Brazilian government gave a prize plot of ground valued at $100,000.00. The Brazilian government grants freedom of religion and speech, including the preach ing of the Gospel. "This project can help guarantee this privilege. The Brazilian government promises land scaping and parking areas surrounding the church area when me building is finished. YOU, OUR BRETHREN, HAVE IN

IN 1965. $35,000.00 in gifts is needed im mediately before the end of the year and another $35,000.00 is needed either in gifts or pledges within the next 16 months. For this reason Brother Sunders is ready to'meet any and all interested in the project. Call by phone or write him in care of Mrs. V. H. Fair, 1664 Poplar, Denver, Colorado. We have faith that you and many others like you will join hands with Brazil Chris tian Mission in dedicating a portion of your
life to Brasilia.

Tom and Libby Fife

517 Altimont Drive

Kingsport, Tenn.




September-October Birthdays
Remember to Pray
September 26...
Robin Renee Scates

Concerning Contributions to: Wm. A. Cook, 219 No. Lisbon St.

Carrollton, Ohio

Two Major Goals Remain

For Immediate Action
$35,000.00 in gifts is needed for the com pletion of the present structure, the audi
torium, chancel area and small classrooms.

Concerning B.C.M. Publication and

Promotional Materials:

Mrs. V. H. Fair, 1664 Poplar, Denver 20, Colorado If you are not sure to whom your cor respondence should be directed send it to

Mr. Cook and he will be glad to forward it

to the correct address.

Slide-Tape Program
of Brasilia Available
A slide-tape program entitled "Brasilia
1964" is now available for interested

churches and CToups. The program consists of 80 color slides with a taped commentary .showing and telling of the progress of the city of Brasilia and of the work of the Bra silia Church of Christ. Included are pictures of the Sanders' and Scales' families, .showing
their activities and the activities of the c-on-

This first area is designated for a "winning for Christ evangelistic center and adoration of Christ worship center." This will be ade quate to assure the opportunity for growth for many years, yet small enough to meet the city regulations for a neighborhood wor ship center. $35,000.00 in gifts or pledges is needed for the construction of one wing of the Chris tian education and youth center which would include ten classrooms, assembly hall, youth

September 30 ... Daryl Bruce


^ j\

October 5 ...

Elaine Scates

Elaine Scates.

rooms, library room and caretaker's quarters

grpgation and also of the Christian farm

school. If you will not be having the op

portunity to hear David Sanders in person, be sure to order this slide-tape from Mrs. V. H. Fair, 1664 Poplar St., Denver, Colo

with additional sanitary rooms. Thus a com plete chri-stian evangelistic and educational program of quality can be put into motion. This is the city of HOPE. This is our oppor tunity to implant the TRUE HOPE IN THE HEARTS OF HER RESIDENTS; This is the PROGRAM OF QUALITY. The goal:

The program is 28 minutes in length and either slide set or film strip may be ordered. Besides the taped commentary, a written
script is available.


Daryl happy that he's nine.

Robin enjoys picture taking.



McAfees on Furlough
in 1965
Dale and Carol McAfee will be

Let us think of devoting some of our life to this great worthwhile knowing that
life must be dedicated to worthwhile actions

Prater Pei^uedtd
1. For L. David Sanders in the States

beginning speaking tour in Feb. 1965. If you want them (or either of them) to speak at your church or for your
group, contact them
c/o Mrs. V. H. Fair. Denver, Colorado 80537

and feelings, to great purposes, to spreading the TRUTH and understanding great things
of God.

at this time to see the Brasilia Proj ect to completion through funds

and pledges. For his family during

these few months of separation. 2. For the Tom Fife family as they get their support and travel funds together, that they may be on the field before January 1st. 3. For the Dick Ewing family as they take up their new work with PSCB


We believe we have a great responsibility in Brasilia to establish a center of evangelism

and a place of worship for the church of our Lord, worthy of the calling: "the oneness of God's people," developed under the ministry of the Holy Spirit. May your gift represent your faith. May your faith be represented by
your gift.

while still on the field ('till Dec.), or

1664 Poplar St.

Plan while it's early and you can

have a choice of dates.

We also a week for a Mis sions' Fair or Evangelistic Meeting which would help the church, and allow wider contact in the community. Write now! Dale H. McAfee
Caixa Postal 201

Carrying on the Work in Brasilia

Currently the Harry Scates family and Mrs. Sanders are directing the work in Bra
silia. Several national workers share in the

4. For the Institute students as they

are in their second semester. For

Goiania, Goias Brazil, S.A.

Scates with missionary Gerald Holmquist

from Anapolis preaching.

load of preaching, teaching and evangelizing. An evangelistic meeting is planned for Oc tober under the responsibility of Harry

their teachers and supervisors. 5. For continued good health for all the missionaries and their families. Mention them by name in your

6. For more families to work with us in reaching Brazil for Christ.






Onward and Upward at Christian Institute

by Merlin L. Shields
The first semester of classes at the Goiania

Christian Institute came to a close on June 26th. All ten full-time students were able to
finish the whole semester and have returned

in Bible College as well as secular schools in the states and are well prepared to do a number of things in the Institute program

for the second which started August 3rd. In addition to these, three new ones have entered for the second part of the year. One of these is from Belo Horizonte, some 16 hours away by bus. Looking back on the first semester as a whole, we must say that things went better than expected. We are in the midst of an experiment in upgrading the whole program, and the whole program takes more time and study than our former program. We did

here. Pray with us that this dedicated couple will be on their way in a very short time (we need them now) and join in the work of teaching young Brasilians to go out and reach their own people for Christ.

Your Part in Leadership Training

Continue your prayers for us and for the
students. Most of our students come from

backgrounds that make it difficult to become

or remain a Christian. You cannot talk with

them as we can, but you can have a vital part by praying for them every day. Better

Timmy Shields and new baby sister, Deborah

not know how students would respond, but

the majority were in favor of the upgraded program that not only would give them In stitute training, but a high school education as well. (We teach only the Bible and Bible-related subjects and let the state schools give the regular high school).

yet, choose one, and pray for that individual by name. If you feel that you would like to do this, write us and tell us about it. If you need a name, we will be happy to help you,

Meet Deborah Adele Shields

by Gertrude Shields Deborah Adele Shields was bom on May

Practical Service Training

The practical service work of the students has proved to be a real blessing to the churches, both here in Goiania and to their home churches when opportunity comes to be home once in a while. As our readers

Your offering and gifts have made our new building a reality. It is a fine home for the Institute and I wish that each of you could enjoy it with us. We are out of makeshift" rooms and into full size classrooms.

13, 1964 at the District Hospital in Brasilia

to a mother who wants to remain unkown.

