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The student voice of the Colorado School of Mines

Volume 94, Issue 20 March 24, 2014


Snowball Festival headed to Denver for 2014


Nicolas Cage stars in lackluster Wicker Man

The search radius for MH370 currently covers over 4800 kilometers of the southeastern hemisphere.

Search for missing airplane continues

Emily McNair Managing Editor
The disappearance of flight MH370 has left the world in shock. In such an interconnected world, it seemed impossible to lose something as large as a Boeing 777. However, the unthinkable became reality on Saturday, March 8 when 239 souls disappeared without a trace. At 12:41 am, the ight left the airport in Kuala Lumpur carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew. All of the crew were Malaysian; however, the passengers hailed from at least twelve dierent countries. Two of the passengers were traveling using stolen passports. Further investigation showed that these two men were of Iranian descent but had no link to terrorist groups. The ight ew on for 120 nautical miles. At this point, the ight was to be handed from Malaysian air trafc control to Vietnamese air trac control. All seemed well when the plane signed o from the Malaysians; however, it never checked in with air trac control in Ho Chi Minh City. Malaysian and Vietnamese ocials began the search for the plane at the point of last contact. Malaysian ships in the area did not see any wreckage, but an oil slick was reported. Later tests showed that this oil slick was not jet fuel. On March 9, Malaysian ocials said that radar data showed that the plane may have turned back. Ocials widened the search area in hopes of recovering debris from the plane. On March 10, Malaysian authorities further expanded the search area. While there had been several claims of seeing the plane, all of the leads proved false. People began wondering if MH370 had been hijacked or a bomb exploded on board; however, data from U.S. spy satellites showed that there had not been a mid-air explosion. On Tuesday, March 11, ocials began looking further into the possibility that MH370 had turned back. Military radar showed an unidentied object heading towards the Strait of Malacca after MH370 had lost contact with civilian air trac controllers. Allegations against the planes rst ofcer come to light. In previous ights, he had allowed women to enter the cockpit during a previous ight. Malaysia Airlines was unable to conrm the allegations. On March 12, ocials expanded the search area to include an area stretching from China to India and the pilots last words to air trac control, All right, good night, were released to the public. Vietnam scaled back its search eorts while a Chinese government agency released satellite photos that may have shown debris. The next day, this debris could not be found. Chinese ocials explained that the photos had been wrongly released. The Wall Street Journal reported that the plane could have continued ying for about 2200 miles. Satellites received faint electronic pulses from the plane that matched this theory. However, Malaysian Transport Minister Seri Hishammuddin dismissed these claims and said that the search would continue in the South China Sea. On March 15, the search area was expanded to include parts of the Indian Ocean. The U.S.S. Kidd, a U.S. destroyer, was on its way to the Strait of Malacca to assist in the search. On March 15, Malaysian ocials conrmed that MH370 had turned back. The plane ew west over the Malaysian Peninsula before turning northwest. Ocials also conrmed that the last signal from MH370 was received at 8:11 am, which was over seven hours after takeo. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak told the public that actions aboard MH370, such as the disabling of communications systems, were deliberate. Satellite data showed that the plane could have own in one of two areas - one area went north towards Kazakhstan while the other went south into the Indian Ocean. Malaysian police also search the pilots and copilots homes. On March 16, the search area was expanded to include the new corridors. The number of countries involved in the search grew from 14 to 25. Malaysian ocials revealed that they found a ight simulator in the copilots home and were analyzing it. The next day, the number of countries involved in the search expanded to 25. Investigators were looking into a ight engineer who was a passenger on the plane. On March 18, China announced that none of the Chinese on the plane had ties to terrorist groups. Thailands air force said that MH370 may have appeared on its radar shortly after its last contact. The unidentied object was ying towards the Strait of Malacca, which is where MH370 was


Orediggers fall to Metro State in RMAC Finals


Minds at Mines asks favorite movie of the year?

believed to have gone. Ocials said that this information was not shared earlier because Malaysia never asked for it. New information regarding the ight path emerged. It is shown that the change in the flight path was entered into the cockpit computer, which raised more suspicion that someone on the crew orchestrated the event. On March 19, the FBI joined the investigation. Malaysian ocials said that reports of a low-ying plane in the Maldives were not related to M370. Ocials also revealed that les had been deleted from the copilots ight simulator on February 3. The German insurance company Allianz began making payouts in connection with the missing plane. On March 20, Australia reported seeing debris on a satellite image. The largest piece was 24 meters long. Planes were sent to the location to investigate, but poor visibility limited the search. China and France have since picked up similar satellite images. The black box on MH370 may hold clues as to what happened. However, the Indian ocean is extremely deep and there are few vehicles capable of searching the bottom. The black box sends out an ultrasonic ping for 30 days. This ping can only be heard by those very close to the crash site, so a wide search area makes this task more dicult. As of March 23, there are 16 days remaining for the ping of MH370s black box. However, after the location of the black box has been found, it may still take years to recover.

