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Address: Himalaya Paradise, 206 Civil Lines, Nagpur 440001, Maharashtra, India Contact: + 1 !2""!6 , #12 2"2026"$ Email: l%dhah&gmail'(%m$ )e*page+ ,,,'hemantl%dha'(%m

Profit Centre Head / CEO / President / MD a (hallenging %pp%rtunities in industry /%r pers%nal and pr%/essi%nal gr%,th' PRO !LE -eas%ned pr%/essi%nal ,ith %ver !! years %/ e0perien(e in Pr%/it Center 1perati%ns, Pr%2e(t Management, 3usiness 4evel%pment, Ne, 3usiness startup and 3udgeting 5 C%st C%ntr%l' Currently , as Mana"in" Director #En$ironment % Clean Ener"y Di$ision& at 'M' En$ocare Ltd Na"(ur) !ndia. 60(ellen(e in planning and %perati%ns *a(.ed *y pr%ven a*ilities in enhan(ing (%rp%rate image, ensuring image upli/t, a((epta*ility and p%siti%ning, resulting in in(reased sales and uninterrupted *usiness gr%,th' Creative a*ilities in devel%ping ,ide net,%r. %/ (hannel partners t% ensure ade7uate rea(h and (apitali8e %n emerging %pp%rtunities' Pr%ven re(%rd in a(hieving turnar%und and guiding startup *usiness, e0perien(ed in leading and gr%,ing all /a(ets %/ *usiness t% ma.e it a dynami( and pr%gressive %rgani8ati%n' 9emain %n the (utting:edge driving ne, *usiness thr%ugh gl%*al .ey a((%unts and esta*lishing strategi( partnerships t% in(rease revenue and (%nsistent per/%rmer ,ith tra(. re(%rd %/ e0(eeding sales milest%nes year a/ter year' Pr%/i(ient in *usiness pra(ti(es, pr%gram and /inan(ial management, *randing (%n(epts and administrative pr%(edures Highly adept at %n several pr%2e(ts, res%lving (%n/li(ts, ment%ring team mem*ers and p%ssess e0(ellent de(isi%n a*ility ;*ility in analysis %/ (%nsumer and *uyer *ehavi%r, trade /l%,s, industrial stru(ture, (%mpetit%r strengths and ,ea.nesses, distri*uti%n (hannels, /inan(ial and regulat%ry instituti%ns' Pr%ven pe%ple management s.ills (%upled ,ith pr%/essi%nal (%mpeten(ies in m%*ili8ing and 2udi(i%usly managing res%ur(es ,ith stru(tured inputs in the d%mains %/ planning, s(heduling, delivery and m%nit%ring Capa*ility in 1perati%ns, -trategi( 3usiness planning, Pr%2e(t 60e(uti%n, 3usiness 4evel%pment 5 Ne, entry strategy and valuati%ns and superlative leadership 7ualities ,ith pr%ven a*ility t% lead 5 devel%p e//e(tive teams and a(hieve g%als' 60(epti%nal a*ilities in devel%ping ne, *usiness, *r%adening penetrati%n ,ithin a((%unts, and a(hieving (l%sure up%n (%mpleti%n %/ highly e//e(tive presentati%ns' -el/:m%tivated, hard, 5 (%nsistent ,ith a high degree %/ /le0i*ility, (reativity, res%ur(e/ulness, (%mmitment 5 %ptimism$ (an ,%r. in demanding time s(hedule t% meet g%al %riented deadlines <n%,n /%r analyti(al s.ills and a*ility t% =read> the (ust%mer ,ith s%und and un*iased 2udgment and de/t in management %/ multi:nati%nal and multi:(ultural ,%r. and (ust%mer *ase' CORE COMPETENC!E' 3usiness C%nsultan(y ? -trategi( -ales@Mar.eting ? 3usiness 4evel%pment ? Ainan(ial ;nalysis@ Management ? 3udgeting 5 A%re(asting ? Pr%du(t Pri(ing -trategy ? 3udget 5 C%st C%ntr%l ? Ne, 3usiness -et Bp PRO E''!ONAL E*PER!ENCE 'M' EN+OCARE LTD NA,P-R) !ND!A '!NCE .//0

Mana"in" Director #En$ironment % Clean Ener"y Di$ision& <ey player in analysis, devel%pment and implementati%n %/ strategi( *usiness plans 5 p%li(ies, ensuring %rgani8ati%nal gr%,th, targeting ma0imum pr%/ita*ility 5 (%st e//e(tiveness' -et dire(ti%n /%r the (%mpany, de/ined sh%rt@l%ng range %*2e(tives and missi%n %/ the (%mpany' C%ntri*uted leadership in all /un(ti%nal areas and at industry level t% a(hieve %*2e(tives'