Whatever her reasons, she abandoned the baby soon after birth and it became known ^to jnissionary Ruth Sanders that_,sh^ was
there and would so remain until she could

This gives us the opportunity to grow as

the Lord leads students to attend school

here. Yet you can still have a vital share in

know, each student has a church assignment of teaching or, in some cases, preaching.
While all the Goiania churches have students

the training of students. The program of student scholarships helps with the larger of board, room and schooling. This
year the scholarship has been set at $15.00 per month. If you, your Sunday School

be placed in a home or in an orphanage. For many months the Shields have been searching for "Baby Sister" as Tim called the unknown little girl they hoped to find. As soon as they heard about the little one,
Merlin and Gertrude rushed to Brasilia and

helping them, not all churches have new per sonnel, as the Goiania students are assigned

class, your local church or another group in

the church would like to have a share in

began the red tape of getting to see her. Once they decided to take her, she was handed over without any red tape at all,
just dress her in her own clothes and leave with her in your arms.

all churches, which in turn leads to larger

worship services and has led to a number
of conversions.

to their home churches, and in two cases this meets the leadership needs. The over-all ef fect of the whole program has been to stimulate larger Sunday School attendance in

this .scholarship program, write to me: Merlin L. Shields, Caixa Postal 201, Goiania, Goias, Brazil, S.A.

Fifes Need Passage

Money Now

Tim was delighted when he saw her and asked whose she was. He was quite in awe when he discovered that she was really his. The adoption proceedings were started that day, but are still not complete. The very

Several Mis^onaries Take Part One of the better features of the program is that several men are worked into the pro







Some have asked about her color and

be worked into a school program. Dale Mc Afee was able to teach a five week course,
first semester, and will teach another five weeks in the .second. L. David Sanders of Brasilia was able to teach a one week course

gram, who under normal situations could not

r.acial background. She is described by

a Brazilian antidote. It seems that when

God made man out of clay he had to put them into the oven to temper them. The first ones he put in were taken out too soon, so they were white. He said, "This will
never do. I made a mistake and didn't leave

in personal work and Gerald Holmquist of

Libby and Tom Fife After completing a seven week tour with Dick Ewing, visiting the Ewing's supporters. Tom Fife is happy to report that the minimum amount in monthly pledges for the Fife family has been secured. During the seven week tour, Dick and Tom presented the Brazil Christian Mission to 35 different churches and groups
in 10 states and, with Mrs. V. H. Fair and Wm. A. Cook, staffed the Brazil Christian Mission booth at the North American Christian Convention in St. Louis. Tom also served as

Anapolis was able to teach a one week course in evangelistic music. Gertrude Shields taught religious education and Merlin

them long enough." So the next men he

Shields (director) taught two five week courses. Several other missionaries will be worked into the program during Ae second

made he put into the oven and left quite a bit longer .so as not to repeat the mistake. When he took these out they had been left too long and so were burned black. Profiting from experience, the third group he put in He left Just Right and they came out perfect,
a lovely light brown. These were Brazilians. While Debby is definitely white, we call her our sun-tan girl because of her lovely light grown complexion, wavy dark hair and

Looking Ahead to Ngip Helpers

(who are now in the states raising funds) get on the field and into the Institute pro gram, that some of these larger gaps can be
in the program that need to be filled. Wc are praying that as TOM and LIBBY FIFE

Looking ahead, we have some big gaps

big brown eyes. She is a good baby, grow

closed. Both Tom and Libby have taught

missionary at Boiling Springs Christian Serv ice Camp in Oklahoma. The Fife family have now returned to their headquarters, 517 Almont Drive, Kingsport, Tenn., and are con
tinuing deputation.

ing fast and healthy. .She is her brother's pride and joy and to all of us for that mat ter. She has already brought much into our lives. We you could all meet her in person.

At the end of July the Fifes had only about $700.00 of the necessary $3,450.00 in outgoing
funds. The family's personal effects have been returned from Venezuela and are in storage at New Orleans. The Fifes hope to take their belongings with them aboard ship to Brazil
in December. Nothing now stands between

Gift to Brazil Christian Mission

We are grateful to Dr. James J. Hamilton

them and departure for the field and language school except the lack of passage money. The
time is short! The need is great! The readiness

of Kingsport, Tenn., for the gift of a 1961 Chevrolet sedan to be used by recruits on deputation and/or missionaries on furlough. Tom and Libby Fife are now using the sedan
in their travels to visit churches. Dr. Hamilton
is a brother-in-law of Tom.

is there! If you will help, send your contribu

The Institute botjs pose after a victory at


Cook, 219 N. Lisbon, Carrollton, Ohio, 4^15.

Thanks, Tom Fife

tions designated "Fife account" to Wm. A.

The car has been previously used in Dr. Hamilton's medical practice and only had
28,000 miles registered. It is a valuable con
appreciated by all concerned.

tribution to the mission effort and is deeply



on final day. Missionaries, Bill Loft, Lew Cass, Gerald Holmquist, Carol McAfee and Harry Scales with six nationals worked with director L. David Sanders during the six day camp, July 27 to
August 1st.

Fifty-two intermediate and senior campers display their team flags

Wedding hells for three young Christian couples. Left: Luziania

couple Ruth Bueno and Mauro Pinto. Upper right: Selma Borges of Belo Horizonte and former institute student, Anabor Macedo of Brasilia. Lower right: Goiania couple, former institute student
Didir dos Santos and Waldir Santos. These couples are all workers in
their local churches.

Evangelizing 700 Miles Into the Interior

by Harry Scates During the first two weeks of July, mis
sionaries Harry Scates, and Lew Cass traveled the hi-way from Brasilia to Belem

ing the message of truth is tremendous.

We held thirteen preaching services, plus

two baptismal services during our fourteen

about 700 miles from Brasilia. Also making the trip was Bob Lentz, student from San Jose Bible College who was visiting in Brazil this last summer. The Brasilia-Belcm hi-way
(Belem is on the mouth of the Amazon

day trip. Most of the meetings were held

in front of a believer's house with the aver

age attendance being about thirty-five. Three

persons made the good confession and were

baptized and one elderly man rededicated

his life to Christ.

River) has been open for about five years and is passable except during the heaviest part of the rainy season. Hundreds of trucks and buses make the long trip (over 1200 miles taking 9 or 10 days) and towns are growing up all along the way. Along the

At the farthest point of our trip near a town called "Paradise of the North", we held services for three nights. National evangelist Jose Nascimento is living and working there with a thriving c-ongregation
of twenty members.

farms are being developed. Many of the towns have evangelical churches but many do not have, and tlie opportunity for spread

hi-way and further interior, ranches and

We were spiritually blessed by the op portunity to witness for our Lord to people who have little opportunity to hear the good
news that Christ cares.

