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Readingthe following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet toindicate the correct answer to each

of the questions from 1 to 10: Animation traditionally is done by hand-drawing or painting successiveframe of an object, each slightly different than the proceeding frame. Incomputer animation, although the computer may be the one to draw the differentframes, in most cases the artist will draw the beginning and ending frames andthe computer will produce the drawings between the first and the last drawing.This is generally referred to as computerassisted animation, because thecomputer is more of a helper than an originator. In full computer animation, complex mathematical formulas are used toproduce the final sequences of pictures. These formulas operate on extensivedatabases of numbers that defines the objects in the pictures as theyexist in mathematical space. The database consists of endpoints, and color andintensity information. ighly trained professionals are needed to produce sucheffects because animation that obtains high degrees of realism involvescomputer techniques fro three-dimensional transformation, shading, andcurvatures. igh-tech computer animation for film involves very expensive computersystems along with special color terminals or frame buffers. The frame uffer is nothing more than agiant image memory for viewing a single frame. It temporarily holds the imagefor display on the screen. A camera can be used to film directly from the computer!s display screen,but for the highest quality images possible, expensive film recorders are used.The computer computers the positions and colors for the figures in the picture,and sends this information to the recorder, which captures it onfilm. "ometimes, however, the images are stored on a large magnetic dis# beforebeing sent to the recorder. !nce this process iscompleted, it is replaced for the next frame. $hen the entire sequence has beenrecorded on the film, the film must be developed before the animation can beviewed. If the entire sequence does not seem right, the motions must becorrected, recomputed, redisplayed, and rerecorded. This approach can be veryexpensive and timeconsuming. %ften, computer-animation companies first domotion tests with simple computer-generated line drawings before selling theircomputers to the task of calculating the high-resolution,realistic-loo#ing images. &uestion '( $hat aspect of computer animation does thepassage mainly discuss) A. The production procession *. The equipment needed +. The high cost ,. The role of the artist &uestion -( According to the passage, incomputer-assisted animation the role of the computer is to draw the .......... A. first frame *. middle frames +. last frame ,. entire sequences of frames &uestion /( The word 0they" in thesecond paragraph refers to .......... A. formulas *. objects +. numbers ,. database &uestion 1( According to the passage, the frame uffers mentioned in the thirdparagraph are used to .......... A. add color to the images *. expose several frames at the sametime +. store individual images ,. create new frames &uestion 2( According to the passage, the positions andcolors of the figures in high-tech animation are determined by .......... A. drawing several versions *. enlarging one frame at a lime +. analy3ing the sequence fromdifferent angles ,. using computercalculations &uestion 4( The word 0captures" in thefourth paragraph is closest in meaning to .......... A. separates *. registers +. describes ,. numbers &uestion 5( The word 0!nce"in the fourth paragraph is closest in meaning to .......... A. before *. since +. after ,. while

&uestion 6( According to the passage, how do computer-animation companies often test motion) A. They experimentwith computer-generated line drawings. *. They hand-draw successive frames. +. They calculate high-resolutions images. ,. They develop extensive mathematical formulas. &uestion 7( The word 0task8 in thefourth paragraph is closest in meaning to .......... A. possibility *.position +. time ,. job &uestion '9( $hich of the following statement issupported by the passage) A. +omputers have reduced the costs of animation. *. In the future, traditional artists will no longer be needed. +. Artists are unable to produce drawings as high in quality ascomputer drawings. ,. Animationinvolves a wide range of technical and artistic s#ills. #arkthe letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word or phrasethat is !$$!%&'( in meaning to the underlined part in each of the followingquestions from 11 to 1): &uestion ''( $e offer a speedy and secureservice of transferring money in less than -1 hours. A. uninterested *. unsure +. open ,. slow &uestion '-( The :ed +ross is aninternational humanitarian agency dedicated to reducing the sufferingsof wounded soldiers, civilians and prisoners of war. A. happiness *. worry and sadness +.pain and sorrow ,. loss #arkthe letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word or phrasethat is C*!%(%' in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions from 1+ to 1,: &uestion '/( The most important thing is to #eepyourself occupied. A. busy *. comfortable +. free ,. relaxed &uestion '1( ;y uncle, who is an accomplishedguitarist, taught me how to play. A. s#illful *. famous +. perfect ,. modest &uestion '2( After many year ofunsuccessfully endea-oring to form his own orchestra, <lenn ;illerfinally achieved world fame in '7/7 as a big band leader. A. requesting *. trying +. offering ,. deciding #arkthe letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer toeach of the questions from 1. to /,: &uestion '4( - ,o you li#epop music or ja33) - I don!t li#e .......of them. Iprefer classical music. A. any *. both +. either ,. neither &uestion '5( *y '6-9, there were over sixty steamboats onthe ;ississippi river, ....... were quiteluxurious. A. which many *. many ofthem +. many of which ,. many that &uestion '6( =et!s do something to protect theenvironment, .......we) A. needn!t *. must +. shall ,. will &uestion '7( .......saying was so important that I as#edeveryone to stop tal#ing and listen. A. $hat the woman was *. That the woman was +. The woman was ,. $hat was the woman