9esp%nsi*le /%r the pr%/ita*le %perati%ns 5 setting up %/ the /%ll%,ing pr%2e(ts ,ith a parti(ular emphasis %n *usiness devel%pment and strive t% put a(r%ss the *rand message e//e(tively *y planning 5 (arrying %ut the right *rand (%mmuni7uC' A%rmulating inn%vative *usiness strategies t% impr%ve the pr%du(t a,areness and ensure enhan(ed *rand visi*ility' ;(tively inv%lved in (%n(eptuali8ing, implementing and m%nit%ring ,inning *randing strategies and (%rp%rate (%mmuni(ati%ns t% drive gr%,th in (lientsD *usiness v%lumes as ,ell as pr%/ita*ility' 4esign mutually pr%/ita*le, l%ng term arrangements *y stru(turing@restru(turing, neg%tiating and laun(hing allian(es' 9esp%nsi*le /%r identi/ying, devel%ping and dire(ting the implementati%n %/ *usiness strategy and (ultivating the (%mpanyDs reputati%n in the 5 ,ith (ust%mers 5 suppliers' 4e/ine *usiness missi%n and per/%rman(e standards a(r%ss all /un(ti%nal areas and peri%di(ally revie, per/%rman(e ,ith de/t appli(ati%n %/ (%n(urrent management audit pr%(edures' Credited /%r su((ess/ully gr%,ing the distri*uti%n (hannel thr%ugh 7uality re(ruitment and implementing su((ess/ul e0e(utive retenti%n pr%gram' 4esigned mutually pr%/ita*le, l%ng term arrangements *y stru(turing, neg%tiating and laun(hing allian(es' ;(tively inv%lved in (%n(eptuali8ing, implementing and m%nit%ring ,inning *randing strategies and (%rp%rate (%mmuni(ati%ns t% drive gr%,th in (lientsD *usiness v%lumes as ,ell as pr%/ita*ility' ;naly8ed latest mar.eting trends and tra(. (%mpetit%rsD a(tivities and pr%vided valua*le inputs /%r /ine tuning sales 5 mar.eting strategies' <ept a ta* %n *usiness dynami(s and realigned p%li(ies@pr%grams t% (%m*at (%mpetiti%n and stay /irmly a/l%at in a /ier(ely (%mpetitive' C%n(eptuali8ed and implemented (%mpetent strategies t% penetrate ne, areas and e0pand e0isting %nes /%r a ,ide %/ servi(es' -u((ess/ully set up 6nvir%nment 5 Clean 6nergy 4ivisi%n /r%m initial stage ,hi(h has g%t present turn%ver %/ IN9 200+(r, and 2"+ pr%2e(ts inv%lving pr%2e(t (%st ar%und IN9 1"00+(r, 5 1,100+ empl%yees and presen(e at m%re than 20 l%(ati%ns' 1ey Pro2ects Mana"ed: o C%mm%n Ha8ard%us ,aste /a(ility at Pune, Nagpur, ;uranga*ad, 3angal%re, E%a 54ahe2 FEu2aratG' o C%mm%n e//luent treatment plant at 3uti*%ri, <agal, )alu2 5 3ahadurgarh' o 3i%:Medi(al ,aste /a(ility at Mum*ai, 4elhi, Nasi., ;uranga*ad, <alyan, 9aipur, Hasai:Hirar5 Lu(.n%,' o Hydr% P%,er Pr%2e(t at Pen(h' o 6PC pr%2e(ts <%l.ata, Mehsana, 3haru(h, Nagpur, ;mravati' o Internati%nal *i% medi(al ,aste pr%2e(ts in Bganda, Ehana and Ind%nesia' A-, 566/ 7 OCT .//5