Harry getting ready for the trip. Lazaro

went part way.

Second Class Postage Paid at Denver, Colorado





Mission Services Assn. Box 968

Joliet", 111.



Volume XV


Number 6

Church in Brasilia Concerned

by Harry Scates The congregation in Brasilia is concerned. It is concerned about the thousands of peo ple of this city who as yet know not Jesus Christ. The members are concerned enough to hold an all-night prayer meeting, praying that their friends and loved ones miglit come to know Him. The all-night prayer meeting took place on October 13, the night before the beginning of an eleven day evangelistic meeting led by missionaries Gerald Holmquist and Lew Cass. The church members advertised the meeting by distributing 300 personal invitations and by placing posters
on the doors of their homes. The church

half months old and already Cr$280,000.00 ($190.00) has been given. Many of the members have given more than two days wages toward the construction fund. The fund raising campaign was kicked off with a week of early morning prayer meetings at the church building between 6 and 7 a.m. L. David Sanders' trip to the U. S. has been the concern of these meetings for prayer. These prayer meetings have

continued on a weeldy basis and

attendance has been 15.


and Sunday School members were divided into two teams with captains and lieutenants in charge of promoting attendance. A final report on this campaign will be in the next issue of the paper. The congregation in Brasilia is concerned

Tom and Libby Fife on Final Speaking Tour

Recent correspondence with the Fife family indicates a good prospect of con cluding their financial campaign within the
next two months and a readiness for de

that the church building here be completed and put into full use as an evangelistic, worship and study center. Because they church have started a building fund drive. The goal is to raise enough money to buy 1,000 sacks of , cement for the building "ng conwant to do their part, the members of the

parture for Brazil according to schedule.

Gaylord Hankins

This will mean that they will enter language

school in January.

struction. This represents a goal of about

Your prayers and financial aid are coveted that this goal may be reached. Their present itinerary calls for appearances in Texas as they move toward the coast

Gaylord HankinsAccepts Special Assignment

On November 1, 1964, Gaylord Hankins of Oklahoma City will begin a three month special assignment with the Brazil Christian Mission to help underwrite the financial program of Brasilia. He will be traveling with Lloyd David Sanders during part of
the month of November.

$1,000. The campaign is only one and a

and embarkation for Brazil.

^^5. V. H. F.

Churches desiring to contact Bro. Hankins mau write to him at 1708 N. E. 48th St., Oklahonui City, Okla., or to Mrs. V. H. Fair,
1664 Poplar, Denver, Colorado, 80220.

SLIDE-TAPE AND FILMSTRIP SETS now available at the Denver B.C.M. office.
"Brasilia 1964" is a delightful mes sage from Brazil, narratea by Harry Scates and accompanied by sound effects which make the vivid pictures come to life. You will feel that you have visited this exotic city and per
sonally witnessed the work of the
Lord in the church there.

Requests for this filmstrip or slide

set should be made three weeks in

The bricks being laid as the walls go up for the church auditorium.

advance of showing. Direct requests to Mrs. V. H. Fair, 1664 Poplar St. Denver, Colo. 80220.




SecoDd Class Postage paid at Denver, Colo.

1664 Poplar, Denver, Colorado

Published bi-monthly Subscription rale25c per year

0Bce of Publication

by Gertrude Shields

Twenty-five cents of the regular annual offering

shall be considered payment of one year's subscription to the Brazil Christian Mission. Field Editor, Ruth Sanders
Send all contributions to:

Wm. A. Cook, 219 No. Lisbon St. Carrollton, Ohio

Missionaries in Brazil:

Dale and Carol McAfee Merlin and Gertrude Shields

Caixa Postal 201


Goiania, Goias, Brazil

L. David and Ruth Sanders

Harry and Elaine Scates

Caiza Postal 862Asa SulW-3

Brasilia D.F., Brazil, S.A.

Missionary Recruits:

Tom and Libby Fife

517 Altimont Drive

Kingsport, Tenn. Concerning Contributions to:



Wm. A. Cook, 219 No. Lisbon St. Carrollton, Ohio 44615


Concerning B.C.M. Publication and

Promotional Materials:

Mrs. V. H. Fair. 1664 Poplar,

Denver, Colorado 80220

If you are not sure to
respondence should be
to the correct address.

whom your cor

send it to

After the winner was chosen, the class was Four times during the year, the students at
Goiania Christian Institute take a "rest" work. A contest was held to see which stu

Mr. Cook and he will be glad to forward it


from studies and spend a week in practical

School. Waldir Fires Garcia and Messias


dent could plan the best Vacation Bible

Ramos demonstrate their prize for first place, a box of 64 color crayons from the States, and the miniature Bivles made by the Students. The theme was "The Bible, The Word of God."

divided into five groups, each writing one lesson, preparing it completely as to story, application, etc. These were typed and mimeographed to form a teachers quarterly. Now re-divided into four groups, they served on promotion, audio visual, devo
tional and handwork. Here we see Leonidas

Oliveira toith the Bible libraries he helped

build out of shoe boxes. Each book was represented by a wrapped match box and they were divided into divisions of the Bible, each a different color.

Minister Villas Boas

Remeber to Pray for Them!
November 15 . . . Ruth Sanders

Prater ^ec^uedtd
1. For the missionaries in travel: L. David Sanders as he returns to the

Supreme Court Judge

by Harry Scates The only Protestant member of the Bra zilian Supreme Court, Minister Antonio Vil las Boas, is Sunday morning Bible School teacher of the youth and adult classes at the Brasilia Church of Christ. He has agreed to teach the class for three months during the absence of regular teacher, L. David Sanders. His scholarly Biblical lessons on
the letters of Paul have been well received.

field to take up once more his serv ice for the Lord in Brasilia; for the Tom Fife family as they leave their homeland for Brazil; for the Dale McAfee family as they leave Brazil
for a year in the States.

2. For the Goiania Christian Institute, its director and teachers and espec ially for the strengthening spiritu ally and mentally of the students.

He is of Baptist background, a man whose loyalty to Christ and whose reverency toward the Scriptures is unquestioned.
He has shown interest in our undenomina

tional approach to the gospel. We feel that all concerned are benefitting by these

4. For continued good health for all the missionaries and their families. Mention them by name in your
Ruth Sanders working on pictures for the

new Sunday S^ool workbook.

