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Discovering Unity

A seven week course exploring human consciousness and meaning

The course consists of a weekly meeting for 3 hours, for seven weeks. There is reading, meditation and contemplation to carry out during the week. The course will be run by two experienced facilitators.
The temple of Apollo at Delphi

Who in the world am I? Ah, thats the great puzzle.

Lewis Carroll

Discovering Unity

From Socrates to Lao Tsu, Confucius to the Hindu Vedas, Ibn Arabi to the ancient pharoahs, the call to Know Yourself is universal and crosses the ages.

A seven week course exploring human consciousness and meaning

Pondok Indah, South Jakarta 13 April 25 May, 9:0012:00

Course details:
When: Sundays, 13 April 25 May 9:0012:00 Where: Pondok Indah, South Jakarta Cost: Rp 600,000 Contact: Eva Muchtar 0816 800 475

The Beshara School

The Beshara School is a school of self knowledge. Beshara means good news and is found in various forms in Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic and Turkish. The School was founded in the 1970s and has been running courses at its dedicated residential centre in the Scottish Borders, at Chisholme House near Hawick, since 1974. The education is non-denominational and provides each student, whatever their cultural background, with all that they need for their own process of exploration towards self knowledge. The Schools courses are not taught, as such. As wisdom is innate in everyone the courses are designed to facilitate and support each persons own journey of self-discovery. Focus and guidance is provided through some of the worlds finest spiritual literature, drawn from a wide range of traditions. This course, Discovering Unity, is offered by alumni of the Beshara School and is based on material and a structure developed by the School for the completely independent use of its students.

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Beshara SEA meets regularly for short courses, study groups and monthly gatherings.

For general enquiries about The Beshara School and Chisholme: Chisholme House, Roberton, Hawick, TD9 7PH, Scotland +44 (0)1450 880 215
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Discovering Unity
A course combining theory and practice, group investigation and private contemplation, uncovering some of the profound meanings entailed in being human. Our premise is the ultimate unity of all existence. The courses development reflects this unity as it reveals itself by degrees in our everyday experience, as light and love, knowledge and beauty. The course is a journey of self-enquiry and discovery of the unified whole that is our human nature. The course consists of seven evening meetings held weekly over forty-three days, together with personal enquiry through selected readings, audio, video and contemplative daily practice at home. Its inspiration and direction derive principally from the teachings of two spiritual giants of the 13th Century, Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi and Jalaluddin Rumi. The course material and its method have been distilled from forty years experience of running Beshara School courses at Chisholme House in the Scottish Borders. This course is designed to be complete in itself. However it might also be an introduction to further study with the School or to ones own personal research.

Hearing from everyone else in the group helped me to find new perspectives and to deepen the focus of my own perspective - which resulted in more open awareness of the reality of being human.
Feedback from a student, August 2012

Week 1: Beginning from the Beginning How can we create an ideal space, within ourselves and as a group, for this course to happen? How can we establish beginners mind? Week 2: The One and the Many, Being and Consciousness An exploration of the principle of unity and its relationship to diversity and multiple points of view. Week 3: The Human Reality and Experience What is the place of the human being and how do we experience unity in everyday life? Week 4: Relationships What is the nature of relationship, be it to ourselves, to others, to the earth and its other inhabitants or to God and reality? Week 5: Closing the Shop that Sells Fishhooks What kind of work is required to realise our essential reality and to become free of our habitual mindsets? Week 6: Love & Beauty What do we mean when we speak of love and what is its relationship to knowledge, service and beauty? Week 7: Conclusions and Beginnings A final meeting to address endings, new beginnings and to tie up as many loose ends as possible.

The Weekly Sessions

The aim of the course is the understanding and integration of universal truths through paying attention to the actual experience in our everyday lives. The evening meetings will start with a guided mindfulness meditation, followed by checking in and discussing any questions, feelings and insights which may have arisen during the previous week. After a short break, the weeks new theme will be introduced, with discussion and notes relating to the theme which may include texts, artwork, film and audio material, as well as specific questions to contemplate over the week.