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Ramiro Rodriguez, Staff Writer

University of Idaho - Dr. Jason Barnes of the University of Idaho has detected the rst liquid waves on another planetary body. Dr. Barnes used a mathematical model to analyze an image of the Punga Mare on Titan taken by the Cassini probe after seeing on the image what appeared to be sunlight reecting from surface liquid much in the same way a mirror redirects light. The Punga Mare is a lake that has in it approximately 9000 cubic km of liquid methane, roughly 40 times the proven reserves of oil and gas on earth.

University of London - A study led by Dr Carolyn McGettigan, from the University of Londons Department of Psychology, shows that the brain responds dierently to genuine laughter than forced laughter. The brain can not only determine a dierence, but an attempt is also made to discover the reason for forced laughing. Research subjects were not aware of the nature of the study and had their brain activity monitored while hearing laughter caused by seeing funny videos online and forced laughter. The forced laughter prompted the part of the brain associated with attempting to understand the mental and emotional state of others.

North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk, Siberia - An international team of scientists at the North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk, Siberia claim that DNA from a recently found well-preserved woolly mammoth could be cloned. The DNA taken from blood from the autopsy of the found mammoth carcass will be mixed with a female elephant to attempt birthing a woolly mammoth. The cloning process is expected to be dicult due to the splitting of the evolutionary path of elephants and woolly mammoths tens of thousands of years ago.

South Pole - Researchers at the AmundsenScott South Pole Station have detected waves of gravitational energy in the oldest light detectable by telescopes. This is being seen as a residual marker for the exponential growth of the universe in the rst trillionths of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second of the universe, giving large amounts of support to the Big Bang theory. The discovery has been conrmed to ve-sigma values.

Oredigger Staff
Lucy Orsi Editor-in-Chief Emily McNair Managing Editor Taylor Polodna Design Editor Connor McDonald Webmaster Lucy Orsi Business Manager Arnaud Filliat Copy Editor Katerina Gonzales Content Manager Jared Riemer Content Manager Karen Gilbert Faculty Advisor

Headlines from around the world

Ramiro Rodriguez, Staff Writer
Towns across the United States are opposing the increasing militarization of local police forces. Grants from the Department of Homeland Security have been funding the purchase of heavily fortied vehicles for use by police forces. Peter Kraska, a professor in the School of Justice Studies at Eastern Kentucky University, links the antipathy towards police militarization to revelations about the extent of government spying programs. Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law formalizing Russias annexation of Crimea. This is not being recognized by Ukraine, the EU, or other members of the G8 nations. In response to this move by Putin, the EU and the US have expanded sanctions against Russian ofcials, stock prices in Moscow have fallen, two credit agencies have downgraded Russias outlook to negative, and Visa and Mastercard have ceased providing services to SMP Bank and Bank Rossiya. A federal judge has ordered the FBI to justify shielding information relating to an alleged FBI plot to assassinate leaders of the Occupy movement. Information about the plot surfaced from a civil-rights legal organization making a Freedom of Information Act request earlier in the year. The FBI is claiming it has this right on the basis that the law gives them the ability to shield information compiled for law enforcement purposes if disclosure could cause harm or jeopardize the investigation. Online learning platform Khan Academy is partnering with College Board, the developer and administrator of standardized tests such as the SAT and AP tests, to help lessen the income barriers to higher education. Khan Academy will receive exclusive access to actual questions to develop a free test preparation service. The Netherlands has become the rst country to legalize nocarrier SIM cards. Mobile phone users in the Netherlands no longer have to be tied to a particular carrier for their cell service or swap out SIM cards to change service or travel overseas. This comes after an announcement of the European Union considering a ban on roaming charges between the member countries of the European Union. Minnesota-based brewing company Lakemaid has developed a drone based beer delivery system. The owners of Lakemaid decided to create an aerial unmanned delivery service after watching the 60 Minutes special on Amazons plans to have a same-day delivery service through the same method. The rst delivery was a successfully delivered 12-pack of their winter lager to a nearby ice shing shack. The Federal Aviation Administration has issued the brewery a cease and desist order as this is in violation of regulation relating to unmanned drones. MtGox, the former largest BitCoin exchange in the world, has announced it has found 200,000 lost BitCoins in an older format wallet le, worth approximately $116M. This comes after the theft of what was thought to be 850000 BitCoins by hackers earlier in February. The discovery accounts for 7% of all of the worlds BitCoins.

Local News
Governor Hickenlooper is expected to sign a law to expand the Medina Alert System across Colorado on Tuesday. The system is currently only used in the Denver area. The system was inspired by a hit and run where a taxi driver provided the license plate of the driver to the police. The system gives information about hit-and-runs to taxi drivers and others on the road. A car re in Aurora spread to a duplex early Sunday morning. No one was injured and no one was displaced. The cause of the re is under investigation. Private donors have paid to install beer taps in the governors mansion. The price of the taps has not been disclosed. The taps will have three dierent Colorado brews. Matt Duchene, a player for the Colorado Avalanche hockey team, is helping a local boy get an experimental drug for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The boys family started a We the People petition to get the FDA to release the experimental drug to the boy, but, as of Friday, it only had 65,000 of the required 100,000 signatures. The Avalanche star tweeted about the boys plight in hopes of getting enough signatures. The State House has passed a bill allowing Amtrak trains to go through Pueblo. Currently the trains pass through La Junta and Trinidad. The bill allows the trains to be re-routed and the trains will eventually go to Los Angeles. The train should be up and running within ve years.