&uestion -9( If we leave now for our trip, we can drivehalf the distance before we stop .......lunch. A. for having *. havinghad +. having ,. to have &uestion -'( Although he is my friend, I find it hard to....... his selfishness. A. #eep up with *. comedown with +. put up with ,. catch up with &uestion --( >0$ould you li#e another coffee)8 > 0............8. A. $illingly *. ?ery #ind of your part +. I!d love one ,. It!s a pleasure &uestion -/( The discovery was a major ....... forresearch wor#ers. A. brea#-in *. brea#out +. brea#through ,.brea#down &uestion -1( -0,o you mind if I ta#e a seat)8 - 0............. .0 A. @es, I don!t mind *. Ao, do as you please +. Ao I mind ,. @es, do as you please &uestion -2( As the two teams left the football ground,the '99,999 ....... gave them a standing ovation. A. bystanders *. spectators +. viewers ,. audiences &uestion -4( ;y parents lent me the money. ......., Icouldn!t have afforded the trip. A. owever *. Therefore +. %nly if ,. %therwise arding ....... the bill toyesterday. &uestion -5( It was ;r.

A. who sent my secretary *. to whom my secretary sent +. that my secretary sent ,. my secretary sent &uestion -6( - 0 ow lovely your pets areB8 >0............8. A. I love them, too *. Than# you, it!s nice of you to say so +. +an you say that again ,. :eally) They are &uestion -7( It is essential that Alice ....... Tom of the meeting tomorrow. A. remind *. must remind +. reminds ,. will remind &uestion /9( It is interesting to ta#e ....... a newhobby such as collecting stamps or going fishing. A. over *. on +. in ,. up &uestion /'( Cac# made me ....... him next wee#. A. promise calling *.to promise calling +. to promise to call ,. promise to call &uestion /-( ....... down to dinner than the telephonerang. A. Ao sooner had I sat *. "carcelyI sat +. ardly had I sat ,. Ao sooner I sat &uestion //( 0 I passed the T%DE= test, ;om.8 -0 .......8 A. All right *. Than#you +. $ell done ,. <ood luc# &uestion /1( - 0,on!t failto send your parents my regards8 - 0............. .0 A. It!s my pleasure *.<ood idea, than#s +. @ou!ve welcome ,. Than#s, I will &uestion /2( Farts of the country are suffering water....... after the unusually dry summer. A. shortage *. supply +. thirst ,. hunger &uestion /4( The bad weather caused serious damage to thecrop. If only it ....... warmer. A. was *. were +. has been ,. had been