,M/ +ice President % Profit Center Head) !ndonesia % 'ri Lan8a Asst ,eneral Mana"er/ De(uty ,eneral Mana"er9Commercial) 566.9566: Mana"er/'enior Mana"er9 inance) 566/95665 1verall in:(harge %/ In:Pr%(ess H%use in Ind%nesia and then trans/erred in -rilan.a as %verall in:(harge %/ -pinning unit' 1verall resp%nsi*ility /%r tapping (%mpanyDs per/%rman(e in the and a((%rdingly, designing distri*uti%n plans and ensuring e//e(tive implementati%n %/ %perati%nal a(tivities' Pr%vided dire(ti%n, guidan(e t% the department t% ensure alignment ,ith the C%mpanyDs strategies' 9esp%nsi*le t% have envir%nment %/ p%sitive attitude, team ,%r. and synergy' 9esp%nsi*le /%r strategy /%rmulati%n and *usiness devel%pment plans /%r the (%mpany, setting up all pr%(esses related t% pr%du(t management and (reating the r%admap /%r the pr%du(ts' 4r%ve .ey strategi( Initiatives ,hile identi/ying and devel%ping ne, *usiness a(7uisiti%n %pp%rtunities in %rder t% deepen penetrati%n and enhan(ing the (lient *ase'

Managed a((%unts, (%sting, MI- 5 prepared m%nthly pr%2e(t rep%rt t% help in (%ntr%lling pr%2e(t (%st and %n time (%mpleti%n %/ pr%2e(ts and devel%ped trust *ased relati%nship am%ng all suppliers, empl%yees, (ust%mers, agents 5 higher management' 1verall in:(harge %/ ;((%unts, C%sting, Pur(hases, II, -e(urity, H9, -upply (hain et(' in P%lyester 4ivisi%n and resp%nsi*le /%r /inali8ati%n %/ C%mmer(ials p%li(ies5 Pr%du(t Pri(ing' 1ey Attainments: P%lyester 4ivisi%n F1 0:1 #G+ o -u((ess/ully esta*lished and set up pr%(esses 5 systems in P%lyester 4ivisi%n and redu(ed (%ntainer: halting time /r%m 1! h%urs t% 2 h%urs' o 9e(%gni8ed /%r in(reasing e//i(ien(y in -upply (hain and annuali8ed (%st saving in pa(.ing B-4 #00,000' o ;ssessed 0 J anti:dumping duty %n te0tured yarn *y 6B, Ind%rama ,as the %nly (%mpany in ,h%le regi%n' o -u((ess/ully redu(ed st%res invent%ry *y 2" J ,ith%ut a//e(ting the ,%r.' In:Pr%(ess H%use 4ivisi%n F1 K:2001G+ o -u((ess/ully in(reased pr%du(ti%n %/ 4yeing /r%m K,000 meters per day t% 2",000 meters per day ,ith impr%vement in 7uality %/ pr%du(ti%n, (%st saving and redu(ti%n in ,astages F/r%m #'KJ t% !'"JG' o In(reased e0p%rt /r%m 6"J t% 0J and redu(ed l%sses /r%m B-4 !00,000 per m%nth t% alm%st Ler%' -pinning 4ivisi%n F2001G+ o -u((ess/ully in(reased sales /r%m 2J t% "J and redu(ed sea /reight (%st *y 1"J' PA'T E*PER!ENCE

CON+ERT3 'PR!N, % EN,, CO 'r. Mana"er NA,P-R P-L+ER!'ER 'r. Mana"er ACOR 'TEEL Mana"er 1ALPATAR- CON'TR-CT!ON' Mana"er C-RR!C-LAR ACT!+!T!E'

2ul 56;: 7 Au" 566/

Dec 56;0 7 <ul 56;: Dec 56;. 7 No$ 56;0

Dec 56;/ 7 Dec 56;.

Aut=or of >?ords of ?isdom@ and =A to A of Entre(reneurs=i(> Past President 4=arat CluB, Ind%nesia Past 'ecretary !CA! c=a(ter Ind%nesia Past President Lions CluB MI4C Nagpur Director Ma=a$ir !nternational, Nagpur ounder CA C #C=ild Ado(tion or EducationG 5 CARE #C=ild Ado(tion or Re=aBilitation % Education& ounder sa$e?E #?ater n Ener"y& a (ampaign /%r envir%nmental a,areness ED-CAT!ON AD4M) ICA; Institute, India, 2004 C=artered Accountant) Institute %/ Chartered ;((%untants %/ India, 1 K0 4ac=elor of Commerce) 9a2asthan Bniversity, India, 1 #6 Tec=nical '8ills: 1ra(le, M- 1//i(e Date of 4irt=+ 0" Mul 1 "6 Nationality+ Indian$ Pass(ort No.+ Please Menti%n$ Date of ED(iry+ Please Menti%n' Lan"ua"es 8noEn+ 6nglish, Hindi, 3ahasa FInd%nesiaG' References+ ;vaila*le %n 9e7uest

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