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Mines to compete in wind turbine competition

Courtesy Mines Newsroom
Colorado School of Mines will compete against nine other schools at the National Collegiate Wind Competition in May in Las Vegas. Teams will be showcasing a lightweight, transportable wind turbine that could power small electronic devices. Each teams prototype wind turbine will be tested in a wind tunnel and scored for performance, operational safety, component durability and system reliability. Nine students on the Mines team, Zephyrus, are in the process of using design prototypes to build the nal turbine. Competition advisor Cameron Turner said the team has taken an innovative path in the competition by establishing a supporting business plan and developing an understanding of wind power political issues, in addition to, creating a technical solution to their design. In many ways, they are demonstrating not only technical competence, but also personal competence as citizens, Cameron Turner said. In two months, they will be presenting their work at the American Wind Energy Association meeting alongside nine other schools. I fully expect that the team will be amongst the best teams at the competition. Mines will be competing against Boise State University, California Maritime Academy, James Madison University, Kansas State University, Northern Arizona University, Pennsylvania State University, University of Alaska Fairbanks, University of Kansas and University of Massachusetts Lowell. Visit the Zephyrus website and competition website for more information.

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College Student Storage is looking for a campus manager to hand out flyers at the School of Mines in April. We are offering free summer storage and some $$ if you do a good job. Must be a School of Mines student and we prefer a student that lives on campus.

Mines to celebrate GalaxE-Days April 3-5

Courtesy Mines Newsroom
The traditional Ore Cart Pull begins April 4 at around 9 a.m., when students will travel on foot east on Colfax Avenue to the state capitol building where an elected ocial will issue the ocial E-Days Proclamation. Later that day, there will be a Tesla coil demonstration at 1 p.m. in Metals Hall (in the Green Center), eld day activities including a hot wing eating contest, mattress races, gold panning at more beginning at 2:30 p.m. on the Intramural Fields, a Soap Box Derby at 3 p.m. on West Campus Road and a concert featuring Sound Remedy at 7 p.m. on the Intramural Fields. On April 5, festivities begin at 10 a.m. with a car show in the CTLM parking lot and cardboard boat

If interested, please email us at or call 303-545-9525

races down Clear Creek in boats constructed only of cardboard and tape. A carnival, featuring games and food, will begin at noon on the IM elds. The Saturday night concert features 3OH!3 at 7 p.m. on the Intramural Fields followed by reworks at 10 p.m. at parking lot Q. For additional information, see the Mines Activity Council website.

Snowball festival coming to Mile High

Christopher Robbins Staff Writer
In a few short weeks, Colorados largest music festival will be setting up shop at The Park at Sports Authority Field at Mile High and fans of hip hop and electric dance music (EDM) from across the globe will be heading to Denver to witness it all at Snowball 2014. With four separate concert venues in the Park itself, the stage is set for three days of constant music beginning Friday, April 4th and running through Sunday the 6th. Headlined by local favorite Pretty Lights, Aussie duo Knife Party, and upstart GRiZ, as well as over 60 artists from around the world. This years Snowball schedule is shaping up to be one of the best installments of the event since it began in 2011. Hailing from just up the road in Fort Collins, Derek Vincent Smith, aka Pretty Lights, is thrilled to once again make an appearance at Snowball for what will be the third time in the programs four- PLM party. year history. Im super excited to Making their Snowball debut let people know that I will be per- this year is Knife Party, a DJ tanforming with renowned turntablist dem from Australia that has only Chris Karns and hip hop drum- been around since 2011, but mer extraordinaire Adam Deitch! have quickly become one of the he announced on his Facebook top performers in todays EDM page Wednesday, claiming the scene. Snowball will mark the festival will be a journey back teams first return to the United to my hip hop and production States for quite some time, as roots. Smith, whose main event they have been busy performwill begin Saturday ing for sold-out venues night at 8:40 on Snowball will across Australia and the the Snowball Main United Kingdom. DeStage, also gave fans feature over 60 spite being one of the a small taste of what names coming talented artists biggest they can expect from to Denver for the festival, his performance in from around the the duo has remained the same Facebook rather quiet about the post, claiming that event, only posting a globe. some of the tracks single tweet about havand remixes he has in store will ing a few days off to recoup make this show super banging after their most recent Australian and incredibly unique. In addi- tour before coming to the U.S. tion to his Saturday evening set, Quiet or not, Knife Partys exPretty Lights will appear on stage traordinary success and rise in again on Sunday night in the popularity over the last few years Groove Tent with several friends should have fans flocking to Mile from the Pretty Lights Music re- High to witness them take the cord label at Snowballs first ever main Snowball Stage at 9:30 on Friday night. The final headliner to make an appearance at Snowball this year is Duke Silver, better known as GRiZ. Relatively new to the EDM and hip hop scene but rising fast, the 23-year old Detroit native is definitely enjoying his growing success and stated via Facebook how he is proud to be able to headline this years Snowball music fest with the good homie Pretty Lights and Knife Party!! As with most other performers and fans alike, he is thrilled for the events move to Mile High this year, explaining that having a festival outside in the heart of Denver is going to be a special celebration. Cant wait tofill the night sky with beautiful music! GRiZ will get to do just that on Sunday evening at 9:45 on the Snowball Stage, where he will close out 2014s Snowball festivities with the final performance of the event. In addition to the headliners, Snowball will feature over 60 talented artists from around the