&uestion /5( ;y supervisor is angry with me. I didn!t doall the wor# that I ....... last wee#. A. must have done *.can have done +. may have done ,. should have done &uestion /6( Cogging every day will....... you good. A. do *.#eep +. help ,. ma#e &uestion /7(, I!d thin# twice about thatdecision. I could be a bad move. A. $ere I *. "hould I be +. If Iam ,. If I had been &uestion 19( They are having their house ....... by aconstruction company. A. to paint *. beingpainted +. painted ,. painting &uestion 1'( "tay out of this problem and do notinterfere, pleaseB It!s none of your .......B A. wor# *. job +. business ,. action &uestion 1-( Aot only ....... to spea# to him, but shealso vowed never to see him again. A. she refused *. did she refuse +. she did refuse ,. when she refused &uestion 1/( The judge ....... the pedestrian for theaccident. A. accused *. charged +. sued ,. blamed &uestion 11( "he had to borrow her sister!s car becausehers was ........ A. out of wor# *. out of order +. off chance ,. off wor# &uestion 12( $e should participate in the movement....... to conserve the natural environment. A. to organi3e *. organi3ing +. which organi3ed ,. organi3ed #arkthe letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to show the underlined part thatneeds correction from /. to ,0: &uestion 14( A galaxy, where may includebillions of stars, is held together by gravitationattraction. A*+, &uestion 15( The tongue is the principle organ oftaste, and is crucial for chewing, swallowed,and spea#ing. A*+, &uestion 16( If;onique had not attended the party, she never would meether old friend ,an, whom she A*+ had notseen in years. , &uestion 17( Asmaller percentage of *ritish students go on to fartheror higher education than any other A*+, Duropeancountry. &uestion 29( The proposal has repealed after a thirty-minutes discussion and a numberof objections to A*+ its failure to include our district. , #arkthe letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differsfrom the rest in the position of the main stress in each of the followingquestionsfrom ,1 to ,,: &uestion 2'( A. environment *. satisfy +. imagine ,. attractive &uestion 2-( A. biology *. ability +. interactive ,. inaccurate &uestion 2/( A. speciali3e *.anxious +. anticipate ,. tendency

&uestion 21( A. eliminate *. compulsory +. technology ,. academic &uestion 22( A. medicine *. addition +. endanger ,. survival Readthe following passage and mark A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correctword for each of the ank from ,. to .,: $hy did you decideto read, and will you #eep reading to the end) ,o you expect to understandevery single part of it and will you remember anything about it in afortnight!s GHIJ ..........)+ommon sense GHIJ ..........that the answers to these questions depend on 0readability8- whether the GHIJ ..........matter is interesting, and the argument clear and the GHIJ ..........attractive.*ut psychologists are trying to GHIJ .......... why people read > andoften don!t read certain things, for example technical information. They alsohave examined so much the writing as the readers. Dven the most technicallyconfident people often GHIJ .......... instructions for thevideo or home computer in favor of hands- on experience. And people frequentlyta#e little notice of consumer information, whether on nutritional labels or inthe small print of contracts.Fsychologists researching reading GHIJ .......... to assume that both beginners and competentreaders read everything put in front of them from start to finish. There are GHIJ ..........amongthem about the role of eyes, memory and brain during the process. "ome peoplebelieve that fluent readers ta#e in very letter or word they seeK other GHIJ ..........thatreader rely on memory or context to carry them from one phrase to another. *utthey have always assumed that the reading process is the same( reading starts,comprehension GHIJ ..........,then reading stops. &uestion 24( A. time *. period +. term ,. gap &uestion 25( A. transmits *. suggests +. informs ,. advises &uestion 26( A. content *. text +. subject ,. topic &uestion 27( A. information *.pattern +. layout ,. assembly &uestion 49( A. rate *. value +. determine ,. ensure &uestion 4'( A. ignore *. pass +. miss ,. omit &uestion 4-( A. lead *. tend +. underta#e ,. consent &uestion 4/( A. contests *. objections +. separations ,. arguments &uestion 41( A. direct *. press +. insist ,. urge &uestion 42( A. occurs *. establishes +. issues ,. sets #arkthe letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that isclosest in meaning to each of the following questions from .. to 00: &uestion 44( $hile I strongly disapproved of yourbehavior, I will help you this time. A. ,espite of my strong disapproval of your behavior, I will helpyou this time. *. ,espite mystrong disapproval of your behavior, I will help you this time. +. Although I strongly disapproved of your behavior, but I willhelp you this time. ,. *ecause of your behavior, I will help you this time. &uestion 45( I!m sorry I interrupted your speech in themiddle. A. @our speech is very sorry for being interrupted in the middle. *. I!m sorry to interrupt your speech in the middle. +. It!s my pity to interrupt your speech in the middle. ,. I apologi3edfor having interrupted your speech in the middle. &uestion 46( I was not surprised to hear that A. *y having failed his driving test, *. If arry hadfailed his driving test. arry made no surprise.

arry had not failed his driving test, I would have beensurprised.


arry!s having failed his driving test is not my surprise. arry had failed his driving test.