Sanders and Hankins, Brasilia Fund Team

As many are undoubtedly aware, Lloyd
David Sanders has come to the United States

for a brief three month period to spearhead

the raising of funds for the Brasilia Church

Building Project. Because of the brevity of his visit, necessary because of the urgency Christian Mission, has engaged Brother Gaylord L. Hankins to assist and supplement
the fund raising of Brother Sanders. of the work in Brazil, the Board of the Brazil

Gaylord Hankins of Oklahoma City, is a ca pable and dedicated worker, widely known in the mid-west through his stewardship and fund-rai.sing campaigns. The Board of the
Brazil Christian Mission commends him to

youthful vigor and predicting a promising future. Investments now, in this splendid building, will be bringing dividends for
generations to come. It is imperative that

this final phase of financing this building be

successful. To this we dedicate our efforts

the churches for this special assignment, and is anxious that he be received as a repres
entative of the Mission.

and solicit your aid! Signed, Lynnton H. Elwell Chairman B. C. M. Advisory Board

The work in the capital city of Brazil is a strategic work, already demonstrating a






Finally aTTived the days of the Bible school. Classes were held both in the morning and in the afternoon because the children of the area were already in public school at this time, some going in the morning, some in the afternoon (Brazilian schools are usually only half days). Director, Gertrude Shields made a list for each session dividing the responsibilittj among the students. Here Gilberto Viera da Silva leads devotions on the way of life taught in the Bible for our eyes, ears, feet, hands, mouths, and hearts.

Each student had the opportunity to teach, lead devotions, take charge of handwork and recreation. Those who were not teaching were assigned to observe and in each class was a teacher with experience. Each student worked with each age group. Here Araci Conceicao de Sousa helps the Beginner's Class make scrolls to show
how the Bible was in times past.

- VI I o

c c iTTfVliintoilS

Elias Viera da Silva, Maria Aparecida Abreu and Zilda Reis help with recreation for the Beginners and Primaries.

All felt that there was real profit to the children and the church because of this school. The Beginners class is coloring its pictures to illustrate the lesson under the supervision of Elias Veira da Silva. In the foreground is Tim Shields. Mark McAfee is also in the class.

McAfees on Furlough
In 1965
Dale and Carol McAfee will be begin

ning speaking tour in Feb. 1965. If you want them (or either of them) to speak at your church or for your group, please
contact them direct while still on the

field ('till Dec.), or care of Mrs. V. H. Fair, 1664 Poplar St., Denver, Colorado

Flan while it's early and you can have

a choice of dates.

We also suggest a week for a Mis sions' Fair or Evangelistic Meeting which would help the church, and allow wider

strate their lessons. Aparecido demonstrates

picture use for the Primary Class.

sion was held. The students learned how to use flannelgraph and pictures to demon-

At the end of the school an evaluation ses-

For several of the students, this was their experience with VBS, as student or

contact in the community.

Write now! Dale H. McAfee Caixa Postal 201

of the many materials used during the school. Daniel helped the Junior Intermedner memorized 90 verses.

teacher. We see Daniel Oliveira with some

iate class in Bible memorization. The win-

Goiania, Goiaz Brazil, SA.





bij Dale H. McAfee "Won't you come to our fourth Saturday Christian youth program?" This is an invi tation often given by the youth of the four
churches in Goiania.

The planning begins on the second Sat

urday evening when the Christian Youth

Club executive committee, composed of the president and one other representative of the senior youth group of each church, meets to decide the place and type of program to be conducted that month. Dorvalina Santos (see picture) sponsors the Christian Youth Club, and the executive committee meetings

are held in her home. Meeting places for

the fourth Saturday program are rotated among the four churches, with the other three youth groups making the struggle to attend at the host church. This gives a fair chance (attendance counts heavily for points

in their contest), as the four churches are located approximately in four comers of
the city. Contests run for three months, at the end of which a "festa" or party is given in honor of the winning youth group at
their church.

sents the best program. Judges are ap pointed each time, and the enthusiasm runs

going each month to the group which pre

A flag (see picture) was presented by the minister early this year as a rotating award,

high. At the end of the year the flag will be

given as a permanent possession of the youth group who has won it the most times

during the year. See the pictures of the four dramas presented in August. Another important feature of the youth

Lula Knowles directs. (See picture). Op portunities for them to present special
numbers are hard to find because the choir

program is their choir, which Missionary

is composed of youth of all four of the

churches. The fourth Saturday Program is a ready made opportunity for this choir.

TOP LEFTDorvalina Santos, sponsor of the Goiania Christian Youth Club, and to her left, Alice Ribeiro, graduate of Goiania Christian Institute and co-worker in the churches. TOP RIGHTEudamidas, president of the Vila Fama youth group, with the two Institute students, Gilberto and Elias, hold up the Christian Youth flag which they had just won at the August program. fourth Saturday Youth Program.

BOTTOMLula Knowles at the portable organ, with the choir she directs singing at the

.. |(
^ ' 3

TOP LEFTThe Bairro Universitario Youth group presents "God's Warning to King Nebuchadnezzar.'
TOP RIGHTVila Fama Youth group presents "Joe the Smoker."

BOTTOM LEFTBelo Jardim group presents "The Sin of Ananias and Sapphira." BOTTOM RIGHTVila Nova Group presents "Celebrities of the World . . . Christian Heroes."



COMBINED CGNTRIBUTION LIST... Brazil Christian Mission

JANUARY through JUNE inclusive


OKLA.: Tulsa, E. Tulsa CC, $50.00; Texhoma,

1st CC (Mr. and Mrs. Ira Oldaker), $50.00. TEX.: Arcadia, Anna E. Prather, $10.00; Ama rillo, Paramoimt Terrace CC, $800.00, Mr. and

ILL.: Lincoln, John C. Rails, $20.00. IND.: Anderson, Bethany CC, $600.00; Greentown, Jerome CC. $120.00; Indianapolis, Ben Davis

Santa Rosa, CC (Don and Pat Bean) $255.00,

Anonymous, $.60. COLO.: Denver, Mary Towne, $15.00.

CALIF.: Bakersfield, Rexland C of C, $120.00;

CC, $600.00, Beulah CC, $60.00; Jamestown, CC, $365.69; Peru, Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Thurston,
$25.00; Wabash, Bachelor Crk. Miss. Soc., $30.00. IOWA: Clinton C of C, $12.00; Cedar Rapids, Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Stark, $44.00; Shellsburg, Grace Trinity, $45.00; Vinton, A friend, $25.00.







Mrs. Sidney Maxwell, $60.00, Lillian C. Scott, $4.00; Dumas, N. Plains Chrs. Women's Council,
Wise.: Racine, Mary Vallone, $60.00. BRAZIL, S.A.: Dale McAfee, $60.00.