globe. Included among these are the Floozies, Mimosa, Brother Ali, Busta Rhymes, and Afroman to name just a few. Although most of these 60 artists share the genres of hip hop or EDM, the level of variety and uniqueness between each and every one is what will make Snowball 2014 a great experience for anyone who attends. With so many distinct styles of music on display all weekend long, the options are virtually limitless for how one can choose to experience and enjoy Snowball. Single day, general admission tickets are currently available for $50 and 3-day, general admission weekend passes are available for $174.50. Additionally, 3-day VIP passes are available for $399.50. For more information, visit Connect with SnowBall via their Facebook or Twitter. Official hashtags for Snowball 2014 are #SB14 #SNOWBALL2014 #SNOWBALL

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The bees are in my eyes! Quest for Titan

Ramiro Rodriguez Staff Writer
isle, a neo-pagan commune where she lives, to help find her. Without any sort of help or plan he goes to The Wicker Man is a 2006 hor- do this and is met with tremendous ror film written and directed by Neil amounts of evasiveness from the LaBute and stars Nicolas Cage. The people of the island whose local film is primarily a remake of the 1973 economy is dependent on honey, horror classic of the same name, which has recently declined. Mallus though it also takes material from the eventually finds an unmarked grave source material, a 1967 horror novel containing only a doll that has been titled Ritual. The film was poorly burned. He asks her teacher on the received by critics COURTESY WARNER BROS. PICTURES island how Rowen had died and the and has been called schoolhouse teachabsurd by Cage er says that she will and actively disasbe burned, though sociated from by quickly corrects the director of the herself. On the day original film, though of the ritual, which the film is still has been menwatched because tioned periodically of the unintentional throughout the film, humor in the acting Mallus assaults the and plot elements. keeper of the inn The Wicker he is staying at to Man opens to Posteal her bear cosliceman Edward tume and infiltrates Mallus (Cage) recallthe ritual in the ing himself stopping bear costume. He a car with two women and a young girl after he picks up sees Rowan tied to a tree about to a doll the girls had thrown out of the be burned and rushes towards her, car. After giving the doll back, the punching people out as he does, girl throws the doll out again and, and releases her. He then realizes as Mallus picks the doll up for the the entire search for Rowan was an second time, a truck comes out with elaborate trap by the villagers and no warning and smashes into the he is the intended sacrifice. They all car with the two women and young mob around him, beat him, break girl. Mallus is knocked unconscious his legs, and cover him in bees. as he tries to rescue the girl. A fade He is then put inside of the eponyto black later and the film returns to mous wicker man and is set on fire present time as Mallus receives a in hopes that the sacrifice will restore letter from his ex-fiancee that their the islands honey production. While the original 1973 film was daughter, Rowan, is missing and she wants him to come to Summer- a classic of the horror genre that has aged surprisingly well, that cannot be said of the remake. The film works far better as a comedy because of Cages over the top acting combined with the more nonsensical parts of the film. This is best seen in the most memorable line of the film NO! NOT THE BEES. THE BEES ARE IN MY EYES! a line that was not even in the theatrical release, just the uncut version. As a horror film, to say the remake falls short is an understatement. There is almost no suspense as the plot seems to just happen by random chance since it seems like the villagers plans seem to be contingent on Mallus being in very specific places, asking specific questions and, in some situations, be looking at something at specific times. There is no surprise when the islanders perform human sacrifice since the film paints them as creepily as possible from Maluss arrival on the island where in the original they were at least somewhat affable. The remake also removes an important element; the original shows the sacrifice to fail and heavily implies the islands leader (in the original its a Lord Summerisle and not Sister Summerisle) would be sacrificed next for it, where the closing of this film is just two women from the island seducing men to lure them on the island for sacrifice again. The only saving grace for this film is that Cage overreacts on what interviews would later reveal to be on purpose is incredibly entertaining. There is no other reason to watch this film than to watch Nicolas Cage run around punching people in a bear costume and be attacked by bees.