,. It came as nosurprise to me that

&uestion 47( "he has always had a good relationship withthe children. A. "he has alwaysgot on well with the children. *. "he has got a lot of friend children. +. "he has always got away well with the children. ,. The children have had her as their friend. &uestion 59( I have called this meeting in order topresent the latest sale figures. A. This meeting is in order to present the latest sale figures. *. ;y purpose in this meeting is in order to present the latestsale figures. +. ;y purpose inhaving called this meeting is to present the latest sale figures. ,. This meeting is called in order to present the latest salefigures. Readingthe following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet toindicate the correct answer to each of the question 01 to 10: "omeanimal behaviorists argue that certain animals can remember part events,anticipate future ones, ma#e plans and choices, and coordinate activitieswithin a group. These scientists, however, are cautious about the extent towhich animals can be credited with conscious processing. Dxplanations of animalbehavior that leave out any sort of consciousness at all and ascribe actionsentirely to instinct leave many questions unanswered. %ne example of suchunexplained behavior( oneybees communicate the sources of nectar to oneanother by doing a dance in a figure-eight pattern. The orientation of thedance conveys the position of the food relative to the sun!s position in thes#y, and the speed of the dance tells how far the food source is from the hive.;ost researchers assume that the ability to perform and encode the dance isinnate and shows no special intelligence. *ut in one study, when experimenters#ept changing the site of the food source, each time moving the food -2 percentfather from the previous site, foraging honeybees began to anticipate where thefood source would appear next. $hen the researchers arrived at the newlocation, they would find the bees circling the spot, waiting for their food.Ao one has yet explained how bees, whose brains weigh fourten-thousandths of an ounce, could have inferred the location of the new site. %ther behaviors that mayindicate some cognition include tool use. ;any animals, li#e the otter who usesa stone to crac# mussel shells, are capable of using objects in the naturalenvironment as rudimentary tools. %ne researcher has found that motherchimpan3ees occasionally show their young how to use tools to open hard nuts.In one study, chimpan3ees compared two pairs of food wells containing chocolatechips. %ne pair might contain, say, five chips and three chips, the other fourchips and three chips. Allowed to choose which pair they wanted, thechimpan3ees almost always chose the one with thehigher total, showing some sort of summing ability. %ther chimpan3ees havelearned to use numerals to label quantities of items and do simple sums. &uestion 5'( $hat does the passage mainly discuss) A. %bservationsthat suggest consciousness in animal behavior. *. The use of food in studies of animal behavior. +. The role of instinct in animal behavior. ,. ,ifferences between the behavior of animals in their naturalenvironments and in laboratory experiments. &uestion 5-( $hich of the following is A%T discussed as anability animals are thought to have) A. +ommunicating emotions *. :emembering past experiences +. "electing among choices ,. Anticipating events to come &uestion 5/( $hat is the purpose of the honeybee at asite) A. To determine the quality of food at a site

*. To increase the speed of travel to food sources +. To identify the type of nectar that is available ,. To communicatethe location of food &uestion 51( The word 0yet8 is closest inmeaning to ............ A. however *. generally +. since ,. so far &uestion 52( $hat did researchers discover in the study ofhoneybees discussed in paragraph -) A. *ees are able to travel at greater speeds than scientiststhought. *. The bees were able to determine in advance where scientistswould place their food. +. +hanging the location of food caused bees to decrease theirdance activity. ,. The bees couldtravel -2L farther than scientists expected. &uestion 54( It can be inferred from the passage thatbrain si3e is assumed to ............ A. be an indicator of cognitive ability *. be related to food consumption +. correspond to levels of activity ,. vary among individuals within a species &uestion 55( $hy are otters and mussel shells included inthe discussion in paragraph /) A. To provide that certain species demonstrate greater ability intool use than other species. *. To provide anexample of tool use among animals. +. To show that animals are very good at using objects in theirhabitat. ,. To provide an example of the use of weapons among animals. &uestion 56( The word 0rudimentary8 inmeaning to ............ A. technical *. basic +. superior ,. original &uestion 57( The phrase 0the one8 refer tothe ............. A. chimpan3ee *. pair +. ability ,. study &uestion 69( "cientists concluded from the experiment withchimpan3ees and chocolate chips that chimpan3ees ........... A. prefer to wor# in pairs or groups *. have difficulty selecting when given choices +. lac# abilities that other primates have ,. exhibitbehavior that indicates certain mathematical abilities