KANS.: Burlington, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ham-

man, $100.00; Anthony, CC SS, $46.62; El Dora

do, Mrs. Myrtle Detweiler, $50.00; Hartford, CC,

$18.48; Kans. City, Emerson Park CC, $273.95, AUce Rader, $10.00: Norton, CC, $188.25; Nor

wich, CC CWF, $10.00; Plainville, Mrs. Amos

Mosher, $5.0(h Wichita, Glenn Park, $376.20.
$2.50. MICH.: Buchanan, C of C, $62.50.

KY.: Cross Roads, Youth Croup, $5.00; Culston,

$40.00; Amity, C of C, $60.00; Astoria, 1st CC, $l0O.0O; Canby, CC, $150.00; Corbett, CC, $25.00; Dufur, CC, $45.00; Elgin, CC Winsome Class, $93.75; Eugene, Westside C of C, $123.75, Guy E. Shields, $125.00, Norkenzie CC, $8.00; Gates, Comm. Ch., $65.00; Jefferson, CC and Wee

KANS.: Kans. City, Efiie Gillespie, $35.00; Plainville, Mrs. Amos Mosher, $5.00; Sharon, CC, $65.00; Wichita, Virginia. Templeton, $9.00. OKLA.: Shidler, CC, $186.95. ORE.: Albany, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Shields,

BRAZIL, SjL.: Merlin Shields, $20.00.


KY.: Radcliffe, 1st CC, $25.00. PENN.: Fayette City, 1st CC, $33.37; Pitts

VENEZUELA, S.A.: Marilyn Peh, $299.78. KaNS.: Sublette, Floyd Hopper, $10.00.
Central CC, $25.00, Dick



Pansy CC, $20.00; Princeton, Mildred M. Wood,

$27.03: Edgerton, Ridgley SS, $66.93; Mr. and

Mrs. Noble Miller, $65.29; Ridgeway, CC Jr. Hi.
Christianaires, $25.00.

MO.: Dexter, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Smith,

builders Class. $60.00; MolaUa, cC, $165.00; Monmouth, CC, $25O.O0; ^ringfield, James Serbling, $60.00; Thurston CC, $60.00; Walterville
Comm. Ch., $20.00: Stayton, CC, $5.00; Tilla-

Miss. Class, $110.93; McKenzie Bridge, CC Home-

TENN.: Blountville, 1st CC, $42.86; Bristol,

Central CC, $45.60, East End CC. $28.30, West

mook, Gwendolyn Cassady, $6.00; Turner, CC,

$201.54, N. J. Reasoner, $75.00; Wasco, C of C,
$574.72. PENN.: Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Knoll, $15.00.

Bible Class, $10.00; Rushville, Indies Aid, $20.00, OHIO: Cleveland, Mr. and Mrs. Van Pelt, $10.00; Hubbard, Jean Brockett, $40.00.
NEBR.: Elm Creek, Mrs. Faye Green, $35.00.

Hills CC, $25.00; Johnson City, Va. St. C of C, $73.00, Watauga CC, $21.00; Jonesboro, Boones Creek C of C, $100.00; Kingsport, Oakwood Forest CC, $10.00, Colonial Hghts, CC. $105.00, Morri son City CC, $43.00: Watauga, Brick CC, $57.20.

TEX.: Houston, Memorial CC, $101.50; San Antonio, Eastwood CC, $40.00.

Miami, 1st CC Women's Council, $9.00; Mutual,

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Clovis, $5.00; Tulsa, Joe Belt,
$2.00; Vid. CC, $67.98.

OKLA.: Byron, 1st CC, $200.00; Coweta, Women's Council, $5.00; Enid, Davis Parkr$1305.10;

WASH.: Prosser, Central CWF, $76.50; Seattle, W. Seattle CC, $4.00. W. VA.: Martinsburg, Shirley Keller, $30.00.

vA.: Chilhowie, CC, $5.00.


CALIF.: Sonora, Mr. and Mrs. James Keady,


-ILL.; Springfield, Janice-Benton, $15.00. KANS.: Atchison, Frances Shoebrook, $15.00. NEBR.: Scottsbluff, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Snoo
ker, $5.00.

PENN.: Erwin, Norwin CC, $5.00; Lockhaven,

ILL.: Mason City, World Evangelism Fellow

ship, $441.00.

C of C, $55.00; Pittsburgh, Hazelwood Miss. Soc., $30.00.

OKLA.: Muskogee, Mrs. B. E. Blunt, $20.00.

MO.: Sedalia, Mr. and Mrs.

OHIO: Toronto, Mrs. Eugene Sciance, $30.00.

TENN.: Kingsport, Oakwood Forest, CC, $105.21;

Limestone, Mt. Bethel Miss. Soc., $30.00.
^ JL

KANS.: Belleville, Central CC Hi School Class, $5.10, CWF, $60.00: Canton, Chr. Ladies Aid,

Marvin Smith,




$40.00 and Golden Circle Class, $10.00; Circleville CC, $50.00; Clay Center, CC, $10.00; Colony,
cordia. Young Adults, $90.00; Gridley, CC Ladies
CC, $39.80, Northcott Miss. Soc., $40.00; ConAid Soc., $10.00; Haiper, CC, Dorcas Soc., $40.00; Manhattan, Bible College, ABX Fund,




TEX.: Amarillo, Lillian Sue Scott, $1.00; Lamarque, CC, $10.00; Orange, W. Oramge Teeming
VA.: Cambria, Bellemont SS, $9.00. WASH.: Vancouver, CC SS, $10.00; Esther E. Whitaker, $50.00. W. VA.: Chester, CC, Young Adult Class, $5.00.

ORE.: Springfield, Mr. and Mrs. Les Skinner,


$90.00, Crestview CC, $60.00; Miltonvale, CC



Topeka, Highland Park, CWF, $60.00: Valley

Falls, CC, $450.00, CWF, $20.00

Mrs. Amos Mosher, $5.00; Soldier, CC, $75.50;

Churches, $59.55);






ARK.: Mt. Home, 1st CC, Brasilia Builders, $42.00, Church gift, $40.15 and Dorcas Soc.,


$24.00, Scotty McLeran, $1.00: Englewood, Mr. and Mrs. James Vawter, $150.00; Elbert, CC,
Trinidad, Mrs. Myrtle Stroman, $15.00. D.C.: Edith Payne, $15.00.

Jackson, $300.00, Westside CC, $14.00, A friend,

CALIF.: Woodland Hills, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Eddy, $25.00. COLO.: Denver, Milton Ambler, $35.00, Lois


Found, $50.00, Progressive Class and Jefferson

CALIF.: Huntington Park, Wayne Long, $7.00; La Habra, Cypress St. C of C, $90.00; Long
Russell Barton, $90.00.





Clyde Douglas, $30.00.