f e a t u r e s

march 24, 2014

Emily McNair Managing Editor

It is the year 3043. Earth was destroyed fifteen years ago by a powerful alien race called the Drej and humanity has all but ceased to exist. The only hope to save humanity is through Project Titan, a large spaceship hidden somewhere in the universe that holds the key to making a new Earth. Only one person in the universe, Kale, can turn on the Titan. The film tracks his quest from a scrapyard in the depths of space to a nebula filled with ice. Along the way, he must contend with backstabbing shipmates, love, and the all-important Drej, who track his every move. This is the premise of the 2000 movie Titan A.E. The story itself is fairly commonplace in the science-fiction universe. A dying species must get to some point and do something to bring the remaining people together to start anew. However, Titan A.E. follows this plot in fantastic fashion. The story is quite convoluted, which always keeps viewers on their toes. For an animated movie, the graphics are surprisingly good. The characters are styled similarly to those in Atlantis: The Lost Empire, although there are few humans. The range of aliens in this movie helps give the viewer a sense of how alone Kale is in the universe. Most of the aliens are based on animals, such as the cook, who is a cockroach. Others are based on kangaroos and

vultures, so none of them seem strange at first glance. However, as the story continues, viewers get a sense of how different each species really is. The environments and the scenes showing the ship from a distance really give this movie its flair. As opposed to the flat animation of the characters, the ships look extremely three dimensional and nebulas are quite breathtaking to look at. Even the planets are extremely beautiful, with the bubbles of hydrogen trees lit by a sunset and the realistic ripples in the water. However, the ending of the movie was a let down. The story ends with the creation of new Earth or, as Kale affectionately calls it, Planet Bob. There is no telling of how the humans fared on this new planet or how many even colonized it. Additionally, the graphics were lacking on this new planet. What could have been a beautiful scene was marred by the basic gradients covering a mountainous landscape. It really hurt the aesthetics of the final scene, which was meant to be quite touching. Nonetheless, Titan A.E. is a must-see for all science fiction fans. It includes the voice talents of Matt Damon and Drew Barrymore, among many other well-known names. Joss Whedon, the creator of the acclaimed series Firefly, was even involved in the screenplay. While this movie certainly has its flaws, the well-done storytelling and good animation make it a good movie.

DENVER, CO . APRIL 4-6, 2014

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Tycho has a gift The life of Dorian Gray

Sarah Dewar Staff Writer
simply studying for an exam. While this opinion may be a bit forward, the style of music that Tycho creates may perhaps be the classical music of our generation. It is mostly lyricless, melody driven, owing effortlessly from one song to the next. Scott Hansen has also established himself as a credible artist. He designs his own cover art for his album releases as well as many additions prints. His theme is a beautiful blend of saturated and warmly sun-drenched blues and oranges. Hansen has a very interesting blog where he posts all of his artwork, his music, and links to music that inspires his creative process. His artwork is promoted under the professional name ISO50, spurring from the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) which is the governing body on a numeric system intended to measure photograph lms sensitivity to light and characterize lm stock speeds. This blog is worth a glance at in order to gain some exposure to Hansens artwork. Tycho. ISO50. Hansen. This man has a gift when it comes to combining multiple art forms across very dierent media, and synthesizing his vision into a comprehensive product. One manifests in the form of sound, while the other is visual. Together, his art and his music enhance one another and unveil a collectively enchanting composition.

f e a t u r e s

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Jacqueline Feuerborn Staff Writer

Producing music under the name of Tycho, Scott Hansen is an electronic musician and artist from Sacramento, California. His latest album, Awake, was released on March 18 of this year. It has been nearly two full years since the last full album release, Dive, which was unveiled in September of 2012. Tycho makes music with a strong West Coast chillwave inuence. This includes the use of ocean sounds and song titles relating to the coast, the mountains, and the feelings associated with these natural landscapes. Tycho is able to produce full length albums that captivate listeners throughout. While it might be foreseen that eight or ten electronic songs from the same artist back-to-back would become tiresome, Tycho is able to interject the proper amount of intriguing sounds to keep listeners engaged. Tycho is denitely on the ambient side of electronic music there will be no bass drops or extended heavy beats in any of his music. Rather, Tycho blends calming nature sounds, female voices, and a mixture of harmonies to conclude with a thoughtful blend of serenity and excitement. This music is absolutely perfect for walking outside on a warm spring day, or

Black Forest Cake

Jacqueline Feuerborn Staff Writer
Looking for the perfect way to fulll a chocolate craving or in an attempt to impress someone with impeccable baking skills? Well look no further. This is a relatively straight forward cake recipe that is absolutely mouth watering and is sure to impress even the most stubborn critics. 6 squares (or 6 oz.) semi-sweet chocolate cup butter (1 sticks) 1 cups sugar 3 extra large eggs 2 teaspoons vanilla 2 cups unsifted our 1 teaspoon baking soda teaspoon salt 1 cups plus 2 tablespoons water 3 or 4 cups whipping cream cup powdered sugar 1 8 oz jar of cherry preserves (or jam). Melt chocolate and butter in saucepan over very low heat, stirring constantly just until melted.

