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Safe exercises Explain why the spine can be a problem in exercises.

Practise analysing exercises in lab book using question from class in week 11 Upper Limb Write notes on Gleno-humeral joint ternocla!icular "# joint Explain why the shoul$er joint is anatomically prone to $islocations What is the function of the rotator cuff muscles% Explain the scapulo-thoracic &'oint() inclu$ing scapular mo!ements. What is gleno-humeral rhythm Write notes on the elbow an$ forearm joints. What are the * elbow flexors an$ what $etermines their in!ol!ement in elbow flexion. What is a precision+power grip% ,iscuss grips in relation to carrying a tennis racquet for ki$s+geriatrics Lower limb What is a forwar$+backwar$ pel!ic tilt. ,escribe a -ype1+. hip joint. ,escribe what occurs in hip flexion ,escribe what occurs in hip extension. ,escribe the structures in the knee joint. ,escribe the role of the patella at the knee joint. /ist the 0 major ligaments at the ankle joint. "t which joints $o in!ersion an$ e!ersion occur% What are the functions of the foot. ,escribe the position of the arches an$ $escribe 1 in full. Posture What are the causes of poor posture an$ bo$y mechanics ,escribe Pes planus+ca!us Pronation+supination 1allux !algus Genu !arum+!algus+recur!atum What are anterior+posterior problems at the trunk $ue to% ,escribe 2yphosis) /or$osis) 3orwar$ hea$) 4oun$ shoul$ers5 3lat back5 coliosis When assessing posture from the back+si$e 6after lining up as many points as possible accor$ing to the i$eal posture7) what postural $e!iations are you looking for% Write short notes about each $e!iations. " person with roun$ shoul$ers has been prescribe$ push-ups as a therapeutic exercise. Will push ups help the problem - gi!e reasons.

ANTHROPOMETRY - THEORY /ist * uses of anthropometric $ata. 8iological an$ #hronological ages can be quite $ifferent in the same in$i!i$ual. What $o the . ages refer to an$ what implications can this ha!e on junior sport. What are the a$!antages of the 1eath-#arter somatotyping system o!er pre!iously use$ metho$s% ANTHROPOMETRY - LA What measurements are require$ to calculate the first + secon$ +thir$ component of the 1eath-#arter omatotype% #alculate the secon$ component of the 1eath-#arter somatotype using the $ata below. kinfol$s9 -riceps - 1..:mm5 8iceps - 1;.<mm5 #alf - 1<.0mm ubscapular - <.:mm5 uprailiac - 1..1mm 8iepicon$ylar ,iameters9 1umeral =.1cm5 3emoral 1>.:cm ?uscle Girths9 8iceps 00..cms5 #alf 0=.;cms 1eight9 1=;cms5 Weight9 <0kg What is the brachial in$ex an$ gi!e an a!erage !alue. What rele!ance $oes this ha!e to sport% #hoose one in$ex use$ in the laboratory an$ $iscuss how the in$ex is $eri!e$ an$ what it tells us in rele!ance to sporting e!ents. SPINE /ist * @8ack sa!ing@ tips to encourage people to look after their spines. Explain why the height of a person may be . cms. shorter if measure$ at night compare$ to a measurement in the morning. Aame the two parts of an inter!ertebral $isc an$ list the function6s7 of each. REFLEXES Write notes on the regulation of sensory input into the neuromuscular system. What are the * receptors foun$ in the bo$y an$ what $oes each $o% 1ow $oes a$aptation an$ threshol$s work in the bo$y to regulate sensory input% FLEXIBILITY What tests woul$ you perform when testing the flexibility 6an$ explain why7 of a basketball player%