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STEP WISE EVOLUTION THEORY Fallacy of Over simplification and Occam razor are two twin sisters and often overlaps each other. The theory of Evolution is an over simplified theory which neglects the complexity and complications of life form and living beings on earth., and the initial condition of earth. The theory of evolution has its limits. According to the theory of evolution all the Biological life forms on earth emerged from two processes. A] Genetic Drift in the Genes of Existing living things in Evolutes direction. b] Natural selection. The word nature is the most ambiguous word in nature and has a number of real and virtual meanings. The condition on earth before in become what it is now can not be termed as nature. Rather a more appropriate word is Protanature of earth PNE. AXIOMS OF ALL EVOLUTIIONAY THEORIES. ALL THE EVOLUTIONARY THEORIES HAVE THE FOLLOWING AXIOM COMMON.> 1] GENETIC CHANGINGS OCCUR IN LIVING FORMS ON EARTH 2] EMERGENCE OR EXTINCTION OF A LIFE FORM IS SELECTED BY NATURE UNVOLUNTARILY. 3] SIMILIRALITY IN THE BODY, CELLS, INTRA CELLULAR STRUCTURES AND MOLECULAR STRUCTURES OF TWO OR MORE LIFE FORMS ON EARTH ARE DUE TO COMMON ANSISTORS. 4] THERE IS NO SPONTANIOUS APPEARENCE OF ANY HIGHER LIFE FORM. 5] THE CHANGES IN GENETIC CODES IS IN THE HIGHER DIRECTION FROM LOWER DIRECTION. 6] THE PROCESS OF EVOLUTION IS EXTREMELY SLOW.

It can not explain a number of Biological events and non biological events closely related to life on earth. It fails to explain the emergence of FIRST life on earth the theory suggests that the first life form which appeared must be the simplest of all. This means that no life form simpler than this would be found on earth if the theory is correct. De evolution is of course a new modification... It can not explain the complex structures of life forms. Theory of genetic changing is two complexes and can not be satisfactory to explain the variety of life forms on earth. Such a complex transformation is the basic weakness of the theory...Similarly the Axiom of selection is inadequate to explain the complex suggested evolution for the different life forms on earth. Page | 2

It can not explain whether there is an evolution between any two distinct evolutions. Or whether the two consecutive evolutions exclude the middle and why. This does mean a leap or a jump between parents and of springs whether on minute scales or in mega scale. It weakly explains the vestigial organs. It weakly explains the existences of viruses. It can not explain the cause of the evolution the Genetic drift. The cause of all such evolution is the change in genetic codes of genes and in the coded information. But the theory fails trod explain his cause of these changes and alternations, addition and subtraction in the coded information. THE THEORY WEAKLY EXPLAINS WHY THE PROCESS IS IRREVERSABLE. IN NATURE. It can not explain the information in the genetic life forms of the first life forms. This is not in harmony with ABIOGENETIC ORIGEN OF LIFE. It suggests the existence of first life form as it has no beginning. Since Biogenesis is essentially Not in harmony to Evolution. So it is required to propose a new theory as n alternative to the theory of Evolution.


Assuming that Evolution is the most appropriate biological theory for the explanation of a number biological events in nature There is always a room of proposing new and new theories. It is not claimed that there can be no valid objection in the presented theory of STEPWISE EVOLUTION but it is the right of this theory to get modified instead of Being rejected just for the fact that some objections are valid. TYHE BASIC RIGHT OF A THEORY IS MODIFICATION AND NOT A TOTAL REJECTION IN CASE OF A VALID OBJECTION. INTRODUCTION TO THE THEORY. This theory consists of two parts. Due to some technical reasons we shall plain the second part first and the first part secondly. This IS NO CONSPARACY ONE WHO FIND IT NOT CONVINIENT MAY INTERCHANGE THEIR PLACE BY USING CUT PASTE METHOD For his satisfaction.