G. B. and Mrs. Prilla Jordan, $60.00; Palo' Alto,

Bower, $90.00; Elbert, CC, $100.00; Grand Junc

Beach, Parkcrest C of C, $100.00; Los Gatos,

$60.00; Golden, Mr. and Mrs. Riiusby, $100.00;

CA.: East Point, Jefferson Park CC, $50.00. FLA.: Sarasota, Southside DVBS, $l5.00. ILL.: Mason City, World Evangelism Fellow

MO.! Adrian, CC Loyal Daughters, $70.00; Agency, CC, $125.00, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ridge,
Gillman City, Matt Hughes, $13.00; Independence, Louis, Jennings C of ~, $25.00.
NEBR.: Chester. CC. $61.62.

MD.: Baltimore, Blvd. Ave. CC, $125.00. MINN.: Minneapoh's, Univ. C of C, $162.50.

COLO.; Arvada, GC, $70.00; Denver, Clark

tion, Orchard Mesa CC, $30.00; Rangely, Forest

Norman, $165.64. EXiA.: Brandon, 1st CC, $27.00; Tampa, Cen

$25.00; Breckenridge, Willard C. Ralston, $10.00;

$68.60; St. Joseph, Central CC, $90.00;

tral CC and Women's Council, $30.00, Palma Ceia

Hilda Case, $30.00; King City, Island City CC,


CC, $87.00, Zela L. Janda, $10.00; Ocala Cen

ship, $25.00; Mt. Pulaski, CC, $19.00; Saybrook, Mrs. Bartley's SS Class, $13.00. IND.: Indianapolis, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Ewing,
CC. $90.00.

tral CC, $2.12; Orlando, 1st CC, $25.00; Wauchula, 1st CC, $16.00; Winterhaven, Central CC,

$90.00, Hansing Park CC, $90.00, Warren Hi&

OHIO: Grove City C of C, $75.00. OKLA.: Camargo, CWF, $60.00.

S. DAK.: Belle Fouche, Marvin Smith, $25.00; Hot Springs, Merle Collins, $60.00.

GA.: Augusta, L. C. Maynard, $10.00; Savan

nah, S. Garaen C of C, $30.00.

KANS.: Anthony, Homebuilders Class, $63.90; Chanute, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. May, $40.00; Fredonia, LaFontaine CC, $98.93; Cirard, CC SS,

Calumet City, C of C, $12.50; Joliet, Maplelawn CC, $46.65; Lincoln, John C. Rail, $20.00; Ore gon, 1st CC, $65.00; Astoria, CC, $20.10; La

ILL.: Charleston, Frsmk E. Wood family, $70.00;

$40.00; Lawrence, Wesley Keltdier, $10.00; Parsoiu. Central CC, $122.83, Friendship Class, $23.65; Savonburg, CC, $20.00; Wichita, Broad
Mrs. Ray Parrptt,.^45.00.

$45.00; La Cygne, CC, $270.00, CWF Croup 11,

CC, $162.00, Memorial CC, $4.35, Paradise Valley Chr. Ladies Council, $12.00, Stevenson Park CC,
slow, 1st CC Miss. Soc., $25.00.

ARIZ.: Mesa, Central CC, $250.00; Phoenix, 1st

$10.00; Prescott, Willis St. C of C, $15.00; WinCALIF.: Los Angeles, Muriel Hersom, $9.00;
COLO.: Cheyenne Wells, CC, $181.16; CUftom

IND.: Anderson, Bethany CC, $250.00; Beechgrove, 1st CC, $50.00; Bloomington, S. Walnut

Harbe, CC, $25.00; Tinley Park, C of C, $2.00.


way Ave., $120.00, Glenn Park, $376.23, Mr. and

CC, Loyal Friends Bible Class, $25.00.


KY.! Cave'Ci^, CC, $50.00; Louisville, Clifton

MD.: Fork, CC, $29.55; Havre De Grace, CC, MINN.: Dassell, CC, $22.50; Qeveland, C of C,

Bakersfield, Merle Scates Cassidy, $10.00.

CC, $240.00 and Miss. Soc., $30.00 and CE Soc., $45.00; Craig, Anti-Kant Class, $10.00 and

$30.00; Hebron, CC, $14.25; Indianapolis, E. 16th St. CC, $45.00; Ellettsville, CC, $42.50; James town, CC, $67.07; Mich. City, Westside C of C, $15.00; New Market, C of C, $30.00; Plainfield, CC, Chr. Serv. Fellowship, $200.00; MontpoUer,
CC, $25.50; Redkey, CC, $25.91: Rushville, Plum Creek CC, $23.00; Portland, W. Walnut St. C of C. $50.00; Salsberry, CC, $32.43. IOWA: Clear Lake, Mrs. Elaine HaU, $40.00;
fnend, $25.00. KANS.: Abilene, CWF, $30.00; Junction City, 1st CC, $15.00; La Crosse, CC, $78.68; Kans.

CC, $9.58, Smithville CC, Kum Join Us

$50.00; Eagle Lake CC, $25.00; Litcdrfield, C of C, $20.15; Lake Crystal, C of C, $15.55; Minneap olis, Area Women's Fellowship, $91.65, Howard Lake C of C, $25.00, 48th CC, $25.00; St.

Virgil Beal, $30.()0; Cortez, CC, $17.00; Com merce City, CC, $240.00; Delta, CE, $30.0():

Denver, Nona Ohlbert, $30.00; Elbert, CC, $60.00 and Jr. Dept. $25.00; Florence, CC, $25.00; Grand
Junction, NE CC, $42.50;
cent SS

Paul, Dayton's Bluff CC, $15.60; Truman, C of C, $35.0O, Horicon C of C, $23.51; Worthington, C of C, $60.00; New Brighton, CC, $10.00.
MO.: Kansas City, Fairmont CC, $150.00; St.

Ignacioi lima Rowse, $5.00; Lamar, 1st CC Cres

Holly, CC, $73.00;

Clinton, C of C Miss., $48.00; MarshaUtown, Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Lorenson, $25.00; Vinton, A
City, Nedra Mayo, $155.00; Lamed, Mr. and

Louis, Clark Bower, $17.00.

$30.00 and SS, $6.01; Palisade, CC, $84.00; Plea sant View, Mrs. Seely, $25.00: Paonia, 1st CC,
$30.00, Vernon

Montrose, CC, $45.00 and Rqpeholders Miss. Grp.,

Stroman, $30.00; Uravan, Willis

Class, $30.00; Longmont, CC, $30.00;

$18.25, CW^ $36.50, Mrs. George Dudley, $18.00;

$200.00; Deer Creek, Women's Council, $10.00;

OHIO: Shelby, George Van Wagner, $10.00. OKLA.: ^arme. Cay Ewing Bible Study Croup,

Halfett, $5.00; Trinidad, Mrs.



rence CC, $52.86, Lawrence Hghts. CC, $60.00; Ogallah CC, $100.00; Princeton, Crossroads CC Sr. Hi Class, $5.00; Wichita, Glenn Park CC,

Mrs. C. R. Schreiner, $90.00; Lawrence, N. Law

Bartlesville, Darwin Widmer, $15.00; Byron, CC,

ILL.: Mt. Carmel, Maude CC, $30.00.