Remove from heat. Stir in sugar until well blended. With mixer on low speed, beat in eggs, one at a time, until completely mixed. Add vanilla. Stir in cup our, baking soda, and salt. Beat in remaining 2 cups of our alternately with water until well blended and smooth. Pour evenly into two 9 inch greased and oured cake pans. (The bottom can be lined with parchment paper) Bake in preheated 350 degree oven for 35 to 40 minutes or until wooden pick inserted in the center comes out clean. Cool 10 minutes before removing from pans. Cool completely on wire racks. Beat the cream until sti and add powdered sugar until well blended. Place one layer of cake on serving plate. Gentle poke cake all over with fork. Top with cherry preserves allowing juices to soak into cake. Add a layer of whipped cream. Place second layer of cake on top and frost entire cake with whipped cream. Shave chocolate bar over cake. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde is an incredible book that will force any reader to look at themselves and the world in a completely dierent light. The Picture of Dorian Gray was published in 1890 and was originally just a story in the Lippincotts Monthly Magazine. It was not until 1891 that it was ocially published as a book in its own right. Since then, however, The Picture of Dorian Gray has been acclaimed as a classic and is recommended for almost everyone to read. This is a very dark book with very few to no shining lights of redemption. The Picture of Dorian Gray tells the story of none other than Dorian Gray. Dorian begins the book as an innocent and naive character that is new to London and society. Throughout the book Dorian loses all of that innocence and naivety. The main characters of this novel are Dorian (obviously), as well as Basil Hallward and Lord Henry Wotton. Basil Hallward is Dorians rst friend in London and he quickly becomes infatuated with Dorian. In this story, Basil is an incred- The ibly moral character and seems to be the only truly good character in the book. Lord Henry, on the other hand, plays the devil on Dorians shoulder to Basils angel. Lord Henry is a very witty character and most of the best lines in the book come from him, however, his look out on life is very pessimistic. He takes every opportunity to indulge in every hedonist activity that he can. Upon Dorians arrival to Lon-

acting. When Sybil is made aware of this, she takes her own life. This does not aect Dorian as it would be expected. He decides that a life of lust and pleasure in every form was the perfect thing for him. He spends the next eighteen years indulging in everything. He travels the world and does whatCOURTESY S.P. SHEARON ever he pleases. Lord Henry encourages him to enjoy debauchery and all of its forms. Basil, on the other hand, as the voice of reason tries to convince Dorian to become a better person but Dorian will hear nothing of it. Dorian is content in his debauchery and intends to continue. In a last attempt to convince Dorian to change, Basil shows Dorian the painting he did all those years ago. The painting has changed and not for the better. Dorians wish to remain as beautiful as in that painting came true. He didnt change, however, the painting shows all of the sins and the horrors that they have done to his soul. Dorian blames Basil and it leads to a terrifying confrontation. In the very end of the story, Dorian seems to have realized what horrors he has performed but he never truly repents for them. All in all, this is an absolutely Picture of Dorian Gray fascinates. incredible book that is all about ing. From there Dorian goes on the shades of gray that lives are to try and nd as much beauty in lived in and how beauty is not the the world as he can. On a trip to most important thing. This book is see a play with Lord Henry, Dorian a great read for anyone who wants becomes absolutely entranced to look at the world dierently. It by Sybil Vane, a beautiful actress. will show any reader how their own They quickly fall in love and Dorian selsh needs and actions can harm proposes to Sybil. However, as them. The Picture of Dorian Gray soon as Sybil experiences love she is a truly extraordinary novel that no longer wishes to act out fake anyone should read it they want to love in theaters. This revelation feel better about the kind of perleads to another: Dorian realizes son that they are. After all, no one that he only loves Sybil when she is is quite as awed as Dorian Gray.

don, he is posing for one of Basils paintings when he meets Lord Henry. Dorian is immediately taken by Lord Henrys view of the world. He begins to believe that, as Henry preaches, beauty is the only thing in life that matters. This leads to him wishing that he stays as young and beautiful as he is in that paint-

Black Forest cake is a delicious, straightforward recipe. w w w . O R E D I G G E R . n e t


p u z z l e s
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DOWN 1 Two policemen in open prison worked too much (7,2) 2 Disappointed at the end to concede the French touchdown (American style) (3,4) 3 First two beginnings of Green\ peace musical (6) 4/24d/23/15/4 24a/6's movie people, rst and last, drive away god strangely at rst, so tend to ruin (4,5,6,4,4) 5 Cartoon character Dewey (not English) with Pat and love less Doug disgruntled (6,4) 7 Stroke round person pos sessing small bottom? (7) 8 King, one with island fruits (5) 9 To be played on mountain peak? (7) 14 Girl acts in rst half? This bulb's a clue to that! (4,6) 17 I erred, say, foolishly making a movie (4,5) 18/11 What pertly gown fanci fully worn by star? (7,7) 20 Upset teacher, one half bleary and ridiculous (7) 22/12 Film tubes contain them; they might slip over each other (7,5) 23 See 4 24 See 4 26 The Spanish large ancestor (4)


