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FDTCT - FAQ (Flash Dynamic Triad Color Test - Frequently Asked Questions)

1. I have difficulty with the visualization, because the triad is already joined and
transparent, so I cant see it.
Well, in this case you can directly touch the sphere of the consciousness and then proceed
to the step where you wear the Integrated Consciousness and become Her.

2. I have difficulty with the visualization because I am kinesthetic.

This is actually a fake problem. The kenesthetic in 100% of cases believes to be unable to
see, but it is a mere conviction because he or her doesnt "knows he or her can do it." So
how to behave? Well, the sphere of consciousness, or the 3 spheres of the triad are myself,
so I know exactly where they are and, if I do not know it, I need to know that they can be
wherever I want. So I touch my spheres, after touching them, I understand where they are
and in that case I visualize their color because I understand that the failure to perceive
them was fiction.

3. I cant see the spheres because I think theyre black.

In that case I know exactly where they are, I can touch them, join them and then turn on the lamp
of the Integrated Consciousness.

4. Is there any age limit for the execution of the techniques, included the FDTCT?
There isnt any age limit for the execution of any mental simulation. A 3 years old child, a
90 years old or 40 years old person can do it all in the same way, theyll get results that
depend just on their will and consciousness, not on their age or culture.

5. How










We must remember that the process of acquisition of consciousness is a completely

personal matter. This means that the only way to help someone else is to let him or her
become aware of the situation completely by himself or herself and acquire the will of
overcoming the problem by himself or herself.
Otherwise he or shell never overcome it.
We cant help someone else if we didnt help ourselves before that.

Furthermore, this Universe has the characteristics of a hologram, in which each people are
simultaneously part of the Whole, he or she is the Whole itself. So by helping ourselves
acquiring consciousness of the self, indirectly we give a boost so that anyone else will do it,
including our family members.

6. I cant carry out the Flash Dynamic Triad Color Test due to the presence of parasites
or microchip. What to do?
The possible presence of alien or military implants, incorporeal parasites or alien active
memories cant obstruct the success of the Flash Dynamic TCT. The Flash Dynamic TCT is
just and only influenced by the lack of will of the subject or the failure of brain mechanisms
due to the use of drugs or psychoactive drugs or due to irreversible brain damages.

7. I did the Flash Dynamic TCT wrong, can I do it again?

The Flash Dynamic TCT can be executed entirely again, till it is reached the complete result. After
that, it has no more sense to make again something irreversible such as the achievement of the
Integrated Consciousness state.

8. I have no problems with the visualization, but how can I be sure that I havent invented anything,
and the technique actually works?
All the mental simulation base their success on the idea that the Universe is not something static,
and real, but virtual and constantly changing, especially the Consciousness, that constantly
moulds and creates the virtuality. So what we see inside us is not caused by what happens "outside
us". Rather, it is the contrary, everything that we "imagine" or that we live on a psychic level is
In a nutshell, this means that when we imagine something, what we imagine is not accidental, but
rather, in 100% of cases it always reflects the state of consciousness of the subject, with no
possibility of any influence that leads to imagine something instead another. In the case of TCT for
instance, if you force yourself trying to visualize a forced color due to the influence you may have
after having understood the meaning of the colors, well, that forcing is perceived unconsciously by
the subject as unpleasant feelings, and the person will realize that he or she is doing something
wrong and he or she has to see that sphere in a different, more natural color.