IND.: Logansport, Lucerne CCL $22.23.

$91.44, Theophilus Class, $70.00.

Enid, Pleasantville Comm. Ch. SS, $65.31; Tulsa, Highland Park CC, $5.10. PENN.: Erwin, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Bunting, $20.00, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Srwlor, $10.00; Lodchaven, 1st C of C and SS, $91.39; Laughlintown,
Ligonier JOY

Shenango CC, $195.30; Pittsburgh, Central CC, $200.00, Dick Linderman, $5O.0O, Mrs. Arthur J.
Haima, $3.00, Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Knoll. $15.00.

Miss. Grp., $30.00; New Castle,

Wilroads Garden CC Women's Council, $30.00; Ogallah, CC. $150.00; Plainsville, Mrs. Amos Mo sher, $5.00; Protection, CC, $99.00; Winfield, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Tweed, $6O.0O. MONT.i Helena, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Wilson,

KANS.! Copeland, C of C, $15.00; Dodge City,

Columbia, CC, $50.00; Gulston, Pansy CC, $56.00; Louisville, Mrs. Donald Davisson's Grp., $13.00.

KY.: Crossroads, CC SS Young People, $2.50;

MO.: King City, Island City CC, $d2.00; Rush

ville, CC, $41.00.

NEBR.: Scottsbluff, Friends of Brasilia, $195.00.

ter, Jr. Girls SS Class, $2O.O0.

VA.: Cambria, Bellemont SS, $90.00; Winches

Wise.: Green Bay, C of C, $50.00.

saders and Primary Class, $32.93.

Richards, SS, $15.0^ Ridgeway, CC Bible Cru

MINN.: Forest Lake, C of C, $12.00.


Benson City, Wesley Paddock, $10.00;

$100.00; Winston-Salem, Bible College, $5.19,

N. CAR.: Williamstown, Macedonia Miss. Gip.,

N. MEX.: Belem, CC, $38.60; Clovis, Central

CC, $30.00; Aztec, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rowse, $10.00; Deming, CC, (James E. Morgan), $40.00

OHIO: Columbus, Indianola C of C Win-ACuple Class, $150.00; Defianq^ 1st C of C, $25.00; Cincinnati, Westwood-Cheviot C of C, $50.00; Grove City, C of C Women's Serv. Work
ers, $11.30: Shelby, George Van Wagner, $10.00.

N. Winston C of C, $25.00.

OHIO: Canton, Moorland CC, $5O.0O.

NEBR.: Scottsbluff, 1st CC. $360.00.


and Women's CoimcR, $120.0(L Kenneth E. Bric-

OKLA.: Byron, CC, $500.00; Ardmore, Memor


Farmington, CC Women's


ial CC, $90.00; Enid, Davis Park CC. $25.00;


Clinton, Mr. W. A. Lemon, $50.00: Meno, CC, $100.00; Mutual, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Clovis, $5.00;



COLO.: Clifton, CE, $15.00; Aurora, Gateway

Combined Contribution ListConcluded

Tulsa, Highland Pailc CC, $84.00; Tuttle, 1st CC, ORE.: Eugene, Westslde C of C, $84.00; Turner, N. J. Reasoner, $5.00. PENN.: Blanchard, C of C, $30.00; Glennshaw,



Patrol Youth


CC, $50.00;

PENN.: Glennshaw, N.

Hills CC



Winterhaven, Mrs. O. R. Way, $5.00.

IDAHO: Emmett, CC SS, $61.76.

FLA.: DeLand, Plymouth Ave.

Class, $30.00. S. DAK.: Hot Springs, E. R. Lesher (sub) $2.00.

TEX.: Bridge City, CC, $15.00; Lamarque, 1st

VA.: Wood Howell, CC, $10.50.

CC, $21.75; Taylor, Dick Simmons (sub) $1.00.


C of C, $25.00; Mill Hall, C of C, $90.00; Monroeville, CC, $112.00; Pittsburgh, Brentwood CC, $50.00, Central CC, $80.00; Didc Ltoderman,

N. Hill CC, Friendship Class, $30.00; Lodchaven,

ILL.: Chicago, 1st CC, $156.55; Springfield, Janice Benton, $4.00. IND.: Beedi Grove, 1st CC, $50.00; Hebron, CC (A. V. Graham) $8.00; Indianapolis, Hansing
Park CC, $90.00.

lOWA: Scranton, C of C Miss.. $60.00.

OKLA.: Enid, Mrs. Patrick Gray, $135.00.


CALIF.: Los Angeles, Mar Vista C of C, $60.00.

dowbrook CC, $25.00;


Jonesboro, Central CC, $66.80; Marysville, Mea-

TENN.: Elizahethton, Oak Grove CC, $50.00;

Milltoan College (Mrs.

S. C.: Beaufort, SheU Point CC, $12.56.

KANS.: Barnes, CC, $20.00; Caney, WiU Gor don, $10.00; Copeland, Mrs. J. Duiiham, $2.00;

Donald Davisson's Class), $87.75, Rodney Oala,

Eastwood CC, Northside CC, Valley Hi CC, Slagle, $3.00;

Raysl, $4.00.

landale CC, $25.63, Mrs. Ira Spurlock, $5.00,

$20.00, Robert WiUafbrd, $10.00, $25.00, Mrs. Louise Lestra, $5.00, $4.52; Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Dallas, Riley CC, $10.00; Tames

Ainsworth Chapman, $10.00; San Antonio, Har-


TEX.: Arcadia, CC, $25.00, Allen P. Marsh, $5.00; Bridge City, CC, $5.O0; Houston, Memorial
$170.53; Lamarque, 1st CC,

$25.00 and

Ridgeway, CC Young People's Class, $21.00; De C of C, $10.00.

MONT.: Heleniu R. L. Wilson, $40.00.

MO.: Brecketuidge, Willard C. Ralston, $2.00; Bolivar, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Lenz, $16.00;

Mrs. Maddie Hinckley, $25.00. MINN.: Forest Lake, of C, $40.00; Mitmeapolis, Angelo Termont (sub.) $1.00.

Center, CC, $20.O0, Oren Beach, $10.00; Ashlana,

Athol, Cedar CC, $35.00; Hope, CC, $20.00; Clay

tures)" $54.70.