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A] The Evolution has occurs in steps. Each STEP has a beginning and an end. After that the process of evolution does cease to occur. A new species appear or emerges not by evolution but by THE SIMILAR WAY THE VERY FIRST LIFE FORM WAS PRODUCED ON EARTH AFTER THE FORMATION OF EARTH. There may be or may not be some similarity between the first and the second species [SAY SPECY FOR A SUGGESTED Singular]. THIS SIMILARITY IS NOT DUE TO TRHE PROCESS OF EVOLUTION BUT DUE TO THE SIMILARITY OF THE GENETIC STRUCTURE. The suggested reasons for the similarity are explained latter. PROCESS OF PIECEWISE OR STEP WISE EVOLUTION. A SPECIES appears n earth not due to the process of evolution and under go to the process of evolution. The process of evolution cannot continue indefinitely. A state comes when the process of evolution does cease to be. With the ceasing of the process either the species ceases to be or the final or the evolutes species remains. It us be noted that the LIMITED EVOLUTIONJ IS NOT TOTAL BUT PARTIAL. So some of the intermediate species may also remain. LAWS. A] There is no evolution between two consecutive evolutions of an Evolution Family B] This implies that there is no evolution between any two distinct consecutive evolutions so that an infinite distinct evolution occurs. b] The new species line may have some resemblance but it is not due to the evolution but due to the resemblance of genetic codes. This resemblance in the genetic cods is not due to evolution but due on the intrinsic property of structures of different genes. C] The new species line is unevaluated from the first. BASIC PROPERTY OF THE GENETIC CODES.


Each step shows a number of species evolutes in one step. Say in the interval [1, 21.9] From [2, 2.9] there is another family of species evolutes from species f (2). At x at 1.9 the evolution in first species ceases. Say the horizontal line a. Form x at 2 a new species emerges with out the process of evolution.

Where x is the time and [x] is the evolution of a species or emergence of it. FUNDAMENTAL AXIOMS OF THE THEORY>/ 1] The basic property of a genetic code is or resists any change or mutation which cause evolution as a species reproduces new offsprings... 2] As the process of Evolution proceeds further it reaccelerates and finally ceases. 3]3] any resemblance in the structures of atoms etc.implies resemblance in codes of information and disresemblance implies disresemblence in the informations. 4] EVOLUTION is not due to external effects but due to codes informations. How ever f the codes allow to mutate the informations on external enjoinment this is a separate case. 5] Organs and activeness of an organ are due to the informations in the genes. 6] An Intelligent design / Rational or a rational Design NEITHER NEED AN INTELLIGENT / RATIONNAL. DESIGNER nor THE PROCESS OF CONTINOUS EVOLUTION. PART B OF THE THEORY. The emergence of each species the first ancestor of a family requires an ABIOGENETIC THEORY. ABIOGENESIS HAS BEEN DISCARDED IN FAVOUR OF biogenesis. But this theory needs to be modified rather than to be discarded once for all. It is rational to theorise that the Formation of earth is responsible for the life forms on earth. Initially there were two types of compounds formed on earth. A] Non living compounds. B} Potentially Living compounds Both of them were formed almost simultaneously on earth. Potentially Living compounds were in form of colony or deposit which may vary in comity. Potentially Living compounds gave rise to a number of different life forms on earth one after another Page | 5