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march 24, 2014

Orediggers fall short in RMAC Tournament

Jared Riemer Content Manager
In what would prove to be the final game of the season for the No. 13 Colorado School of Mines mens basketball team, the Orediggers fell once again to the Metro State Roadrunners. After falling behind the No. 1 team in the country by 16 late in the second half, the Orediggers cut the lead to three in the waning seconds only to lose by four, 86-82. In what was another hotly contested game between Mines and RMAC rival Metro State, the Orediggers kept the game close for the opening nine minutes only to fall behind by 14 with just over eight minutes remaining in the first half. Metros largest lead of the game came with 4:58 remaining, at 17 points (19-36). At halftime the Orediggers were behind 46-33. In the opening minutes of the second half, the Orediggers never could cut into the deficit. Both teams traded baskets and Metro kept their lead in double figures, but with the second stanza reaching the halfway points, the Orediggers found a spark. With Metro leading 67-51 with 8:58 remaining, Mines closed the lead to six points at 79-73 with 2:23 left, and with just 11 seconds remaining, the Orediggers had cut the lead to three points, 82-85. However, after a free throw by the Roadrunners, the Orediggers missed a three point attempt and fell just short of a comeback. In their final game as Orediggers, Brett Green, Luke Meisch, Trevor Ritchie, and Trevor Wages each scored in double figures. Green led the team with 16 points and five assists, and added two steals and two rebounds. Meisch had 14 points, five rebounds, and two assists. Ritchie scored 11 to go along with one rebound, two assists, and one steal; and Wages led the team with eight rebounds, and added one block, one steal, one assist, and 11 points. Brian Muller (junior) scored 12 and chipped in three rebounds. Off the bench, Caleb Waitsman chipped in seven points and four rebounds, Gokul Natesan added five points and two steals, and Will Carr contributed six points. As a team, the Orediggers shot 41.7% from the field, 74.3% from the charity stripe, and 33.3% from three. Metro shot 48.3% from the field and 41.2% from three. The Orediggers were outrebounded 40-31, but won the battle in the paint with 38 points to Metros 32.

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Katerina Gonzales Content Manager

Baseball takes two from Metro

Mines came within 4 points of besting the No. 1 ranked Roadrunnners for the RMAC championship title last Saturday.

Why GSG voted against the fee increase

Erik Charrier Guest Writer
As some readers no doubt know, USG voted unanimously to increase student fees to $100 during Mondays joint operating meeting. The fee increase passed despite a unanimous no vote from the smaller GSG delegation. This extremely unusual split highlights how out of touch and self interested USG has become. The split developed in the wake of USGs budget shortfall. USG decided that it did not have enough revenue to support all of its initiatives and clubs. USG then proposed an arbitrary increase to a round number without earmarking any recipients for the money. GSG was given the proposal in advance of the joint operating meeting and reviewed it. GSG which is not inherently opposed to spending money found the proposed increase to be completely unacceptable due to the lack of justifications. USG provided no hard analysis of why it did not have enough money or where the additional money would go. GSG asked USG for clarification, was promised additional information, and received nothing of substance before or during the joint operating meeting. Instead, USG only answered in generalities. No one would say precisely what groups would get the extra money or what it would be used for. Excellent suggestions that would serve much of the student body, such as a better E-Days and Oredigger support, came forth. But there were no hard numbers to be found and clubs were mentioned as the likely recipients of anything not used for its original purpose. From the given information, it was not clear where the money would go or exactly why it was needed. That is why GSG did their duty to their constituents and the student body and unanimously voted against increasing student fees without proper justification. The only novel thing about the GSG vote is that a campus organization tried to turn down more money because it didnt need more and was not convinced that the extra money would better serve students (GSG gets most of the graduate student fees). USG ignored this opposition and passed the increase anyway. The real question is why USG proposed and unanimously passed a fee increase that the entire GSG thought was unjustified. The answer is the self interests of the members. Despite the justification put forth by USG members that 90% of Mines students are involved in clubs, the participation and benefit levels vary significantly. The benefits to the heaviest club users far outweigh the cost of student fees while average and uninvolved students are getting less out of clubs than they pay into student fees. What is happening is the active and connected minority

The Oredigger baseball team drove out to Denver this weekend to take on the Metro State University Roadrunners in a pair of doubleheaders. Mines won both games Friday 6-4 and 5-3 and played out the remainder of the series Sunday. The Orediggers took the first shot as freshman infielder Logan Smith stole home in the first inning on a double steal while freshman Cody Marvel stole second base. Metro then responded by scoring two of their own runs off junior righty Ben Gilman. But the bats got to work again in the top of the second, with Logan Smith driving in junior infielder Zach Bothwell on an RBI single, and Bothwell scoring on an error by Metros third baseman. Mines increased their 3-2 advantage to 6-2 in the fourth inning as Bothwell crossed the plate again, this time on an out from shortstop to first, and Marvel provided an RBI single that scored two. Gilman settled down and did

not allow any further runs after that first inning, going seven full innings. Gilman allowed three walks and seven hits, but added four strikeouts to his line for another solid start. Freshman Nathan Smith closed for him and picked up the save while allowing two runs on three hits, and fanned two. Mines got right to work in the afternoon game, scoring three in the first. Cody Marvel drove in Charlie Basil with a single, Zach Bothwell walked with the bases loaded, and then Marvel scored on a fielding error. The Orediggers added more runs in the sixth and seventh innings1 in each. Nate Olinger had a good day with his 7-inning complete game. Olinger allowed the three runs, two of which came off of home runs, on five hits, but struck out two and only walked one. Mines played errorless baseball in the afternoon cap. Mines takes on New Mexico Highlands in their second home series of the season next Friday through Sunday.