OHIO: CarroUton, C of C, DVBS (Bible pic

MO.: St. Joseph, Central CC, $25.00.

IND.: Plainfield, Chr. Serv. Fellowship, $10.00.

MO.: Kans. City, 2nd Creek CC, $50.00.


KANS.: Topeka, Highland Park CC Jr. Hi Grp.,

MO.: Buckner, W. W. AUen, $10.00.

Soto, Ridiard Bell, $5.00; St. Louis, Univ. City

$145.00, Mr. and Mrs. Noel Linton, $36.00.


$1.00; Sheldon, C of C, $7.00. "W. VA.: Martinshurg, Kermeth

Wise.: Ladysmith, C of C, $25.00, Fred Strahm,

G. Morgan,

NEBR.: Scottshluff, Mrs. Joe Spurgeon, $5.00, Ruth Spurgeon, $5.00. OHIO: Bamesville, Nellie Wright (sub) $1.00: Canton, Greenwood CC Women's Soc. (Inst.) $15.00; Grove City, Mrs. L. B. Dunn, $3.00; Lancaster, 5th Ave. C of C, $136.00; Shelby, 1st CC, $50.00; Sandusky, 1st CC Leaven Class,

KANS.: OgaUah, Mrs. Chas. Reynolds, $16.85.

MINN.: Mirmeapolis, Univ. C of C, Women's MEMORIALS _
Fellowship, $83.00.

KY.: Mt. Victory, Mrs. U. V. Vansant, $6.00. ORE.: Wasco, C of C, $100.00. CALIF.: Palo Alto, R. O. Barton, $10.00.

COLO.: Grand Jet, Alta Dale, $10.00.

OKLA.: Ardmore, Memorial CC, $15.00; Clin

ARK.: Mt. Home, 1st C of C, $20.00. CALIF.: Pamona, R, A. Melton (sub.) $1.00; Palo Alto, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Barton, (Irut.)

ton, CC, $150.00; Muskogee, Mr. and Mrs. Ben

Blunt, $10.00, Vidd Wolf (sub) $.25; Tulsa, Joe

Belt, $4.25.

ORE.: Eugene, L. H. Elwell, $5.93; Tigard, Mr.

and Mrs. Marvin Flatu, $5.00.

CALIF.: San Diego, Mrs. John Millerin memory of Ruth G. and Buel C. Ambler, $150.00; Inglewood, Mrs. Lura Yost in mem ory of Nellie Ambler, $5.00. OKLA.: Apache, CC Class 12 in memory of Mr. Dudley, $4.00.


Dear Friends,

sing! Here is another opportunity to readti

_What, another appeal? Yes, what a bles

gifts will put us over the top. YOU ARE THE ANSWER. Perhaps you, or perhaps

ness. Imagine you, yourself, going to Brazil

to preach the gospel!

out beyond yourself, yotir home, your busi

you know of someone who would i^e the responsibility of raising $1,000.00, $5,000.00,

or more for outright gifts or memorial gifts either in one sum or monthly offerings. Your
contribution will be put to work immedi ately. Because of the confidence of the concontinued after the deadline first set for us.

Perhaps you have already done this. May the Lord add riches to your life and may you feel our heartfelt thanks for your co


July 1963 to June 1964

struc^on manager and engineer work has

He has promised to continue the building
through these months with the understand
ing on his part and the confidence in the

_But on the other hand, we all have henefitted through one who counted His home in glory not a thing to be kept to Himself, counted His riches in Glory not a thing to be kept for Himself, but rather gave Himself to another country that He might save that our alb but we have come out here to give what we can with the Lord's help. You have helped _us^ through your prayers and

meet the monthly commitment for this year.


brethren on our part that we will be able to

Missionaries on the field

Missionaries on furlough
Missionaries in language school Recruits on deputation.
Total affiliates of the mission.

2 2

We are so thankful that this trust has not

been in vain. Besides the churdes visited

by Bro. Sanders, many of you, our brethren, have given and continued to give to put
may grow with us and through a great ex

country. We missionaries can never give

this over the top. We do pray your vision

Churches and Congregations:

Act. 30 Vila Nova 5 2

teadiers &

Baptisms Transfers Members preachers)

in "Brasilia". We have tried to be genUe

and kind in our approach to you and to seek

NOW we have before us the fined step

{ardim Bueno 9
.uziania Nova Gloria Brasilia 10 2 7

B. Universitario 1 Vila Fama

2 9

your participation. But it is time to take a

look at the situation. We have laimched off to a great start. Our attendance has averaged 2()% nowth a year, now in the "lOO's". It

45 26 34


31 9

3 3
4 4 8

is an investment that will live on for many

generations and actually spread around the world and on into eternity as this work

forth with true vigor. An investment in this distinctive cause

Watch for further reports. Pray without ceasing that along with this physical con struction the spiritual church may spring

pression of faith realize a task well done.

Guapo 14 Preaching Points: Estrela do Norte

will do better T^th die growing influence of

Silvania Area




know we have a neat potentialpotential

in prayer power, faith power, and work

members won and trained. With you, we

Vila Guara

5 4

only through helping to finance the oppor

Brasilia evangelistic, worship and education
al center.

pride and personal satisfaction that can come

grows. We are offering you the feeling ^


Rezende Farm



tunities for service which now confront tfie

We are just beginning to fell the response in Brasilia. We nave had a great reponse among many churches and individu^ to
build the church in this zoned area of the

Total 60 22 300 4^ Average weekly Simday School attendance 362

residential pcmulation of the dty. The pro ject is one-fu^ completed. Here then is incentive for the completion of this edifice this evangelistic and wor
ship center. Of necessity, we must complete the audi

SchoolsBrasilia adult night primary schooL 80 enrolled Medical services rendered for year in Goiania..l835 Bibles and New Testaments distributed 178 Chapels constructed l

ment in this singul^

Mark gifts
Make out l_ Brazil Chm 219 No. Lisbon St.

I look forward to receiving your invest


Youth Organizations

Daily Vacation Bible Sdiools


Youth Summer-Christian Camps

Enrollment Women's Organizations Enrollment

wing of the educational plant by the end of the yean Outright gifts are needed. Budget allowances could he made. End of the year

torium by July of 1965, and at least one

Evangelistic meetings nad itinerant trips 13 Social assistance 6414 Ihs. of food stiiffs given
to 87 families composed of 365 persons in Goiatria area.

go 4 48

CarroUton, Ohio 44615

For speaking dates contact me,

Brazil Christian Mission
%Mrs. V. H. Fair

1664 Poplar St.

Denver, Colorado 80220

Total contacts in public services