How ever the activation of life depended upon different informations coded in practically non living molecules probably in gaseous form. Since earth is the only planet suitable for life forms initially the different ALIVE UNITFORMED IN COLONIES [SAY PATCHES] SOME OF THEM UNITED TO PRODUCE DIFFERENT HITHER LIVING BEINGS AS ACCOREDING TO THEIR INFORMATIONS CODED IN THEM. .The initial Beings of each family reproduced a next type of species NOT like themselves. Thus the first reproduced species drifted from their ancestors. During activation these units by their intrinsic properties and informations united to form animals or plant of FIRT STEP... After a period of time an other Patch activated and produced a new kind of life form higher that the first. Each patch of PLU became actually alive from potentially alive state onetime dependent basis. They United to form living organism which reproduced in different EVLUTED SPECIES. An other form was viruses which did not oar could not unite to give rise to higher living being. SUMMARY OF THIS PART. When planet earth was formed it was not suitable for any known life form .With the emergence Of Naturally Occurring Inorganic Compounds, Potentially Living Units were formed [SAY A TYPE B OF ORGANIC COMPOUND] plu. These plug were of two types1] Viruses.2]Potentially Living UNIT ORGANISMS. Tees PLU activated to life under suitable conditions.PLU WERE FORMED INCOLONIESAND DEPOSITS [PATCHES] The intrinsic properties of them were dependent combination and structure of molecules and atoms. EXAMPLE> GIVEN A PATCH P each patch Pat some time say t0.They united to formic a living organism. This Organism produced a number o f individual animals or plants. The newly reproduced species did undergo evolution but finally the process was ceased. Now an other Patch got activated. Problem of resemblance. THE RESEMPLENCE DID NOT DEPEND UPON EVOLUTION BUT THE SIMILARITY OF INFORMATIONS. Since in each patch the informations were some what similar and some what dissimilar. For example the vestigial organs were due to the similarity and their inactiveness was due to dissimilarity. Page | 6

ONE MAY NOT OWE TO EVOLUTION OR ID FOR THIS SIMILARITIES AND DISSIMILARITIES. Since one any see this in a much broad spectrum There are similarities in naturally occurring elements and compound. One neither owe to evolution or to ID in the structural design of Sub atomic particle and atomic particles, and chemical compounds.

Initially planet earth did not existed. With the formation of the third planet from the sun [a star] life emerged on the planet in some latter part of time. The emergence of Naturally occurring elements and compounds was in proto earth period. All the compounds responsible for life forms were produced in this period At that time there were two types of compounds on earth formed side by side. A] PURELY NON LIVING. B] POTENTIAQLLY LIVING. Potentially livings were practically non living. This potentially living Matter activated in actual life forms. This was a lime dependent process. The process was Continual but not continuous. THE MATTER WHICH COULD GIVE RISE TO HIGHER LIFE FORMS WAS ACTIVATED LATTER AS ACCORDING TO THE SUITABLE CONDITIONS OF THEIR ACTIVATION. Result@ Living things were formed in stages. Higher forms were formed latter since the ir matter activated lately and simpler life forms were formed earlier since their matter activated earlier. The similarity is not due to evolution but due to thesimilarity of informations of life units say life molecules . Yet some evolution on minor scale did occured but this does not mean that all the species and all the organisms found on earth did evolved. CONCLUSION Theory of Evolution has a secret AXIOM to which it ows but in general does not accept explicitly.Yet in implicitly mensions it. It is only a close secret in its explicit form yet it is an open secret in its implicit form. IT MAY BE STATED EXPLICITLY AS FOLLW. NO HIGHER LIFE FORM CAN APPEAR ON EARTH WITH OUT THE PROCESS OF EVOLUTION FROM RELATIVELY LOWER LIFE FORM. Replacing this Axiom by some alternative Axiom[s] ONE May propose a New Theory . Page | 7

THE PIECE WISE EVOLUTION THEORY is not a perfect theory and it may be Modified . Since if a theory is rejected due to some strong objections , this never means that the theory Is discarded once for all. This only means that the theory needs some modifications, and some modifications may be proposed so that it become immune from those objections at best , or those objections may become weak so that they may not be able to reject the theory. Even in this theory one may propose some modifications , like the existence of Potentially alive matters , can may be replaced by a set of additional conditions which caused the emergence of higher life forms from normal matter in the initial stages of earth which ceased to exist on latter stages. But this shall be an other theory. Our theory is as stated above. One may see this theory more deeply before going for or against it.

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