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Thomas Mazzi Introduction Abstract It is an algorithm to exchange a key on a pu lic an! insecure channel" eliminating the technological a!#antage o$ the ig ea#es!ropper organizations. General in ormation %he algorithm&s name !eri#es $rom the captcha technology applie! to cryptography system. Preliminar! 'uman rain coul! e consi!ere! as a super parallel computer a#aila les to all users. It can per$orm a complicate! operation as the recognition o$ $igures" o$ soun!s an! sentences $rom semantic point o$ #ie( in a $e( millisecon! ut it is slo( to search the !ata in a list or execute $e( simple serial operations as mathematical $ormula an! its memory is accesse! y contents. %he computer (orks in opposite !irection" it per$orms the serial operations )uickly ut it can&t recognize the $igures or the soun!s meaning e$$iciently an! its memory is accesse! y a!!ress. Theor! Pre ace *lice an! +o (ants exchange the key. ,#e is a ig ea#es!roppe! organization. In action *lice generates a long ran!om string -ex. 10000 chars or more. an! calculates $or any 10 chars group shi$te! -see $ig. elo(. an hash an! memorizes them. %hen she trans$orms the string in a large captcha. %he captcha coul! e picture" soun! message" etc/ +o recei#es the captcha an! chooses a se)uence o$ 10 chars" he calculates the hash then sen!s it to *lice. *lice controls the recei#e! hash then compares (ith her list to o tain the 10 chars selecte! y +o . %hese 10 chars are the key exchange!.

Comments Comple"it! ,#e shoul! !eco!e the captcha an! calculate all hashes to $in! the share! key. %he captcha is !one to a#oi! any automatic recognition so only an intelligent unit" as human eing" can !eco!e it. %his operation is #ery long an! !i$$icult i$ it is repeate! on a long se)uence. * 'uman eing can rea! an! insert the long se)uence ut he is not immune to mistakes" to $atigue" to tire!ness an! he nee! pause to sleep" to eat/ he can&t (ork (ithout stop like a machine. %he hash rea!ing an! inserting are time consumption operations (ho can&t e assigne! to a computer. 0ea! string $rom the picture or catch a string $rom a #oice is consi!ere! a har! *I pro lem" normally it is !e$ine! as in#erse %uring test an! it is use! to !iscriminate a human eing $rom a computer -see 1*2%1'* technology.. %he parallelism o$ ,#e&s computer is compromise!. 1r3p%o41*2%1'* algorithm nee! a computer plus human eing" so i$ ,#e (ant use 1000 computers she also nee! 1000 people (ith all managing pro lems connecte!. Possible impro#ements %he algorithm can e impro#e! a!!ing an inter4operation et(een the string inserting an! hash calculation to increase the time spen!ing to o tain the hash. O$ course this operation shoul! e a $ast operation $or *lice ut slo( $or +o an! ,#e" a typical one (ay $unction. $!stem Ad#anta%e 1. %he system re!uces an! minimizes the technological a!#antage o$ a ig organization (ho is spying the communication. 2. It !oesn&t nee! any special technological plat$orm" a lo( price computer can a sol#e the 5o . 3. It imposes that interlocutors are human eing an! not computers or automate! systems. $!stem &isad#anta%e 1. It nee!s o$ more complicate! so$t(are to generate the captcha string. 2. It nee!s a memory space to archi#e all num ers an! hashes. 3. %he (i!th4 an! o$ channel must e enough large to exchange a huge captcha in a reasona le time.