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Gross profit ratio of the company shows a satisfactory level with not much variations in the continuous five accounting years. The rate of increase in the net profit ratio shows a good progress of the company.

Operating ratio of the company shows the relation of operating cost and net sales. Here it is quite satisfactory. Administrative expenses ratio shows the relationship between administrative expenses and the net sales of the company. It is not bad in nature. Ideal ratio of current asset ratio is 2:1 .That means the ratio between current assets and current liabilities should be in the ratio 2:1.Here in the case AFPL, current ratio is satisfactory. Absolute liquid ratio must be less than 1.Thus it shows efficiency in absolute liquid ratio. Quick ratio or liquid ratio is derived with liquid assets and current liability. The ideal ratio of liquid ratio is 1:1.Thus, here in the company liquid ratio is satisfactory. Inventory turnover ratio of the company shows the relationship between sales and average stock. Here in the company, inventory turnover ratio comes down during the first four years by at the end of the fifth year it goes to a high level. Working capital ratio of the company is satisfactory. Debtor turnover ratio of the company is derived by net sales and net fixed assets. It goes in increasing in the first four years but it is not satisfactory in the fifth year. Fixed assets turnover ratio of the company is increasing over the years indicating high capacity utilization.

Current assets turnover ratio is the ratio with the net sales and current assets. Current asset ratio is quite satisfactory. Total assets turnover ratio is in increasing rate. Thus the company is rich in their assets management. Average collection period is not satisfactory. Inventory holding period is satisfactory. Debt equity ratio shows the relation of debt and equity. Debt equity ratio is not much satisfactory. Proprietary ratio of the company is in ascending in nature. Thus it is satisfactory in nature. Total assets to debt ratio is derived from total assets and long term debts. Here in the first four years it is in higher rate but it decreased in the fifth year. Fixed assets ratio shows the relationship between fixed assets and capital employed. It is satisfactory in nature. Current assets to fixed assets ratio of the company show the ratio of current assets and fixed assets. It is satisfactory in nature.

The overall financial position of the company is normal but it is required to improve its profitability. The company should try to withstand in this competitive business world. As the competitors in marine products exporting are increasing, the company should adopt better promotional activities and advertisement. The leverage position of the company is quite satisfactory, so the company should try to continue the same in the future. Debt equity ratio has not satisfactory for the past two years .So the company has enough scope for the more long term borrowings from the outsiders as its current ratio is also good and has a sufficient amount of current assets. Net fixed asset of the company has increased and even though they are not utilizing the enhanced technology to increases sales. So the management should take initiative steps for the proper utilization of resources.

Financial statement analysis is a useful tool for comparing the financial statement for different periods. It helps to understand the strength and weaknesses of the organization. Financial analysis is an important aspect, which influences the long term stability, profitability and liquidity of an organization. Therefore an attempt has been made to evaluate the financial performance of the company with the help of ratios. The study has been conducted to analyze the financial analysis of Abad fisheries Pvt. Ltd is a member of Abad group of companies who have established its name in the field of marine food exporting for quality and reliability. From the analysis and interpretation of the financial statements, it is clear that the Abad Fisheries Pvt. Ltd.s liquidity and solvency position are good. The study reveals that the financial position of the company is very much satisfactory.