Jared Riemer Content Manager

Orediggers dominate CCU in RMAC Quarterfinals

ing 15 of their 20 free-throws in the half. By the midway point of the second stanza, Mines led 7649 and their lead was still increasing. When the final buzzer finally rang, the score showed 102 for Mines and 57 for the other guys. From the opening tip, the Orediggers played inspired and fired up for what may well be the final game for four seniors Trevor Wages, Brett Green, Luke Meisch, Clay Boatwright, and Will Carr. Led by Meisch with 22 points, the Orediggers had five players in double figures. Meisch added eight rebounds, three assists, and two blocks in his 25 minutes of play; while Green scored 16, grabbed six boards, and had three assists and a steal. Wages scored 15 and recorded a near triple double with nine rebounds and seven blocks. With his nine rebounds, Wages became just the third member of the 1000 points 1000 rebound club at Mines, joining Joe Butkovich (1968-1972) and Jeff Rhodes (1978-1982) in the exclusive club.

The ninth-ranked Colorado School of Mines mens basketball team squared off against Colorado Christian in the first round of the RMAC Tournament on Tuesday, March 8, and for the second time in four days ran the Cougars off the floor. The Orediggers shellacked CCU 102-57 thanks to a blistering 63.2% shooting night. Colorado Christian took their only lead of the game (5-4) just 1:31 into the game with a three pointer. That lead lasted all of 15 seconds and, by the halfway point of the first, the Orediggers led by 13 (24-11) and were just beginning to pull away. At halftime, the Orediggers held the 4831 advantage, in large due to a 62.1% shooting percentage and going 4-of-8 from three. In the second half, the Orediggers could do no wrong. If they were hot in the first half, then they were on fire in the second, shooting 64.5% from the field and mak-

Brian Muller scored 11, had four assists, two steals and two rebounds, and Ritchie recorded four assists and six points. Off the bench, Gokul Natesan chipped in 10 points, four assists, three rebounds, and three steals. Boatwright scored six with a block and a rebound in his four minutes of play. The Orediggers held CCU to just a 30.2% shooting percentage on the night and out-rebounded the cougars 40-34. Mines shot 46.7% from three and 74.2% from the line. Another key to their victory was forcing 17 turnovers and only recording nine of their own, also the Orediggers assisted on 22 of their 36 makes on the night. The win was fresh off the announcement of all-conference honors. Three Orediggers were named first team all-RMAC: Green, Meisch, and Wages. Brian Muller was a second team selection, Ritchie a third team selection, and Natesan was crowned freshman of the year in the RMAC.

are significantly benefiting from the exercise of their power to tax the majority. During the deliberation, USG made it clear that they do not consider the uninvolved students to be their constituents. When USG was asked if the fee increase benefited the less involved, a USG representative said it was their problem for not being involved. When GSG suggested that student government must consider all the stakeholders even the uninvolved some of the USG representatives were visibly chuckling. This is not the language of a governing body that is doing its best to serve all its stakeholders. This is government by the active for the active.

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Minds at Mines
Best movies of the year so far
Katerina Gonzales Content Manager
Every semester is dierent, and that means the amount of movies watched per semester is dierent for many students. Yet, even with a small sample size, it seems that most Mines students have been able to chill out, relax, and see a lm, whether it just premiered like Divergent, or it has been a childhood favorite like Anastasia. We wanted to know the best movies out there that Mines kids are watching right now, so this week, Mines at Mines asked, What has been the best movie youve seen this semester?

1) Use numbers 1-3 for 3x3 puzzle, 1-6 for 6x6 puzzle, etc. 2) The heavy-outlined sections are called cages. In the upper-left corner of each cage is a target number and operator. 3) Use the operator with the allowed numbers for the puzzle to solve for the target number. The numbers you enter can be read in any order to solve for the target number. 4) You cannot enter repeating numbers in any given row or column, however, you may enter repeating numbers in a given cage so long as they do not repeat in a column or row. 5) There is only one real solution for each puzzle.
See 3x3 example and solution at right for beginner practice.

4x4 Hard

Frozen. Im a big Disney movie fan, but I liked how this one wasnt just about nding Prince Charming. Kelly Dempsey

Not Divergent. I didnt think it was bad, but the book was way better. I thought they did too many changes. Petra Atwood

6x6 Medium

The Wolf of Wall Street. Its just got a cool storyline. Good acting I guess. George Palmer

I liked Anastasia. Because it got us super excited and it was a great bonding experience for the girls I watch it with. Shannon Craig

8x8 Medium

I liked Mr. Peabody and Sherman. They had humor for kids, and then they had jokes adults would get, and they did a good job doing it. Mitchell Paradie

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